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The Jessica Display 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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continued from part one

Part Two

At the end of the show I was wiped out and just wanted to go home, but that obviously wasn't an option. My monolith and I were brought out to the loading dock and onto the same truck that brought me to the show, and my nurses set the rotisserie to rotate slowly on the drive back to the plant. We again had to stop off for the night because our driver couldn't drive the whole distance in a single day, and I assumed both my nurses again spent the night with the lucky driver.

Once back at the plant I expected to be driven to the loading dock and unloaded there, but instead the truck stopped in the front parking lot near my office, and the large forklift took me out of the truck in clear sight of the main road. Jim walked by and told me not to worry and that he had a surprise for me in my office. I couldn't see a thing in the late day sunshine, but a large crane was used to lift the entire assembly with me inside over forty feet up over the top of my office, and I was lowered to the roof as some of the men guided me down. Apparently while I wasat the show a large sunroof was installed in my office, and it was this opening that I was lowered through, gently placing me into the familiar surroundings of my office. I appreciated the gesture to make me more comfortable, but I realised that it was onlypractical because I was more right that Jim was this one time, and I would be encased more like six weeks instead of thetwo he suggested.

I had a full time personal assistant for those six weeks, and she helped me follow up on every sales call I had received while at the show. She was a smart girl, and Kris had started at the company just like I did as a front end receptionist, and Jim thought it a waste to let her go back to that when I didn't need her anymore. I would be expected to "take her under my wing" and train her up, and my first lesson, delivered with a smile, was always wear a safety harness. Jim also told me he wanted me to consider going into the research and development department on a trial basis, even though I had no formal degree in chemical engineering. I could still do the sales calls which I loved, but R+D and product testing was where the real cutting edge things happened. It was a huge opportunity for me, and I didn't plan on letting Marcus Chemicals down...


Six weeks and hundreds of sales calls later I was more than ready to get out of my monolith, and not just because of the itching that was tormenting me daily. I had been used and displayed several times as a conference tabl eto impress some of our larger customers, and even once as nothing more than a convenient marker board to sketch out an idea for a new product. Once everybody got over the novelty of my entrapment and my saleswork was given to Kris, I was more often than not forgotten and pushed into the corner until needed, and only then were the old coffee cups cleaned from my surface. Kris had also become comfortable sitting at my desk, and I suspected she wanted one of her own, or even possibly mine.

Marcus Chemicals had rented time on a massive CNC milling machine to cut me out of my prison, and Frank had to measure every square inch of my displayed body in exacting detail to write the perfect program to control the machine. There were calculations and measurements written everywhere on my monolith, and I looked more like a schoolroom chalkboard than a trapped woman. Exactingly perfect pictures were taken of me from every angle as well, and Frank's program for the machine used those to augment his three dimensional blue prints for safety reasons. Frank had to test his program first, and he thought it both amusing and practical to practice on a flesh colored piece of plastic first...

What he returned with after the weekend proofing out his program looked exactly like me, and to prove how accurately it matched my trapped body, he had Kris dress it in my clothes that were still in my office from the day of the accident. The bra looked tight, and only closed on the last set of hooks, and everything was just slightly larger than the original as well. I had not realised my nipples were as hard as he made them either, and I think only to show off his considerable skill he had the machine make my face as well. That part of me wasn't trapped, and the machine wouldn't be cutting there either. They both had a laugh at my expense with the plastic dummy wearing my clothes, and they left her dressed that way and stood her up in the corner to further torment me. Frank told me he made her bigger in every dimension except the face so there would be some measure of safety between the cutting tools and my trapped body.

Jim came into my office the next Friday afternoon and playfully suggested they had decided to ship me around the country to the various trade shows as a display piece instead of cutting me free, due to the huge interest I had generated in Marcus Chemicals. He also told me our biggest competitor expressed an interest in acquiring Marcus Chemicals, and I hoped he was joking, but it was hard to tell because he hadn't given me much attention lately. I laughed anyway and told him maybe next time in regards to being displayed at more shows, but never intending there to be a next time either. By seven pm that night I was back out of my office with the help of the crane, and traveling to the machine shop in the back of the truck.

I was unloaded at the machine shop, and with the help of some of their employees placed on top of the milling machine with their forklift, and carefully clamped into place. Frank took several measurements to make sure I was in the right spot, and then he placed safety glasses and ear plugs on me, as well as a plastic face shield before closing the heavy doors around the machine. I noticed I could just see out of the corner of my eye to the observation window, and the several spectators from the machine shop who came by to watch. My nurses were there as well as the doctor, and unknown to me two cameras were inside the enclosure recording the process, just like they did for everything the expensive machine made.

The machine came to life with a high pitched whine, and the table I was clamped to started to bump and move around as the machine touched off in various places to check Frank's placement of my monolith. When it was happy with the placement of the object clamped onto it's table it began it's work. My monolith was cut in one place, and then another to allow the first to cool, and then still another in a seemingly random process. When the machine was making large cuts it selected a large cutter that turned somewhat slowly, and the low frequency vibrations it made had me buzzing on the inside, no doubt intensified by my lack of an orgasm since I was last buffed out at the trade show over six weeks ago. When it got closer to my body it used a smaller cutter, and that spun very quickly and it's vibrations either tickled me or made me itch depending on where they were directed.

The machine was back to making large cuts up between my splayed legs, and I felt the orgasm coming as I bit my lip to keep from giving it away to my spectators. Six weeks without, and this one sure to be one for the record books, and I was right on the edge when the machine stopped with a sudden bang... Moments later Frank opened the inspection door and asked me if I was all right, obviously noticing the intense look on my face moments before on the monitor.

"TURN THE MACHINE BACK ON!" I told him, but it was too late... The moment was lost, but the sheepish smile he gave me also let me know he belatedly realised what he had interrupted, and that it wasn't malicious or intentional. The machine went back to it's alternating teasing and tickling routine, and while I was tormented, I never managed to orgasm either. The machine was at it for hours, and when it finally stopped and the doors were opened I expected to just get up and walk free.

Frank blew the chips off of me with an air hose, and I still couldn't move, but I could see almost all of my monolith was gone. What was left looked like the naked front and sides of me, except opaque from the actions of the cutting tools. The detail was stunning, and for the first few seconds I thought the compound some how altered my skin and that I would look like this forever. Frank picked up a small hammer and lightly tapped on my leg, and then much harder as the entire thin coating cracked off of me like an egg shell. I laid there looking at my naked self, and so did everybody else, but seconds later they clapped as Frank scooped me up and deposited me on a stretcher that the nurses had brought in.

The doctor examined me briefly, and then had me loaded into a waiting ambulance for transport. It seemed odd to be stuck motionless for weeks, only to be freed and set into a stretcher, but I had lost muscle mass during my ordeal that would need to be put back before they would trust me not to fall down any stairs. On the short ride to the rehab facility one of my nurses explained it like this, "Imagine how much it would suck if you were to fall down a flight of stairs on the way home and find your self in a full body cast for another six weeks." I didn't say another word on the subject, and I wiggled my fingers and toes gratefully!


Less than two weeks later I was back at work, although still not fully recovered, and Kris and I had to share my office when I wasn't down in the research and development department. She was annoyingly good at my job, and flirty with Jim and the others, making me wonder if Mrs. Marcus had the same kind of conversation with her as she did with me regarding Jim's stress relief. I went from the center of attention when I was first trapped in my monolith, to pushed into the corner and used when necessary as little more than a convenienttable or marker board, and I again felt pushed into the corner by Kris' presence in my office. I expected to resume my former position as the senior sales woman once I was free, only to realise I was now in competition with Kris for that position at Marcus Chemicals. That point was driven home when Kris' name was also placed on my office door, but at least for the moment below mine.

Jim had a small gym installed in an unused part of the plant for all of us to use, but I knew I needed it most of all and hit it every time I could. Kris and I would try to hit it at lunch time together when we were in house, and her little workout suits soon had all the guys in there as well. In all fairness I wore skimpy shorts and little tops as well, but my body was a known thing and Kris' wasn't. I also noticed she liked to watch herself workout in the many mirrors of the small gym, humility obviously not one of her problems.

Since Kris was the only one of the two of us that could sign sales orders for the six weeks of my captivity, and seeing how those weeks coincided with our after show surge, she was technically now the top sales woman at Marcus. That meant she also got my commission, and the new company car I was supposed to get. I couldn't complain after Jim came to me and told me he was proud of me for putting my self interests behind company profits, and with the way I had taken Kris under my wing... I thought silently at what point did a bird kick it's hatchling out of the nest to see if it could fly on it's own...

Jim told me he wanted me to work with Frank to get the FDA approval for the transparent cast system, and if I could get conditional approval from them it could be one hundred percent my sale. I knew our sales projections for that system could make me a millionaire in five years, if I could get conditional approval. I then decided to tell everybody how wonderful Kris was at my job so I could focus on my project... Kris' little ass was sitting right on the edge of the proverbial nest, and she would either fly or crash on her own, with or without my next little nudge.


Frank had been inspired by the resilience of such a thin layer of the compound, and we decided to try an aerosol application system to apply just enough of the product to keep costs and drying times down. The FDA spokesperson didn't like the idea, nor would they accept my earlier six week entrapment as evidence of the products safety, and they told us they would send us the only test conditions they would accept for conditional approval.

Months later when the trial conditions arrived we found they were incredibly specific, and obviously written so that no product could pass their test, including the ones presently in use. Our smaller successful trials didn't seem to count for much, and everything was riding on the success of this long term test. Everybody, including Kris, offered their suggestions, and what we were left with was theoretically possible, but we were unlikely to find a volunteer at any price to do what we needed done to get our conditional approval. I was trapped, Kris had been exceeding her sales quota with the interest my display had generated since she took over my job, and without this compound going to market my future at Marcus was uncertain. Apparently out little hatchling was soaring quite well on her own.

"I'll do it", I said at the next production meeting, and a moment later I couldn't believe my own ears, but there was no taking something like this back either. I was thanked by all, and even hugged by Kris, with everybody knowing what this could mean to Marcus Chemicals. I was happy to again be the center of attention at Marcus, and at least this time it was for doing something good.

There were many preparations consistent with the test, and the two most unpleasant of those were a body flush, and a full body wax. As this unrealistic test was a full body cast of the kind no doctor would ever use, I would be shaved and waxed bald as well and almost totally encased in the compound. The only good thing I could say about loosing all my long hair for Marcus was I would save money at the salon until it grew back.There would be transparent stimulators and sensors all over my body, and a central device to record all generated data for the regulators. The stimulators would make it unnecessary to rotate me about all that often, and their regular actuation should protect my muscles from atrophy as well. I had some special requests for Frank, and with a smirk on his face he told me he would see to them. I also had my hair made into a wig, and it was this that I wore up until test day.

It was obvious the regulators didn't expect us to actually run the test, and their reluctance to come out and witness the start was proof of that to us. Our team was on hand to make sure nothing went wrong, as well as our lawyers to ensure there were no last minute games by the regulators. Our relationship with the organization had turned into an adversarial one, and Jim and Frank suspected there were some other reason for their reluctance to work with us. I signed a dozen papers for the lawyers releasing Marcus from any and all liability associated with the test, and several other papers as well relating to possession of intellectual property.

If this had been a medical full body cast I would have been positioned sitting with my arms and legs bent at near right angles, and my upper legs splayed out for sanitary reasons. The position of this test had me looking more like a store mannequin, standing upright with my knees ever so slightly bent for my comfort, and arms positioned naturally.

The doctor and his nurses were again on hand, as well as a sensor technician to make sure the sensors and stimulators were positioned properly on my cleanly shaved body. Frank had made a thirty inch diameter stand that would make it near impossible for me to be accidentally knocked over, and it was on this that I was to stand when he sprayed me. I was completely naked when the technician finished his wiring job, and the wires so fine that they disappeared next to my skin, including the extra ones that I had asked Frank about. Again I had that feeling that I was soon to be nothing more than an object to be displayed, the same erotic thoughts that constantly haunted me in my dreams, and the true reason I volunteered for this insanity.

I couldn't just stand on the platform when Frank sprayed me, because all my weight would be on my feet and legs like that for the duration of the test, and would be just like standing in one place for weeks at a time and sure to cause problems. To stretch me out and have the body cast support me all over I held on to two large rings suspended from a frame Frank had built, and these were lowered until the balls of my feet were just touching the base he had made. He then spread my legs further and further apart until they were in the position we had decided on earlier when I was fully clothed. It was here that I had to stop the process, because my hands were so sweaty that I couldn't hold onto the rings for the time it would take to get me properly into position. We had practiced this earlier, but then I wasn't naked, waxed and bald with ten people watching me either.

We had anticipated this, and the nurses had brought medical restraints with them of the kind that could support a full suspension for a short period of time, and they put them on my wrists and I was again lowered into position. I noticed the sensor technician and the test regulator both in the shadows discreetly rubbing at themselves, and I was happy to see I wasn't the only one who found the whole situation highly erotic. Everybody else was busy, or I suspected they might also be "distracted" by the process, no matter how professional they claimed to be.

I was lowered again to the platform so I could just touch it with the balls of my feet when I reached for it, and it felt as good as it could when Frank started spraying. Both legs were spread what felt obscenely wide to me with my nudity, and my feet were positioned as if I were wearing my high heels in what felt natural to me with the way I ordinarily dress. Frank sprayed his way up both of my legs as the guys looked on, and I dared not move until the compound was dry. As it turns out the compound set extremely fast with how thin it went on, and Frank was at my upper thighs when the first can ran out.

The two nurses placed a separating device that looked like a huge cookie cutter around my neither regions, effectively making a form for a removable panel for my relief, and I felt wantonly exposed as Frank sprayed me all over down there. There was no hiding my arousal with Frank inches from my charms, or my blushing at the intimate exposure I was to endure, and to get me through it I kept thinking about my million dollar reward if all went well. The next can covered me all the way to my breasts which were stretched out by my suspended arms and held high in a nice, but unnatural way. The doctor had also told me to take a deep breath when Frank sprayed my chest, it made my breasts look even bigger, but also gave me some more breathing room to avoid possible pnenonima.

I was left suspended as Frank sprayed a second thin layer at every point that looked like it needed extra support, and he built up under my heels like I was wearing transparent clogs. When he was satisfied, I was lowered down only to find myself feeling not only taller, but deliciously held all over my body so that my legs hardly held any weight at all. I put my arms down at my sides naturally, and the nurses took off the restraints. My left arm was sprayed into position at my side, and my right at shoulder height with index finger extended as if I were pointing at something. That was a last minute change, the reason for which I was not given.

When my arms were dry and rigid it was time to do my face and bald head, and here we had to be especially careful with tubes for me to breathe through my nose with, as well as a small hole for my feeding and drinking tube. When the feeding tube wasn't used I could breathe through that hole as well, giving me some extra measure of safety. I closed my eyes for Frank to spray my head, and I hoped I would be able to open them again once the compound dried with the release agent we used there. If not I would spend the duration of the test completely sightless, and that coupled with my other sensory deprivations could drive me mad. I was committed no matter what, and I held my breath as Frank sprayed my face and head, with my head held as naturally as possible.

The effect was like going into a soundproof room, and my world got entirely too quiet as I felt my heart pound excitedly. I finally remembered to breathe through my temporary tubes, and I found it easier than I thought I would, although I still kept my eyes closed not wanting to see if I could use them or not. The extreme quiet made me feel like I was all alone, and it was so peaceful that I dozed off while everybody apparently finished up their work.

I woke with a jolt when the sensor guy decided he needed to test his stimulation program, and my eyes flew open on instinct as I discovered I could see quite normally behind my clear mask. I was also happy I would be easily mobile, (despite the blank expression my face was frozen into), and some of my coworkers could take turns taking me home if they wanted. One of the worst parts of being in my monolith were the weekends alone in my office, other that when the nurses visited me for my housekeeping. This time I wouldn't be able to communicate all that easily, if at all, and I would be completely dependant on my caretakers, but with the automated sensor systems providing a backup to their care.

The stimulators felt like a massage, and with the extra ones I asked Frank for should be able to make me orgasm any time it sensed my need. I could also tell the system had started self calibrating, because it suddenly felt more like I was getting pinched all over my body, then stinging shocks followed that, and they had me trying to twitch with the randomness of their actuation. The system was quite complex, and had the ability to learn what I liked with it's looped feedback logic. I just hoped it was a fast learner, and that it decided what I liked was actually good for me and therefore permitted...


When the stimulators stopped their assault I again went out, only to wake some time later standing in the corner of my office with Kris at my computer attempting to log in. She must have noticed my eyes blinking, or maybe even my drinking from the tiny hose and valve assembly in the corner of my mouth, because she looked up and smiled. The graduated bottle was hung on my left side on an I.V. stand, and everything that went into or out of me was carefully measured for my health. The stand I was mounted on weighed me precisely, and only allowed me clear liquids when I had need for them. The nurses were to collect samples of what my body had processed and send them to their lab to determine any dietary adjustments I may need, but I was free to drink all the water I wanted.

Kris got up and looked at me and I saw her lips moving, but I couldn't hear a word over the vibrations I felt coming upthrough the floor. She set up a marker board right in front of me and wrote "blink once for yes and twice for no". And next to that she wrote "can you understand this?" I blinked once, grateful for even this limited human interaction with the young woman who wanted my job. "What is your password?" was next, and to that I blinked twice. She erased that question, but added, "R U hungry?" I blinked a yes to her, and she mouthed a "me too" to me as I was attempting to learn lip reading quickly. She then took a piece of pizza out of a smallbox from the place we usually get it on special occasions. I loved that pie, but usually kept myself to one piece so as not to gain any weight I didn't need. She waved it under my nose, and I could smell it perfectly, and she made a big show of eating it almost sensually inches in front of me. It was an effective form of torture, and she was obviously enjoying her position over me.

Had I known she would be my primary caretaker I would have chickened out of the test weeks ago.

When she finished practically making love to her lunch right in front of me, she again pointed at the "R U hungry?" I blinked once again, and this time she walked to my office end table and cut up a small portion of a second piece of the same pizza, and added it to some kind of thick liquid she poured into a blender. She liquefied it and placed the resulting mess into a second jar and hung it on the I.V. stand next to my water, and she hooked up the small hose. I tried to suck the mixture into my mouth through the small hose, and when I couldn't get any I followed her index finger from the valve on the feeding hose, to the wires that I could follow no lower than my chest.

She saw this and brought over a full length mirror and adjusted it so I could see myself, and I appeared as a shiny skinned naked full sized doll, one hundred percent on display. This was what I had dreamed about, and the vision before me had me excited like nothing else. I was also able to see where the wires controlling my feeding valve went into the complex control box at my feet, and to her jacket hanging from my extended index finger. I was not only being used by her as a coat rack, but the weight of her jacket prevented the device from feeding me as it thought I had gained too much weight.

I also noticed my neither regions were bare, and I assumed Frank was working on what I had embarrassingly asked him for to ease my tension during the test. My body looked so thin and long the way I was stretched out, and with the deep breath and arms held high position my breasts were held in I looked like a full sized Barbie doll. The high heel position of my legs only added to the look, and I never thought I could look so sexy, so much more like a sex toy than a woman. Now I knew for sure why the two men were pleasuring themselves earlier at my casting, and I only wished I could do the same.

Kris wrote every character from my computer key board on the marker board, and she pointed to each one in turn for me to spell out my secret password. The implication was clear, if I wanted to eat I better give her what she wants. As much as I disliked Kris, she was at the same time helping me to realise my darkest dreams. I spelled out "slave4marcus" with eye blinks, and she gave me a look, but when my computer opened for her she kept her end of our silent bargain and moved her jacket from her improvised coat rack and the feeding valve opened for me. I sucked in the mixture, but I could tell my pizza was mixed with something I was familiar with, although I didn't know what nutritional value that could possibly have.

With little choice I ate it all up as she down loaded all my files, to include my private things found on the Internet. She turned toward me with a wry smile as I saw her looking at the dollification web sites I had visited, and she said something to herself that I couldn't lip read. She typed a search into my computer, and held the screen where I could read it, and it was a breakdown of the contents of my lunch from a nutritional point of view. I wondered if this was just her idea of a joke, or if this would be a staple of my diet for the next six weeks. When I had finished my meal I saw her take a small vial out of the fridge and drink it, and I assumed that was what I was supposed to have instead of her custom meal, no doubt provided by her boyfriend.

She received a phone call, and moments later the marker board was wiped down, and my computer was closed up. The nurses then walked in carrying the cover to my neither regions, but with Frank's additional goodies installed. There were two transparent dongs mounted on the cover, and both of them were disappointingly small, but still covered with the transmitters over their full length. The extra wires were hooked up, as were the two tubes in each dong for flushing and cleaning operations. The ladies fitted the device, and it easily popped in with the lube they used. There was an inflation bulb hanging down below me, and the nurse gave it a squeeze or two before removing it and capping the line. Both devices expanded inside of me, and while it wasn't uncomfortable, they wouldn't be falling out either.

The machine was now in total control of my bodily functions, and I was apparently at it's, and Kris 'mercy for the duration of my confinement. To drive this point home the machine started it's cleaning and flushing program, and after that it brought me off to a mind blowing orgasm. I was watched closely in the motionless throws of my ecstasy by Kris, and she was obviously amused by my snorting breaths and the unintentional show I was providing...


I was displayed in my office during the day, and left alone in it at night for the rest of the week as Kris explored every aspect of my hidden computer files. I could also tell something big had happened toward the end of the week, and on Friday I was moved into the lobby and displayed under a banner that I was positioned to point at, indicating Marcus Chemicals had just been bought out by the largest chemical company in the world. I didn't know how this would effect me, but I figured in another five weeks I would find out.

Kris kept up my special feedings, and I realised by the end of the third week that she and everybody else were moving out of their offices and removing personnel things like pictures and degrees off of the walls. That following weekend all that was left in my office was generic office furniture and me, and the movers came in to place all of it into a truck for relocation after looking me over curiously, but leaving me behind as I wasn't on their manifest. I thought I had been forgotten by everybody and left to get dusty and starve to death in the corner, but in reality it had only been hours since I last ate before the man who had offered me a job at the trade show walked in, followed by Kris.

He looked me up and down in appreciation and said, "You should have accepted my offer"...

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