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The Jessica Display

by Jackie Rabbit

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I could hear the mummer of hundreds of people near Marcus chemicals trade show display just on the other side of the partitions, and even though I was more deeply involved in it this year than I had intended, I couldn't hide the excitement I felt knowing all of them, including our competitors, would be seeing me before the show ended...


My name is Jessica and I have been employed with Marcus chemicals for seven years, first having worked in the front office as a charming receptionist, and then in the back office to learn sales and finance from the company owner Jim Marcus. Jim had plans for me, not that the hansom fifty year old wanted to share my bed or anything like that, it was just that he noticed I had a desire to achieve and could do well in the male dominated chemical business with my "natural sex appeal". I was the only woman employed at Marcus, besides the front office receptionist that took my place when I got promoted, and as a result I felt very comfortable around all the guys, and they were apparently just as comfortable around me. I would enter the chemical batch plant often to see for myself how things worked, partially to be more knowledgeable than my male counterparts with our customers, and also just for fun to taunt the guys with sexual innuendo that would have earned all of us counseling at any other company. 

The plant was eat off of the floor clean just like the lab. It had to be with the sensitivity of some of the things we made there and everybody had to wear a white lint free lab coat when on the floor to prevent contamination of our products, and in my case I had to pin up my long hair as well. My lab coats were above the knee, ordered personally for me by Jim, and fit me like a favorite dress. The first time I went on the floor wearing one of my lab coats I noticed the unavoidable scent of chemicals on my clothes that I wore underneath, as well as the rumpled appearance of them afterwards, and decided on a playful way to avoid ruining my expensive clothes on subsequent visits. 

I got dressed in my office for every visit to the floor from then on, and under my form fitting lab coat I didn't wear a thing. I had to be careful how I bent and that I didn't walk on any elevated platforms when the guys were under me, but I had to be careful with my high heels on those anyway. Jim didn't mind me going out there even though I distracted the guys, he said it was good for moral, and I wondered how much more the guys would have been distracted if they knew only three little buttons kept what little modesty I had. Sufficient to say that Marcus chemicals was a fun place to work, and I learned alot from the guys that I distracted as often as I could, and that made me a more successful saleswoman.

The annual Christmas party was always a blast, and I drank plenty and even joked with Jim that I had a creative plan to increase my sales eight percent for the next quarter, if he was interested. Jim was always interested in that, and several of the guys within earshot started paying attention as well, as they knew I had a wicked sense of humor when I got going. "Breast implants", I told him deadpan, and I went on to relate this article I read that compared a saleswoman's breasts size to her sales percentages, and thought with his help I could sell more of our chemicals. The guys all had a good laugh at that, including Jim, and I intended it as a joke even though I had looked into getting them done more than once. My joke backfired on me though when I opened my Christmas bonus card from Jim later in the evening and found a check for nine thousand dollars along with a card for the same doctor that had done his wife's ten years earlier.

Months later my rather small 32 B cups were transformed into substantial 32 D cups, and the skilled surgeon made them look like I had them all my adult life. From then on guys would stop what they were doing when I walked by, and my sales skyrocketed just as the article I read suggested. The article left out the fact that I would need to buy alot of new clothes as my old ones were cut to accentuate my small breasts, and my new 32 D's could hardly be contained in them even with the correct bra. I also got a red heart tattoo on my butt about two inches in diameter that said "I love Marcus chemicals" in the center of it. It was a joke that I didn't expect to share with anyone though.

Our chemists and engineers had came up with a new kind of compound for the medical field, it was a crystal clear breathable resin that could replace traditional casts and splints for broken bones, and allow patients a less conspicuous way to heal. There were many certifications that we had to receive before we could sell it, but the clinical trials so far were a success for our transparent cast system. We wanted to wow our customers at the trade show, and perhaps demonstrate other uses for the compound if the FDA didn't approve it for medical use, which was entirely possible. I had the idea that I could place my cell phone inside a massive block of the stuff, and mount the block on a rotisserie device so the customers could see it from all angles in a dazzling display for the trade show. Jim liked the idea, and suggested I charge up my battery and give out the number at the show so people could see and feel the phone ring, and allow me to collect their numbers for later sales calls. It was a brilliant plan that would demonstrate how gentle and versitle the compound was, and we at Marcus were all jazzed up about finally showing up the big chemical companies at the show.

The guys built the motorized rotisserie to fit the monolithic block we wanted, and made the rectangular form right on the plant floor near the tanks that stored the chemicals for convenience. The day of the pour we had a camera crew there to record the event, and since it was exclusively our patented product we felt safe calling it the largest transparent cast in the world, and planned on showing the short film at the trade show in two days time along with the monolith. The pour and mixing went so smoothly that it appeared boring, and I got into position bent over the form with Jim and another of the guys, Frank, holding my lab coat from each side. The chemists said that the timing on the placement was critical if I wanted the phone suspended mid-way without degrading the clarity of the display. I didn't want to slip and drop my phone in the wrong spot and ruin the monolith either, and that was really my only concern other than sexing up what I thought would be a boring film... 

The next few things happened so fast that it took all us looking at the tape the shocked film crew shot to figure it out. There was apparently the smallest amount of chemical splashed out of the form when they were filling it, and my high heel stuck to the floor upsetting my balance and causing me to fall forward and drop my phone. Jim and Frank were also off balance because one of their boots was also stuck in place, and both men fell backwards still holding my lab coat as the three little buttons lost their struggle to contain my body within.

Without my improved breasts pulling me forward I might have caught my balance on my own, but I didn't and fell into the form, fortunately on my back though, and into the sticky transparent goo. My other high heel flew off when I fell and everybody there was stunned to inaction by my suddenly naked self stuck in the form. I held my head up on instinct, but my arms and legs were spread wide as I fell, and I was instantly stuck fast midway into the compound by all of my skin under me. When I hit the surface the amount my body displaced surged out of the form and made the floor all around it slippery, and then sticky, preventing the guys from getting close enough to the form to help me right away. It wouldn't have mattered anyway as seconds after I hit the form I was glued into it for the duration.

I could breathe well enough, and other that being a little warm, and flushed at my sudden exposure, thought I would survive the accident. When we got everything sorted out, and the spill cleaned up, the film crew left and we decided not to call the authorities to report the accident at my insistence. Jim called a discrete doctor he knew, and he and his nurses arrived within the hour and examined me to the extent that they could, and worked out some technical details with Jim out of my earshot. The guys were great, as were the nurses, and all of them got to see what I had been teasing them with for the last several years, not that I could prevent them for looking. The clear resin wasn't perfectly clear even though the air bubbles I stirred up rose out on their own, and I looked more like somebody taking a shower on the other side of a clear shower curtain, and that fact at least preserved some of my modesty. 

Jim came over to whisper into my ear and told me, (as I had already figured out for myself), that I was stuck until I grew a new layer or two of skin, and in that way was released from the superior adhesion of the compound. He said that any attempt to cut me free before that happened could cause the monolith to break apart, and with how firmly I was glued in place could tear me apart as well. I told him to leave me where I was, and that I was fine, but Jim told me he couldn't as they had to intubate me, and that the doctor would assist Frank so he wouldn't miss the mark. When I asked what that was he smiled in an amused way, and he told me they would have to bore two holes into the monolith for my relief as I would be trapped inside of it for a minimum of a week if this was anything like the trial tests they had run. I obviously knew all about those as I made it a point to know all about what we made, but Jim was just reminding me of what lay ahead. I also thought somewhere closer to six weeks was a more accurate estimate, and more accurately fit the design profile of the compound, but that Jim just didn't want to tell me that yet.   


I had been encased in the compound for hours, and even though there was enough material around me to make hundreds of casts, it still had flashed over and was a semi solid faster than we thought it would. By comparison a typical broken arm cast would flash in approximately ten minutes, depending on the amount of catalyst a doctor used, as well as several other environmental variables. Frank had been busy in the machine shop with the doctor quickly making a device to intubate me, as Jim and Mike, another of the guys, set up a huge drill meant for pulling core samples during research. I got the feeling that there was some hurry to their actions, and I suppressed my fears as well as I could when I saw the size of the drill out of the corner of my eye.

I saw another of the guys come over with a large buffer, and he put some polishing compound on my monolith down below my sight and I both heard and felt him start buffing it for optical clarity so the guys could see exactly where they were drilling. The vibrations of the buffer went right through me and I bit my lip when I felt my body responding, and he stopped because he thought he was hurting me. I told him to keep going, and I again felt the vibrations as I saw one of the nurses share a look with Jim. I prevented myself from going over the top in front of my coworkers, but just barely as the guy with the buffer had his face literally inches from my bikini waxed self. I had played with light bondage before, but this was so much more than that. I could talk and breathe, and move my neck to the extent that my stuck ponytail would let me, but other than that I was immobile in the warm embrace of the compound.

Lights were set up on each side of my monolith, and the doctor hopped right up on it so he could look down directly so there would be no distortion of the light going through the transparent compound. The first hole was started, and the drill vibrated the compound much more violently than the buffer, and this time I couldn't prevent the orgasm from coming either. The guys were kind enough to pretend not to notice, but both young nurses gave me a smirk, and shared a look between themselves as if to say "that looked like fun". 

Post orgasm I was much more relaxed, and that was good because they were going to drill to within a small fraction of an inch of the most tender skin on my body, and then use a vacuum pump to pull the rest of the material out and away from me. The fact that I kept myself waxed helped the process immensely, and contributed to my safety if not my modesty. When the drill got closest to my sensitive skin I popped off again, and was near comatose when they pulled it out and hooked up the vacuum pump. That got my attention as it not only pulled hard on the part of me they intended, but also on another part of me with predictable results. I got the feeling the nurses who were in charge of the vacuum pump were toying with me, but I was so flustered and helpless that I didn't object. I had the feeling I would be spending a lot of time with both women in the coming days, and I knew not to piss them off.

With the first hole complete I would be able to go when I needed to, but the second hole presented a deeper technical challenge, and Frank had used his considerable skill in the machine shop to make what the doctor needed, but with his own unique twist. The compound didn't stick to my most sensitive skin due to the inherent moisture naturally there, but with the second hole I would get no such breaks. Frank had manufactured a flexible device that looked like a four foot long sex toy. He showed it to me and the others with a sense of pride that was hard for him to suppress, even though the thing was far larger in diameter than the doctor wanted. They were going to bore a second hole up from between my splayed legs like the first one, and intubate me from behind with Frank's device and use it to allow me to go.

Without getting into the embarrassing technical details, the device looked like it would work well except for it's rather large diameter, and the fact that I had an audience for it's insertion. That part would have to wait though, as I had been in the compound all night by that point and was getting cold, comfiriming that the compound was strong enough to move gently without fear of it breaking. The rest of the forms were carefully removed, and a large fork truck was brought in and the forks slid under my monolith to pick me up so they could carry me to where the gantry crane was waiting. On my short drive through the plant on the front of the forklift I realised I was no more than a thing, a contaminate embedded in the monolith that we had intended to show up all the other chemical companies with, and the magnitude of my clumsiness fully set in. 

The fork lift set me down right on top of heavy straps, and as soon as the men had me rigged the ground man twirled his finger for the crane to lift me the three floors up to the loading dock where the rotisserie was waiting. I had watched the men lift bits of heavy machinery with the same procedures many times before, but it felt different this time to actually be the cargo, as if I was a broken piece of machinery that was in the way, and being taken out to be scrapped.

The crane stopped when I was no more than eight feet off of the floor, and I was grateful for the distraction from my self pity. Frank and Jim were called over, and I heard them standing directly under me, and soon the whole assembled group had a look at the bottom side of the monolith, and me. Jim called up to me and said that they found my phone, and that there was a red blotch on my ass as well. Now everybody would get to see not only my naked ass, but the tattoo that I intended only as a private joke. The crane continued it's lift, and Jim called my phone, and was surprised to see it working properly as the vibrations teased me almost to another orgasm. 

Once they had me up on the third level I was swung over and mounted onto the waiting rotisserie. It held the monolith along the edges, allowing an unobstructed view into the compound, and me. The rotisserie was a three axis device, and could move in any direction with a touch of the controls, and once I was securely fixed to the frame of the thing I was rotated face down. They set up powerful lights to see into the monolith, and also to warm the compound as I was getting cold at that point. The same guy who buffed the front of the monolith hopped up on top of it to buff the back, and the vibrations would have made me orgasm again if there was anything left inside of me, which there wasn't. He was quite the perfectionist, and I was told that the guys could clearly see not only my phone, but also read my tattoo as well.

The second hole was completed with the help of the doctor sitting on top of the monolith and guiding the large bit to within a fraction of an inch of my skin, and those vibrations were uncomfortable in their intensity. Once they had the hole cleared, fortunately with little damage to me, Frank guided his four foot long device all the way up the hole they made near my feet right next to the first smaller one. I tried to flinch when the well lubricated head of the thing touched off of my back side, and the doctor told me to relax so that Frank didn't hurt me when he eased it into me. It was easier for me this time because I couldn't see everybody watching, and I was downright exhausted from my orgasms and lack of sleep.

Frank hardly started to push when the thing popped right into me, and the doctor and Frank both remarked to each other how much easier that went than they expected. Both men apparently came to the conclusion that particular act wasn't a first for me, and they were right.

It was late, and Frank and Jim slept in their offices, and the nurses helped me with "housekeeping". That was the term they used to describe actually using the devices that were just installed, as well as brushing my teeth and washing my face ect.. and once that was taken care of I was allowed to sleep with the nurses in close attendance. I needed them to set the rotisserie to slowly rotate so I didn't sit in one spot too long and get bed sores, and I rotated all night long.


I slept like a rock, no pun intended, until the morning, and with my first housekeeping of the day taken care of and both devices finally removed, I was ready to start the day. All of the guys were there, and they all looked bad, but Frank and Jim looked the worst. All of them were picking at their breakfast that Jim had ordered, and my stomach growled to remind me that other than the water that the nurses had let me drink, my belly was empty. They all wanted to apologise to me for what happened, and I didn't think I deserved that, but of more importance was their wandering out of my limited sight radius when they paced around me while talking. 

I asked Jim if he and the others would please sit down where I could see them, and he looked at me like he never expected me to speak to him again, but pulled up a chair and did as I asked. He was still several feet away from me, but we were at least at eye level as the top of my monolith was at table height, and I asked him and the others to come closer. I told Jim that I was sorry for screwing up the display, and I wouldn't blame him for firing me on the spot. I knew he wouldn't, but I had to get his attention. The guys all moved in closer and Frank was the first to put his coffee cup down on top of my monolith and use it like an improvised table. 

The smell of the coffee was driving me mad, and I asked if somebody could please get me some, with a straw, and some food as I was starving. My nurses had left me in the care of my coworkers to see to their own housekeeping, and likely to call for some fresh uniforms as well. I quickly had Frank feeding me, and Jim holding the straw so I could drink, and we all found ourselves talking like this was an ordinary monthly production meeting. The guys placed the danishes on a paper towel over top of the apex of my thighs for my modesty, as that part had been buffed to optical clarity last night, and wasn't frosted like the rest of the top of my monolith. I felt so much better with some food in my belly, but I also felt the tension there, and knew I would only be eating small amounts for the foreseeable future.

Since I had the head of the table by default, I lead the meeting off by telling everybody that this situation was one hundred percent my fault, and that I was sorry for messing up all of their hard work. I explained that I never wear anything under my lab coats, but could have easily put on one of the safety harnesses anyway with different clothes. I told them I chose not to so as to sex up the boring video we were making, but didn't expect to sex it up quite this much either. The guys all laughed. I told Jim that I still wanted to do the trade show, and he laughed as if I were making another joke. I told him I wasn't, and explained what I thought we could do, and everybody at the table thought I was insane...


To make a long story short I got my way, and when the meeting adjourned the man with the buffer was sent over to buff my monolith to crystal clear perfection, allowing a perfect view of me from every angle. The monolith was then rolled over and he buffed all of the back of the thing as well. The buffer brought me off again, but this time I made no effort to hide it either, and I think the man enjoyed himself. The giant rotisserie was pushed into the back of the waiting truck, and it was strapped down for the long trip to the trade show several hundred miles away. Portable heaters were set up to keep me warm, but the monolith had some insulating properties of it's own that hardly made it necessary as long as I wasn't sat directly on a cold floor.

The nurses rode with me, one the back of the truck, and one in the cab with the driver, each with their cell phones to call if there was a problem, but fortunately there were none of those. The rotisserie was again set to rotate very slowly to keep my blood flowing, and I became accustomed to the constant motion. The driver was only allowed to drive so many miles each day, and ten hours and several snacks later he parked in a motel parking lot for the night. With my housekeeping taken care of I prepared to sleep the night in the back of the truck, and the nurses wanted to take shifts with me in case I needed anything, but I told them to go and get something to eat with the driver as I would be fine.

I slept well and only woke when I felt the truck moving, and the nurses both took care of my needs and fed me some of the breakfast they bought for me. I gathered from listening to their discussions that our driver was a charming fellow, and the three of them got along well enough last night to share a single room as only three single consenting adults could. The drive into the convention center was only to be another two hours or so, and both ladies stayed in back with me for that one. The truck finally backed up to the loading dock with a thud, and the nurses threw a cargo blanket over me for my modesty as I was to be transported through the center on another fork truck to my display area.

Jim and Frank had flown ahead to supervise the last minute modifications to our display, and one of those were partitions so I would be a surprise to the visitors who came by to see the display. Most of the displays from previous years were open to encourage people to stop by, and the very idea that this one wouldn't be would be sure to draw attention due to that fact alone. I was moved into position with the blanket still covering me, and I was having second thoughts about this display with all the people I heard moving around, but it was too late for those. Marcus chemicals had bet heavily on this display, and on my ability to sell it's products. Jim and Frank supervised the whole process, and soon had me in position for the start of the show in less that an hour.

To help keep my modesty, Frank taped one of my clear business card holders over my left breast, and his own over my right, and loaded them with cards preventing our visitors from easily seeing them and getting us kicked out of the show. Jim was the owner, and claimed the privilege to place his own cards and holder at the apex of my thighs, but none of the three prevented anybody from looking at me from the side or back. They had set me up like a conference table with chairs for shock value, even though I would have to be rotated several times a day in addition to my housekeeping. The guys needed to work the floor as well as man my display, and I would have to do more that just lay there as a display. They also decided that at least one Marcus person would be with me at all times, just in case.

The show opened right on time, and I was both terrified and excited to be the Marcus Chemicals display center piece. I heard the mummer of hundreds of people on the convention center floor just outside the partitions surrounding me, and the first group though the door stood dumbfounded, as did most of the others that first morning. I don't know how well I did at selling the companies products, but our displays traffic was up greatly over last years display. The big companies spent more on trade show displays than we could in an entire year for research and development, and for us to get more traffic than their dazzling displays was unheard of. Our business card holders had to be refilled constantly, and the visitors were all smiles if they got to take the last one of any of them. I was examined from all angles as the monolith was rotated, and my tattoo was a big hit as well. When the phone calls started I was literally buzzing with activity, and the first one caught me off guard and I nearly popped off right in the middle of explaining the attributes of the compound I was encased in.

By lunch time I was the talk of the show, but we had to close down the display so we could tend to my needs, and my nurses were again back for that chore. Jim was all smiles as our display had generated huge interest in all our products, and not just the compound I was in, and my big mistake looked like it would turn into an even bigger success for Marcus Chemicals. Jim and Frank, and their wives went to lunch as I was getting serviced by the nurses, and when they were done the two wives stopped in to take their turn with me. It was awkward to say the least even though I was social and on friendly terms with both women. Before the visitors were let back in Mrs. Marcus asked if she could move the business cards to see my new breasts, and I was shocked but also in no position to say no. Both women rolled me this way and that, and examined me from every angle like a curious lab experiment gone wrong. It was humiliating to say the least!

She came close to me and lowered her voice, "Frank and Jim both have very stressful jobs, and your flirtatious behavior, that I know Jim encourages, is a necessary distraction for them. Jim sometimes comes home in a very randy mood from your antics, not that I mind, and here is where I should be telling you that 'I don't care where he gets his appetite, as long as he comes home to eat.' However, just between the five of us, if Frank or Jim find it necessary to have a proverbial snack from time to time before they get home, for stress relief, both of us would appreciate you looking after our guys like that!"

"Yes maam", I said, trying to keep the shock out of my voice. She had just asked me to ensure neither of the two most important guys in the company inadvertently have too much stress, and had given me her blessings to relieve it if they did.

I was rotated and displayed the rest of the day, and the guys delighted in taking as many business cards as they could get away with, all to get an even better look at my displayed charms. That night I was left to sleep after I had my housekeeping, and after our guy with the buffer cleaned all the finger marks off of my display and made me pop off twice with the buffer's vibrations. I held nothing back with my orgasms, and I think he enjoyed himself as well. I got several calls throughout the night, and I was orgasmed out before the phone stopped vibrating.

The next morning I had more visitors, but the one who riled me up the most was our competitor. His display budget looked like our research and development budget, and I was asked right in front of Frank if I wanted a job, once I got myself out of this mess I was in. It was a good play on words, and I thanked him for the kind offer, but said if I dared accept Frank probably wouldn't cut me out of this thing until the next show. He chuckled, and then asked me how I intended to top this exhibit of mine for next year, as he promised me I would be blown away by theirs.

I told him he would just have to wait and see...


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