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Jenny's Delight

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; bond; mum; wrap; bodybags; stored; boxed; casket; transported; buried; punished; X frame; cellar; sexslave; objectify; sawhorse; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

After an evening at home entertaining, Jenny discovers the joys of mummification, but gets more than she bargained for when things start to go wrong...

Part 1: Jenny's Introduction

Hi, my name's Jenny and my introduction to the joys of mummification bondage started when my husband, John invited his friend Mike over for the evening. We’d had a few drinks and talked a lot, mostly about Mike and his recent marriage break-up. He kept saying that his wife, Sally had changed but wouldn’t go into any details. We had a few more drinks and decided to go inside and watch a video. While I got some food together, John sorted out the video we were going to see, grabbing some nibbles I walked into the lounge and placed the food down on the coffee table in front of Mike. John then turned the video on and we watched the film, it wasn’t has good as we’d thought it would be, so we decided to change it.

Now whether on purpose or by accident John managed to put one of our saucier home videos on, there on the screen for all to see was me lying naked on our bed being tied down by John. I nearly choked on my drink, Mikes' eyes popped out of his head in disbelief, while John just began laughing. I screamed, “Turn it off!” But John said that now that it was on we might as well look at it. I was highly embarrassed to say the least; I couldn’t look in Mike’s direction and began scowling at John.

He just grinned back at me, turning his head to watch the action on the screen. What happened next totally amazed me, Mike began saying that the knots that John was using on me were all wrong, there was a better knot that was more secure and also safer to use. I looked at John, and then at Mike, he continued to say that he’d tied up Sally for several years prior to their break-up. In the beginning she’d been a willing participant but after the kids were born her time was taken up with other things, until she went totally off the idea altogether. That was the start of their break-up.

We continued to watch the events unfold on screen until it came to just the sex part with John’s white ass bouncing up & down on the screen. We turned it off and John asked Mike about the knots. Mike said that if John would get some rope he’d show him how to tie me up. Within minutes John was back with several yards of rope in his hands, Mike then asked if I would be the willing volunteer or victim. I don’t know why but I agreed and held my wrists out towards Mike. He said, “No, that’s not the way, turn around.” With that I moved my hands behind my back, with John watching I felt safe.

Mike was very good at the rope work and quick too; soon my arms were tightly bound behind my back and was pulling my elbows as far together as he could. He continued to lash rope around my arms down to my wrists, so much so that my forearms were completely covered with rope. He then started tying rope over my shoulders and down around my breasts, tightly tying and holding my bound arms in place until I could not move them. Mike asked me to get up and walk around the room to show John how I was tied. As I did so he began to tell us about his bondage sessions with Sally, the different ways that he had tied her up, when he spoke about hog-ties my ears perked up and I asked him to show me how it was done.

Mike grabbed some more rope and John helped me lay down on the floor, my knees and ankles were securely bound with some cinch knots, then my ankles were brought back up towards my back and more rope secured them to my bound wrists. There I was totally tied up and wriggling around on the floor, testing and enjoying my bondage, trying to get free, the moisture building between my legs and a delicious warmth spreading out from my pussy. 

Mike then spoke some more about other types of bondage that he and Sally had explored, some of these included using items found around the home, especially the kitchen and then spoke of binding her using just plastic food wrap. I said that I doubted whether you could bind someone by just using plastic wrap. By now I was getting really turned on by my bondage and was beginning to want more. Mike said that he’d prove it to me that he could completely immobilise me just by using food wrap. Mike went off into the kitchen to find what he was after, while John began untying me from the hog-tie, making a mental note of how I was tied for future use.

Mike returned with two rolls of wrap from the kitchen, I was standing with John while he continued to remove the ropes; I stretched my limbs and headed off to the toilet and to change my very wet panties, while Mike got ready and John prepared more drinks. When I returned Mike said that I might find it a little hot in the wrap and that maybe I should remove my jeans and t-shirt. I looked at John and he seemed okay with this, so I slid my jeans and t-shirt off onto the floor. Now I was standing in just my panties, as I don’t normally wear a bra, Mike commented on how nice my breasts are.

Mike began by wrapping each leg individually, working up from my feet to the top of my thighs, gently brushing the back of his hand on my now very wet crotch. He then asked me to place my legs together and then began to wrap the plastic film around both legs binding them tightly with several layers each one tighter than the last. He continued upwards over my hips and stomach covering them in several wrappings. Next came my breasts, they were squeezed against my body as the plastic covered them tighter and tighter. Mike then worked the wrap back down my body until the roll ran out.

He then started with a new roll wrapping each arm and hand within the plastics grasp, then placing my arms down at my sides he wrapped them to my body, working up and down several times to make sure they were well covered. He continued wrapping over my shoulders in a criss-cross pattern and finished up around my neck. I stood there covered from neck to ankles wrapped very tightly in the plastic film, Mike asked me to try and break free. I tried as hard as I could, falling backwards onto the sofa in the process, but I could not get free.

Mike then asked me if I wanted to continue? I thought we’d finished, but agreed anyway. He then began wrapping my feet in several layers and when done he asked John to help stand me back up for the final part. What came next was utterly incredible, he began wrapping the plastic around my head, he told me not to panic, I would not suffocate, relax and enjoy the feeling, he wanted me to experience how it felt to be totally enclosed. 

After Mike finished wrapping my head I was gently lowered onto the floor and left to “stew” as Mike so quaintly put it!  Mike & John enjoyed another beer and even put on another video of ours to watch, this one had me bound to a tree in the garden, naked!

In the meantime I was slowly simmering away at their feet within my bondage cocoon, my mind drifting off into fantasy, my nipples were hard and erect, trying to break through the plastic. A pool of sweat and other juices was building up between my legs, if I could I would have taken both Mike & John on right now and still not have been satisfied. But bound as I was all I could do was lay there and dream. 

After a couple of hours Mike reached down and pulled the wrapping from my face, John and he had had a couple more drinks and were now quite merry, also very turned on after watching several videos of me being bound and screwed. It was John who made the suggestion that they should both take advantage of me while tied up as I was. I was past the point of no return anyway and wanted sex now, my pussy was a raging furnace looking for a hose to put it out. Mike grabbed a knife and cut the plastic wrap that held my legs together, falling to the floor onto his knees he pushed his face down into my crotch and began using his tongue on me. John moved around and placed his erect penis close to my mouth, I moved my head into a better position and took him within my warm, soft lips. 

It was sheer heaven to be attended to like this and it wasn’t long before I could feel the first waves of my climax overwhelm me, if it wasn’t for John’s member in my mouth I would have woken the neighbourhood. Mike then moved up and pushed himself deep within my wet sex, now I had two cocks within me both building me up to another great climax. We all seemed to cum in close unison, both men shooting their loads within me, John’s salty sperm gushing over my tongue as I swallowed it down. 

Afterwards they both fell backwards onto the floor and started to drift off into sleep, but I was still bound within the plastic, my legs were free but my arms were still tightly bound. Mike suddenly awoke and realised this, he then helped me get out of the plastic, I thanked him for all that he’d done and kissed him on his lips. John was now soundly asleep on the floor and didn’t notice as Mike picked me up in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. We again had sex before drifting off to sleep ourselves.

I was woken in the morning by Mike bringing me some coffee, he said that John had already left for work and that he would have to leave too as he’d received a call out from the local police. I asked him what for and he explained that he ran the local morgue; he had to go and collect a body as soon as he could. I wanted to ask him more but he said that he had to go; I again thanked him for last night especially wrapping me up, saying that I was incredibly turned on by it.

He said, “That’s okay, anytime!”

Mmmm! I thought as a scheme began building in my mind.

John and I had been to several swingers parties before, leaving with different partners for the night, so I knew that he wouldn’t object as long as he knew what I was doing and who with! Especially with me seeing Mike for more bondage etc. Well I would have to give him some reward for all his efforts. 

Later that day I began preparing myself, shower, make-up, skimpy underwear and a nice tight, slightly revealing dress. After getting ready I jumped into my car and drove the short distance to town. First I had to find John and let him know my plans and then onto Mike. John had left the garage to fix somebody’s car and would be gone for quite some time, I left him a note telling him where I would be and hoped that he’d join us later. I left the car and walked over to find Mike. The town’s morgue was located not far from the town centre, hidden down an alleyway was the public entrance. Mike was in his office tending to some paperwork, I walked in and stood in the doorway until he looked up and noticed me standing there. You could say his jaw dropped when he saw me, he quickly got up from his desk and ushered me into his office. He asked me why I was there? I said, “Well you did say anytime!” 

At first he didn’t catch on to my meaning but then the events of the previous night struck home. “Ahh!” he said. I told him that I’d really enjoyed last night being wrapped and was hoping that he would he would repeat it. He began to say that he couldn’t, John wouldn’t like it. I explained to him how our marriage worked and that John already knew and agreed to my being here. I don’t know how I could keep a straight face. We’d both agreed on me finding out more about bondage from Mike, someone who knew more about it than us. It took a little bit more smooth talking on my part with an offer to phone John and ask him, which thankfully he declined. Mike continued that he wouldn’t finish work for several hours yet, could I meet him elsewhere later.

A look of disappointment crossed my face and Mike pulled me close to him saying that I wouldn’t enjoy being bound up within the morgue. I looked at him and said that I wouldn't mind as long his clients wouldn’t object. I finally broke Mike down and he reluctantly agreed. “But” he said, “I have no plastic wrap here to use on you.” I walked back out of his office and picked up a carrier bag that contained several rolls and dropped it onto his desk.

As he looked down at the rolls I began to undress, just as his eyes left the table my dress dropped to the floor and left me standing in only my lacy g-string panties. He picked up a roll of the wrap and walked over to me, he bade me to spread my legs as before so he could wrap each one separately. Again working several layers over each limb he then pushed my legs together and continued to wrap them as tight as he could. This time he worked his way up my legs and continued over my body, up over my shoulders with the cross pattern then working back down until all the roll was used. After three layers he stopped and used another roll to cover my arms, placing these by my side he secured them with more wrap up and down my torso fixing them in place. More wrap was used on my body until the second roll was also finished. 

Each layer had gone on tighter than the previous one, so much so that I could barely breathe let alone attempt to move. Lastly Mike started to wrap my head in plastic film, but not before he stole a kiss from my soft lips, several layers were wrapped around my head until I could not see through it. Only the underside of my nose was free from its tight covering. Mike then carried me out of his office and placed my bound body on an examination table, he propped up my feet and wrapped these too within the clingy plastic.

Now totally covered from head to toe in the warm embrace of the tight plastic, I was in seventh heaven. Mike meanwhile was now beginning to wonder what to do with this bound female, what if someone should walk in, he walked out of the room and locked the outer door. He looked at me lying there and continued to think about putting me out of sight, this was a public building after all, although not many people actually walked in here, there was the chance of someone finding me.

Then he had the brainwave of placing me, bound as I was within a body bag, I wouldn’t look out of place and anyone entering would not bother giving me a second look. He explained the plan to me, there wasn’t much I could do to stop him was there! I could then spend the rest of the afternoon tied up as I was. Pure delight swept over me, a shiver went throughout my body at the mere prospect of what was to happen. I nodded my approval as best I could.

Just then the phone rang, he left me to answer it, another body to be picked up. He came back saying that he would have to cut the session short as he had to leave, he reached for a pair of scissors but I began to object as hard as I could, as much as the tight bindings would allow, I was nicely bound up and enjoying myself and nothing was going to stop it. I moved frantically to let him know that I did not wish to be freed. He said, “If you don’t want to be cut out, nod your head?” I moved my head for all I was worth.

He thought for a moment then said, “ I’ll place you in the body bag and leave you in my office, nod again if you agree?” I shook my head as best I could, which due to the restrictive nature of the bondage wasn’t much but he got the message. 

I thought that someone could walk into his office while he was gone and find me there; I just couldn’t face the embarrassment if that happened. He took his time thinking about what to do with me next. “Well the only other option is to place you in one of the body drawers and lock you in, that way no one will find you and I’ll have the key. Nod again if this is okay?” I had to think about this one, could I stay in there for the amount of time I would be placed in there with no possibility of escape until he returned. Wrapped up tightly in plastic film, placed into a body bag and then stored away within a locker for safe keeping. I had a minor orgasm at the mere thought of this and decided to agree. This was a long held fantasy of mine, locked away to await my Masters return.

Mike quickly placed my bound body within the bag and closed the zipper up until it reached my head; he left this open slightly so I could breathe. Then he picked me up and carried me over to an open locker, placing me down on the base of the drawer. He said that this was one of the older, now unused drawers that were not kept cold otherwise I would not enjoy myself. Making sure that I was okay and still ready to go on with this he gently closed the drawer, blocking out the light as it closed shut. Then I heard the click of the lock as he turned the key, sealing me inside until his return, my body reacted with another climax, the sound reverberating around the enclosed space. 

No one would know I was here, not even my husband. This was a wish fulfilment come true and in my mind I began to explore different fantasies. I could not reach my little nub to rub it, but I was able to dry hump against the plastic and that at least gave me some pleasure.

Mike left shortly thereafter to attend the scene of a road accident; a car had skidded and hit a tree killing the driver instantly. As my luck would have it also there was my husband and his tow truck to collect the vehicle. When Mike arrived he pulled John aside and told him how he’d left me back at work bound up within a body locker. John of course was dumbstruck, he hadn’t seen my note explaining everything yet and therefore knew nothing about my plans. Mike could see that I’d lied to him about telling John and quickly apologised to him about what he’d done. John said, “That’s okay, but I’ll fix her!” Between them they devise a plan.

Little did I know of events unfolding, here I was lying in a state of pure bliss, my brilliant plan had come about and I was enjoying myself here. Mike had not only wrapped me up, but beyond my wildest dreams had placed me within a body bag and then locked me away to await his return, I would have to reward him very well when he freed me.

After what seemed like hours I heard some muffled sounds from outside the locker drawer, I assumed it was Mike returning and hoped that I would soon be let out to work off my sexual feelings that had built up whilst bound. I was more than ready. But when the drawer opened my body was picked up by two pair of hands, one person each side of me. I was quickly carried out of the drawer and placed within something else; the lid was closed down on top before I could utter anything. I was then carried within the confines of this box out to a waiting vehicle. It was placed within and the doors closed and the vehicle moved away. It continued for some distance, sometimes over bumpy roads, the others normal. What was happening to me? Did they know I was still alive? Thoughts of mistaken bodies went through my mind. 

The vehicle carried on relentlessly, all thoughts of seeing John or Mike again seemed impossible, whoever had taken me didn’t realise that I was alive, only dead bodies would be found in those drawers. I could be on my way to my own funeral, or somebody else’s!!

I could do nothing wrapped up within the plastic wrap, my body placed within the body bag and now within this coffin. I shuddered at the mere mention of the word ‘coffin!’

The vehicle eventually came to a halt, I would have to try and let them know I was alive, but who was it?

The rear door was opened and the box was slid out and carried for a short distance, I tried to make as much noise as possible but they didn’t seem to hear me. Then I heard a muffled, “This will do!” I couldn’t make out the voice through all the plastic covering my ears and the box encasing me. Then I heard some activity outside, at first I could only barely hear it but as I strained my ears I could make out something that sounded like digging. Then it stopped and footsteps approached the box and the lid was suddenly removed. I heard my husband, John. “So you like to play around behind my back! You like playing at being a dead body, well I’m gonna grant your last wish!”

With that my tightly bound & bagged body was picked up from the box and carried over to the hole that John had dug, I was dumped on the ground, the wind was partly knocked out of me from the fall. John then came close to my head and through the unzipped hole in the bag described the hole he’d dug for me, I desperately tried to get free, I had to explain to John that this was a tragic mistake. But he laughed as I “mmmpphhh’d” and wriggled trying to break free. I then felt his hands on my body, as he touched me he pushed me away from him and I toppled over into the hole. I don’t know how big or deep it was as sheer panic now set in. 

I landed on my back, again it took some of my breath away as I hit the dirt then John jumped in after me forcing something over my head, tightening straps behind my head. John laughed as he closed the zipper on the bag and climbed out of the hole, then the dirt came down on top of me, John was taking great delight with each shovelful of earth. There was now nothing I could do to escape and seemed resigned to my fate, the dirt kept coming down until I was completely covered. But there was something wrong here, I could still breathe! Why?

Then I heard John’s voice in my ear, he told me about the gasmask that I was now wearing and all that had happened this afternoon. This was a payback for not letting him know. I would be staying here until he was good and ready to free me. The gasmask had a couple of tubes to connect me to the outside world so air would not be a problem. He then said that he and Mike were going fishing. 

I didn’t know what to think, well I certainly couldn’t escape from where I was, anyway now that I knew I was okay I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to be free just yet. This was just another one of my deep hidden fantasies that had come true. I had always had a secret desire to try this, since reading a story about a woman dressed in a latex suit and then a latex bodybag was carried out and buried, I didn’t know if the story was true but had often brought myself off dreaming about it. I never thought that I’d ever be doing this in a million years.  I’d always wanted to be used and abused before being disposed of in this way, I hadn’t been used or abused but I had been disposed of. I drifted off into my fantasies again.

Mike & John had gone to a nearby lake to do some fishing, they checked on my breathing every so often as they were only a short distance from where I lay. We were on Mike’s property; he had a cabin that he used on weekends. I don’t know just how long I was left buried, but for the next few days after I was kept bound up within the cabin and used by both men for their own pleasure, John called me a sex slave. I was kept tied up in a variety of positions and they made sure that they took advantage whenever they could. When not being used by them I was kept bound up in the cellar, Mike had several bondage toys here that he’d used on his wife, Sally. I spent the first night securely bound to an X-frame, my wrists locked within leather cuffs, my elbows, knees and ankles all tied to the wooden frame with rope. Around my tummy and over my breasts were several lashings of rope; tied tightly they held my body against the frame. Once the door to the cellar was closed it would cut off all light and I was left bound, alone in the dark. Mmmm!

I really was a lucky girl, I was utterly and totally under their control, they made sure that I could not do anything unless they agreed to it. I lost track of all time, I couldn’t see out of any windows, so didn’t know if it was day or night, I was now getting the used & abused part of my fantasy. I was placed several times in the cellar, I suppose they were trying to disorientate me, play mind games with me. Each time I was placed in some other contraption that Mike had bought to use. There were stocks that held me bent over double with my ankles and wrists held in the same clasp. Next came shackles that held me to the wall, I was stretched up onto tiptoes and left there naked in the cold cellar.

The final piece of equipment was a sort of modified saw horse; my body was strapped down on my tummy to the padded top, several straps passed over me holding me in place. Then my limbs were each fixed by rope to the legs so that I couldn’t move. A ring gag was forced into my mouth and tightly buckled behind my head; a collar was placed around my neck that kept me from moving my head. I was left here for a short while, when they returned both my mouth and rear were used by them both. I could do nothing to stop them; they used me as they wished. Eventually they stopped and I was left bound for however long to the bench.

I must have drifted off to sleep because I was startled awake by light streaming in through the doorway, Mike was standing there. He walked over to me and I thought he was going to just use me again, but he began untying me, saying that the weekend was over and that John had already left for work. He helped me upstairs and I was dazzled by the sunlight streaming in through the windows. I asked him how long had I been bound, he said that I came into his work on Thursday, that’s when he’d wrapped me up, today was Monday. 

He took me into the bathroom, where he’d prepared a warm bath for me, as I lay down in the foam bubbles he asked if I’d enjoyed my weekend. I smiled, I was sore from some of the abuse I’d received but I must admit I had loved every minute of it. He left and brought back coffee and some breakfast, I said that I couldn’t eat but drank the coffee. He pottered about the cabin while I soaked away some of the soreness out of my abused body, running my hands down over my skin, luxuriating in its feel my fingers drifted down between my legs and began playing there. I climaxed just as Mike walked back into the bathroom, towels in hand to get me out of the bath. He just shook his head in disbelief as I smiled back at him.

After I left the bathroom I asked him about the cabin and especially the cellar, he told me the whole story about how they used to play here, him and his wife. They spent long weekends with her tied up, using latex, wrapping her up, the sex was great too, but things changed and they drifted apart and ended up divorced. I thought I’d change the subject a little to cheer him up and said that I loved the cellar, my favourite was the X-frame cross and being bound to it was a thrill in itself. He agreed that was his favourite too, he said that I looked absolutely great bound there and he wished he’d taken a photo of me whilst there. 

Well not being one to miss an opportunity I suggested that he could re-tie me as before and take some pictures. He looked stunned, after all they’d done to me and I was still okay to be tied again. Twenty minutes later I was back down in the cellar being tied to the wooden frame again by Mike, he took great care not to hurt me and took extra care to get the ropes right for the pictures. He left me there to get his camera and returned shortly to start. He took a many pitures of me bound from all angles, adding a blindfold or changing a gag. He then untied me from the frame and I said why don’t we take some of me bound to some of the other things in the cellar. So for the next hour or so I was bound again into the other bondage items, finishing up with the horse.

Mike bound me to the horse, tied my limbs to the legs and as I already had a gag in from the last shoot started to take more pictures. When he at last finished he was about to untie me, when I began to object. I couldn’t say anything because of the gag, but he judged what I wanted by the look I gave him. He quickly undressed and was soon entering my love hole from behind, bringing me to orgasm twice before releasing himself within me.

He quickly untied me from the horse and removed the gag; I kissed him on the mouth and hugged him. We walked back upstairs talking about the photos, wondering how they’d turn out etc. We had some more coffee this time we sat outside, he was dressed but I was still naked; my clothes were back at his office. He suddenly realised this, up until now my nudity hadn’t been noticed with all the bondage.

"How are we to get you back to town?" A knowing smile beamed across my face, Mike looked at me and said, “You’ve got that gleam in your eye again!”

With that I pulled myself closer to him, “Mike you did say anytime! ” 

An hour later my now tightly bound body, wrapped in several layers of plastic, enclosed within a body bag was placed into the back of his van for the journey back into town. The trip didn’t seem to take as long as before and soon I was carried into Mike’s work and placed again within the drawer, Mike closed it slowly as I lay there in the throws of another climax, the light gone as the drawer sealed and the lock turned, securing me inside...


Story continues in Part 2: Bound for Discovery


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