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Honey Baked Honeys 2: Randy's new job

by Shogun Twhakker

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© Copyright 2017 - Shogun Twhakker - Used by permission

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Please note; this story is fantasy. As of this writing the means to make this fantasy safely come true do not yet exist. Until such safe measures do exist it is HIGHLY recommended that this stays a fantasy, as the situations described can cause anything from lifestyle complications to SEVERE DEATH. This is for Erotic Imagination only. This is a work of fiction; none of the companies or names listed within actually exist or bear attachment with anything in real life. This story takes place in America, and all measurements are SAE. This story is presented with the strict understanding that the reader is comfortable with adult themes.
story continued from part one

Chapter Two- Randy's new job

It was a cold Wednesday morning in New York, not that Randy noticed, the ham surround he had become trapped in was keeping him warm enough. He could hear his stomach growling and his mouth was a bit dry, having run out of drinking water on Tuesday that Jeff had placed in the crate with him. He had arrived at Lodekai Meats with special instructions inside the crate, and with “special delivery” on the “to” part of the label, addressed to, of all people, Frieda.

Frieda was the COO of Lodekai, and she also happened to be quite the looker. The epitome of ideal female Doms, she was every bit as fierce and intimidating as the Kirjaakyn Kolero supercar she just bought for herself. Standing at 6'0" barefoot, she was tight, toned, and oh-so-curvy in just the right places; form following function never looked so sexy before. Lodekai as a company, was unbelievable in terms of numbers, and Frieda liked it that way. Unbelievable in terms of employee rapport and morale. Since Frieda took control four years previous, employee complaints went to zero, and productivity went through the roof bringing profits and bonuses to the point of getting her on the cover of a magazine. So much so, that all of the other “suits” in the board room allowed her free range on pretty much everything, and ignored all of her “kinks”.

At one point, she was caught naked in the sausage forming room, having put the output port of one machine in her ass, it had locked her in and pumped her full to the point of bursting. Burt, the man that caught her, made a deal with her; he promised not to tell, so long as he got free range over her whenever he wanted. He was the only one so far that Frieda would openly switch for; primarily due to the fact that he had pumped her himself with his own sausage while she still had a rectum full of real sausage, and she had never felt such a sensation before or since.

Frieda pulled the top of the crate with Randy in it, and read the special instructions to herself.

“This is going to be fun,” Frieda muttered.

“Who’s that? Who’s there?” Randy fearfully and hopefully asked.

“There’s no time for that now. First you will eat,” Frieda commanded.

“Thank you, I’m starved.”

“I’m sure you are, slave,” Frieda hinted.

“What?” Randy asked.

“Eat.” Frieda dumped the contents of a couple of sports energy gels down the hatch of the breathing tube. For the next few minutes, Randy slurped the contents up off of the head globe’s floor.

“Thanks. What’s your name?” Randy asked.

“Frieda, and your name’s Randy, according to this little list I have here.”

“What?” Randy asked.

“Says here you were just bailed out and you might miss your court date if you stay in there.....”

“Hell.” Randy realized now that he was still in the bad boat and had other issues to deal with.

“Unless someone like me pulls some strings for you.”


“What what. You speak English what?”


“You’ve been very bad, if I pull some strings I might be able to get your court date postponed.”

“Is that right?”

“Maybe even have the charges dismissed....”


“All you have to do is surrender to me.....” Frieda said in her sexiest voice.

“Would you also get me out of here?”

“Eventually, I suppose.”

“Eventually? What do you mean eventually?”

“You still sound a tad ungrateful. Perhaps you’d like it better if I wrapped your box back up and sent you to someone else...”

“No, no, I’m just.. Curious, that’s all.” Randy stumbled. He suddenly realized she may be the only shot he has at returning to his normal life, and that he wasn’t exactly making her happy.

“So you’re mine then?” Frieda returned to her sexy voice.

“Yes.” Randy finally getting aroused by the sexy voice he had yet to see or officially meet.


“Yes.” Randy answered this one just to get on with it, as he wasn’t enjoying the full encasement yet.

“Okay, here’s you some more water, drink up and I’ll be back in a few.” Frieda poured it in for him to lap up off of the head globe’s floor. Little did he know that he had just signed his fate with the harshest Dom in Manhattan, and that he was about to find out what she was really like.

She strutted back to her office, chest bouncing, vaginal egg vibrator humming, and feeling good that she had a new toy to play with. Her lifestyle bled over into her office as well. She paid to have a shower complete with water enema tube installed in the corner of her office. The desk had a zipper tool on the side of it that she used to open the backside of her skirt. Once the tool was in place, she simply had to kneel down herself or pull up on the cable to unzip her skirt all the way up to the waist band. With skirt off, she placed her exposed butt over her office’s only desk chair. Even though it was made of wood and leather and simply looked like an office chair with a plug pointing at the ceiling, this was no ordinary office chair. When up and unlocked the plug was long enough to penetrate deep, but small enough in diameter to fit in even the tightest of virgin pussies and the smallest of anuses. Putting it in the down and locked position changed its shape to the point that the head to nearly the midshaft of it rolled over on itself, taking whatever human soft tissue with it, creating the locking effect. Its diameter also changed to nearly quadruple its unlocked size, meaning getting past most spinchters in locked position wasn’t going to happen. The butt plug was built into the lower cushion, and once it was in her, the act of sitting in the chair was enough to trip a mechanism that would change the shape of the plug and lock her into place.

Once you were locked in, getting back up required loading the software program that operates the chair lock, entering the correct password, and then waiting until you heard a click. Once clicked, you had 5 seconds to get up or it would lock you down again. You also had only three tries per day. One time, Frieda intentionally used the chair a fourth time, and was stuck in the chair until the following morning. She had really ordered it for her ass, but she once tried it on her pussy, and due to its weird shape, she almost couldn’t remove it at all. She didn’t get it back out of her pussy until the third try, and she even almost didn’t make it then.

Everything on the chair operated via software, and the chair had a set of wires and tubes coming out of it. The wires went under the desk to the computer, the blue tubes went under the carpet into the fridge/freezer, while the red tube went around to a funnel mounted on the desk. The thing was mounted on a motor that could move it in all directions and achieve all sorts of tilt determined by whatever was programmed into the software. Frieda loved this chair, and spent quite a bit of time naked and “loving” it, even in the middle of this important call....

“I’ve made contact,” Frieda said over the phone.

“Is he uncomfortable?”

“Not yet.” Frieda replied.

“How about you?”


“Does the insert fit?”

“It’s tight, but I like it that way.”

“Let me know when it’s time.”



Frieda’s favorite thing to do in her office was warm brunswick stew down the funnel, and then hold it in for later in the evening. But today, she wanted to feel the chill of ice cream. This is where the tubes and the computer came in. She knew exactly how many pints she could hold, and she had already done her morning enema, so programming the computer to slowly pump her full of frozen ice cream from the freezer portion while it pounded her ass was just a few keystrokes away.

Bob walked in on her just before she could hit enter to start her filling. “Frieda?”


Bob saw a completely nude Frieda with legs wide open and split on the chair’s plug and was apologetic, “Oh, geez, sorry”

“No, don’t... Just come in and close the door.”

“Sorry, I didn’t....”

“Bob, stop being a pussy. We’re way past that. Now, work related, what is it?”

“Uh, sausage forming 4 has either a clog or a bad motor again.”

“Show me the pics.”

Bob walked from the door to beside the desk to show Frieda the pictures of the chamber and it’s gearbox.

“You’ve already turned up the wick on the other machines?”


“Okay, we’ll go down there in a few minutes, I’ll get Frank to go with us. Do we still have the ultra-large end-cap?”

“Yeah, we do. Wait. You’re not gonna....”

“Oh, yeah. The machine goes down the product becomes deformed, discolored and un-sellable, you know that. I wanna ride through to do the inspection, and I’m picking you to take me home and eat me out of it, then eat me out too.”


“C’mon, BOB. I know you don’t have a date tonight.”

Bob didn’t like admitting it, but she was right, he didn’t.

“Now, enough of work. I know what you want.” Bob was the shy office worker type that never got any real play from anyone else, and Frieda knew it. She made sure she got hers from guys like him too, as she reveled in having control. Most of the employees that reported directly to her were like Bob, and she played each one of them like a fiddle; but Bob was special. “Come closer.”

Bob stepped from beside the desk to arm’s reach of her left side.


Bob stepped to standing directly in front of her as she sat, still locked into the chair.

“Turn facing away from me.”

Bob knew what Frieda was about to have him do. He didn’t even have to ask. That’s just the sort of relationship Frieda had with Bob.


Bob was now kneeling facing Frieda’s computer. “I already know Vince’s email address. Subject matter?”

“Proposal for Decommission and Replacement of Worn Out Equipment,” replied Frieda.

“Okay, we’re only doing number 4?”

“No, do it for the whole sausage room, it’s about time that equipment got updated anyway,” Frieda commanded as she sent Frank a text message.

Bob filled out the email form complete with subject matter, recipient, attachments, and everything needed. But before he started typing the actual email, he knew what had to happen next. He knew Frieda had him here for a multitude of reasons, and he knew exactly which icon to click on to get her started.

“OOOOHHHH,” moaned Frieda. Bob had started the chair that was now fucking Frieda in the ass. It hadn’t started filling her yet, but she was already so excited she put her hands around Bob’s head as he typed the email to Vince. Bob was still kneeling trying to get work done as Frieda was getting exactly what she wanted.

The software varied everything. Depth, angle, speed, rhythm, lube, everything. Frieda was even struggling to keep up, and all the while Bob did his best to maintain his composure and complete the email to Vince, the CEO of Lodekai.

The dry pounding went on for several minutes in her ass as the machine struggled to pump the hard, cold vanilla bean ice cream through the tube to her ass. Just as her butt was heating up from the soreness of dry pounding, the ice cream finally got there and took her completely for a loop. She pulled Bob’s head back, burying the top of his balding head between her legs while her hot ass started melting the ice cream it was receiving.

Bob couldn’t continue typing. He even started feeling the cold on the top of his head through her, and he hadn’t even started on her yet. Then, with his head in her lap the chair stopping pounding, but it continued pumping ice cream into her.

“Oooo. Oh Bob. My ass. It’s so cold. My ass is filling up and it’s so cold. Fuck me. Fuck my frozen pussy. Pull my vibe out, and fuck my frozen pussy. I want to feel a hot dick in my frozen pussy. DO IT!”

Without anymore hesitation, Bob pulled the vibrator out of her, threw his pants toward the window of her office, pulled the pin to allow the chair to lay back, and began thrusting up front. Frieda was now leaning back at quite an angle, while Bob was on top, and Frieda knowing her office quite well, reached for the whip.

“Ooooooooo. Oooooo Bob. My ass. My ass is so cold. Your dick isn’t hot enough. Fuck me harder, NOW!”

She cracked the whip across Bob’s left butt cheek, but he knew not to show pain.


She cracked the whip across Bob’s left butt cheek repeatedly, and this just made him harder and more spunky.


All three of them, Bob, Frieda, and the chair, orgasmed simultaneously. Frieda was now full to the brim with Bob’s spunk up front, and Frieda’s ass was on the verge of frostbite and was oozing melting ice cream out from around the plug’s seal. Bob got off of Frieda, and raised her chair back up to its normal upright position. Frieda was still reeling from the numbness that came with the cold in her rectum.

As Bob put his pants back on, and did up his belt, Frieda started.

“Bob, this feels ridiculous. I feel the ice cream all the way up to my belly, and it’s all so cold.”

“Same as last time?”

“Better. Where’s my blanket?”

Bob pulled the blanket from the office closet and wrapped up Frieda so she could warm up while she was melting the ice cream. At the same time, he kneeled in front of her at the computer again, to finish the email to Vince.

Eddie then walked into the office.

“Hey guys!” Eddie exclaimed.

“Hey Eddie.” Frieda replied. Bob stayed silent.

“So Bob, what flavor did you fill her with?”

“Vanilla bean,” Frieda replied, smiling. Bob continued to stay silent.

“Still frozen?”

“Cold, but not frozen,” Frieda replied. Again, Bob continuing his silence.

“So I guess you countered with some heat of your own,” Eddie said to Bob, trying to get a rise out of him.

“His heat’s way hotter than yours,” Frieda countered.

“Ouch. Listen, here are the reports from the bacon slicers; I think it’s gonna be another good year for us. Anyway, gotta go, have fun!” Eddie said to Bob, trying to get any response out of him.

“Bye Eddie,” Frieda replied.

Eddie left, closing the door behind him. Bob continued to type, quietly confident that he had more value in Frieda’s eyes than Eddie did.

“That’s a good slave. I see you’re finished with the email, it’s time for dessert.”

Bob knew what that meant. He hit “send” on the email, then stood up to walk back to the closet. There, he pulled out a large “baby” bib, a straw, a spoon, a plate, and a tarp. He laid the tarp onto the floor of the office directly between the desk and Frieda’s chair. Then, he put the baby bib over his shirt and tie, and put the plate and utensils on the desk. He then started the unlocking program on her computer, entering the password, and clicked “go” on the screen. He took her hand, and helped her up as soon as the “click” came. He put her stomach down over the desk, her bent over, and her naked, filled ass in the slightly raised position over the plate.

She was now dripping from both holes for entirely separate reasons.

“My ass. My ass is so cold. I know today was easy, but I don’t care. Eat the cold out of me Bob. Eat your dessert out of my ass. You earned it.”

Bob started spooning out the vanilla bean ice cream out of her ass, although at this point it had the consistency of soft serve. Frieda was doing everything in her power not to fart, or rather, shit ice cream into his face; at least, at first anyway.

Then, she shot some out at him- [pooffooot] “Oh, dear, did you get that?”

“Well, if you’re gonna do that, I’ll just open my mouth,” said Bob; who now had a face covered in ice cream.

“Naughty boy. You will learn how to eat proper. Put the plate up to my ass.”

As if they were on the same page, Frieda started pushing the ice cream out and Bob caught it on the plate. Back and forth they went, from spooning it out of her, to her pushing more on to the plate. Eventually, she ran out.

“Okay, I think that’s the last of it,” Bob said.

“I’m going to get a shower in. Put my plate in the freezer, I’ll have it later.”

Bob understood that. Frieda had all sorts of code that she had trained certain employees on. ‘I’m going to get a shower in’ really meant, ‘get back to work now’. But, ‘We’re going to get a shower in’ really meant ‘get in this shower with me, you are going to wash me.’ Bob was well versed in Frieda’s code and followed it to the letter without hesitation; and even though she didn’t ever tell him, she secretly loved him for it, and had seriously considered inverting the relationship to being his sub and maybe even going for a slightly normal relationship with him. She even admitted to him once, while she was drunk, that he would be good at controlling “stuff” if he were ever given the chance. He took it as her simply speaking out of character, not knowing that she really meant it.

Bob cleaned the office while Frieda showered. He even folded her clothes on the desk after cleaning the chair. He knew he needed to finish cleaning the office before she stepped out of the shower; as was customary, he always held up his side of the deal. The shower stall was visible from pretty much anywhere in the office, and the shower doors were merely hammer-finish glass. Bob looked up after wiping off the desk, and glanced at her silhouette for a moment. He watched for a few seconds as she rinsed herself off. Bob knew this was a cue to have the towel ready. “I can’t believe I’m actually going to take her home this time,” he thought to himself. Having finished the cleaning, he walked over to the shower, towel in hand, and like clockwork, had just arrived next to the shower door at almost the same moment she turned the water off.

“Pamper?” Bob asked.

As she stepped out of the shower Bob held the towel open ready for Frieda. “Not today, we both have work to do. I did used to dry myself off back before we met.” said Frieda.

“Okay.” Bob replied.

“You know, I think you would be best with some confidence boosters and a better hairstyle,” remarked Frieda as she toweled herself off.

“Maybe.” Bob retorted, suddenly feeling his ego drop. Taking Frieda home with him didn’t matter as much as it did earlier if he had to change to do it.

“Get the ultra-large end cap and start heading that way. Now kiss me and get outta here.”

Bob kissed Frieda in the usual fashion. Long, deep, passionate, sensual. Frieda always stopped whatever she was doing when Bob kissed her. It was another one of Bob’s trademarks that Frieda tried hardest to hide her enjoyment of. Bob’s ego came back up while he was kissing her. It was not unusual for Frieda to get serviced by lots of certain male employees at Lodekai, but Bob was one of only two that had ever kissed her; not that he had found out that detail yet.

As they finished, Frieda couldn’t help it, and said, “Those lips man. Now, get outta here, we’ve got stuff to do.”

“Alright, see you down there.” Bob left knowing he needed to prep the sausage room for their little endeavor.

Frieda finished blow-drying her long auburn hair, and slipped back into the dress she was wearing earlier; knowing she wouldn’t be wearing it for very long. She took a quick glance at Eddie’s bacon report, stamped it, filed it, and headed back to receiving where Randy was.

Having arrived at receiving, Frieda pulled a field knife, normally used for big game hunting, and began carving away at Randy’s ham encasement. Through carving, she quickly found his buttocks, and ballsack, and started playing with them immediately. She also found part of his right arm, which she figured would come in handy later.

“Whoa. That feels good. Frieda? Is that you?” Randy asked.

Frieda didn’t respond, apart from pulling her hand away. She then wrapped straps around Randy’s ham, and hooked them onto a hand-lift. After lifting Randy, ham, box, packing and all, Frieda rolled Randy down the hall back to her office.

“What? What’s going on? Can somebody talk to me?” Randy asked.

Frieda continued on pushing the hand-lift to her office without saying a single word to anyone.

“Please? I’d like to know what’s happening? Somebody talk to me damn it!” Randy pleaded.

Once inside her office, and with the door closed, she turned the crank on the hand-lift to slowly raise the ham Randy was still in out of the shipping crate. After clear of the crate, it became clear to anyone that could have seen through the poorly closed blinds of her office, that Randy’s buttocks, anus, and cock-n-balls were now uncovered and exposed, ready for play.

Frieda started lubing Randy’s ass, now that he was precariously dangling over the special chair’s locking cock. Frieda then started, “First off, you’ll not do any demanding of me. I’m more powerful here than you know. I appreciate that you don’t know me yet. Just know that if you make demands to me, your ass burns, understand?”

“So far you haven’t proven anything to me other than you’re an ass,” Randy replied.

“Your mouth has gotten you into a hell of a lot of trouble. With me you will learn everything that you have failed to grasp from previous encounters.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll believe that shit when I see it.”

“Actually, you won’t be shitting for quite a while. The sooner you learn, the sooner your ass stops burning.” Frieda finished lubing Randy’s ass, and was ready to lower him onto the locking cock.

“I’ll whoop yours when I get out of here, bitch!”

“Wow, that was original. Did you come up with that one on your own, or did your daddy teach you to say that?” Frieda asked as she was now lowering him onto the chair.

“I thought you were going to help me out, I, WHOA!! OH SHIT!!!” Randy reacted as the locking cock penetrated and then folded over inside of his ass.

“The dildo that is now locked into your ass is hollow, and I can pump you full of whatever I want. I suggest you relax and let your ass settle in. Breathe, relax and you’ll allow it to go deep. It’ll feel better that way. Or you can stay pissed off and it’ll be tense and harsh, and it’ll hurt like hell. Your choice.”

Randy was suddenly speechless. He’d always loved giving anal to women, but never wanted to take it in his own. He was unprepared for the sting of the pain and the surprise of the slight amount of pleasure he felt having a dildo forcibly locked into his butt.

Frieda was strapping Randy’s ham into the chair so that the immobile Randy wouldn’t fall over and out of the chair while getting solo butt-banged; as Frieda knew it could possibly bust his anus if that did happen. She also used her army field hospital training to use, by starting an IV drip on the right arm portion she uncovered earlier, so feeding and watering would be automatic. A few keystrokes and Randy’s anal-plunge conversion began.

“Oh, OH, SHIT!! AH- AH! AH!”

“Oh, don’t be such a baby, relax, and enjoy the ride, it’ll feel good when you do. That’s what you tell your women, isn’t it? In the meantime, I gotta go, have a nice weekend!” Frieda played the weekend card knowing Randy had no idea how long he had been encased. Leaving him there, she rolled the hand-lift back to receiving; having locked her office door behind her.

With the locker dildo pounding away inside him, Randy started making the connection. The only time he had ever said that was to Sloane when he was trying to get her to try anal. He considered getting even with Sloane if he ever got out of this; but he knew Frieda was right. He knew he needed to relax if he was going to transition from pain to pleasure. The last few days of events had went against everything he’d ever known, and the learning curve was about to reveal itself.

Later on, in the sausage forming room...

“Here, hold that.”

“Is my neck sealed off?”

“It’s about to be, just a little more tape. That’s it. FRANK! GO AHEAD AND START IT!”

In a matter of moments, the freshly repaired machine number 4 was slowly forming, spot cooking and pushing a 2 foot diameter kielbasa log out onto a sterile conveyer belt that led to processing. It was the sort of thing Lodekai usually reserved selling only to institutions; but creating a sausage this size is specified in the manual to test the repair. Out of the far end was Frieda’s exposed head. Frieda, who was enjoying the experience of being in it way too much to offer any commentary apart from sighs, moans, and facial expressions, looked like little more now than a massive hot dog with a head being shat out of a massive oven.

Once clear of her feet, Bob signaled the machine to complete the casing. It wrapped up the other end with the precision you’d expect from a machine. The transfer to vacuum packaging section ended with Frieda in kielbasa sausage in a retail-looking vacuum pouch with only her head sticking out exposed for breathing and talking. Bob, being a good subordinate and slave, almost followed their weekend agreement to the letter....


End Chapter Two

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