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Honey Baked Honeys

by Shogun Twhakker

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© Copyright 2016 - Shogun Twhakker - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; M/f; M+/f; factory; machine; mould; ham; slurry; insert; encase; processed; baked; packaged; wrap; objectify; transport; mast; cum; sex; group; climax; cons; X

Please note; this story is fantasy. As of this writing the means to make this fantasy safely come true do not yet exist. Until such safe measures do exist it is HIGHLY recommended that this stays a fantasy, as the situations described can cause anything from lifestyle complications to SEVERE DEATH. This is for Erotic Imagination only. This is a work of fiction; none of the companies or names listed within actually exist or bear attachment with anything in real life. This story takes place in America, and all measurements are SAE.

Sloane had a great job at Pioneer Foods. This company specialized in catering large corporate events in all sorts of venues. Pioneer Foods' specialty was the notable food served up. Sloane herself had even become well known within the company and in certain circles outside of the company for various reasons. On the outside, she was the atypical California blonde; toned in spots, just enough curvy in other spots, smooth, tanned, shaven. It was a normal day for her to wear a short red evening dress and red heels to work on Tuesday morning just so the guys in the warehouse could gawk. She eventually convinced upper management that her antics were for morale purposes. Normally that excuse wouldn't work, but if you thought that, you didn't know Sloane. At 5' 9" and just 24, this bombshell had pulled some stunts that got the attention of everyone, whether they were married or not. This is one of those stories.

Two years ago.....

Roughly two years before this, Sloane had just been hired and had went through a rough breakup. At this point she wasn't the look at me girl yet. Her ex-boyfriend Randy broke up with her and kept rubbing her face in it. She eventually changed her phone number so she could have some peace, and he eventually stopped calling her office due to a restraining order. Meanwhile at roughly this same time, Pioneer Foods had just taken delivery of a new machine that supposedly would allow certain foods to be shaped, sized, and cooked; mostly for presentation purposes. Sloane buried herself in this sort of work, studying the machine and all of its details.

This thing was huge, and became known throughout the company as the 'behemoth'. This machine was the size of a school bus, and its manufacturer Taiyo-Jit-Uma claimed it could shape with precision and cook to perfection a ham that was an exact scale model of any small car on the market, or anything the programmer wanted to turn it into; and that the precision of the shape was only limited by the consistency of the meat product you gave it to fill the mold with. It worked with molding walls that were made out of a flexible material and was controlled by magnets and hydraulics. Taiyo even claimed it was so accurate that it only cooked the meat you aimed the machine at, and that a sausage could have an ice cream center that wasn't melted if you ate in time. The entire thing ran on the computer-aided-design software that was popular at the time, and at the time Sloane didn't realize it, but this machine was exactly why Pioneer Foods hired her in the first place.

At the time Pioneer Foods were experimenting with the idea of downsizing the meat shaping department and replacing some of the long time laborers with machines. When Sloane heard about the top brass being ready to pull laborers away from the line and possibly forcing some into early retirement, she nearly quit, but stuck with it. That Friday evening as she picked up her paycheck from the front desk, she thought, "What if I could change this place so the layoffs don't happen? I wish I could." No one ever heard her say it, but her thought set the tone to transform her life forever.

The following Monday Sloane was in the corner of the assembly area standing in and examining the inside of the baking mold, and she noticed light coming in through an open flap, and that's when she realized the flap was actually controlled by a piece of the software that had no instructions. With a little trial and error, she figured out it could be separated from the rest of the cook and sealed off. "Why did they do this?" She wondered. She also found a hose that corresponded with part of the install kit she couldn't initially figure out. Then she went into her laptop and turned on the hose supply while still standing in the baking mold. "Oxygen," she muttered to herself. "Cold oxygen. Why does the inside of a cooking ham that's shaped like a convertible car need cold oxygen?" She noted it in her laptop and kept it to herself. She was going to figure this out one way or another, she thought.

At the end of the day, running test programs and numbers had yielded some interesting numbers and left plenty of questions, but she figured should could talk it over with her direct IT supervisor, Jeff, whom had invited her for drinks. That night, at the pub, Sloane was getting to know Jeff better. She was just as attracted to him as any other guy she'd ever been attracted to, but there was something extra she sensed from him that she couldn't explain. It was like he really understood her. She'd never experienced that before, and was ready to strip and jump on his cock in the middle of the pub, but decided to wait a bit. Then, Randy, who had been in the pub for a few minutes, saw Jeff and Sloane cutting up and gettin' friendly. Naturally, Randy came over looking for a fight. Jeff, 5' 11" stood up to Randy's 5' 9", and suggested Randy back down. This was quite the sight, as both of these guys were built. Randy then said, "You better back down before something bad happens to you."

"Guys, just calm down, it's been a long day," said Sloane, with fear.

Randy pulled a gun, and pulled a couple of shots. That night, on the way to the hospital in the back of the ambulance, Sloane and Jeff formed a plan.

All week, Sloane started transforming, she no longer felt like the awkward girl that wasn't wanted. Jeff managed to do for her in one night that no one else ever had. She felt a warmth within she had never felt, a self-love.

That Thursday night, Sloane picked up Jeff from the hospital, and they put the plan into action. Sloane had been programming the machine all week to accept an object 5' 9". She also now knew how to program the air supply and add additives. The machine normally used the air tube to add flavors to the inside of the meat, but she planned on it being a breathing tube. They went back to her place to discuss other details and to pickup Jeff's truck. Jeff didn't, however, tell her something he had ordered for her; a special outward slicing device, as he had plans for this new machine too.

Friday afternoon......

"Sir, I don't understand this."

"I'm here to bail out Randy Delwegoo." Jeff said.

"Yes, but, aren't you the guy he shot?"

"Yes, but, we're like brothers, it's a very hard time in his life, and he needs my help more now than he ever will, "Jeff lied.

"Well, okay, here's the papers, sign here, and here, and make the check out to the DGS-Alpha."


In no more than a few minutes, Jeff now had Randy walking toward him.

"You? Wait, YOU? What the hell? Why?" Randy inquired.

"I think you reacted in the pub too soon. I don't see Sloane that way," Jeff fabricated.

"Well, then, why are you here?"

"I had planned on asking you the normal way, by getting your phone number or address from Sloane, but you made it easier for me by coming to me." If there was one thing Jeff was good at, it was making up crap on the fly. It's a good thing he was never a politician, the entire country would be in shambles right now had he done it.

Now in the truck.....

The two talked briefly about all sorts, mostly about Sloane.

"So she packs meat now, huh?" commented Randy.

"Yeah, she packs meat, meat packs her, she's surrounded by the stuff, really." Jeff replied, knowing it was more literal than not.

"I still haven't figured out why you're asking me."

"I need your skill for getting good ladies to volunteer for an experiment I'm planning. I'm good at the work end, but I have no game for women, I just need them to be willing to do whatever the experiment asks. You seem to collect them, I'm sure you'll come up with a finder's fee for each one. Are you game?"

Randy then looked at him for a second and couldn't believe what he was hearing or experiencing. However, being a broke joke, Randy decided the money would make it worth it. "I'll do it." Randy said.

"Good. We're here." Having just pulled up outside of the warehouse, Friday was normally an empty lot day at Pioneer Foods, and this Friday evening was no exception, except for one very familiar red convertible.

"What's she doing here?" Randy asked.

"You're about to find out; remember, money..... money..... money.....; right?"


"You gonna behave?"


"Okay. Let's do this."

Moments later, the three of them were in the warehouse walking to the behemoth.

"Whoa; that's a big machine", Randy exclaimed.

"Yup, we like big in here, "Sloane smirked.

"Watch it now," Jeff warned. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep Randy convinced that they hadn't warmed up to each other, especially with Sloane's new outfit. She had clearly bought it hoping to go out with Jeff after completing the 'experiment'. She was already wearing her first ever vibrator underneath, and her mind was already in the gutter, and she was slowly getting aroused by his dominance in the situation.

"So why did you bring me here again?" Randy inquired.

At that moment the lights went dark in the whole warehouse, and Sloane didn't see the scuffle between Jeff and Randy. 60 seconds later, the lights came back on, and all of Randy's clothes were now in the floor in front of a slightly startled, but very aroused Sloane. Sloane turned around to see the machine all closed up and Jeff walking back towards her.

"The head globe sealed around his neck perfectly; breathing won't be a problem, he might even enjoy the next couple of weeks," remarked Jeff. The head globe was similar to a glass fishbowl, but had a neck seal and a steel breathing tube. It was built earlier on in the company's history as an experiment for baking solid cakes with a liquid core.

"Do you think he'll figure it out?"

"Eventually I suppose, but, you don't really care about that douchebag, do you?"

"Oh, hell no. I feel a bit sorry for him, but I've stopped losing sleep over him long ago."

They started walking to the control office to turn on the behemoth. With that, they finished setting the parameters together. They even had to set stuff like, acceptable temperature tolerances and oxygen content for breathing air. Jeff even overrode the heart rate monitor software that kept people from getting stuck within and cooked in the machine, and used the signal to determine if little naked Randy was still alive in his honey ham encasement. Sloane went so far as to program his shape as the fourth dimension into the machine so that the machine would only cook the ham and not Randy. Randy was breathing on a tube feeding him cold breathing air to keep his internal temperature normal during the baking, and it had a knockout gas to keep Randy sleeping and immobile so the oven could maintain proper aim while the ham slurry turned solid. With that, Sloane and Jeff, staring into each other's eyes, both hit 'enter' to start the cook.

The ham slurry crept slowly into the chamber. The chamber had been programmed to shape itself so that it would simply be a large holiday ham. Sloane even left in the "Honey Injection" sequence. That evening, the machine did its job. The baking of Randy took just over 4 hours, while Sloane and Jeff did all sorts of things in the office. The date started with chinese take-out delivery, but before the night was through, Sloane had ridden Jeff's huge rock hard cock to completion over and over again, all over the upper offices. Sloane had never squirted during sex before, but Jeff managed to make her a gushing beauty, much to the dismay of the cleaning lady the following day. Jeff knew it was time to go back downstairs to the behemoth, and as he got dressed, Sloane laid on his desk, still naked, still on a pleasure high, cross-eyed, sore, and wallowing around in a puddle of her own cum; which was also all over the walls of his office.

Jeff stood in awe as the machine began wrapping the now room temperature ham Randy was stuck in. The behemoth used the same honey ham wrapper the rest of the facility used, just lots more of it. It even left the steel breathing tube uncovered with remarkable precision. It really didn't hit home until the chain-link-steel style external wrap was twist tied around and the label applied that they had just done the unthinkable. The machine's heart monitor still read a normal heart rate and normal breathing. Randy was now a naked normal dude, fully encased, living and breathing, honey ham, to be carved out at a later date that hadn't been predetermined. Jeff didn't realize it, but Sloane was watching too. She had followed him out of the office, and watched Jeff watching the machine. This turned Sloane on so hard it was everything she could do to not moan in the middle of warehouse.

Sloane snuck up behind him, still naked, and put her chin on his shoulder. "Where are we going to send him?", Sloane asked.

"There's a convention coming up in New York in a couple of weeks that's sponsored by one of our competitors. I'll put him in the outgoing truck Monday. We'll just let them figure out what to do with him."

"I wanna be next."

Jeff wasn't ready for that. He was thinking he'd have to put her in against her will. The thought almost made him stammer, but his cock started getting hard again at the same time. "Really?"

"Yeah, I want to be dominated by you. I want to be put into stuff by you. I want to be unable to get out of it without you. Make me feel all of you, and nothing but you." She couldn't believe what she had just said. She just gave a man she was still learning about free range over her to do whatever he wanted. The fear and excitement washed over her being, and she started to tremble. This made his cock huge again, and rock hard, so he turned around and her reaction was to go down on him. She then got up, and bent over the behemoth's fuse box for one last hard cum blast. The pleasure nearly made her fall over, and turned her into a trembling mess. As she tried to regain her composure to get up, Jeff left for a moment.

"I've got an extra tool for this. Wait here," Jeff commanded.

"Yes sir."

While Jeff was gone, Sloane managed to get herself together just barely good enough to go to the locker room. Her downstairs were going ape, and she was having trouble walking straight as a result. She had never received pleasure just from walking before, this was a new sensation entirely. Every footstep sent a pleasure spike that had her reeling. "I can't believe this. I've never felt so good before," she thought. She fumbled with the combination of her locker and eventually got the lock to pop open. After a couple of enemas, she came again. "Ecstasy on a toilet. Unbelievable," she surmised.

Jeff came back with the outward carving tool. The plan was to lay it on top of her rump while she was in the machine, and cast ham around it and her. It was designed to make outward carvings easier to do, and although it wasn't meant with humans in mind, it was the perfect shape for it, and it would make carving her out of it so easy, they could make this a habit.

At this point, Sloane had returned to the machine, and was still naked, but now slightly cleaner from everything she did in the locker room. She had the top seal open in the machine for her head, and was making sure the breathing hose could reach, thinking unlike Randy, her head would be out and exposed and she'd be able to see, interact, and give feedback. Jeff stepped up behind her and ran his fingers lightly, lovingly down her side to her waist. This sent a thrill up her spine.

"Don't ever change," Jeff paused.

"I won't. Sir."

"If you want to do this, it's time. You ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Okay, get into position, I'll be in the control room."


"Yes, Sloane?"

"Is.... it...... Is it too..... too early to say......."

"Shhhh. I know." With that, Jeff kissed her forehead, and then her lips one last time.

The thought of every inch of her bare skin except her head and hair touching ham, and completely sealed, and completely immobile was really getting her. She had always wanted to be bound and dominated, she just never figured it would be this way.

Jeff had already turned on the oxygen/chloroform mix and as he started walking to the control room, she put her head out and the pipe in her mouth. Quickly, she was out like a light. Jeff decided the best thing would be to make videos of all of it to show her after she gets out. So, after pulling the office presentation equipment, he set up the tripods and cameras. With that, Jeff went back into the machine to re-position her body so the form would be smaller and more manageable. He also pulled her head back into the mold so it would be in the ham, and outfitted her with her own head globe and breathing tube, no different than Randy's.

Adding the outward carving device to the top of her rump was the last addition. She was now in the position normally reserved for hogtie play. Her beautiful golden legs were curled under her and her well shaped rump was up, begging for more flogging. Her arms were folded across the top of her knees, and she, like Randy, had a slab of ham she was already perched atop so that she'd be fully sealed. It was good that her blonde hair was only shoulder length, she was in the largest head globe they had.

Jeff started looking through the computer program Sloane had selected. He noticed her plan was to wimp out; the temperature she had chosen wouldn't have entirely cooked or solidified the ham. So Jeff, being just as able as last time, changed the parameters from 40 minutes to 4 hours. She was getting her wish. He added the honey injection phase that she removed. Then, his deviant side kicked in. He hadn't yet hit go or accepted the parameters of the procedure. He knew the only reason the ham slurry didn't go into Randy's ass was because it was too thick to get past the sphincter muscle down there.

So, Jeff went downstairs into the warehouse and searched. He found a piece of hollow knotted ham that was perfect in shape and length to hold her open. Then he thought. "How accurate is this machine? If the slurry goes in her, can it cook the slurry inside of her without actually cooking her?" Then he thought of how she would feel with hot ham stuck in her ass. "Yes," he thought. So he ran back to the machine, lubing the knotted end with avocado oil and working her tight ass until it finally went in. Then, he ran back to the control room to change a few more parameters, because he had to explore the programming to see if including the inside of her ass was possible without actually including her butt cheeks and legs. It took a while, but he found it. It WAS possible. "YES!" he screamed. With that, he checked his numbers one last time, and hit enter. Sloane's ham encasement had begun.

Jeff sat and watched the numbers of his new girl as the oven fired up. The slurry moved slowly into the chamber. Then the moment of truth, would the slurry go into the extra hole he created? "YES!" he thought when he saw some of it go into her ass. Excitement built up as he saw the ham numbers going up and her numbers staying safe and cozy. Warm, but cozy. She had a very normal heartbeat, a very normal breath measurement, and a very normal core temperature according to the magic behemoth machine. The air pushed into the girl was a cold 40 degrees, but that was necessary to offset the heat of being in an oven. The plan seemed at this point to be completely repeatable. He was doing this for their pleasure, but he did make work notes on his tablet as he watched the control panel.

Four hours later.....

Jeff was trying to decide if he should carve her out of her prison right away or wait a while. He had been swapping out videotapes in between certain intervals. He wanted to make sure she would see everything that happened to her in the behemoth. He had loads of footage. Footage of him in the control room, footage of the special procedure for what was inside of her, even footage of the honey injection stages he had all on tape. He figured since it was now Saturday morning, he'd just let the machine wrap her the same way it had wrapped Randy.

He now had footage of her completely encased, wrapped, caged, and labeled. Randy required the forklift to remove from the machine because of the extra weight. Sloane however, was well packed, and Jeff was able to lift her and place her onto the handtruck. It took nearly a half an hour to load the truck with Sloane, the tools and the video equipment. Sloane, still unaware of what happened, was just coming back from chemical induced sleep, while Jeff was on the verge of falling asleep. The drive home was uneventful.

Jeff unloaded everything from the bed of the truck into the garage, including Sloane, she now awake but unable to really communicate honey ham. Jeff went into the house and went to bed. Sloane, not aware she was on a garage floor, or even aware she was wrapped in foil and chain link and labeled, was aware that she was unable to move at all, and was also aware and aroused by the large hot knot in her ass. She assumed the plan went without a hitch, she couldn't see or hear anything, but she was breathing, she could hear her own heartbeat, and she was horny. Very horny.

The plan had worked. She had thought her head would be exposed so she could provide feedback and instructions, but she was starting to enjoy the changes Jeff had clearly went for. She was craving the moment she'd be partially carved out of this and used. She hoped he would go straight for her snatch, and fuck her raw while the knot was still in her ass. She tried desperately to sleep, but couldn't, the anticipation was building just as much as it was nerve-racking. When would he start? How long would she be here? Can he hear her? She decided to just wait it out. She'd feel the ham peeled away from her skin, she just knew it.

Early Saturday morning, Jeff arose to a summer's dawn and the realization that his girl is probably getting thirsty. He setup the cameras again like it was going to be a tv show. He spoke into the small breathing tube that went into the head globe.

"Sloane? Can you hear me?"

"Jeff! Holy cow!", she was smiling and crying with joy.

"Are you okay in there?"

"Jeff, this feels awesome, and I've lost track of time. I'm horny again, but right now, I could really use a drink."

"Let me see if I can figure out how to do this. Do you think if I pour a little through the breathing tube you can lap it up off of the floor inside the globe?"

"Um, I think so."

"What do you want, I have milk, water..."




"I'll need a funnel then, hang on." Jeff went to the other side of the garage, and put the funnel into the small breathing tube. Then, after a few minutes, of hand work, he busted loose into the funnel. "Is that enough?"

"blarg(un-recognizeable), a little more, I can't reach it"

"Ummmm..... Oh yeah, oh yeah, ahhhhhh...... There's you some more baby."

(more drinking and slurping noises from Sloane)

"Okay, I was going to carve you out right here and have my way with you right now, but I think I'm taking you to work on Monday."

"blarg(un-recognizeable as she lifted her head out of the cum juice), WHAT?"

"Aren't you my little slut?"



"I am! I am. I'll do whatever you say."

"I'll feed you throughout the weekend, on Monday, I'll carve you out for lunch. Shoot, I'll serve you up AS lunch. If you're a good girl I might even let the rest of the warehouse take turns in you after I'm done with you...."


"You'll do it or I'll leave you in there."


"Just for that, they are going to take turns fucking you after I'm done fucking you, and I may just leave you partially encased for a week, I think that'd be fun. What do you think about that?"

Sloane was now getting hot. The idea of being a forced group slut was becoming more appealing the more she thought about it. She didn't respond.

"I don't hear anything slut, that means you do want to be partially encased until next Saturday. It's a deal, you are now officially a morale booster slut. I'll tell the guys that you're the real reason that machine is down there, and that their jobs are safe. Their jobs are safe aren't they slut?

"I wish I could say yes."

"You will say yes, their jobs are safe, and you're going to be the reason why."

"um" Jeff then found spot on the back of the ham where Sloane's hot ass knot was located, and he pushed on it a bit. "Aaaahhhh. Whoa, what was that?"

"Okay, it's a deal then. You're going to be partially encased until next Saturday, you're a morale booster slut, and you'll be the reason why their jobs are safe. Hang on, I've got some more cum for you slut. Ooooh... oh yeah..... ahhhhhhhhhh....... "

"I uh.... blargblbbllarg(unrecognizeable from added man juice in her head globe)"

"Drink your breakfast, I'll see you in a bit with your dinner." He pushed on the back of the ham again, pushing the ass knot in a bit.

"Ahahhghrhhghlhghrlarg"(still drinking man juice)

Monday morning.........

Jeff arrived at the office early to make sure he could set up the main hall for the unveiling, and he even told everyone except the big wigs that he had an announcement to make at lunch time. He also logged Sloane into her mainframe computer and even did some of her work so that she wouldn't appear absent. Then, the time came. He had Sloane still wrapped up in the familiar foil wrapper and on a traditional presentation platter Pioneer Foods kept in stock at the time and all of the side trimmings of a typical catered lunch. The cameras were rolling for her unveiling, but were well hidden.

"Okay, everyone thank you, thank you for coming. Those of you who already know who I am, great, those of you who don't, it's okay, I'm not really important in this meeting. I'd like to introduce a plan that I became aware of only last week. That new machine in the warehouse is not for replacing our jobs as it turns out. That new machine is our entry into an untapped market that will increase sales and allow us to continue paying you guys, possibly even slightly more money than we are now. First, I have an odd question, how many of you here consider yourself to be kinky? Hands up. Wow, everyone, okay. If you're not comfortable with kink, you may leave now and return to your original job, and nothing will be brought up. No one? Okay then, I need to prove my point I guess, I'd like to introduce my new colleague, Sloane. Sloane, say hello to everyone here"


"You're wondering where that voice came from, I'm sure. Well, she's in here. (pointing at the ham) The ham is all that she's wearing. It's an immobilizing, inescapable, edible bondage. And it was made by that machine in the warehouse. In a few minutes I'm going to start carving her out, and you'll see just what I mean. Now, I will admit, this is a kinky subject; anyone not comfortable with this sort of bondage or knives or exposure, or is just generally scared, needs to leave now. Okay then. Greg, get the door, please."

Greg locks the door to the conference hall.

"Now, there is an access hole here that will allow me to take this and carve outward, preventing me from cutting her, we put it in before baking and it's sitting on top of her rump. (begins carving) Does anyone here have any problems with sex? After everyone is done eating there will be an open session. You are all here because I know you are all clean, I looked at your drug and disease tests. No rubbers necessary. I get to take first turn. Once I'm done with her, form a line and be kind, you're all here because you deserve better, make sure she enjoys it too, okay guys?"

Everyone started eating everything on offer, including the ham that had honey made from the popular little blue pill. Within minutes everyone in the room had a raging hard on, and pretty soon, the exposed rump and pretty little snatch were taking a pounding. Three hours and 40 or so loads later, everyone went back to work. But the effect had begun. Pretty soon word spread about this little experiment, and everyone was wanting a turn in the new girl. Jeff decided then to see if putting his girl back in the machine would have the same effect, so that night, he did. Three hours later, she was a new ham again.

Tuesday was another repeat, just a few hours of lunching and pumped full of lots of loads, and then reinserted into the machine for full encasement for the following day. By Thursday, it became an all day thing, and by Friday, upper management had received the news of this experiment, and the lawyers were all but ready to shut it down, until one of them showed up on Friday's meeting to have a turn. Before the end of the week, everyone knew the inside of Sloane; including upper management.

Friday evening, Jeff had intended on simply taking Sloane home partially encased this time, but the thought of putting her back in the machine was like an addiction; and oddly, Sloane was quite addicted to it too.


"Yes love?"

"I want to be the one that carves you out completely, but upper management wants to test how long you can stay in there. I think it's better I carve you the rest of the way out of it tonight so you can eat and really rest."

"I've enjoyed this, and the thought of staying in here is appealing, but I agree with you, you should carve me out tonight, I'm really craving a steak right now," exclaimed Sloane. "Besides, the machine works, I can always go back in."

"Ok." With that, Jeff loaded her partially exposed and partially encased over-fucked body in the truck for the drive home.

After carving the rest of her out, Jeff helped Sloane into the shower and massaged her body for an hour.

"Can you walk now?"

"I think so, wow, this feels so awesome. Everything's tingling right now; I want women everywhere to be able to feel this."

"Yeah, about that. While everyone else was pumping you full, I cut this together." Jeff put in the DVD of Sloane's week so she could see what she'd been through.

"Oh, wow." She gasped as she was watching the machine wrap her with tinfoil. For an hour, she watched herself transform from naked woman into honey roasted ham that then became both the office lunch and the office fuck toy. "That was me. Wow." Sloane's tears let her feelings hit home.

"If we hurry we can still make it to Fargo's."

"I want this to be a habit for me. I want this to be available to anyone that wants to feel it."

"We'll talk about that on Monday, in the meantime, it's bean time." They left for Fargo's for the steak she'd been craving all week, and spent the weekend together.

That Monday morning......

On Monday, Sloane and Jeff rode in separate cars to work for the first time since the encasement. There was an email in both their computers to meet up with top brass at 10AM. So, at 10; upper management met with them both to find out all of the details and whether or not such a service would be viable to a paying customer. By noon, they both had titles in their newly created department, "Alternative Entertainment Foodservice"

-End of Part One-

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