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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Continues from

Part Thirteen


Day 46

Finally, the journey was over, the rear doors opened and she was carried out, she then realised that she had made it to the store that Andy ran, she saw him as she was unloaded from the truck by the driver, and Emma happily watched as he scanned her into the stores inventory with a smile. She was then placed inside the storeroom where she spent another blissful night sharing the space with the other meatgirls. It had been great to see a friendly face again, even though briefly and she wondered what Andy would be doing with her while she was here. Emma managed to sleep well that night, her dreams were much easier than previously, though she still ended up being cooked and served, this time it was to Andy and Susan, who delighted in tasting Emma’s flesh.

The next morning, after the usual wakeup call of the feeding system, she was surprised to see that Susan was the first one to walk into the storeroom, but directly behind her was another store worker, one that Emma hadn’t seen before, but she relaxed as Susan directed him to carry out her bound, naked body out from the storeroom. 

Emma wondered what delightful display she would be strung up on today. She wasn’t to be disappointed when Susan went to work binding her into another tight package, then inserting a pole with two intruders deep inside of her front and rear openings. Once satisfied that everything was firmly in place, she got the new guy to assist her in placing the latest display on the stand. Emma felt herself carried over to an exhibit next to the main counter, the pole that ran between her legs and deep inside of her then connected with the hidden machinery below and locked in place.

She felt her crotch and sex resting on the intruder, her legs bound behind her were of no use to her at the moment, her entire weight rested between her legs. Another pole was then inserted into her mouth, with her head now forced to look directly up at the ceiling, and then this pole was locked in place on the display stand. She then felt Susan begin to apply some sort of coating to her skin, Emma recalled the last time that she did this to her, making it look like she had been cooked in the oven. 

This time from what she had managed to catch a glimpse of, she looked like a kebab meat on a skewer, impaled on the pole below her, her mouth wrapped around the pole above, that was the impression that Emma had got from what she had managed to see. Finally, Susan seemed to be finished, the last coating covering Emma’s body, the smell of it making her hungry for some real food. Emma had lived on the liquid nutrient for some time now it seemed to her, that was all she had lived on for however long she had been kept for, she found that she really had lost all sense of time, and just how long she had been kept as a meatgirl for display. 

Now happy with the way Emma looked, Susan reached behind the display and flicked the switch, causing the machine to come to life and slowly rotate the meatgirl around on the stand, the lighting behind looked like she was being cooked, the heat from the lamps causing Emma to start to sweat, making her look even more appetising and realistic, she did look like you could just take a slice from her and serve it up in a piece of Turkish bread, along with some salad. 

“My, you do look delicious, good enough to eat!” Susan finally said to Emma, she knew that Emma liked to remain as a meatgirl when bound and gagged like she was, and didn’t wish to be acknowledged as anything other than product, especially when other meatgirls were around, but she thought that she had developed a special relationship over time with Emma that allowed her these very special moments, which Emma too enjoyed.

Clearing up the remains of the display, Susan did one final check of the meatgirl on display. Satisfied with what she had achieved with the new display, she called Andy over to check out the new addition. He was very pleased with what he saw, and Susan told him that he wasn’t to try sampling the meatgirl, she was the only one that he would be eating later that night. Hearing that brought a smile on Emma’s face.

She was happy that Susan and Andy still got along and enjoyed each other’s company, something that was now lacking in her own previous relationship with Nick. But she put any thoughts out of her mind, she was here to be on display and help sell the stock of meatgirls, the first customers soon came in and immediately admired the new display, they couldn’t believe that the meatgirl wasn’t actually being cooked before their eyes, it looked so real. Which pleased Susan, another one of her designs had worked out perfectly. 

Emma spent the rest of the day slowly rotating, the intruders down below working their magic on her, she had even managed to have several orgasms before the end of the day’s trading, and was quite content to remain on the display when the store closed for the night. Susan switched off the machine that rotated Emma on the display, then covered her naked body totally with a sheet hiding the meatgirl underneath. 

Emma even managed to sleep that night, even trussed up as she was, she found herself drifting off, though in her dreams she was still rotating on the display, the chef was currently slicing off parts of her body and serving them to waiting customers. Each one commented about how juicy and tender her meat was...

Day 47

The next morning Emma was woken by the new worker from yesterday uncovering her and the display that she was bound and fixed to, he then simply switched the motor and after seeing that the display worked, left the meatgirl on display as she slowly rotated around. Later, Susan came and checked on her before she had to leave for work, making sure that Emma had some of the liquid nutrients that kept the meatgirls sustained and hydrated, but that was all it did. Susan then added a fresh coat of the liquid that she had used on Emma’s body, which made her look like she had been cooking, and once satisfied with the way the display looked, left the meatgirl to enjoy her day on exhibit.

Emma’s day continued much like any other, customers came and examined her flesh, some offering to buy the meatgirl on display, only to be told that was not possible, and going away usually satisfied with a replacement from the storeroom. The hands continued to grope her body and find places that should have been strictly off-limits if the worker had been doing his job to protect the exhibit. But to him this was just another meatgirl, sure one that he had explicit instructions not to remove or sell, but still it looked like the other meatgirls, so he treated it like one. 

As Emma rotated in the display she wondered where Andy was, she hadn’t seen him since she had been scanned in the inventory when she had been delivered. She had seen Susan come and go, but there was no sign of Andy, just the new store worker, and he didn’t seem too concerned with her well-being. He spent most of the time, when not serving customers, either on his phone or out the back, hanging out with one of his friends. Emma wasn’t sure just what they were doing back there, but she had heard the sound of the storeroom door opening, and then some muffled grunts and laughter from the two guys.

At the end of the day, the worker came over to her, Emma had thought that maybe he would be releasing her from the display, he had been given instructions by Susan to remove the meatgirl before he left for the night, but he couldn’t be bothered, and he thought to himself, who was this woman to give him instructions, he was employed by Andy, not his girlfriend, and he had other more important things to get home for. So, he switched off the motor and threw the cover over it, leaving Emma still bound, her body ached from being kept trussed up like this, but it seemed that she would have to suffer another night.

Day 48

The next day the worker returned and began opening up the store, he walked over and removed the cover on the display and switched on the motor, then went about getting other things ready before opening the store for the customers. He had forgotten about the meatgirl on the display stand, it continued to revolve around, the people who viewed it seemed to like seeing it, some even taking photos of the display, he didn’t bother stopping any that wanted to touch any part of the meatgirls body, it was just a product after all he thought.

With the boss away doing something important for the company, he had been left in charge of running the store for the first time, he was happy to be able to do things like he wanted, and not what he was told to do, and having one or two friends over, which he had been told not to do, seem to make his day much better. And they seemed to want to do things to the stock in the back storeroom, which he joined in with, he knew he would be able to sell that meatgirl before anyone found out.

Later that day one of his friends came into the store, he was the one that Emma had seen the other day, and they had gone out the back to the storeroom with the meatgirl hanging there waiting to be sold. He greeted his mate and walked over to where Emma was slowly rotating on the display, his hands running over the flesh on show, his fingers moving down to between the meatgirls legs, then he realised that the poles actually entered into the meatgirls sex. He commented to his mate about how wet the slut seemed to be, and they both laughed.

His hands then moved up to feel the meatgirls breasts, pulling on the exposed nipples and making lewd comments about her body. He then said to his mate, the worker, that maybe they could take this one out the back and do what they did yesterday. Emma was suddenly very afraid, she wondered what he was talking about, she had heard the laughter and the cries from what sounded like a meatgirl, she certainly didn’t want to find out what they had done. And while her body needed to get some relief from being tightly bound for so long, she would prefer to remain where she was, it felt much safer to her at the moment. 

But she was just a meatgirl, she had no choice in the matter, and she felt the hands of the worker and his friend begin to hold on to her body as they lifted her from the rotating display. They left her bound as she was for the moment and carried her out the back, placing her down on a table, the worker disappeared for a moment leaving her alone with this guy, his hands running over her body, Emma felt helpless to stop him.

When the worker returned, he told his mate that he had locked up, so that they would be disturbed, and that they had an hour before anyone was due to pick up any of the meatgirls that had been sold. His friend told him that was great and that they should start removing the poles so that they could access the ‘good bits’ he laughed. Emma shivered with fear at what she heard from them, laughing and joking about abusing the stupid meatgirl, saying that it deserved to be used by them for becoming nothing more than someone’s next meal.

They started pulling the two intruders out of her lower nether regions, the friend laughing when he found that one had been pushed deeply up the bitches rear, which he found highly amusing, and said to his friend, “Well, we know that hole is available and stretched for easy access.” Both laughed at the comment, and they continued to inspect the meatgirl, while unbinding it from the ropes that had kept it tightly trussed up for display.

Once they were done, Emma knew that they had plans to use her for their pleasure, she thought that maybe she should try to stop them, but her limbs refused to respond after being kept locked in place by the ropes binding them, her body just slumped onto the surface of the table that they had placed her body on. And she thought that if she did try to stop them, there was no knowing what they would do to her, given that she was on her own in the store with them, she could end up being sold, maybe to the guy who seemed intent on abusing her.

She thought it best to bide her time, what was the worst that they could do to her, and then she realised just how bad of a situation that she found herself in, to them she was really just a meatgirl, they had no knowledge of her special understanding, she had no hope of stopping whatever they wanted to do with her, even dispose of her afterwards to hide the evidence of what they had done. 

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt her body pulled down across the surface of the table, her feet touched the cold floor, and then she felt the guy behind her push her legs apart with his own, and she prepared herself to be taken by him. Meanwhile, she saw out of the corner of her eye, the store worker unfastening his zipper, and getting his semi-hard member out of his pants, then walking closer to her head, and she knew that her mouth wouldn’t escape the abuse. She was going to be used by these two men, more like boys, she thought, which amused her slightly, but given her place right now, she knew that this was no laughing matter.

As she watched the worker get closer, she felt the guy behind push something up against her between her legs. She was about to find out what they did with the meatgirl yesterday she guessed and tensed herself ready for the intruders to enter her body. Then there was a sound that she hadn’t expected, and she felt the guy who was previously standing behind her ready to plunder her depths, fall on to her back, and then not move. She looked up at the worker, and he had a look of fear in his eyes, then she saw someone move quickly between her and the guy, then a thud and she watched him hit the wall behind him and fall to the ground.

The person then turned and pushed the unconscious guy off of her back, then she saw the face of her hero and saviour, it was Steve. He quickly gathered up Emma in his arms and carried her out back into the store, he seemed to look around and then decided to put her down on the only available space, which was the preparation table, one that she had been bound on, many times before. Leaving her alone for a minute, he went back out, and Emma heard some sounds of male groans and several more thuds, she guessed that Steve was taking care of them.

Even though she was unbound at the moment Emma was content to remain where she had been placed by Steve, she watched him return, his hands looked to be covered in blood and she hoped that it wasn’t his. Reaching for a cloth, he wiped them and then came over to where Emma lay. Checking that they hadn’t done anything to her, though he thought that maybe he had walked in too late, he asked Emma if she was okay.

Offering her a glass of water, and getting her to sit up on the table, he fussed over her, checking that she hadn’t been hurt in any way. Emma let Steve know that he had arrived just in time, she told him about what had happened, and what they had said that they were going to do with her. She even told Steve that she suspected that they had done this before, she said that she had heard them out the back yesterday, but didn’t see what they got up to, but now realised what the poor meatgirl went through in their hands.

Steve said that he was thankful that he had turned up when he did, he had no idea what had been happening here in the store, with Andy away setting up a new store, it had been left to the new guy to run the store, he thought that they could trust the guy, but didn’t know about his friends dropping by. He then told Emma that he had to get on and tidy things up, which Emma wondered what he meant, but thought it better not to ask.

He reached for some nearby rope, which surprised Emma, it seemed that he wanted her bound again, and she held hopes that maybe he would be the one taking advantage of her naked and available body, but she found herself disappointed when after binding her wrists and ankles, he simply threw her over his shoulder and carried her out back towards the storeroom. As she passed by she saw the two men still laying on the floor, out cold she thought, though she couldn’t be sure. Steve then took her inside the storeroom and placed her wrists on one of the hooks, leaving her inside with the remaining meatgirls, then walking out and closing the door, leaving them in darkness again.

She then heard the sound of the lock being applied to the storeroom door, she now knew that she would be stuck in here for the night at least. What she didn’t know about was what was going on outside the storeroom, Steve was very angry, his trust had been abused as well as his own personal meatgirl, he considered Emma to be his now, not that she knew this, and these two guys had messed with the wrong meatgirl and her owner.

By the time that Susan returned from work, she had found the store closed, the meatgirl that was Emma was no longer on the display, and that the place was clean and tidy. She had previously had words with the new guy about his cleaning standards not being acceptable, but it seemed that they had picked up judging by how tidy the store looked. She didn’t know that Steve had been doing the cleaning after taking care of the worker and his friend, the van now taking the evidence away to be processed at the pet food business that Steve owned.

Susan went upstairs, it had been a long day at work, the new project had been difficult, and several problems needed to be overcome. She was pleased when Andy showed up, and they shared a quick meal and headed off to bed, both too exhausted to do anything other than sleep. In the morning Andy had already left for work, so Susan got herself ready and after a quick breakfast headed down to the store, to make sure that things were okay.

Day 49

She was surprised that the store was still empty, she had expected the new guy to be there getting things ready, meatgirls out and placed on display, she thought that he may have needed a hand with the new exhibit that Emma had tried out. But there was no sign of him, and she was just about to call and see where he was, thinking that maybe he had slept in again, when the front door of the store opened and one of the guys she knew from another store walked in.

“Hi Sue,” he said, his voice bright and cheery.

“Hello, Bob, what… what are you doing here, and where is…” she started to ask.

“Oh, Steve fired him yesterday, so I’m here until we can get a replacement,” he told her.

“Okay, I didn’t know,” Susan replied.

“Neither did I, otherwise I would have been here earlier. Steve rang me just an hour ago.”

“Strange, but still Steve must know what he’s doing, do you need a hand setting up, I don’t have to leave straight away.”

“That’ll be welcome, if it’s not too much bother.”

“No bother, and just to let you know that we have Emma in the store at the moment,” Susan informed him.

“Yes, Steve told me that; she’s in the storeroom with the others, and he told me to leave her there to rest up, seems that she spent longer on the display than originally thought.”

“I told him to take her off the evening before last, before he left to go home, no wonder he was fired,” Susan said, “Best just check on her before we open, could you get her out, she won’t want to talk with the others around.”

“Sure, no problem, just give me a minute.” Bob pulled his apron on and walked over to the locked storeroom, “Do you have a key?” he asked.

After the door was unlocked, the light came on inside with the door opening, revealing the current stock of meatgirls enclosed waiting to be sold. Emma stood out from the others, she was still coated in the colouring that Susan had applied to her body on the display. Walking over and grabbing the meatgirl over his shoulder, he carried it out from the room, closing the door with his foot, as he usually did, sealing the others inside.

Taking the still bound and gagged meatgirl into the main part of the store, he placed it down on the preparation table, and left her there to get on with other things. Emma had wondered what was going on, why was he here, surely he should be running his own store, she had been in his store the one before last, or was it the one before that, she was confused and didn’t know when she had actually been in the store and being displayed by him.

Emma lay there, she had been placed on the table and didn’t know if there were customers in the store or that there were other meatgirls on display, so she lay there content to wait and see what would be happening to her next. She was pleasantly surprised to see Susan looking at her, though from the look on her face she knew that something was amiss. Then she realised that she was still coated in the special sauce, as she called it, and watched as Susan walked off to gather something to clean her off with.

When Susan returned she started cleaning Emma’s back, and her rear, the warm water felt nice as did the rubbing of the cloth across her soft, rear cheeks of her bottom, the water running down between her thighs and finding other parts of her body, with Emma hoping that Susan’s hands soon followed. Once her back and bottom were clean, Susan bade her sit up and started to clean the rest of Emma’s body. It did feel nice to Emma when Susan absent-mindedly started to clean her breasts, she was quite content to let her continue, but Susan realised what she was doing and handed the cloth to Emma to finish.

Once the sauce was mostly gone from her skin, Emma felt refreshed, it had been a long couple of days, and with the events of yesterday still clear in her mind, she was relieved when Susan removed her gag and offered her a bottle of water. She watched as Susan removed the ropes binding her wrists and ankles, and Emma wondered what was going on. Emma looked around the store, it still seemed to be closed and there were no meatgirls out on display yet, and she could see that Susan had some questions for her.

“Thanks, Susan.” Emma said, when she finished drinking the water, and letting Susan know that she was okay to speak with her.

“Sorry about the display, you were supposed to come off the thing two nights ago, but he didn’t seem to carry out my instructions.” Susan told her.

“Yes, it seems that way, he just threw the cloth over me and then locked up, leaving me there.” Emma informed her.

“No wonder he was fired by Steve.” Susan exclaimed.

“Oh. I didn’t know… he…” Emma started to say, then thought better of letting Susan know the real reason that he was fired.

“He, what?” Susan asked, “Did he do anything?”

“What, no, he just left me there, and when Steve found out, he fired him.” Emma lied. “Steve put me away in the storeroom last night, but didn’t bother cleaning me up.” Her hands displayed some of the sauce still visible on her body.

“You can shower upstairs if you want?” Susan offered.

“No, I’m fine, but thanks.” Emma replied, “I’m used to being a dirty girl.” And laughed at the comment. “Sorry, I meant meat girl.”

“About that, we may have another task for you shortly.” Susan told her.

“Oh, you know me, anything to get myself into trouble.” Emma laughed.

“Mmm, just so, you seem to be a trouble magnet!” Susan joined in laughing.

“Sorry to barge in on you two, but we have a store to open.” Bob said, interrupting the two women.

“Yes, sorry…” They both replied in unison.

“Best get ready for work.” Susan said.

“Me too!” Emma smiled, holding her wrists in front of her body.

Bob walked over and took charge, binding some fresh rope around Emma’s wrists, then once secure he did the same to her ankles. Picking up the ballgag, Susan asked, “Any last words?”

“Thank you, but no Susan.” Emma replied, her mouth accepting the gag offered her by Susan, the straps pulled tight, just the way that she liked it.

Now bound and gagged again, Bob picked up the now clean meatgirl and carried her back to the storeroom, with Emma watching from her place over his shoulder as Susan waved at her, and then turned and left before she was placed back in the storeroom. Susan couldn’t tell her what had been happening outside of her little world while being kept as a meatgirl, it wasn’t her place she had thought, though as a friend she thought that maybe she should have, but Steve had asked her not to.

Emma spent the rest of the day hanging from the hook above her wrists inside the dark confines of the storeroom, the only interruption to her enjoyment of the others around her, was when Bob came in to fetch one of the others to take out after being sold. She wondered if Bob would sell her as a meatgirl too, her mind drifting off into her fantasies, the gentle rubbing of the meatgirl behind her against her body giving Emma delightful feelings, though she had no one to rub herself up against, she was content.

The storeroom was getting empty, there weren't a lot of meatgirls left for Bob to sell, though trade wasn’t as busy as it could be if he had Emma on display, he knew that Steve wanted her rested for something special just around the corner. So leaving her hanging there, he took the one at the end of the line, leaving just Emma and the other until the next shipment would arrive. Luckily there were no more customers for whole roasters, so he could leave the last two in the storeroom overnight.

Finally locking up the store at the end of the day, with one last look at the two meatgirls left in the storeroom, he closed the door and locked it. Emma heard the sound of the lock and knew that she was stuck here for the night, it was a shame there were no other meatgirls to while away the night with, but knowing that they wouldn’t be interrupted she turned and faced the other meatgirl and started rubbing herself against the warm flesh of wonderfully soft, warm body next to her.

Day 50

Emma woke after her feeding, refreshed from a wonderful night with the other meatgirl, she waited for whichever worker would be running the store today to show up. When the light came on in the storeroom she tried to see who it was would be taking care of her today, but this guy was another that she hadn’t met before, and she was surprised when he walked directly over to her, lifting her wrists off of the hook and humping her body over his shoulder like she was a piece of meat, which she guessed that was what she was, she pleasantly thought.

Taking one last look at the meatgirl that she had gotten up close and personal last night, her vision of her cut off when the storeroom door closed. Emma thought that maybe she was going to be put on display again, but it surprised her when she was carried out of the store and over to a waiting truck. Her bound body was lifted up and someone inside grabbed hold of her and moved her down inside. She looked around and found several meatgirls hanging from their wrists to the hooks above them, it seemed that she was now destined for yet another store.

The next thing she saw was that the other meatgirl from the storeroom was also being loaded with her, this pleased her as she didn’t think it would have been nice to leave her all alone inside the storeroom, much better to take her with them to wherever they were going next. The rear door of the truck closing brought her mind back into focus, the cool damp interior of the truck reminded her of the one she had been taken in by the smugglers, she hoped that history wouldn’t be repeating itself, and she remembered Susan calling her a ‘trouble magnet’. The truck moved off with the loaded meatgirls, all Emma could do now was wait to see where her fate was taking her.

The journey wasn’t too long, and soon the rear doors opened again, and several men started to unload the meatgirls inside. When it was Emma’s turn, she saw that she was back at the wholesale yard, she wondered what was going on. She was carried and placed in a holding pen along with the others from her truck, including the meatgirl from last night. Once they were all fixed in place and the gags connected to the feeding system they were left alone, the workers going off to other tasks.

A short while later the workers returned and started to move the meatgirls out of the pen and over to the processing line. Though this one seemed different to Emma when she had her turn to be placed on the production line, for a start their wrists remained bound just by rope, not the metal cuffs that she had previously experienced. And the meatgirls seemed to be held closer than last time as the line moved them along. 

Again, once past the workers placing them on the line, the machines took over, everything was again automated. The first machine that Emma encountered was another scanner, she was quickly done and moved on, obviously just checking her stock number she thought. The next machine was the reason that they were all here, every part of her body was hit by powerful jets of water, then cleaning fluid, which seemed to get everywhere, then another rinse. Once done the line moved her on to final inspection, once examined by expert hands she was moved along the line.

But this time, she saw the others continue straight on while she was directed elsewhere, she feared that she no longer passed inspection, that her grading had slipped and that maybe she would be on her way to the factory, like so many others she had seen. She was lifted off of the line by Andy, his warm smile giving her a sense of relief, maybe she wasn’t going to be sliced and diced after all.

She was carried over his shoulder out of the main building and over to the offices, here she watched as the office workers got on with their tasks, some taking a quick glance at the naked meatgirl over the workers shoulder, while other just ignored her, to them she was just product, so used to seeing naked female meatgirl flesh. But she could catch the eye of a couple of women at their desks, and she wondered if they could see themselves in her place.

Emma was carried into an office, the door closed behind her, shutting out the noise of the office outside. She was placed down on a chair, the first time that she had sat on one since meeting Steve all that time ago. Andy reached behind her head and removed the gag, telling her that she was safe here and that they really needed to speak with her. This sounded serious to Emma, and she wondered what was going on.

She looked around and saw Steve sitting behind the desk, Andy sat down next to her and Susan was over next to the window, this looked like something really bad had happened, and she looked at Steve for answers.

“Well, Emma, I’ve got a few things to say to you, some that you may not like, so that’s why I have Susan and Andy here.” Steve informed her.

Emma sat there stunned, waiting for the worst news possible.

“Nick has filed for a divorce from you, here are the papers that have been sent over.” Steve indicated the paperwork on his desk.

“Why?” Emma asked, “is it because of my meatgirl obsession?”

“Well, in a way yes, but not quite what you think.” Steve’s cryptic reply confused Emma.

“I’ve really messed things up, haven’t I!” Emma started to cry, Susan came over and hugged her, the fact that she was still naked and bound didn’t seem to matter at the moment.

“No, that’s not the whole story.” Steve explained, “Nick has been playing around behind your back, the fact that he could tie you up to feed into your meatgirl fantasies, just helped him, with you out of the way he could abuse your trust.” 

“I did think it strange that he did that.” Emma responded, her tears still running down her cheeks and falling on her soft round breasts, which Steve noticed. “Especially as he was so against it at one point.”

“Exactly, with you safely out of the way, he could do whatever he wanted.” Steve informed Emma.

“Who?” Emma asked, still shocked at the news.

“Louise, my former girlfriend and partner.” Steve spat out, the anger in his voice showing.

“Really?” Emma responded.

“Yes, really, she and Nick have been seeing each other since the day you were in her oven.” 

Steve said, “That’s also why we have been having rows at work, and the other reason that he resigned.”

“Yes, you said that.” Emma answered, “Though I thought that was just about me.”

“It was, well, one of the things, but he and Louise were the main reason, well after that was out in the open, we could no longer work together, so he left before I could fire him.” Steve countered, the anger still in his voice.

Then Emma asked, “How long has this been occurring?”

“You mean the affair?” Steve asked.

“No, sorry I mean the whole thing with me, the day I asked you to keep me as a meatgirl, how long has it been?” she asked.

“You don’t know?” Susan asked.

“No, I’ve lost all track of time, it can’t have been more than a couple of weeks, surely the divorce stuff would take much longer?” Emma asked.

“It’s been nearly two months now,” Steve informed her, “I guess that we figured it would be better to keep you out of harm’s way.”

“Harm’s way! What harm can he do other than cheat and then divorce me?” Emma quired, then looked shocked. “The baby!”

“Yes, the baby, he has gained sole custody of her through the courts.” Susan informed her. 

“How does that happen; doesn’t the mother usually get custody?” Emma asked.

“Normally that would be the case, but his lawyers, funded I guess by his parents who were there on the day, technically used your meatgirl registration against you. They argued that as you were registered as a meatgirl again that you were unfit to look after the baby.” Susan told her, with Steve and Andy leaving her to explain the details.

Emma broke down in tears again, the news that he desires had brought about the situation that she found herself in was devastating. Her fetish to be a meatgirl had gotten her into trouble again, this time it involved her baby and her marriage to Nick, though that seemed to be over anyway. 

“Is there any way that I can fight this?” Emma asked, looking at Steve.

“Sadly, no, the court takes a dim view of people in your situation. As a registered meatgirl, you’re no longer regarded as anything other than product. You have no right of appeal, in fact you have no rights at all. Sorry.” Steve told her.

“So, there’s nothing…” Emma started to say, but broke down again, crying on Susan’s shoulder.

The two men left the women alone, leaving the office for a while, seeking other things to do knowing that there was no way that they could fix this. It had gone too far for even Steve to work his magic, and sleight of hand, and even though he knew some powerful people, he didn’t have any idea how he could fix this for Emma.

Back inside the office Susan took care of Emma, and answered her questions between fits of crying, sympathising with her and her situation, but even she felt powerless to help Emma, who she loved dearly as a friend. She would do anything in the world that she could possibly do to help her, but this left her helpless just like poor Emma. 

After over an hour later, the boys returned to find Emma now no longer crying, it seemed that she and Susan had been having a long talk between them and Emma seemed less emotional, and was taking the bad news well. Susan was just cleaning up Emma’s face when they walked in, bringing drinks with them, much needed after the adversity that Emma had been told about. The two men now happier that Susan had managed to soothe things with Emma, the last thing they wanted was to see Emma upset.

Steve outlined in further detail about Emma’s situation, explaining the divorce papers to her the best that he could and offering to get the best legal team available to try and fight the case. But as he told her, with her registration she didn’t stand a chance, and Nick’s team had used that against her. There had never been a case where the woman won if she was registered as a meatgirl, in fact some had even found their way to the factory to be processed. Luckily, Steve informed her that would never happen here.

“So, what do I do now?” Emma asked, her mind awash with thoughts, some of them not good.

“Well tonight you’ll be coming home with me and Andy.” Susan insisted, scared at what Emma may do.

“But I don’t want to intrude, I’ve put you through enough.” Emma replied.

“Nonsense,” Susan stated, “you’re not intruding, and I want you with us.” 

“Thanks, but if you recall that was where I met with Nick, and slept in the same apartment above the shop, it holds some great memories, but I don’t think I want to revisit them just now.” Emma told her.

“Oh sorry, I forgot.” Susan replied, shocked at the reply.

“Well, you can stay with me then.” Steve replied. 

“Thanks Steve, maybe in a few days, but not just now.” Emma informed him, “I just need to be away from men at the moment, sorry, no offence to you but…” 

“No offence taken, but then where will you go?” Steve asked, “A hotel maybe?”

“No way that you’re staying in a hotel alone, I’ll come with you.” Susan responded.

“No, but thanks Susan, that’s out of the question, given my status and registration, who knows what’ll happen.” Emma responded, “After all I am a trouble magnet!” And for the first time Emma laughed.

“Where then?” Steve and Susan both asked.

“Right here!” Emma replied, “After all I am a registered meatgirl, and I’m still bound and naked.” 

They all suddenly realised that she was still tied up and sitting there naked.

“Sorry, we should have untied you!” Andy spoke.

“And gotten you something to wear.” Susan joined in.

Only Steve responded with something that felt right to Emma, “Well I thought that was your natural state.” Causing them all to laugh.

“You really want to stay here?” Steve then asked.

“Yes please, if you could replace the gag, and Andy if you could carry me back out, that would be good.” Emma asked. 

“Really?” Susan asked, “That’s what you want?”

“Thank you all for your concerns, and yes I’m sure Susan, after all what trouble can I get into bound, naked and gagged and placed in a holding pen with other meatgirls like me!” Emma chuckled.

“Yes, well…” Steve responded, “Okay, for tonight you can go out to the same pen you came in with. But they are destined for the new store that Andy and Susan have been working on, and are due to be shipped shortly, when things are ready for them.”

“That sounds interesting, a new store, is this the one that you said something about the other day Susan?” Emma asked.

“Yes, Andy and my company have been working on a new store format, but I won’t go into details right now, especially after what’s happened.” Susan replied.

“Okay, then best we move on, if you’re ready?” Andy asked Emma, knowing that he still had much work to do.

Emma responded by opening her mouth, waiting for the ballgag to be replaced, which Susan fitted, making sure that the strap was tight. Once done Andy picked up the bound meatgirl that was Emma and carried her out of the room, with Steve opening the door and leading the way. The office was quieter this time as she was carried through, some had known about Emma and her situation with Nick, while others just carried on as if she was just another meatgirl, which in Emma’s mind she was.

Once placed back in the holding pen, her wrists fastened to the hook above her, the feeding tube again connected to her gag, she was left there among the other meatgirls, she blending in with them, her body contentedly moving against one of the other meatgirls in her pen. She was back in her happy place now, the troubles of the world no longer her concern, this was her world now, and maybe she would remain a meatgirl for as long as she could and wondered if Steve would allow her to continue, and maybe even be sold.


To be continued in part 13-7

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