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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; fpov; bond; objectify; public; display; susp; clamps; cuffs; spreader; toys; naked; gag; cons; XX

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Part Thirteen


Day 9

Emma was woken up by the feeding system, relieved to find that she was still safely stored away, with the lovely feeling of the other meatgirls gently rubbing up against her. She was happy that It was just another dream, though Emma wondered if they were a foreshadowing of things to come for her. Her contemplations were suddenly interrupted by the workers entering and grabbing the next meatgirl for their display, it signified that this was the start of another day. The storeroom again went dark when they left, leaving the remaining meatgirls to continue enjoying their final moments. 

The store wasn’t as busy today, just the usual traffic, and at lunchtime both of the store workers decided that they needed to pick up the pace again and came back to fetch Emma from her place inside of the storeroom. This time though she found herself bound to the other display, this one was much easier on her body as the bondage was not so strenuous, unlike the last display. Emma was basically bound to a pole, her wrists held above her head by metal cuffs attached to the pole, her ankles fastened to a spreader bar, holding her legs apart, with her body forming an inverted ‘Y-shape’. 

One of the guys decided to spice things up and added some nipple clamps with a chain between them, the slight pain as each was applied to her poor nipples soon eased, she had used things like this before when being kept bound and submissive by others, so she accepted them with perverse pleasure, the pain swiftly changing into some delightful feelings that Emma enjoyed. And after lunch sales did seem to pick up again, they had guessed right that this particular meatgirl really did seem to attract the customers. 

Day 10-11-12

And after two more days being kept bound to the pole on display, though she had enjoyed her time on display and left again after closing time, it was a relief to Emma when she was finally removed. But not to go back into the storeroom, she was simply re-tied by the store workers, her wrists and ankles again secured by rope, the gag remained in place. Emma felt herself being carried out over the driver's shoulder out to a waiting truck, she was then placed inside along with other meatgirls for delivery to another store.

Again, she was unloaded and carried from the truck, scanned and entered into the stock, then placed away in the storeroom just like the other meatgirls. After another evening spent in blissful pleasure after the workers had left, though again her sleep was interrupted as her nightmares continued, and she welcomed the feeling of the other meatgirls around her when they were all awakened by the feeding system in the morning.

Day 13-14-15

Emma was again the first to be removed from the storeroom and placed in yet another display, this time Emma found herself bound tightly and folded up to resemble a stuffed pig, that was what she felt like, especially with the intrusion of what looked like vegetables pushed into her down below both front and back, but were actually in fact plastic vibrators cleverly disguised to look like the carrots and marrow they were intended to be, another of Susan’s ideas she wondered. 

Her trussed-up form was then placed in a baking tray, and placed on the outer door of an oven, or what looked like an oven to Emma, it looked like she had either just been taken out or had been prepared ready to be roasted and placed inside. The store workers leaving her once they had finished with getting the display ready, the two intruders inside her were set to low, and they left the meatgirl to simmer and stew in her own juices. 

Once the store opened they found themselves busy, and soon forgot all about the special meatgirl that was currently on display, again several customers had admired the meatgirl, some up very close and personal, their hands able to touch parts that were supposed to be off-limits, but bound and gagged like she was, there was no way that Emma could object to being treated this way, in fact she rather enjoyed the attention. She spent the rest of the day in the display, and the next, plus the one after that and she began to wonder if she would ever be released, as they seemed to be in no particular hurry to swap her with another meatgirl.

Emma felt sore especially down below, her pussy had been touched, fondled and abused for the last few days, and the toys that had been placed inside of her left her feeling slightly tender, though the feeling in her limbs caused her more concern, she had been kept bound up much longer that she usually was, this caused her to feel slight numbness in her wrists, she hoped as the blood returned to parts that had been kept too tightly bound for so long that she didn’t suffer any permanent damage. 

And these new guys didn’t seem to care too much about her needs, feelings or desires, she thought that if she tried to complain that they may just ‘accidentally’ sell her off to a customer. She guessed that Steve had made arrangements with the workers running his stores to treat Emma like another meatgirl, and use her for their displays, but were under strict instructions not to sell her, even if a customer insisted. She was for display purposes only, and word had gotten around at the effect that she had on sales, so each store was very eager to include her in their own displays. 

Day 15 - 45

Emma was moved from store to store, each time she ended up being put out on display, sometimes the bondage was simple, while other times were much more strenuous, and she wondered what went through Susan’s mind when she came up with some of these displays. But she loved trying out each one, and some of the guys knew her from previous times she had been on display, which was a welcome relief, while others were completely new to her. 

She hadn’t realised just how many stores Steve now had, and how the business had grown, she had lost count of the number of them that she had visited, plus the amount of days that had passed since she first went to see Steve in his office, now so long ago it seemed to her. She guessed that she had spent roughly at least 4-5 days in each store before being moved to the next one, but spending time locked away in the darkened storerooms, she had lost count.

It began a bit of a routine for Emma, each store started to look like the last one, with her bound, gagged and transported naked from one place to the next, then either left in the storeroom overnight, or taken directly to one of the display stands and bound tightly to it. Emma now really felt like the product that she had so desired to be, this fed into her own submissive inner being, to be treated like an object, discarded and moved on to the next display, without any concern for her thoughts and feelings. 

Sometimes she felt the worker handling her do something more, but it was something that she was getting used to, fingers and hands finding her own personal pleasure spots, though she never had the full gratification of what Steve had done to her in the store, and in his own office. She would just have to be content with her ‘special’ time in the storeroom with the other meatgirls to get any form of enjoyment.

Though her enjoyment of being kept and used as just another meatgirl was slightly tempered by the bad dreams that she had when she finally managed to fall asleep, difficult as it was sometimes when tightly trussed up on display. Emma wondered if her own subconscious mind was trying to warn her, had she wished for something too big for her to handle, though she couldn’t do anything about it at the moment, everyone just treated her like she was part of the stock and she was unable to let them know her own thoughts and feelings.

Emma had realised that she had gotten what she really wanted, not only getting her meatgirl markings back, that was what she had originally wanted and planned, but she was now being kept as though she was just another meatgirl, a product to be displayed and stored away afterwards, and not the woman that she previously was. Even her own thoughts were of her as nothing more than merchandise to be placed on display and then stored away until needed for future use. 

She had lost all track of time and what was happening outside of her own little world, that was now meaningless to her, this was her place, she felt that she finally belonged, her own desires were of her being kept and stored away, transported and used by the many hands that seemed to want to touch and fondle her bound body. And she felt safe in her own submissive way, even though there was the ever present danger that she could actually be sold and treated just like another meatgirl, but that just fed into her own inner desires.

The routine was only broken up when she found herself being taken from the storeroom and carried out to the preparation table, Emma thought that she was being made ready for another display, but was surprised to find her body tightly trussed up, and then put through the bagging machine, the vacuum sealing the plastic tightly to her body. The store worker placed a hood over her head, and she knew that she was being made ready for delivery, but to whom, she wondered?

Emma then felt hands picking up her bagged body and carrying her, she thought that maybe she had been sold, was this by mistake or had her time finally come for her to face her fate. Though she couldn’t see where she was being taken, she could still hear, and heard the sound of the storeroom door opening, and then the footsteps on the floor of the worker carrying her packaged body. She was then placed on the shelf inside of the storeroom where there were several other meatgirls waiting to be picked up or be delivered, Emma could only wait to find out.

There were other voices, some that sounded official when the storeroom was opened again, the sounds of a scanner being used, Emma wondered what was going on, though bound and bagged like she was there was no way for her to find out, she would have to wait and see what her future was. But as soon as they had begun, it seemed that it was over, Emma heard the storeroom door close and then the silence, only broken by the soft murmurings and contented sighs from the meatgirls still bound on the hooks as they rubbed up against each other.

Emma listened each time the door opened as she expected that it would soon be her turn to be taken out for delivery, but each time she found that she had been left behind. Emma began to wonder if she would ever be taken from the storeroom, she had already accepted that she had been sold and was looking forward to seeing who had bought her, though she knew that would be her final journey. But when she was finally lifted from the shelf, she thought that she would soon be inside a vehicle, taken away for the final time.

But she found herself back on the preparation table instead, the bag that contained her body was cut away and the ropes binding her into the tight bundle of meatgirl flesh were removed. Emma thought that this was very strange, surely she should be on her way to the customer, maybe they had cancelled the order she assumed, which was somewhat of a disappointment for her, she felt slightly rejected. Her hands were quickly re-tied along with her ankles, she was then lifted up and carried back into the storeroom; there the worker placed her back on a hook, leaving her hanging again from her wrist tie. 

There was no explanation from the worker, though being among the other meatgirls now she knew that the worker couldn’t talk to her, it was her own rule that she lived by. But even so the worker knew to treat Emma just like any other meatgirl, so no explanation was necessary, after all she was just product to be handled and placed on display, even though he knew that this meatgirl was special, he still felt the same way about her that he did with the others. 

Another long night spent inside the storeroom, locked away with the meatgirls inside gently rubbing their bodies against her own, this was her world now she had decided, even though her nightmares continued, some so horrible that they woke her up sweating with fear, she knew that maybe down the road that she would end her days like the other meatgirls. But Emma still thought it was all worth it, irrespective of what her previous life had been up to now, that seemed like another reality to her, forgotten for the moment as Emma’s mind had changed, she was now truly just another meatgirl in mind, body and soul.

The following day, she awoke as usual, the feeding system revitalising her, then the workers coming in and taking the meatgirls for display. Then after a short while they came in for her, picking Emma’s body up and placing the meatgirl over his shoulder, then carrying her from the storeroom, Emma felt that she was finally on her way to being sold, that was what she had been waiting for she reasoned, but she found herself being carried out of the door and out to a waiting truck. 

Lifting the meatgirl up and handing it over to the driver, the worker watched as he took the naked, bound meatgirl and placed the rope that fastened around its wrists over the hook that hung from the ceiling. To the driver this was just another meatgirl to transport between stores, it was only the store workers that had been informed that this particular meatgirl was for display purposes only. The driver now finished with securing the meatgirl, closed the rear doors and drove off with the produce for the next store.

Emma looked at the other meatgirls inside of the truck with her, she felt like she was one of them, and on her way to share their fate, whatever that may be….


To be continued in part 13-6

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