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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M+/f+; fpov; objectify; public; display; naked; susp; sold; cuffs; machine; forcefeed; cons; XX

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Part Thirteen


Day 2 – Moved from the auctions.

The next morning Emma woke up, the dream that she had been having was not real, thankfully she was still here in the holding pen in the auction yard. She then felt the movement from the others around her in the pen, the cool liquid that was now feeding them waking them all up from their slumber. Emma realised that she had managed to fall asleep, she thought it was mainly due to her extended periods of being kept like this, her prior experiences giving her an advantage she guessed, while the others seemed to have a restless night. Though the fact that the other meatgirls seemed to gather closer together and rub each other’s bodies against the others, either for warmth or comfort, she thought may have contributed to the lack of sleep on their part.

Not that she felt that way, being more used to being a meatgirl, she knew what was coming up for them all, though in her case she hoped not the full and final journey that these meatgirls would eventually discover for themselves. Emma still felt nervous about being inside the holding pen in the auction yard, she didn’t know where she could end up, she really hoped that Steve knew what he was doing leaving her here. But it seemed and felt to Emma that maybe he had grown tired of her, and now she had been used by him and disposed of, he’d had his way with her and had gotten what he wanted, and she started to wonder if she maybe had bitten off more than she could chew.

The auction house workers started to filter in to where the meatgirls were kept in their pens, they seemed completely indifferent to the meatgirls standing in the pens, their wrists still bound and attached to hooks above them, which prevented the meatgirls from moving around too much. Maybe they were so used to seeing the sight of the naked, former females, who were now just product to be sold and moved on, that the workers didn’t bother to take that much notice of what they saw. 

Emma watched from her place in the holding pen as one lot of meatgirls in the next pen over from hers were moved out, the workers handling them didn’t seem to be all that gentle either, pushing and prodding the meatgirls out of the pen, they shuffled along on their feet as fast as their bound ankles allowed, which didn’t seem to be fast enough for some of the workers, who seemed to take great delight in using the electric prods that they had in their hands to make the meatgirls move faster. It made Emma shiver in fear that maybe this was her own fate, the warnings about the auction yards seemed to be true. 

She continued to watch as they were moved along and over towards a waiting truck, it was only when Emma saw the writing on the back doors as they were closed, once the meatgirls were finally loaded, did she realise where they were headed. The sign said “UC Fine Processed Meats” on the rear, Emma recalled seeing this sign when she had previously been taken by a gang of meatgirl rustlers and thieves, after several days she had found herself being unloaded along with the others, and she was due to be processed into packaged meats, her body sliced and diced and packaged for the customers convenience, only to be saved at the last moment. She hoped that the current batch of meatgirls that were in her own holding pen were not destined for the same fate.

What she hadn’t seen was that those in that other pen were already graded and sorted for their quality, and they were all found not to be quality ‘A’ grade product, while those in her own pen had not been sorted yet and still needed to head into the processing yard to be finally sorted and graded. These were raw meatgirls, not yet fully processed, they were just here stored for the time being, so they were not available for sale just yet. They were fresh from the meatgirls collection places. But soon they would be headed out to find their way over to the new facility that Steve had mentioned to Emma beforehand. 

Eventually her entire holding pen was moved over to another truck, again the people handling the meatgirls were not particularly pleasant in dealing with the livestock but were efficient and soon had them all quickly hanging from the hooks in the ceiling, the doors finally closing them inside, leaving them sealed away in the darkness. Their journey then began, hopefully in Emma’s case not to the factory, but she just couldn’t be sure. There had been no sign of a friendly face this morning, and Steve hadn’t been anywhere near Emma since he had handed her over to the driver yesterday, this left her feeling very uneasy and unsure about what would be happening to her.

The drive over was short and much less stressful than her journey upside down yesterday, the rear doors were opened to reveal more holding pens just outside of the truck. The meatgirls were detached from their hooks and were all made to shuffle over towards the smaller pens, here the meatgirls were divided up by one of the workers and directed to stand in several holding pens. There was no difference to any pen, but Emma didn’t know this, and it scared her that she thought that she was being taken to maybe the wrong pen, or that she wasn’t where she was supposed to be.

Once the entire load was moved from the truck, the workers then began the task of getting the new batch of meatgirls ready. Taking each smaller group through the door leading into the facility, but this time each meatgirl was carried and Emma figured that this was much easier and less stressful on the meat, but also, she recalled that at some point she would be suspended by her ankles again, like the last time she had been processed she recollected, not that she knew if that still applied, she just assumed so.

When it was her own holding pens turn, each meatgirl was carried out, a quick scan was done to the tag around the meatgirls neck, Emma then wondered where her own tag was. Maybe Steve had forgotten to add it to her, or maybe it had fallen off with her hanging by her ankles. She then saw the driver from yesterday, as he hurried over to the person scanning and told him that he had found this in his truck, and that as this was the only one that had been inside of it since yesterday, it must belong to this particular meatgirl.

The person scanning didn’t really care, they were just paid to scan each meatgirl, their details were then added to the database that the company were required to keep for the registration of the meatgirls, it was all contained in the tag that the meatgirls wore over from the auction house. The exact name, and other details about the meatgirls were the auction house’s responsibility, here they just scanned and graded the meat, the barcoding added during the process removed the need to keep the tag, once scanned each meatgirl had their tag removed and it was returned to the auction house for future use.

With that out of the way, the now scanned meatgirl was then moved into the facility, the machines there waiting to deal with them. What Emma, who was now identified as Anna on her scan thanks to Steve, didn’t know about the new place was that once past the main entrance the place was fully automated, the only people that she would see were the ones placing her onto the machinery. Like her previous time, the ropes were replaced by solid metal cuffs, with a metal bar between each of the cuffs separating her ankles and wrists, holding her limbs in a spread-eagle position. This was different, she thought to herself.

Once the metal cuffs were secured, she was moved along until the chain on the production line above grabbed hold of the metal ring in the middle of the bar between her wrists and she felt herself lifted into the air and propelled swiftly forward and headed for the facility’s interior. Emma saw the meatgirl prior to her in-line move towards the first part of the machinery, then disappear inside, she wondered what would happen to her when she got there, but then she realised that she would soon find out as she too entered into the machine.

The red light covered her entire body in a grid like pattern, Emma guessed that it was now scanning her entire body, measuring her and possibly grading her meat quality, she hoped that she at least still made an ‘A’ grade meatgirl, as she had tried to maintain her body even after giving birth, and spending the last couple of years just being at home, though it had been tough some days, tired and worn out, but she still tried to stick to some sort of exercise regime. Emma thought that she would be really disappointed with herself if she didn’t make the grade, but then she realised that if she didn’t, then she wouldn’t make it out of here to one of the stores to be sold or displayed, her fate would lie elsewhere, along with those other meatgirls that she had witnessed being taken away this morning.

Worse still if she was anything less than ‘C’ grade, then it would be a canned pet food for her future, something that made her shudder. The scan suddenly stopped and the light then went green, the scan of her body was done, it was over, she didn’t know what the result was and what her grading was going to be, but Emma guessed that there was nothing that she could do now, she was currently trapped on the production line, just another meatgirl and powerless to stop what was happening to her, she would just have to accept her fate it seemed.

The next point in the line had the meatgirls formed into lines, the chain above them holding them in place seemed to snake slowly around, so that she could see other meatgirls who had been placed in the line before her. Then a bitter tasting fluid was pumped into her gag, which she was forced to swallow, then she began to realise just what the fluid did to the meatgirls, and the overwhelming smell coming from the girls further along the process let Emma know that she too would be thoroughly cleaned from the inside as well as outside. She didn’t recollect going through this the last time, as she would have definitely remembered this part.

Eventually she made it past that point, the jets washing away the last remaining remnants of whatever food she had eaten before coming here, though the smell lingered in her nostrils for some time after. Her insides now felt empty, the final flush of her insides ensured that she was cleaned and ready to move on. Now happy to be away from the foul-smelling part of the line, Emma hung there by her wrists as the line moved her to the next process. Here though, it was pointless in her case, as this machine removed all body hair from the meatgirl, but she did remember to close her eyes and mouth tightly around the gag, the taste of the liquid that still managed to find its way past her lips was nearly as bad as she recalled it last time, though not as bad as that bitter internal cleaning fluid. 

Once through this part of the process it was on to the next machine, it all seemed so efficient to Emma, and admired the way that the meatgirls were handled now, rather than her previous time when she was hung by her ankles. As she entered the next machine, again she was scanned and this time she felt a slight pain just above her pubic mound, and again on her back and rear, the machine was adding the barcoding and grading using a laser, it was all over very quickly and as she exited she tried to look down to see just what grading she had been given, but she found her breasts got in the way, not that they were overly large, but given her position she was unable to see her new markings.

Frustrated, she hung there as the production line moved her along, entering through another entrance, the line now slowed down again, and she saw the first actual workers on the line since she had been placed here. It looked like they were visibly checking each meatgirl, the final quality check she had thought to herself, and chuckled. Whatever her grading was, really didn’t matter to her at this point, she just had to accept it, she had wanted this, desired to be made a product again, whatever fate awaited her in the future. 

She watched as each meatgirl was inspected, hands examining each meatgirls body, poking and prodding to test the flesh. Emma saw ahead the production line divide, some moved on to another line, while the rest continued further into the facility. Then her turn came and she felt the cold hands touching her body, squeezing her breasts, fingers probing her openings between her spread-eagled legs, then finally checking the markings and her grading matched her previous identity, this would be the last time anyone would know who or what she was or had been before becoming a meatgirl.

The person that had examined her body then applied a stamp to her rear that said, “Q.C. Checked”, and then she was moved down the line following the others, maybe she had passed the grading and was now on her way to be sold in one of the stores, or just maybe that was the other line, and that she was in the one destined for the factory. Finally at the end of the production line she was moved into a much smaller holding pen, the metal cuffs still held her in place, suspended above the ground, her arms and legs spread out, her parts available for anyone to abuse, should they so wish. The meatgirls all hung from the racking above them, waiting for what would be happening to them next, their bodies pressed against the next one in line.

Finally, a couple of workers entered the pen holding Emma and the other meatgirls, taking each one down, they started to remove the metal cuffs and bars holding their ankles apart and allowing them to rest their feet on the ground, much to the relief of both the meatgirls and, when it was her turn Emma, her wrists were sore from kept hanging from them for so long. They removed the wrist cuffs and quickly replaced them with rope, just like they had done with the ankles, then they moved the meatgirls on from one holding pen over to another larger one, here they were again re-attached to the feeding system and then left overnight.

Emma hung from her bound wrists, the gag prevented any verbal communication, but the meatgirls usually developed other methods to speak with each other, mewing and humming behind their gags, and some began rubbing their bodies on the meatgirl next to them, and others soon joined in, again more for comfort than any form of relief like Emma had previously experienced on those long days and nights left bound in the storeroom with the other meatgirls. 

She was relieved to see that the other meatgirls in her holding pen were all grade ‘A’, which must mean that she was too, and finally she managed to see for herself the stamp that displayed her grade, she was really pleased, this meant more to her than she realised, this was why she had gone through the whole process, she now had her 'real' meatgirl markings back on her body and she felt complete again. Contented, she rubbed her own body against a couple of other meatgirls who joined in with her, until they were too tired to continue, and sleep took over.

Day 3 – Moved from the wholesale yard

The next morning arrived, the meatgirls were woken up again by the feeding system, each one getting just the right amount of nutrients to maintain them until they were sold. The first workers arrived not long after, and they started loading the meatgirls in her holding pen into the waiting trucks. Soon it was her turn, and she was treated just like the other meatgirls, thrown over the shoulder and carried over to a truck. She felt the fingers of the guy carrying her ‘accidentally’ slip between her legs as he carried her, rubbing against the soft flesh that he found there. 

Emma didn’t mind, in fact she enjoyed it when they used her like this, she felt just like the rest of the meatgirls, touched, fondled and abused without any concerns about the meatgirls feelings or thoughts. She was just product to them, to handle and move about the wholesale yard, soon they would be on their way to one of the stores and then on-sold to eager customers, their desires for meatgirls seemed to be growing every day.

She felt herself carried into the waiting truck, slightly disappointed when the finger withdrew from her inner being, the last touch up she expected for most of the meatgirls she had suspected, unless they were abused by the customers after being sold, her mind recalling her time as a slave when previously sold by Nicky. Her thoughts interrupted when she felt her feet placed on the cold floor of the truck, and her wrists quickly fastened to the waiting hook above, once done the worker left her there to collect more product to load on the truck, once the order had been completed the rear doors were closed, sealing the meatgirls inside on their journey to the various stores that had ordered them.

The truck stopped at various locations, each time Emma wondered if this was her time to be taken, only to find the doors closing again and taking her and the remaining meatgirls off to another store. When they got to her turn to be off-loaded, she thought that she recognized the store, though from her place in the rear of the truck she wasn’t quite sure. It was only when she was thrown over the shoulder and carried from the truck, did she realise that she had been here before, and then she saw one of the guys that worked here.

This was the new store where she had been taken and placed into the rotating oven by Susan, many moons ago, she had thought that she would be ending her days at the time, but it was a trick being played on her for her birthday by Nick & Steve. Emma relaxed knowing where she was and lay over the shoulder of the worker carrying her into the store, here she heard the now familiar beep of the barcode reader as she was scanned into the store's inventory, then she was carried through into the storeroom.

There were several meatgirls already hanging from the hooks in here and she was placed among them, her wrists again in the familiar position, held above her head, the tube attached to her gag and then she was left. The worker went off to fetch the next meatgirl in his delivery, once all of the stock had been offloaded and placed into the storeroom, the door was closed and the room plunged into darkness, the need for lighting not required for the products kept waiting to be sold.

Emma again enjoyed the warmth and companionship of her fellow meatgirls, each eventually drifting off into satisfied dreams, their brief moment of intense pleasure finally tiring them out. For Emma though she seemed to continue having her strange dreams, where her fate as a meatgirl ended with her becoming some form of product, though still able to feel and recollect what was happening to her body.


To be continued in part 13-4

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