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Emma on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; fpov; objectify; bond; rope; naked; sex; gag; display; susp; transported; cons; X

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Part Thirteen


When Steve eventually returned after taking his time, there before him stood the vision of loveliness that a now very naked Emma’s body presented to him. She had removed her dress, shoes and wig, placing them on the desk and sat there with her hands in her lap, with her eyes cast down, looking every part the submissive slave girl that Steve knew that she loved to be, waiting for him to return. He had seen this docile side of Emma before, so he now knew for sure that she had given in to her own compliant thoughts and desires, the inner meatgirl in her winning out and coming to the fore.

“Well, I guess that we now have ourselves a new meatgirl!” Steve cheerfully remarked, slightly surprised at finding Emma like this, but still really pleased with what he saw. His eyes began casting over the smooth skin of Emma’s glorious naked female flesh, taking in the sight of her natural beauty, her breasts, perfectly sized he had always thought. His eyes gradually moved down her body to her thighs and what lay between, and he thought that she still looked good enough to eat and savoured his memories of the image of her on the serving tray back in the restaurant. 

Emma remained quiet as she sat there, her eyes stayed downcast to the floor, her hands arranged in her lap, in what she called ‘her submissive pose’. She also seemed to have lost her will to speak, not that she had anything to add to what her current position should have told Steve, that she wanted to submit herself to him and become a meatgirl again, his meatgirl, to lose control over her body to his command and desires. She hoped that the message that she and her thoroughly naked body presented to him right now was loud and clear.

Steve did indeed get the message, he had just returned to his office after having sought out the items that he thought that he may have needed, and he had been correct in his thinking, as proven by the now naked Emma waiting for him to return. In his hand was a ballgag, and some rope that he thought would be useful either way. But seeing that Emma was willing to become a meatgirl again, Steve wouldn’t need to use his back-up plan, either way the sight of Emma again had sparked his arousal, and he needed to satiate that desire that he held for this particular meatgirl, by force if necessary, he had originally thought.

“Okay meatgirl, stand.” Was all Steve had to say to get Emma in the right place, immediately taking charge of the submissive slavegirl, and then walking behind her with the gag ready, he lifted it into place and watched as Emma willingly opened her mouth, eager to accept it.

The obedient side of Emma stood there and waited like all good submissive slaves should do, she thought, waiting for her master’s commands, this was what she had missed so much, her own desires and wants were no longer important, she was his slave-come-meatgirl to control and her longing was only to obey him, this felt right to her, she had missed this, she thought. Emma then felt her body shudder, and delightful shivers ran through her naked body with the touch of Steve’s rough hands.

Emma’s found that her own hands were already placed behind her back, just waiting for her master to bind them in place, which Steve did, taking his time to get the ropes right, he wanted them to be tight and restrictive, and inescapable but still not too taut to cut off any circulation. He wished that his previous girlfriends had allowed him to do this to them, but they did not like being submissive to his desires, and some were not into being tied up at all, but with Emma she seemed to love it all, she was the perfect package in his mind. 

Having finished binding her wrists, and checking the rope was now secure, Steve then went about tying her ankles, being held tightly together by his very compliant slave, waiting for the rope to fully encase them in their tight grasp. Bending down Steve found his face was now very close to Emma’s very exposed, bald sex, and he could see the moisture forming on the outer parts of her delicate flower, he could also smell the sweet fragrance that her arousal was giving off, and Steve knew that this was turning her on more than she seemed to be giving away at the moment.

Once fully bound, Emma explored the tight ropework now binding securely around her ankles and wrists, preventing her from moving too much, and with the gag in her mouth which blocked her from saying anything to stop whatever Steve wanted to do with her, Emma was loving this, this is what she needed, her desire to be controlled, taken and used. Emma knew that she needed to let Steve know what she wanted from him, he currently seemed mesmerized by her naked, bound body, and she wondered if he knew what to do next with her.

Though she needn’t have worried on that part, for when Steve gathered his thoughts he moved Emma’s bound form over towards the desk, and bending her over so that her soft, round breasts mashed out on the surface, then holding the bound woman down, his hands drifted down to seek out the more desirable parts that he needed and craved to use for his own wicked desires. His fingers finding the spot and entering through the soft outer folds to reveal the warm, moist interior within, he knew that Emma was ready, and wanting him to take her, to his mind she seemed to be offering herself to him, a prize for him to take.

Steve recalled the day in the store when Emma came to be his display model, those words etched into his mind, he had never heard anything like it before or since. Emma had told him, ‘Once bound, I am a product to be dealt with, please use me in whatever way you see fit. Please disregard any reluctance on my part.’ He had used her then for his own pleasure, and now planned on doing the same again. 

Emma lay face down on the desk, the gag tight in her mouth, her limbs bound and held by the ropes, her breasts now firmly pressed against the woodgrain of the desk top that she was laying on, she tried to move her wrists, more to examine the way that they were tied and not in any way to try and escape from them. Her ankles bound as they were also restricted her movements, and as she ran her tongue as best as she could around the ball-gag in her mouth, she knew that any attempt on her part to speak would be severely restricted, not that she had any objections to her current state. She wriggled with delight when she felt Steve’s fingers begin to explore her soft, and very wet pleasure centre, it felt hot down there as the cooler fingers of Steve’s hand pressed deeper into her, probing her inner sanctum. 

She then felt the fingers withdraw, and the sound of a zipper being undone, his other hand remained fixed firmly on her back, holding her down on the desk, not that she wanted to move or stop what was about to happen. Emma then felt something solid probing against the outer folds of her sexual flower, though they soon gave way to the relentless and pressing force used to gain access to her inner being. Her defences broken, she cried out as her body gave way to the intruder, it felt wickedly delightful to be taken this way, this was way beyond her control as she was just a passenger in her body, her mind giving way to her deepest fantasies.

Steve still couldn’t believe his luck, at one point he thought that Emma would have given up on her desires, and gone back to her old life, but here he was his erect member now fully buried deep inside the submissive woman that lay there before him face down on the desk, firmly bound and gagged by his own hand, she had willingly given herself to him to use and take advantage of her naked body, any reservations that he had on his part were now gone, she was his to use however he wanted, she had told him that back in the store, and that was all the permission that he needed.

Emma loved the way that she was being taken and used by Steve, the constant pounding of his solid member against the soft inner walls of her sex felt delicious to her, the way that her body was shunted across the surface of the desk with the force of him roughly taking her from behind, her breasts and nipples rubbing against the slightly coarse surface giving her submissive self some mind-blowing feelings. With the rhythm building up between them getting more intense, she hoped that they would both end with a mutual climax, though she didn’t mind if she didn’t cum when he did, it made her feel much more submissive when she was used like that. 

Steve continued to use and abuse the bound, naked female beneath him, he began to feel himself building up to his own impending climax, he thought that soon he would be spurting himself deep into her hot, wanton and wet hole, and he didn’t think that he couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to, he was too far gone now and he was lost in the pure intense pleasure that he was experiencing, his power over Emma bringing him closer to exploding deep into her. 

Finally, Emma felt the floodgates of her own orgasm seem to burst just as Steve pushed himself as deep as he could inside of her, his own climax filling her need to be taken advantage of, the tightly trussed-up package that she was, powerless to stop or prevent anything happening to her, sent her over the edge, her mind blanked out such was the power behind her orgasm, while grunting out her own cries of pleasure through the ballgag that filled her mouth, the whole bondage package that she was in, trussed up and helpless, heightening the overwhelming orgasm that she felt.

Steve felt himself cumming and pushed himself as deep as he could into the bound female below him, she was just a mere receptacle of all his pure animal lust at the moment, gone from his mind at that moment was the Emma that he knew and loved, this thing below him was nothing more than a sexual object, something that he could use to vent his pent up frustrations into, which he seemed at that instant to be doing quite well at. He could feel her pussy muscles squeezing against his own member, then realising that she had also climaxed, which gave him some sort of satisfaction and boost to his male ego.

Collapsing his body on to the bound woman beneath him, he lay there recovering, not wishing to move or withdraw from the now spent and abused hole, which seemed to still be pulsing in the aftermath of the powerful orgasm they had both experienced. He felt connected to her and didn’t want to break that bond. But the way that her pussy was continuing to twitch against the sensitive skin of his own semi-erect member, started to give him a second wind, his penis again filling with much needed fluids to enable him to press himself back deep inside the warm interior of the sex toy that lay there wanting to be used by him.

Emma had felt Steve start to soften, though she could do too much about it with her hands bound as they were, and her mouth was currently gagged, so that was useless too, but she had tried to use her own pelvic floor muscles to arouse her husband before, something she’d learnt after the birth, so she thought that maybe it could work again. She started to tense herself up, concentrating on keeping his member inside of her body, then releasing before using her muscles to draw him in again, and it seemed to work, for he was soon successfully back on the job, as she called it.

After experiencing a second climax, Steve was now very tired from his exertions, his legs felt like rubber, though Emma felt that she could go on, but was happy and satisfied when Steve stopped and pulled himself out of her, leaving her with that empty but pleasurable feeling of contentment after good sex. She lay there just where he had left her, not wanting to move, while Steve sat down in the chair to recover. Emma wondered to herself what was going through his mind at that moment, all previous thoughts were somehow not so relevant anymore, not wishing to break the moment that they had created between them, she just rested there, bound and gagged and waited for her master to hopefully use her again.

Steve had just spent the best few hours of his life, there was no doubt in his mind that having Emma bound and naked on his desk was the highlight of his day, if not the week, and she seemed very content to lay there waiting for him to use her again, though he doubted that he could manage another round, but given the right idea he thought that he could rise to the occasion, the sight of her available body giving him wicked thoughts. But he knew that he needed to get on, if he wanted to stick with his plans for Emma. 

Reluctantly moving around the desk, he picked up the phone and then spoke with one of his drivers, confirming that there was a pick-up waiting for him at the old wholesale yard, Steve then knew that he would need to get a move on to make this meatgirl ready for transport. He started by getting himself dressed first and tidying up the mess that they had both made of his office, he was soon ready, all that was now needed was a quick wipe down of the meatgirl that he’d used, and as she was already a bound and gagged package, he would just need carry it down to the holding pen to await pickup.

Emma was thrilled that Steve seemed intent on packing her off to get her markings done, she had listened to him making the call for her to be picked up, he had said that there was meatgirl waiting to be transported, which sent a shiver of delight through her naked body at the thought of herself as nothing more than just product again. Then she felt Steve’s hands on her body, getting her to stand up, his hands then reaching between her legs, this time not to play but to attempt to clean up some of the mess that he had left behind, not that she objected to being used by him this way, it made her feel more like an object than a woman.

She felt this even more when Steve picked her up over his shoulder and carried her from the office. She was on her way to what she wanted, she thought, and lay there content to let him treat her like the sack of meat that she was due to become. Emma watched from her vantage point as they walked down the stairs and out through a door to where the holding pens were, she recalled her time here before with the other meatgirls waiting to be processed and moved on to the various stores, but now they seemed empty, devoid of life and soulless. 

With her being the only meatgirl on the property she felt lonely, Steve having left her alone inside a holding pen while he went back to finish off cleaning up. The final indignation that she had gotten from him, letting her know that he had now finished with her as his sexual toy, was the cold water sprayed from a hose at her naked body, to wash away any evidence that he had been using her she had thought. She supposed that it wouldn’t look good for employees to realise that their boss was taking meatgirls and using them for his own pleasure, and hers, she giggled inside.

Lost in her own world, her mind drifted as she waited to be collected, she hadn’t realised that Steve and the driver had now entered the holding yard, they both walking directly to where Steve had placed her. She looked at Steve and saw the delightfully wicked smile appear on his face, it made her feel weak in the knees when she saw it, not that she revealed that to the driver, who was unaware that this female was nothing more than one more meatgirl to be taken and delivered by him to the new yard. He had thought it strange that another meatgirl was still here, as they had moved the last of them over the week beforehand, so where this one came from, he had no idea, but it wasn’t his place to question the boss, just do what he asks.

Picking up the bound meatgirl over his shoulder, the driver carried it out of the yard and over to where he had parked his truck, the rear doors were already open to receive the goods, the loading dock allowed him to easily carry the packaged bundle straight into the rear of the vehicle. Though with her hands bound behind it would be impossible to place them like this on to the hooks hanging from the ceiling, this was unusual he had thought, and wondered why it had been prepared this way. 

Steve then joined him inside the rear of the vehicle, he then saw the way that Emma’s hands were still currently bound behind her back and quickly thought of a solution. Quickly grabbing Emma, he picked her up and turned her upside down, he then asked the driver to place the meatgirls ankles onto the hook, which he did and when Steve let go of her body, Emma was left hanging upside down from her ankles. She knew that she couldn’t protest, her own rule was once bound, naked and gagged, and around others then she was nothing more than just another meatgirl.

“Take this one to the auction house,” Emma heard Steve say, then watched as they walked away and out of the vehicle, “She still needs to be processed, so store her with the rest, and leave her there.”

Emma wondered what was happening, had Steve betrayed her trust, she had learnt from previous times as a meatgirl that the auctions were off-limits for her, as she could be sold to anyone willing to pay the price for her body, they would only see her as nothing more than another product. It scared her but also sent a wicked shiver through her body at the thought of her being sold as a real meatgirl. The closing of the truck doors was the last time that she thought that she would see Steve, he had used her and had his fun, now it was time to process her as a product.

But before the truck in which she was enclosed moved off, she thought that she heard Steve talking with the driver some more, but she couldn’t make out what they were saying. Then she heard the truck start, and she knew that she was now destined for the auction yards, and once there whatever her fate would be. The journey over was relatively easy for the driver, but not so for Emma in the back as she hung there from her bound ankles, her body swung this way and that with the truck turning corners, accelerating, and stopping, she felt dizzy from the constant dance that her body was doing. Emma lost track of just how long she had been kept inside. 

Finally, the truck stopped, and Emma guessed as she no longer heard the sound of the engine running that she figured that they were now at the auction yards, and she would soon be finally off-loaded into one of the holding pens. Though she didn’t know what to expect, she would really welcome being the right way up again, her head was spinning from being hung upside down for the journey and from the movement of the truck. Hanging there she could do nothing to stop what she thought was about to happen to her, and her heart leapt into her mouth when she finally heard the rear door of the truck opening, this was it, she thought.

The driver entered, and soon his hands were lifting the bound meatgirl from the hook, placing the package over his shoulder like he usually did. He carried it out of the truck and over to a nearby holding pen, taking the bound meatgirl inside. Once there he placed the meatgirl back down on its feet, turning the meatgirls body around and then removing the ropes that currently bound its wrists behind, and then moving to the front and re-binding them so that the wrists were now held in front, making easier to attach them to one of the storage hooks overhead.

Emma watched as the driver carried her from the truck. This place looked similar to the previous holding yard, but there seemed to be more pens that contained the meatgirls waiting to be sold. Then she felt him standing her upright again, her head slightly dizzy from all the blood flowing there while being kept the wrong way up. She felt him start to remove the rope binding her wrist behind her back, and stood there waiting for him to rebind them, helping by holding her wrists out towards him to make the tying easier for him. Now that she was done, he moved her further into the holding pen where there were several other meatgirls all waiting to be processed, but unlike her they all still had their hair, so she stood out from them being totally bald.

The driver then moved the newly added meatgirl over to a vacant hook, then attaching her wrists so that she was stuck there, with her feet just touching the ground beneath her. Finally adding the tube to the ballgag to enable the meatgirl to get fluids to sustain it and keep it healthy but not enough to fatten her, that was normally done on one of the farms that he usually collected the meatgirls from, here they were just maintained until sold on. But now that he had completed this delivery, he left the holding pen, closing the gate behind him, after all they were just product to him.

Emma watched as she was being prepared by the driver, he seemed nice but was efficient, not sure what to think about him, she supposed that to him, she was just another meatgirl, one of many that he dealt with every day. Now that her wrists were connected to a hook, she was stuck here until moved again, the final act letting her know that she was just a meatgirl again was the tube attached to her gag, the driver then leaving her. Emma looked around at the other meatgirls in her pen, she noticed immediately that they still had hair, then it became obvious that they had yet to be processed, something that she had so eagerly wanted to go through again.

Emma’s thoughts drifted off, here she was bound, naked and gagged, among other meatgirls waiting to be sold in the auction yards. She had been warned that if she came here that all sorts of things could happen to her, she could be sold off to someone that didn’t know that she was just roleplaying being a meatgirl, to her this felt very real now. Emma began to wonder if she had made the right choice, and though she thought that she could trust Steve, he had used her and now it seemed to her that he had changed his mind and disposed of her.

It had been a long, cold night in the holding pen, Emma was woken by the sound of the auctioneers calling out for bids on her pen, there seemed to be several eager buyers for the new meatgirls, she tried to listen but the way that the auctioneer spoke was much too fast for her to comprehend, and just as quickly as it had begun the sale was over, she had been sold along with the rest of the pen. The workers quickly began moving the other meatgirls in her pen out and over towards a waiting truck, it seemed that she was destined to finally meet her fate, her bound body was carried over and placed inside, the truck began moving taking her along with the other meatgirls to their final destination. 


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