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The Ball

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2018 - Mikel - Used by permission

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story continued from part one

The Ball Part 2

Since her lengthy stay in the ball Jen waited a week before the draw to use it again became too strong and when she returned home she stripped off her clothes inserting her vibrator and gag before taking her hand cuffs and sliding into the ball. She had set it on top of the stand Mark had made and was able to slip into it without knocking it over. Settling into the bottom of the ball, closing and latching the top before closing the cuffs behind her back then leaning back took a deep breath before turning on the vibrator. She sat moaning enjoying the vibrations and the feelings from her restrictions of the cuffs and the ball. She began to roll over and in the process she rolled the ball off its stand and felt it rolling. She squealed as it rolled roughly into a wall before bouncing off sending her head over heels into another before stopping leaving her partially upside down.

Jen twisted inside the ball giggling from her ride and even though the excitement had diminished her building orgasm she was sure she could still get herself off and began flexing and twisting while she fought the steel encircling her wrists. During her struggles the ball had moved around slowly as she continued to struggle inside it. As her sweat began to condensate on the inside of the ball Jen started slipping around inside the damp plastic sphere. Her moans and giggles could be heard as she enjoyed being trapped in the ball and out of control as it moved around by itself making her slide around while she fought for an orgasm. After several hours and orgasm’s had passed Jen lay quietly panting around the gag smiling. She could no longer see out of the sphere that surrounded her and began to struggle to unlock the cuffs encircling her wrists. Pulling on the string that her key was attached to she found that it was not still attached and grunted as she began searching the sphere for it figuring it would be lying somewhere inside. After sliding around the ball she felt or heard nothing and was becoming worried that she might not be able to free herself not understanding where the key would have gone.

As Jen tried to calm herself she continued to flex her body trying to feel if the key was stuck to her sweat covered body but could feel nothing. Jen’s body started to cramp as she lay inside the ball waiting for something to show her a way out of her situation. Jen napped for awhile before waking with pains in her shoulders and her jaw. Jen started struggling again moving herself around the room while she searched the inside of the ball again finally hearing a click. Jen froze stopping the ball and sat looking around her bare ass and legs finally seeing the key and adjusting her body so she could grab it. Once she was over where the key had been she felt nothing and searched before rolling over again and stopping where she had heard the noise. Staring between her legs she could see the key again and strained to look at it closer and could finally see it was under the ball! Jen screamed and jumped thrashing inside making the ball roll quickly away from the key while she flipped over and over until slamming into a wall and stopping. Jen was left sliding down the side of the ball banging on the wall frustrated that she would be stuck inside it until tomorrow when Mark comes by and would be forced to do whatever he wanted probably forced to watch another football game bound and gagged.

Jen sat looking at the key for hours occasionally struggling with her handcuffs and wishing the batteries in her vibrator would last longer finally drifting off to sleep curled up inside her warm plastic sphere. Waking when the sun began to shine in her face Jen struggled to a sitting position slipping in her sweat making the ball move under her. Jen felt the lid go under her hands and stopped moving and stuck her fingers into the holes but with the cuffs on her fingers were facing the wrong way and she couldn’t reach the latches holding it closed. She grunted and moaned knowing she still had hours to go before Mark showed up and was about to give up again when she switched hands using her left hand to reach out of the right hole and could reach the latch and pulled it back. Twisting herself and the ball she was able to get her finger out of the other hole and released the latch then twisted the lid and pushed it away from the ball. Now all she had to do was roll to the key placing the opening over it and she could get to the key. “Easy” Jen thought to herself as she twisted and flexed her body making the ball roll towards the key.

An hour later Jen had not been able to line up the hole with the key and since the large hole was now open the condensation inside the ball had almost dried up so she would no longer slip around inside it. Jen was growing frustrated by her inability to free herself as she panted around the gag that was making her jaw ache. Jen sat panting as she stared at the key through the plastic around her the hole less than an inch away from the key but she knew when she readjusted her position the ball would roll again moving off of the opening and she would have to start again. Jen jerked her body bouncing the ball slightly and noticed the ball scoot sideways a little, repeating the movement Jen finally had the opening almost over the key but she was now sitting at an odd angle. Her cuffed hands holding her up straining against the steel and she knew if she straightened herself out the ball would roll away ruining her chance to get the key. In her position she had no choice as her arms were quickly tiring so she slowly slid her body down the side of the ball until she could make herself jerk again and the ball moved over the key just far enough to where she could grab it.

Jen once again slowly moved her body towards the opening and tried to grab the key but with her body weight on top of it she couldn’t work the key out from under the edge of the hole. Screaming in frustration she jerked her body again, hitting her head on the top of the ball making the ball jump completely off the key leaving it available to her flailing fingers which grabbed it up. Jen quickly unlocked her wrists then rolled the ball around so she could slither her way out of it. Jen stretched her body as she stood up in the opening ripping the ball from her mouth and dropping it on the floor before darting to the bathroom to relieve herself and shower before Mark came over and got any ideas.

Walking out of the shower Jen heard the TV and went to look and found Mark sitting in a chair with his foot resting on the ball smiling at her. “I see you’ve been playing again”

Jen smiled and said “Don’t even think about it, I am not getting stuck watching another dumb football game again”

Mark smiled back and said “What if I promise not to make you watch football?”

Jen ran to him still naked from her shower and said “I’ll think about it”.

Jen ran back to her room quickly locking her leather cuffs around her ankles and wrists and taking her head harness trainer and buckling it tightly around her head. She locked her collar on and returning to the living room handing the locks for her cuffs, nipple clamps and remotes to the vibrators she had stuffed herself. As usual Jen used clear packing tape to seal them in place making a tape chastity belt. Mark had already set the ball on its stand knowing her all too well and helped her ease down into the ball. Jen fought the collar forgetting how difficult it was to force her head in with it on but finally was able to pull her legs inside and turned around so Mark could reach her cuffs. While she shifted Mark took the short chain he had gotten while she was in the shower and while locking her cuffs together locked one end of the chain to them. Mark made Jen curl her legs under her to get to the ankle cuffs then he quickly locked them together as he pulled the chain tight locking her wrists and ankles closely together leaving Jen leaning forward on her knees in a snug hogtie.

Mark told her to get her head out of the opening as he went and got the two piece lid. Jen tried to move finding out quickly that he had locked her wrists to her ankles and sat moaning and whining behind the gag. Mark returned to see Jen still lying over her knees and said, “Ok we’ll do this the hard way”.

Mark rolled her off the stand making Jen squeal loudly as he rolled her onto her back. Mark continued to roll the ball around letting Jen slide inside it until her head was lined up and he grabbed her head harness and pulled her head out of the opening leaving her on her back. Mark took the clamps and slid them on her pert nipples letting the teeth bite down hard before adjusting them so Jen was squealing loudly. He closed the two parts around her neck trapping her head tightly outside the plastic sphere.

“There that’s better isn’t it” Mark said as he spun the ball quickly around and sat it back on its stand. Jen almost felt dizzy from the sudden spinning glad it had stopped. As she settled into her new position she found Mark had locked her collar as far down as he could leaving her shoulders touching the sphere, this left her in a kneeling hogtie. Jen had to fight to keep from pulling hard on her neck by pulling harder on her wrists and ankles while she held herself up with her bent knees.

Mark didn’t know about this difficulty or how tightly he had placed the clamps on her but smiled broadly as he went and got another beer and sat drinking it while he watched her struggle in her plastic ball. Jen’s moans got loud so he turned on her vibrators a little before going to her room and returning with another gag and a blindfold. Placing the blindfold on Jen first he then could only loosen the head harness since two of its straps were under the collar and pried the ball out of her mouth quickly filling it again with the O-ring gag.

Jen had tried to stop him but she had no defenses since she could barely move her head in the high collar being held so tight by the lid and Mark quickly had her gagged and said “Just in case you try to get payback for the clamps”.

Jen fought her cuffs and collar grunting and cursing him and even though she was uncomfortable she was already wet at being restrained inside the ball for however long he wants to keep her there. Mark sat back and watched her twist and fight the cuffs through the plastic smiling at how she almost looked suspended in air inside the clear plastic and began to understand her special feelings for the ball.

Mark drank another beer while Jen struggled turning her towards the glass door and pulled the blindfold off and watched her from behind always enjoying seeing her firm ass. He now watched it wiggle and bounce as her hands twisted in the cuffs as she became more desperate and her moaning and grunting increased. Jen was staring out the patio door as she struggled her eyes scanning the building across from her noticing a blink of light. Jen tried to focus on where it had come from but could not see anything in any of the windows from the bright sun reflecting off them and continued grunting and struggling trying to find a comfortable position or release and finding neither. Mark drank her last beer and stood up saying “We need more beer, I’ll be back later and maybe you’ll be calmer then” and left the apartment. Jen couldn’t turn to see him leave but stopped struggling to see if she could hear if he was still there or not.

* * *

An hour later Jen was kneeling it her plastic ball, her nipples throbbed and she was drooling down her chin and over the ball. Her neck was aching and her knees would slip out from under her if she moved at all from her sweat running down and under them. When her knees slipped her body would shift slightly almost letting her sit on her folded legs but also made the collar ride up restricting her breathing and forcing her to twist her knees back under her. Jen was glad she wasn’t any closer to the door, the heat radiating from it could just be felt from where she was and would be almost unbearable if she was any closer and knelt quietly wondering where Mark had gone.

Across the court yard Sam watched through his telescope, he had been spying on her since the first night she had been noticed at his party and now watched her intensely as she slowly stopped struggling. Through his scope he had seen Mark restrain her and had been able to see the tight clamps and her struggling body inside the sphere before it fogged up. Now he watched her face as her eyes would go from pleading to showing pain to being aroused as she stood on the small stand in the plastic ball with her head sticking out. He had watched her struggle inside it the night before and watched her climb back in today so he knew she wasn’t being forced to do anything having to fight his urge to run over and help her.

Sam had figured out which apartment she lived in even going to her door and almost knocking before turning around and leaving. A few days later he met her in the elevator and chatted as they rode up together and could swear there was a connection between them but had not made any advances since then. Even though he had watched her regularly he still could not figure out a way to introduce himself and explain how he had come to know her secret so he just continued to watch and appreciated her willingness to leave her curtains open. For hours Sam watched her struggle inside the ball, her movements getting less and less active as she tired as both wondered where Mark had gone and why he would leave her alone for so long. Jen was almost in tears, her body ached all over and her nipples screamed with pain as she breathed. She had no more energy to fight her position so she sat limply on her folded knees letting the collar support her weight and just gasped for air through her gaping mouth thinking about how long she should wait until she starts screaming for help.

Sam had watched her trap herself in the ball for much longer periods and since he had no idea of the uncomfortable position she had been left in he made no moves to help her. As the sun faded Sam checked on her again and could see she was still exactly where she had been and watched her face to see if she showed any signs of needing help. After it got dark Sam could no longer see inside her darkened apartment but as he paced trying to decide whether or not he should go help the struggling girl who filled his thoughts daily he saw a light come on and looked again and could see Mark stagger into the room.

Jen whined as she heard the door open hearing someone come in and when she saw that Mark was drunk she whined louder knowing she was in for a long night of being used as his sucking machine and hoped she could get him to release her before he passed out or left again. Mark acted like he was surprised to see her in the ball and treated it as if she had done this to surprise him, his slurred comments about how nice she was to let him use her like this made her nervous. Mark clumsily leaned on the ball pushing it off its stand sending it and Jen spinning away from him. Jen squealed loudly as her body shifted inside and her nipple chain pulled from different angles awaking her pinched nipples as she spun around like a top heavy top. The ball settling onto the side of her head and having the ball turn slowly around her leaving her face down to the floor.

Mark laughed at her struggles to get her legs under her and rolled her towards the couch while he dropped his pants and quickly had his legs over the ball and her gapping mouth on his erect cock. Jen was gagging on his cock fighting her bonds unable to lift herself off it. Mark leaned back and took another drink from the bottle, saying “Come on babe you can do better than that”

He finally started rocking the ball back and forth allowing Jen to stroke his cock and breathe between strokes until he filled her mouth while he grunted and forced her all the way down smashing her nose into his pelvis and holding her there. Jen sucked for all she was worth even as she started struggling for air when finally Mark rolled the ball away from him. The ball rolled back until her head hit the carpet again leaving Jen looking at the ceiling but at least she was in a much more tolerable position.

As Mark got up he said “See I didn’t make you watch the game” and went to the bathroom. Jen was getting scared Mark had never done anything to hurt her even when he had been drinking but she was unsure if he knew how awkward and vulnerable a position he had left her in and hoped she could explain it to him through the gag. Mark returned a few minutes later and Jen desperately tried to get him to free her but he saw the gag hanging around her neck and rolled her back to the couch holding her with his legs and said “I know what you want”. He unbuckled the O-ring gag and dropped it to the floor, Jen was about to say thank you when he forced the large ball back into her mouth and began buckling it much tighter around her head.

* * *

Jen was furious and fought her bonds as she felt the ball being drawn deeper into her mouth limiting her to muffled grunts and could no longer make any intelligent sounds since the ball not only filled her mouth completely it was large enough to seal off her mouth making her only able to puff slightly past it. Mark leaned back again watching her struggling body noticing the keys lying next to the vibrator remotes and picked them up and held the keys in front of Jen’s red and sweaty face and said “Is this what you want?”

Jen tried to scream at him as he shoved the keys through the holes of the lid letting her hear them bounce inside the ball around her knees. Mark grinned a drunken smile and slipped the blind fold over her eyes as he said “Time to go to sleep” and turned the vibrators on medium. Mark began rolling her around the apartment even spinning her like a top while he held onto her hair then she felt herself be set on the stand. While her head was still spinning she heard the front door open and close and knew he had left her alone for the night and couldn’t decide, since the vibrators had now aroused her again if she was glad he had left her like this or not. Since she didn’t have a choice all she could hope for was he would remember her tomorrow and come and free her and she should make the best of her situation while the batteries lasted.

Sam could see her and had watched Mark leave the apartment leaving her directly in front of the patio door and watched her struggling body twist inside the ball as she fought the building orgasm. Sam only figuring out she was climaxing when she opened her mouth wider and threw her head back as far as she could while her body shook. Sam could almost hear the low moaning as he watched her orgasm three more times before she stopped moving and knelt in the sphere with her chest heaving as she gasped for air. Sam continued to watch and could tell she was no longer able to climax as her struggles returned to desperation and then calmness as the night drug on.

Sam woke sitting in the chair in front of his telescope and quickly looked to see Jen still held inside her small plastic world. Sam looked at his watch seeing that she had been trapped for over twelve hours since he had started watching. He noticed her chest heaving and knew she was still ok so he went to the bathroom and got himself some breakfast returning an hour later to see the ball fogging up again and Jen struggling. Sam muttered to himself “That prick’s got another hour then I’m going over to free her”

Jen had managed to sleep some but as the sun rose and the heat inside the ball climbed she had begun to try to find the keys so she could free her hands and try to open the ball and get out. Jen vowing to tell Mark to fuck off for leaving her trapped this long even though secretly she had loved being so helpless but now needed out. As she struggled to find the keys she started slipping around inside the ball while she moved her cramped legs around trying to push the keys towards her hands. Jen was finally able to grab one only to find it didn’t fit the locks on her wrists and moaned loudly. Feeling the ball slip slightly to her right Jen thought if she could get onto her back she could get the keys much easier and started jerking her head as far as she could back and forth.

Jen finally feeling it begin to move but it was slipping forwards and quickly she felt her head hit the hot patio door. Sam had been watching and couldn’t stifle a laugh when her gagged face was pressed against the glass and watched Jen begin turning and bumping the door as her head slid down towards the floor landing on the side of her head. Jen was worse off now as her body was trying to twist her head off and grunted as she fought the cuffs and tried to twist backwards. After twenty minutes of struggling Jen felt the ball roll off the stand and she was turned upside down, her head making the ball turn in a tight circle around it like an anchor ending up lying flat on her back.

Jen struggled inside the ball desperately trying to find the keys shifting her body as she kicked with her shackled feet. After twenty minutes of grunting Jen finally had another key in her hand and quickly unlocked the chain between her wrists and ankles giving her a little more freedom. With her hands still chained together behind her back she would need to get the last key to actually free herself. Sam watched as Jen struggled rooting for her to find the key as he watched her knees and hips thrust inside the quickly fogging sphere and the ball rock back and forth as she moved inside it. Jen was losing hope and strength as she couldn’t find the last key and began weeping again as she relaxed in the dark and flexed her aching jaw muscles.

Sam could tell she had stopped struggling and was now determined to go and help the trapped girl when he saw Mark enter the apartment and roll her back to the stand and remove the plates that had held her neck so tightly. Mark stuck his arm in the ball and searched for the key finally unlocking Jen’s arms and half dragging her out of the ball still gagged and blind folded and her ankles still locked together. Mark carefully laid Jen’s sweat covered body on the couch and removed her gag and blind fold before running to the kitchen and returning with a large glass of water and helped her drink it.

* * *

Jen recovered quickly and as her strength returned Sam could see the two talking then saw Jen slap Mark and jump to her bound feet and point at the door. Sam could tell she was yelling and watched Mark slowly back towards the door then leave with his head hung low and knew it was the end of Mark and smiled as he watched Jen plop back onto the couch. Jen slept most of the day still in her cuffs before waking and getting herself something to eat and moving to the bathroom. After cleaning herself she returned to the living room and cleaned the inside of the ball carefully and sat staring at it wistfully. Sam was stunned when he saw her take the gag and strap it tightly around her head then dart to her room returning quickly and slipping into the ball again.

Once inside Jen reached through the opening and turned on the vibrator quickly snapping the lid closed and pulling the blind fold over her eyes before locking her hands behind her again. Sam smiled as he thought damn she never gets enough as he watched her roll blindly around inside the sphere as the vibrations made her orgasm multiple times causing her to scream out as her body tensed and shook.

Jen rolled around for two hours before finally she stopped moving and lay on her cuffed wrists gasping around the large gag. Her knees were almost touching her chest, giving Sam a perfect angle to watch her beautiful ass and pussy. Jen unlocked her cuffs and removed her blind fold and moved around in the ball enjoying herself as she made it bump into different walls and cabinets before removing the top and wiggling her way out. Cleaning the ball still gagged and naked Sam watched her bend and twist until the ball was crystal clear again then go back to the bathroom and after showering again she went to bed leaving Sam watching a darkened apartment with a huge hard on.

Sam started making plans to meet this strange girl desperately wanting to show her how someone should care for her and feel her talented mouth on his cock. For the next two weeks he continued to “bump” into her in the building and at a nearby café she went too often and watched her spend more time in the ball even sleeping in it regularly. Another holiday was coming up and Jen had plans for spending three of the four days bound inside the sphere but she couldn’t decide if she wanted her head in or out of it and decided to practice both ways before the long weekend arrived.

Sam watched her carefully knowing that without Mark if she got stuck no one was coming to help her and watched her roll the ball out onto her patio one evening and set it on its base before wiggling into it. Jen pulled her restraints inside with her, ducking her head inside and strapping her gag into her mouth, the wrist and ankle cuffs were already locked on but this time she would not use the collar when she locked her head outside the sphere. Jen reached out and turned on her vibrators. This time she had filled both her holes and had taped them closed again before taking the locking plates and closing them around her neck leaving her head outside the ball and quickly locked her ankles and wrists together using two padlocks making it impossible for her to sit on her legs completely and leaving her chin resting on the cover. Jen’s release was a large block of ice hanging from her wrist cuffs and she knew once she was locked in she would not be getting out for at least four or five hours giving her plenty of time to orgasm to the setting sun.

Sam watched her struggle as she was brought to multiple orgasms then calm when the sun began to set leaving her gasping around the large ball in her mouth in total darkness as the vibrators slowly died. Jen could feel the ice melting but after what seemed like an eternity the ice had not melted completely. She still couldn’t reach the key and as a cool breeze blew across her face she realized that as the temperature dropped it would take much longer for it to melt and began to regret using such a large chunk of ice thinking the heat in the ball would melt it much faster.

Sam had dozed off during the night and was surprised when he looked across and could see her still struggling as the sun began to rise. Looking at his watch he added up the time and figured she had been inside the sphere for over twelve hours again and shook his head in disbelief. As the sun rose Jen’s captured body was shone brightly and Sam could see her struggling inside it but couldn’t decide if she was in trouble or not having seen her spend much longer time inside so he waited to see what happened.

Jen knew the ice had melted hours ago but had fallen asleep and as her body relaxed it had pulled on her wrists and made her hands go numb and now she could not feel them much less the small key. Jen watched the sun rise as she wiggled her fingers and enjoyed the heat rising warming her quickly inside the ball and making it get foggy again as she struggled her way to another orgasm trapped in the bright sun.

Sam watched her for two more hours before deciding to do something and quickly writing “R U OK” in large letters and holding it up to his window while he watched his trapped beauty. Jen continued to struggle searching desperately for a way to waken her hands and as she felt them begin to tingle she noticed the sign from across the courtyard. The sign was in the area she had seen several flashes before as she realized she was being watched she struggled harder to free herself suddenly embarrassed that she had been found out. Jen watched the window across from her as she gasped and whined trying to grasp the key while Sam watched her staring straight at him. He could see her moving around a lot and even see the drool running from her gaping mouth but the ball itself was completely fogged blocking his view of her lovely breasts bouncing as she struggled.

Jen was finally able to work the key into the lock and her hands and feet sprang apart and she raised her tired and still tingling hands and unlocked the plates around her neck pulling her head back inside. Normally she would rest and enjoy being free inside the ball but now she forced her sweat covered body out and ran into the house pulling the curtains closed behind her. Sam cursed himself for giving himself away figuring she would never play again where he could see her but was glad she was ok. Jen showered and got dressed then quickly went out and retrieved the ball and stand and went back inside to clean it thinking about what had happened and becoming very aroused and wondered who this person was and how long she had been spied on.

Jen kept her blinds closed all the time now as the weeks went by not feeling comfortable knowing someone could see her and stared at the ball afraid of being trapped inside it and the unknown person paying her a visit. Sam kept an eye on her apartment and continued to “bump” into her slowly getting her comfortable with him even having her come up to him and hug him as she greeted him. The two sat and talked for hours the last time making him desperately want to ask her out but was worried she would find out he was the one watching her and it would ruin it for them so he didn’t opting to wait until he could tell her.

Jen had been thinking about her voyeur and finally decided that if he or she had wanted to hurt her they could have many times before the thoughts comforting her enough to allow her to give in and slither back into the ball and slept sealed inside it. The next evening Jen came home with a plan and hung the white board against her patio door saying “Still watching” and waited from behind closed drapes on an answer. Moving the ball near the door on its pedestal Jen dropped her chains, locks and can full of ice inside it and waited for an answer.

About eight o’clock she spotted a sign saying “Yes” Jen smiled and erased the board and wrote male or female? Looking back out after hanging the board up and could see the new sign “Male” in the window. Jen laughed again and wrote “Like the ball?” and again the “Yes” sign was hung up. Jen giggled as she strapped her new head harness on forcing the large ball behind her teeth and buckling all the straps tight before pulling the thick panel over her mouth and closing the eight buckles that held it to the harness and sealed her mouth over the large ball. The harness also had a detachable blind fold but that would have to wait, so after Jen opened the curtains she made a show of putting her nipple clamps on and slowly slid into the ball. Straightening herself out she wrapped the thick posture collar around her neck buckling it snugly before locking her ankles together.

Standing on her knees she then reached out and took the two remotes and turned them on random then snapped the blindfold on. Jen began closing the plates around her neck having to really fight to get them to latch making sure the small can with her keys frozen inside it was close to her. Jen took the string and tied it her left cuff before locking her wrists together with the second short chain. Jen struggled to connect it to her ankle chain snapping the lock and sealing her fate. Sam was frozen watching the gagged woman clamp her nipples and slip seductively into the clear ball.

Once she was in he watched her seal herself in leaving her gagged and blindfolded head sticking out. Refocusing on her body Sam watched her breasts bounce as she fought with her restraints then saw her settle down and stayed unmoving as she waited for her vibrators to come on. Jen had measured the chains so she could still be held firmly but not be forced to keep all of her weight on her bent knees now so she could use her feet to help support her. She gasped through her nose feeling the larger gag forcing her chin tighter against the collar giving her small feelings of choking and pulled at her cuffs and chains deciding she was stuck for the duration. Jen involuntarily moaned as the vibrator in her pussy had come on low making her twist and pull more on the chains.

Jen had made sure to turn her A/C down to keep it cold in her apartment so the ball wouldn’t fog up so she could give him a good show. Now the cooler temperature was also keeping her nipples hard making the clamps feel like they were being tightened adding another torment she could do nothing about. As she knelt unable to bend or twist her neck she moaned and whined wishing the vibrators would increase their speed. Sam couldn’t move away from the telescope lens as his bound beauty continued to flex and bounce her breasts making him wish he could hear her as he imagined her muffled moans of pleasure.

Jen had planned on being held captive inside the sphere most of the night leaving the tall lamp next to her set to come on at dusk making it shine on her like a spot light no longer caring if anyone else watches her or not and being turned on by the thought of being watched by strangers. Four hours into herself imposed incarceration in the ball Jen had not been able to orgasm. The damn vibrators never came on long or hard enough to push her over the edge keeping her on the verge of a mind blowing orgasm. Jen was fighting her bonds as she gasped and whined under the thick panel covering her mouth desperately trying to force herself over the edge.

Sam was still glued to his scope and wondered how long she was going to stay in her captivity as he noticed her body moving less but her chest heaving more. He watched her head fight to move and wondered if she was trying to throw her head back screaming in ecstasy with her eyes closed tightly as her orgasm’s washed over her or if she was desperately trying to signal him to come over and get her out of her predicament.

Sam woke as his dream of her sucking his cock while still trapped inside the ball became too intense and sat up looking at his watch and realizing it was almost four in the morning. He looked at Jen still struggling in the bright light unaware of what time it was and as her climax continued to build making her hope this time she would be able to cum. Sam was amazed she was still struggling after eight hours bound making him think she might just be stuck but had no way to know and once again waited to see if she was able to get out or not.

Jen slumped as another orgasm slipped away from her making her almost cry and cuss herself for using the random setting. Jen knew that her vibrators were running out of batteries feeling them loose some of their intensity during her last bout and tugged on the thin rope again still feeling more weight on the keys. She relaxed and sighed deeply as she wondered if he was still watching her or not or if the colder temperature was actually keeping the ball from fogging or not as she felt the goose bumps on her body from being chilly all night. Jen was thinking about her blindfold trying to decide if she liked not being able to see or not, it added to her feelings of helplessness but it also made her feel more alone and kept her from keeping track of time passing. Deciding after long hours of internal debate she decided that she did like it and would use it more during her alone times.

Sam had showered getting ready to leave for work peeking back through the telescope. It had been about fourteen hours since she started and now the ball was so foggy he could no longer see her body moving. Sam watched her head swaying as it looked like she was running out of energy and said to himself “If she is not out soon I won’t be able to help until tonight”. Sam finished dressing and checked on her again and watched her struggling and could see her breasts press against the inside of the ball clearing some of the condensation and knew she had released herself.

Jen was weeping as her frustration level had her desperate to cum, she had been bound all night and was so horny she could do nothing but whine. She knelt fighting her bonds and whining before yanking the thin rope and pulling the ice block to her sweaty hands and began banging it against the locks and chains until it released the keys she needed to unlock her hands and ankles. Jen struggled to unlock her wrists with shaky hands, the frustration making it harder to unlock herself pulling her ankles up higher to work on the locks. Her knees suddenly slipped out from under her making her collar slip in the plates and shifting the ball forward and she felt her clamped breasts press against the sphere making her scream as her nipples were smashed into the hard surface. Even though Sam can’t tell from the angle he is watching from Jen can feel the ball slowly turning on its base and knows soon she will have her full body weight on her tortured nipples unless she can free her hands.

Jen’s chin is now pressing hard on the plates holding her neck forcing her to bite harder on the ball in her mouth as she continues to fight her frustration and sweaty hands to unlock the chains. Sam sees her moving and gets up to leave as Jen’s sphere falls forward pressing her head into the carpet partially closing her nose. She screams again from the pain increasing in her tits and finally feels the lock pop open letting her legs spring back against the plastic. She starts to work on the locks holding her cuffs together and struggles to breathe through the thick carpet her nose is smashed into.

Once Jen’s hands are free she rolls twisting her body and makes the ball roll off the base and gasps for air as it rolls against the patio door leaving her facing upwards relieving the pressure on her tits and allowing her to breathe easier as she wrestles with the plates around her neck. After an hour of struggling Jen has to rest, the weight of her neck pressing on the plates has kept her from being able to release them and she is now kicking and punching the inside of the sphere out of frustration. The tape she had wrapped so carefully around her pussy and ass giving her a tight diaper of clear plastic tape making it impossible for her to be able to get to her pussy to try and relieve the sexual frustration.

Jen sleeps for several hours still trapped in her plastic prison waking feeling much better but could feel the heat had risen considerably from the sun beating down on the ball and she began working on the plates. Jen’s hands were much calmer and with careful consideration she has the plates off from around her neck in a few minutes. Pulling her head inside and removing the gag and collar she slips her sweaty body out of the ball and crawls away from the door. Lying on the floor she unclamps her nipples whining loudly and lies on the floor stretching her cramped and sore body.

Getting up and drinking several glasses of water then staggering to her bathroom and cutting the tight diaper off and removing the inert plugs. Jen was moaning as they slide out causing her to feel another rush of arousal as she drops them into the sink and relieves herself. She runs a hot bath thankful she doesn’t have to go to work today and smiles as she thinks about her latest adventure in her plastic ball and wonders if it would have been better or not if she had been able to cum.

* * *

Jen wakes from an erotic dream she had involving the very cute guy she had been running into a lot lately. She knows it’s not a coincidence that he just happens to be around suddenly and wonders why he hasn’t asked her out yet and hopes when he finally gets around to it that he can be coerced into playing with her inside her favorite toy. The dream has given her a new idea and she smiles as she thinks of how to set the plan in action and wonders if she would really go through with it or not. “I don’t even know the person behind the sign, but at least I do know if he wanted to hurt me he could have a dozen times by now so maybe he is trustworthy”. Jan says to herself getting all damp again as she thinks about being totally helpless and controlled by a stranger.

After a few weeks and many more “by chance” meetings Jen had a few days off coming up and she plans to spend them inside the ball helpless and alone except for the stranger across the courtyard. The thoughts of what she was going to do excited her and since she had finally spoken to him, all be it with just her sign, she felt she could trust him. Jen had gone shopping for some supplies to make one of her fantasies come true. Her cart was filled with rolls of tape, several feet of thin chain and currently she was looking at some twine. She looked around for several minutes not finding anything she thought would work when a young man asked if he could help. She told him she wanted to hang a project but needed some very thin string and hoped it couldn’t be seen from a distance. The man took her around to a different aisle and pointed out rolls of essentially fishing line. “People use this a lot to hang art projects” he said. Jen thanked him and studied the different sizes opting for the one that said two hundred pound test. Jen checked her items and left the store deep in thought about her newest challenge and hoped she could go through with it and that everything would work correctly.

Arriving home Jen couldn’t stand not having something in her so she quickly strips off her clothes taking a few rolls of the new tape she dashes to her bathroom and begins to seal her vibrators into herself. Jen seals her pussy and ass under layers of the sticky tape even working up her waist a few inches leaving herself panting against the tight high waist of her shorts. Jen is now fully aroused deciding to wrap her legs down to her knees like a tight skirt and soon has covered herself from below her ribs to her knees. Jen giggles at her new skirt as she runs her hands all over it making sure it is smooth and relishing the tightness of it. Strolling into her bedroom she steps into some high heeled pumps knowing she can’t bend very well in the tape skirt she chooses a pair that has no straps that still have a steep heel on them and snatches her head harness gag of its hanger and quickly straps it around her head muffling any moans or grunts from now on.

Jen sashayed into the living room, the tight skirt forcing her to sway seductively making her smile around the gag. Taking the thin line she checked to see if she could thread it through one of the small holes in the plastic sphere. Jen squealed when the line fit perfectly and quickly threaded it through three more holes then tied it off. Jen threaded three more long tails into the sphere then tied them together a few feet above the sphere. Jen removed the large planter hanging from the heavy hook in one of the exposed beams. Climbing up the step stool was difficult making Jen struggle to lift her foot high enough to reach the step finally she hopped up to the first step and stretched to loop the rope through the hook. The hook had been placed there by Mark and used often to hold her hands high above her head while he teased her mercilessly.

Hopping down Jen took the rope tying it securely to the long tails attached to the sphere. Jen wiggled to her kitchen table and drug it slowly near where the sphere sat. Jen was gasping around the large ball wedged into her mouth after fighting the table and stood rubbing the smooth tape covering her abdomen smiling again. Shuffling to get the base for the ball Jen sat it on the table and pulled the rope through the hook until the ball was swaying above the table. Jen lowered it onto the base tying the rope to another eyelet in the wall keeping it taunt. Jen pushed the table until the base of the sphere was close to the edge and pulled the step stool near the table. Jen placed the remotes into the ball and laid the lid on top of the ball before she grunted and twisted her way onto the table.

Once she was standing next to the ball Jen reached up and grabbed the rope pulling herself up swinging her feet into the ball. Jen was now standing in the ball and lowered herself down wiggling her tape covered hips into the top of the ball. Normally she goes in head first but this time she was going to go in backwards and hoped she could make it work. Jen lowered herself to her knees grunting behind the gag as the tape crushed her knees together as she bent them further. When her knees had reached the bottom of the ball Jen pulled them up while she worked her arm and shoulder under the surface of the ball. Gasping Jen concentrated on forcing her stiffened body to bend until she had her head inside the sphere. Jen reached out of the sphere grabbing the lid and shifted herself inside until she had the lid over the opening and twisted it until it snapped closed.

Now that she was in the ball Jen leaned back trying to find a comfortable position to lie in and finding that with her stomach cinched in by the tight tape she could not get comfortable. “Well if it gets too bad I’ll rip the tape off”. She thought to herself as she began to shift her weight trying to make the ball roll off its base. Jen had figured she would test the lines by rolling the ball off the table letting it hang believing that if it fell the short drop wouldn’t hurt her or the ball. After a few minutes of rocking Jen felt the ball roll off the base, the lines made it pivot spinning it wildly around the base before slipping off the table. Jen squealed loudly as she felt the ball spin then again as is dropped suddenly off the table. Jen was almost upside down in the ball as it bounced on the lines banging hard against the edge of the table.

Each bounce forced Jen’s body down onto the surface of the ball making her feel like she was being pressed on. The lines forced the ball to bounce around the edge of the table slipping passed each of the lines bouncing her even more. As the ball slowly stopped bouncing the lines stretched letting the ball slide under the edge of the table finally stopping wedged under it. Jen had been enjoying herself immensely wishing she had locked her hands behind her before rolling off the table. Jen looked around noticing she was about two feet off the floor and giggled again as each time she tried to move the ball would bounce again driving her to start thrashing and twisting until she was having problems getting enough air and had to stop. Jen fished the remotes out from under her tape encased ass and turned both on low while she tried to figure out how much she could move around.

Jen was really getting aroused as she struggled to lay face down inside the ball leaving her staring at the floor while she panted for air around the large ball in her mouth. Jen forced her hands behind her back and turned the vibrators up to the next setting. Jen lay struggling for several minutes getting more aroused and gasping harder and feeling her orgasm slipping away and desperately tried to roll over again. Jen grunted and twisted as she struggled inside the ball finding the inside had already started to get damp from her panting and the smooth tape covering her body made her slip every time she tried to roll over. Jen was cursing and grunting as she fought her awkward position desperately wanting to orgasm. Jen was finally able to roll her body over, the tight tape still crushing her stomach made breathing even more difficult and she started to try and rip the tape so she could breathe easier.

The tape she had purchased was different than what she normally got and seemed to be impossible for her to rip. Jen continued to try and free her torso struggling harder and making the ball bounce again banging it on the table. While Jen struggled the ball continued to bounce rubbing the line against the edge of the table and after several minutes Jen squealed as she heard a pop and felt the ball spinning again throwing her violently around inside the ball. The violent spinning combined with the running vibrators and her thinning air made her orgasm slam through her forcing her to moan loudly just before she couldn’t get enough air and blacked out feeling the ball still spinning as she lost her vision.

Jen awoke confused at her position and what had happened, looking around she saw she was still trapped inside the ball quickly figuring out that a line had broken and now the ball was held much further under the edge of the table. Giggling Jen found the remotes and turned them off and reached up to open the cap. Jen was able to get her fingers to the latch on one side but when she tried to get them out the other she found the ball was held tightly against the bottom of the table and she couldn’t get her fingers out of the hole.

Jen was gasping again and tried to rip the tape finding she couldn’t and cursed herself for not testing it first then laughed at herself for being mad at getting just what she wanted. Jen started rocking the ball trying to get it out from under the table and found she was fighting two of the remaining lines that were pressed against the table holding the ball still. Jen continued rocking and twisting finally getting the ball to begin bouncing up and down banging it on the bottom of the table.

Jen lay gasping staring at the thin lines that were holding her captive thinking about how this was supposed to be a quick test and was starting to regret her decision to wrap and gag herself knowing if she had more mobility she would be able to control the balls movements better. Jen struggled intermittently for the next hour and a half, the tight tape making her knees throb and starting to feel like it was bruising her stomach making her whine and rub the sooth tape before hearing another pop and feeling the ball twist and fall again. Once Jen got her bearings she noticed the cap was clear of the table and quickly released the latch and popped the lid off the ball. Jen tried to get her head out first banging it on the bottom of the table several times before giving up and shifting her position and forced her legs out of the open hole.

* * *

Straightening her legs felt wonderful and Jen stopped and let the feeling off them being out sink in for a second before pushing with her hands and forcing her torso to slide out of the ball. Jen was standing on her knees as she worked her upper body out of the ball and quickly staggered to her feet. Jen was admiring her tape skirt noticing how smooth it had remained even after all that time being inside the ball. Walking to the fridge Jen removed the head harness and got a bottle of water thinking how the tape looked like a black mini skirt when her phone rang. Jen giggled when she saw it was Sam, answering it cheerfully accepting his invitation to go to dinner and telling him it couldn’t be anywhere fancy. He agreed and said he would be right over to pick her up. Jen had already figured she would wear her tape skirt and dashed into her room to change her shoes and find a top to go with it.

Jen kicked her pumps off stepping into a much taller pair of deep red ones that had wide ankle straps, she squatted to close the straps tightly knowing the red platforms with their thin heels really turned men on. Searching her closet she pulled out a tight leather top that laced in the back leaving most of her back uncovered and thought “Perfect”. Dropping the top over her head she pulled the laces until the leather stretched tightly across her abdomen. Going into the bathroom Jen noticed the marks across her face from the gag straps giggling again as she applied some makeup finishing with dark red lip stick that matched her shoes. She looked at herself in the mirror a thought something was missing, turning to her chest of drawers and pulling out her matching shackle set and removing the chains before locking them around her wrists letting the large locks dangle from them and reached up and locked the collar around her throat leaving the lock in the back. Now she looked complete she thought and smiled.

Sam had seen her preferences in clothing and in their long conversations she had vaguely told him about how she liked to “be treated” hoping she hadn’t said too much and scared him off. As Jen walked to the door she noticed the tape seemed to be tightening figuring it was returning to its original size and met Sam at the door. Sam smiled at the tight dress having her turn in a circle for him before she waved him in so she could get her bag. As the two rounded the corner Jen froze as she saw the ball still hanging from the ceiling with the table still out of place. Jen kept walking to her purse hoping he would ignore it when she noticed the head harness lying on the table. Sam was still chatting when he saw the ball and walked over to it and turned towards Jen holding the ball gag in his hands smiling. “Guess we need to talk” Sam said grinning.

Jen smiled meekly and nodded her head and the two left her apartment laughing. They spent the night talking about her skirt, and jewelry and what she liked, Jen being very frank as she explained her desires to Sam. Sam listened intently desperately trying to tell her he had been the one watching her but could never figure a way to say it without being creepy. Jen was regretting wearing the tape skirt, her bladder was starting to complain and she had no way of removing it or anything to replace it with if she got it off. Jen informed Sam of her building problem and the two quickly headed towards her apartment. Jen led Sam in dashing to her bathroom, she was not only feeling the pressure of her full bladder but all the walking with the vibrators wedged deeply in her pussy and ass had made her extremely horny. As Jen cut away the layers of tape she remembered how much she had enjoyed walking and sitting in the tight dress and hoped she could do it again.

Jen relieved herself leaving the plug in her ass and slipped quietly into her bedroom and stepped into the long leather skirt that was supposed to go with the top she was wearing. Jen laced the back up leaving the slit unzipped allowing her to walk more freely and strutted into her living room ready to ask Sam if he wanted to go back out when she found him studying the ball. Jen smiled at Sam when he turned and saw her in the new skirt holding the strings to the ball in his hands. Jen picked up the scissors and snipped the chords pointing to the floor and Sam set it down. Jen started pushing the table back and Sam stepped in front of her and quickly shoved it in place. While they straightened the chairs and other things out Jen asked if he wanted to go back out? Sam said he did but he wanted her to do a few things for him. Jen meekly nodded ok and listened to him tell her what he wanted.

First he wanted her to let him give her another tape dress leaving the vibrators in so he could play with the remotes he had found in the ball. Jen quickly agreed grabbing two rolls of tape and headed for the bathroom being told Sam wanted to “design” the dress and to return once she was done. Jen giggled as she replaced the batteries and taped each one in giving herself a tape thong then she remembered he said tape dress not skirt so she peeled the leather top off and walked out carrying the remaining tape. Sam smiled taking the rolls from Jen and without speaking he began to wrap her tightly with the black tape. Jen stood relishing the feeling of being wrapped and let Sam cover her firm body with the sticky tape.

* * *

Sam wrapped Jen quickly pulling the tape tight around her chest and stomach as he worked down passed her thong making sure he kept the tape as tight all the way to her knees. Reaching her knees he asked “Long or short?” “Long!” Jen blurted out still standing with her eyes closed enjoying his hands running all over her compressed body. Sam pulled her feet apart as far as they would go and wrapped down over her calves and ankles making several thick layers around her ankles so the hem didn’t rip. Jen felt him smoothing the tape and looked down giggling as she saw her body sealed in layers of the tape and said, “It goes much faster when you do it” pausing before stating “And much tighter”

Sam asked “Is it too tight?” getting a careful nod no from Jen. Sam was fascinated as he watched her waddle around the room learning how to walk in the new dress.

Sam, grinning again, asked if she had any chain lying around. Jen waved him into her bedroom opening the drawer then standing aside with her head down while he picked out a length and several locks pocketing the keys. He turned to her spinning the collar around and fed the chain through the lock on the collar before locking one end to her left wrist and the other to her right. Jen stood realizing how limited her arm movement would be when she felt him lock the chain going through the lock. Now the chain would not be able to slip limiting her even more and as she stood there testing her limits he walked away saying “Come on keep up”.

Jen hurried in the tight dress to catch up with him as he walked out the door and closed and locked it pocketing her keys as well. Jen felt her pussy tingle as she realized she was now outside her apartment wrapped tightly in heavy tape that limited her movements as well as her air intake and had her arms chained to her neck and no longer had any of the keys to her freedom or the privacy of her home.

The two walked to his car this time and after wrestling with her dress to get her in they headed downtown to a club he knew. Jen sat panting wondering when he would use the remotes and hoped he would let her climax at some point. Sam parked a few blocks from the club making her walk in front of him a lot so he could watch her firm ass fight the tight tape. Jen had started to feel self conscious as she walked passed other people going to and from the clubs and reached for Sam’s arm and hung on tight as they walked slowly along. Sam noticed her getting timid and started telling her some ideas for her problem with suspending the ball and after a few minutes she relaxed and was chatting freely again. Sam watched Jen move and dance in her tight dress each laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Jen hadn’t been out on a date in months, her time with Mark had gotten stale and unhappy for her.

The duo went home, Sam having drank much more than Jen since she had to worry about relieving herself and as they walked it became clear to Jen she should drive but wasn’t sure she could in the tight dress and her chains connected so close to her neck. As they turned the corner Jen was suddenly pushed hard from behind and went flying forward slamming to the ground. It took a few seconds for her to get herself together hearing yelling behind her and rolled over watching Sam facing Mark and two of his friends yelling at each other. Jen was struggling to stand as the tight tape squeezed the air from her and the short chains made getting onto her towering heels even more difficult. While Jen struggled the two men continued to yell and curse each other when Jen heard some scuffling and several thuds from behind her. She had been trying to yell at Mark but being bent at the waist made the tape so tight she could hardly get her breath much less yell.

By the time Jen had gotten on her feet again she turned around to see Mark and one other guy on the ground and Sam chasing off the third man. Jen stood staring at the two men rolling on the ground instinctively fighting the short chains when Sam came to her asking if she was ok. Sam was running his hands over Jen’s body checking her for wounds when he noticed the large red scuff on her face and felt the large lump on the front of her head. He took her in his arms saying “It’s OK!” and started leading her away pausing to kick Mark several times uttering “That’s for hurting her”. Sam was now feeling quite sober and half carried a panting Jen to the car. Reaching it Sam pulled out the scissors from the console quickly cutting her dress from the hem to her thighs. Dropping the scissors into the car he fished the keys from his pocket unlocking the chains from her cuffs.

The two drove home in silence, Sam was quiet thinking Jen was upset over the fight not knowing she was actually impressed and was wishing she had been able to watch it. Jen was quiet because she was still stunned by the whole event and glad he had cut the dress so she could breathe easier. Reaching the apartment buildings Jen asked if she could stay with him tonight at his place. Sam was glad she asked and with his head still foggy from the evening’s events he said “Yes”. Sam had forgotten she had never been to his apartment nor did she know he lived across from her, even though he had never said he lived in her building he had implied he lived a few floors above her.

When the two arrived in Sam’s apartment Sam quickly cut Jen out of the remaining tape dress allowing her to relieve herself and shower to remove any stickiness from the tape. Sam was drinking another beer when a naked except for the steel collar and cuffs Jen walked up behind him. He turned and smiled as the small woman stood looking up at him, the two kissed and Sam scooped Jen up and carried her to the bedroom. Jen spent the night making love to Sam spending the night free of any bonds for the first time in months finding she couldn’t sleep without being bound and left a sleeping Sam to explore his apartment. Jen was walking around with a drink in her hand noticing the telescope and playfully looked through it. It took Jen a few seconds to realize the apartment she was staring into was hers making her stand up straight before looking again and seeing clearly into her open curtains.

Jen smiled at her realization that her admirer was Sam even finding the sign board he had been using and thought about how this had come about and wondered if she should be mad or not and sat down to think about it. Several hours later Sam awoke finding himself alone in his bed and got up looking for Jen. While wondering around he noticed a small note hanging from the telescope suddenly thinking about how he screwed up bringing her to his apartment. Reading the note he smiled and quickly peered though the scope and saw her board say “SAVE ME”. Sam couldn’t see very well into her apartment with all the lights out so he got dressed wondering what she had worn back to her apartment since her only clothes had been the tape dress which now lay wadded and useless on his living room floor.

Sam walked calmly to Jen’s apartment desperately trying to keep from running thinking the whole time now that his secret was out he could really start to have fun with this strange little woman the he was falling in love with. Reaching her door he started to knock then smiled at himself and quietly turned the knob finding it turned easily and he opened the door. Walking around the corner he saw what Jen had prepared for him, stopping and staring while he studied the scene. Jen had hung the ball a few inches off the floor placing a chair directly in front of the floating sphere. Sam could clearly see she had bound her wrists and ankles together forcing her to balance on her knees making her body twitch and shift to stay balanced. The chain swinging freely from her pinched nipples and ticked gently on the inside of the sphere as she inhaled and exhaled.

Jen had clamped the lid tightly around her neck using her newest purchase a thick leather neck corset she had laced tightly before adding the large o-ring gag. The corset was slightly thicker than the collar so she had to lace it tighter to get the lid to snap shut and had originally fought her instinct to remove it finally snapping her wrist cuffs together behind her back to make her stop debating removing the collar. The thick leather blindfold kept her from seeing Sam enter the room and knelt inside the ball waiting for him to “save her”. Sam could see she had secured the sphere in a way so he could turn her downwards using her as his personal sex toy. Sam had never had his own sex toy and almost couldn’t wait to see how well it worked, he also had no idea of how long Jen had been waiting but knew she enjoyed long periods in bondage.

Sam sat down still giving her no indications he was there and sat watching his bound beauty struggle inside her small world. Each time she moved the ball would begin to shift positions making her correct her position to keep it up right. Sam didn’t know if the ball would actually spin looking at the lines she had attached noticing how she had staggered them making it hard to tell what would happen. While he watched her he noticed that wedged deep in her pussy was a mass he concluded was a vibrator of some sort and looked to the small table finding a note setting over a remote saying “Only use if I have performed well, use the other if I performed badly (or anytime you want to)”. Sam listened to her breathing hearing slight whines periodically then spotted her firm ass shaking slightly each time she whined and followed the wires up and out of the sphere and over to the tens control unit hanging from the lid smiling as he understood she was using it to stimulate herself.

Sam lowered his pants letting his engorged cock free and slowly rolled Jen downwards until she had taken his cock into her gapping mouth. Jen was whining at first mostly due to the change of position and as she was turned further her pinched nipples were pressed in the surface of the sphere. Sam had worked out a rhythm keeping her bobbing while he started working the remotes making Jen whine and then hum as she worked on sucking his cock. It took Sam almost thirty minutes of manipulating Jen’s encapsulated body before he was able to orgasm holding her face tightly to his crotch while until he finished. Jen had been moaning loudly and when Sam exploded in her mouth she felt the vibrator get turned to high along with the stim unit being turned up increasing the pulses making her jump as she pumped the inside wall of the sphere until finally screaming as Sam straightened her back out and watched her body shake inside the ball as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

* * *

Jen could still only hope that it was Sam using her since he hadn’t spoken to her and she had left the door unlocked knowing it could really be anybody who found the door open. She felt the orgasm fade and still hadn’t heard anything from her user but was thankful they had turned the tens unit off for the time being. Sam moved carefully to the kitchen getting a drink and thinking how wonderful Jen had performed even though she had been bound for hours. Sam sat behind Jen watching her struggling, twisting inside the ball pulling on the restraints. Sitting back he relaxed and slowly fell asleep leaving the captive woman still bound alone in her little world right where she liked to be. Jen listened to whomever it was breathing heavily behind her figuring he had gone to sleep smiling around the gag knowing she had performed well leaving her to struggle inside the hanging ball having to work much harder to keep herself balanced.

Sam woke hearing Jen’s whines as she fought to stay upright jumping up quickly taking the ball in his arms telling her it’s ok as he reached for the rope lowering her to the floor. Sam quickly figured out how the lid opened releasing her neck watching as the small woman sank into the sphere whimpering as her body slide around inside it. Sam knew she was more comfortable inside than out so he snapped the solid lid in place leaving her bound and gagged inside the ball listening carefully for any signs she wanted out while he fixed himself breakfast. Jen lay in her darkened world bound and gagged very happy to hear his voice, dreaming of him as she fell asleep warm and safe. Sam let her sleep inside the ball until she started moving it around in her struggles watching the ball roll slowly enjoying seeing her struggling and listening to her grunting as she tried to free herself.

Sam stopped her rolling turning the ball up right opening the lid and reaching in turning her so he could reach the cuffs unlocking the chain between them then stepping back to watch her slither out of the opening. Sam watched in awe, he could never see her wiggling out of the small opening enough, his cock hardening as Jen stood stretching her cramped body with her nipples still pinched tightly by the clamps as the vibrator slipped slowly out of her dropping into the ball. Jen pulled the blindfold off looking around quickly seeing Sam watching her and giggled through the gag keeping her mouth spread wide open. Sam lifted her out of the ball setting her chained feet on the floor stroking and kissing her sweat covered body. Sam picked her up again carrying her to her bed laying her down then turning to leave the room when she grabbed his hand pulling him to her kissing him through the gag. Jen sat up and began pulling Sam’s clothes off while he stroked and kissed her while helping her get him undressed.

Sam was directed by her between her chained and cuffed ankles slowly inserting his cock into her while he continued to kiss her all over. Jen winced as he kissed her pinched nipples but loved the feeling of him on top of her stretching her arms around his back and snapping the lock through the chain to her cuffs. The two made love with her chained around his body his movements stretching her arms and legs making her hands flail behind his back while her nipples throbbed and her jaw ached. After they both had climaxed loudly they lay him whispering to her while they both giggled at her gag speak until they fell asleep still chained together.

The two spent the next day with her chained hand and foot naked except for whatever sexy clothing he chose for her to wear Sam restraining her to everything in her apartment while he made love to her. Late Sunday night Sam was leaving a pouting Jen, he smiled at her wearing the head harness and panel gag with her wrists and ankles still chained together only wearing her tall high heels and said, “I have something for you, you should come to my place tomorrow to see if you like it?” Jen squealed under the gag vigorously nodding her head “Yes” closing the door as he walked out.

* * *

Jen was so excited about finding Sam hoping he would be the one she could share everything with forever she hobble danced around her apartment for several minutes. Jen was still excited while she cleaned everything up adding her nipple clamps keeping everything else on enjoying the hobbles and the chain between her nipples swinging as she shuffled from room to room cleaning and putting her clothes and gear away. She had been bound in some way since Friday night feeling like she never wanted to be free of them again as she noticed the time being only a few hours until she would need to get up and go to work, so she fell onto her bed sleeping heavily until her alarm went off.

Jen didn’t care about the aches in her body or the marks on her face as she got ready for work wearing no underwear slipping into a tight skirt and top still wearing her red high heels and went to work counting the hours until she could leave. Jen rushed home quickly slipping into a long rubber dress that matched her high heels packing her cuffs and head harness into a small bag and sashayed to his building finding him in the lobby shocked he was waiting for her there.

Sam had a surprise for Jen and wanted to show her and was shocked she had worn her long rubber dress uncovered out of her apartment but loved the way she looked and led her to his car. Jen smiled as he helped her with her seat belt shaking her bag letting him know she had brought her favorite things. Sam laughed telling her, “Go ahead, put on whatever you want nobody should be where we are going” while he walked around the SUV, Jen pulled her cuffs out locking her ankles together then strapping the head harness on sealing her mouth around the large ball.

Sam pulled over as she locked the cuffs around her wrists having her lean forward and locked her hands behind her back saying “I hope you brought your keys” getting a shrug of her shoulders. Half way to their destination Sam pulled over at a DIY store telling Jen he’d be right back leaving her bound and gagged in the parking lot. Sam returned few minutes later climbing in quickly opening the bag pulling out several small locks and snapping each through straps of her gag harness saying “I was tired of seeing them left unlocked”.

Jen shook her head feeling the locks slap around behind her head smiling behind the gags panel knowing right then he was the one she had been waiting for.

Arriving at a large industrial complex Sam parked the truck helping her out of the seat before pointing and telling her to get moving. Jen began shuffling in the tight rubber, the ankle chain limiting her steps as Sam followed behind her watching her ass wiggling under the rubber and her hands flailing behind her back. Sam had purposely parked as far away from where they were going as he could so she would have to walk for as long as he could make her so he could watch her walk in the tight rubber. Jen was already sweating as she struggled to shuffle along as quickly as she could getting a hard slap on her ass each time she slowed down. Jen was getting tired when Sam said, turn here and they came to a large metal door. Sam unlocked it and waved her through it locking it after she had shuffled through.

Jen was glad to feel the cooler air hit her rubber covered skin and stood looking into the blackness of the large building. Sam walked passed her leaving her to try and keep up until she finally stopped unable to see him in the darkness. Jen squealed when all the lights suddenly came on blinding her briefly making her lower her head and close her eyes. Jen heard something being rolled towards her and looked to see Sam pushing a strange cart with a clear ball sitting in it towards her. Sam laughed as he watched her eyes get big when she realized it was another sphere that had been built just for her. Jen noticed immediately it was a little smaller than her ball and walked up to it studying it closely pulling at her cuffs getting another laugh from him as he said, “You didn’t bring the keys so to bad”. Jen whined as she moved closer to the sphere seeing the silver band around the center of it noticing the much smaller hole in the top.

Sam explained he had noticed hers was too big to go through her door so he had ordered another one from a contractor his company used a lot. She whined again squatting next to it desperately wanting to touch it as he continued to explain he had measured her ball along with her neck and body trying to make it as big as possible but making it so she wouldn’t have to strain to stay on her knees when her head was out the hole. Jen whined again stomping her foot making him laugh as he showed her the things the cart could do lifting the top rail off the ball then spinning the ball in the rack. Jen squealed again as she watched the ball spin freely in the rack listening to him tell her there were bearings that allowed it to spin. Sam pushed a lever dropping the cart slightly and pushed it forward watching Jen as she saw when it was lowered it allowed the ball to touch the floor and would spin the ball as it was pushed along.

Sam was still laughing at her as he told her the ball had some other tricks that he would show her later then asked if she wanted to try it out? Jen squealed loudly nodding she did turning her back to him only to have him ignore her attempts to free her and turn the ball until the silver band was horizontal again. Sam took a small key turning it in the silver band then lifted the top up splitting the ball it in half. Jen squealed again knowing how much easier it would be for her to get in the ball listening to him tell her the only thing is you can’t open it from the inside. Jen was still squealing and hopping around the ball when Sam picked her up and stood her in the center of the bottom half. Jen waved her bound hands at Sam again getting ignored as Sam told her to slowly sit down holding her rubber covered body while she sat down. Jen noticed that the edge of the sphere was much thicker than hers and as she sat down she could see light shining through small holes all around the top half of the sphere letting her know she would be able to breathe.

Sam looked at the excited bound woman sitting in the ball as he told her the seam had been made perfectly smooth so nothing would scratch her or hang up when she was rolling around. Jen was giggling behind the gag mummphing and grunting trying to get him to remove the gag when he reached across and slowly closed the top down over her head forcing her head down as it lowered. Jen could hear the latches click as the ball was closed and twisted and turned inside the sphere while Sam watched her from outside it. After a few a minutes Sam lowered the lever and started pushing the cart around the large empty warehouse spinning the bound woman quickly, the rubber of her dress sticking her to it spinning her in every direction. Jen was squealing as Sam pushed her around unable to hear her inside the ball stopping after spinning her for several minutes. Jen was scared at first then started liking being spun around giggling as she stopped upside down then squealing again when he released the lock letting her turn right side up again. Sam opened the top tapping the giggling woman on the head telling her to raise herself up. Jen poked her head out of the small hole still giggling as Sam snapped the collar halves around her neck trapping her head and neck in place.

Jen could feel the tightness of the tall collar and tried to adjust herself under it finding it held her neck firmly but comfortably. Sam gently pushed her hair from her face squatting next to the sphere and asked if she liked it. Jen couldn’t stop giggling as she tried to nod yes. Sam was chuckling at her then asked her if she wanted the new ball she would have to prove it. Jen stopped giggling as Sam explained she would have to roll herself back to him, if she made it she could have the ball if not he would leave it at the warehouse and they could try again another day. Jen gurgled she wanted the ball so Sam opened the collar again telling her to tuck in and snapped the opening closed. As soon as Sam closed the ball he began pushing her towards the darkened side of the warehouse pulling the lever and stopping the cart letting the ball roll away from him and the cart. Jen squealed as she was sent tumbling inside the ball into the darkness stopping finally and twisting around until she could see the lighted side of the large building gasping as it looked like it was a mile away and watched Sam walk off from the cart towards the office door.

Jen was excited about having so much room to play in but quickly found out that with her hands bound behind her, the sticking rubber dress and slick high heels she could not get the ball moving like she could in her apartment. Jen struggled in the dark for an hour making little progress towards the light watching the ball starting to get foggy and could feel her rubber skin slipping easier. After another hour Jen was steadily moving towards the lights really enjoying her struggles to get the ball moving and keep it moving. Sam had circled around the wobbling ball keeping tabs on her and her struggles hoping she makes it and hoping even more she likes the ball. Jen was now in the lights and could see the cart clearly having gotten in a rhythm and even though she was getting exhausted she was also near a climax. Jen rolled the ball to one side turning it away from the cart really working inside it to get herself off and suddenly her body tensed and she stopped struggling and let the ball roll where it wanted as the orgasm slammed into her. Sam was stifling his laughter as he watched her thrashing inside the ball as she orgasmed inside it carefully rolling it to the cart and locking it in place before she was done grunting and moaning.

Jen opened her eyes looking around hearing Sam telling her to lift her head out again feeling him clamp her neck in the collar again and him clearing her face of her sweat soaked hair. He bent in front of her again asking if she was ready to go home and she grunted she was expecting him to open the ball instead she was pushed towards the door and outside. Jen was stuck with her head sticking out of a thick ball, the multiple straps of the head harness locked on keeping the large ball that was covered by a wide panel deep in her mouth. Inside the thick wall of the sphere her body was still encased in a long latex dress that was now twisted around her legs locking her knees together with her ankles chained a few inches apart and her wrists locked behind her back. Jen was exhausted not only from the long weekend of bondage sex but from the long time in bondage today and her struggles in the ball and couldn’t remember when she had ever had a better time in her life. Jen was giggling again as she was pushed across the parking lot thinking she now knew how a hood ornament felt as it was driven down the road and watched the SUV getting closer.

Sam stopped when he got near the back of the truck leaving the cart to open the back and fold down the seats, Jen was sitting quietly in her ball when she felt the cart begin to slowly turn. Jen was giggling again as the cart continued to turn away from the truck pointing itself and her down the slight incline of the parking lot. It only took a few seconds for the cart to begin rolling away from the truck with the helpless woman’s head still giggling on top of the clear sphere. After a few feet Jen began to get scared as the cart picked up speed feeling to her it was going a hundred miles an hour and started screaming behind the panel covering her mouth.

Suddenly Jen felt a jerk on the cart as Sam grabbed it stopping it instantly getting a loud giggle from Jen as he spun her around rolling her the few feet back to the truck. Jen thought he would open the ball but instead he lined it up sideways and picked up the ball and cart with her still inside it. Jen was facing the side of the truck whining as she realized he was going to leave her in the ball for the ride home.

Just before shutting the rear door Sam spun the ball in the cart so Jen could see out the back window and be seen by anybody who might look in. Jen was shocked when the door was closed and she could see clearly through the window and knew if anybody looked they could see her gagged face sticking out of the top of the ball and hoped no one called the police. The ride home was interesting for Jen, each turn the cart would roll from one side to the other making her squeal when it hit the wall of the truck and when Sam (intentionally) would hit the gas or the brakes to hard she would rock back and forth making her feel like she was falling.

* * *

Reaching the apartment buildings Sam opened the back door quickly removing the collar telling Jen to duck down. Jen giggled and shook her head “No”.

Sam said “Ok if you want everyone to see your face” and started putting the collar back around her neck laughing as she quickly pulled her head inside the ball. Sam closed the top sealing her inside again as she realized everyone could still see her coiled up inside the clear sphere and started whining but it was too late Sam was lifting the cart out setting her on ground with a thump. Sam looked around then bent close to the sphere looking at Jen bound and gagged inside it inserting the small key and watched as the ball turned from clear to a smoky black color.

Jen was too panicked to notice the ball had gotten darker because from inside it was only slightly darker but with the lights outside it much brighter it made the ball look solid black. Jen could still see everything as Sam pushed her into the lobby and down the halls passing several people who only glanced at the black sphere on the strange cart. Once inside the apartment Sam opened the ball helping Jen to stand then lifted her out untangling the dress from around her legs as she moaned and stretched. Jen turned her back to Sam waving her bound hands getting, “I don’t have the keys remember?” from him making her shake her head rattling the locks on the harness and getting a shrug from him like the one she had given him earlier. Jen wiggled making Sam think she had to use the bathroom so he led her to the toilet wrestling her skirt up high enough to allow her to go and left the room.

Jen was stunned but excited that he would already be willing to help her even in the bathroom and relieved herself humming as her bladder felt much better. Then sat wondering what she could do to clean herself squealing when she looked up finding him standing in front of her with a washcloth. He quickly cleaned her lowering her skirt again telling her it was time for him to eat and to go sit down and wait for him. Jen gave him her best pouty face then turned towards the chair he was pointing at and flopped down into it. Jen sat pouting as Sam grinning fixed his dinner then sat down and ate it. While Sam ate she thought about the weekend and how happy she was to be bound and gagged in his apartment waiting until he finished eating to go over to him and start rubbing his crotch with her bound hands. Sam was rubbing her rubber covered body while she stroked his growing cock both of them enjoying the other until he grabbed her up carrying her into his bedroom tossing her onto his bed.

Sam rolled her dress up to her shoulders kissing her sweat covered body and breasts while he slipped his legs in between hers lifting her bound ankles up to his waist. Sam made love to Jen leaving her bound and gagged for the rest of the night stopping by setting her on her aching feet and pulling the dress back down to her ankles. Sam removed the locks from Jen’s head harness walking away saying it was fun but she should go home now and get some rest.

Jen stood awe struck as he opened the front door and stood beside it waiting for her to slowly shuffle to him only beginning to laugh as she walked out the door quickly snatching her back inside swinging her around. Sam was still laughing as he removed the head harness and unlocked her wrists setting back watching her stunned face as she slowly got the joke and started laughing with him calling him an asshole.

Jen didn’t want to walk back to her apartment dressed in latex suggesting he loan her one of his shirts but Sam said, “You already have one of my shirts I don’t have that many”

“Then what do you suggest?” she asked.

Sam turned his head towards the open ball causing her to ask, “How is that any better?”

Sam walked over inserting the key showing her how it got darker then closed it watching her smile as she understood that no one could see inside it when it was darkened. She tilted her head at Sam saying, “How do I know you’ll let me out once I’m inside that thing?”

Sam smiled and said, “I guess you’ll have to trust me”.

Jen shuffled quickly to Sam jumping into his arms whispering “I do, completely” letting Sam set her into the bottom of the ball while they kissed. Sam closed the ball locking it to the cart pulling the lever backwards and started pushing it out the door watching it spin on its bearings as he walked along.

Jen was being rolled over and over inside the ball as Sam pushed her to the elevator laughing and screaming until he stopped moving. She felt the elevator going down watching as other people got on and off staying very quiet when others were near and laughing at his lies about what the ball was when a little kid asked almost screaming when he leaned over looking into the ball with his hands over his eyes pulling away quickly yelling to his mom “There’s a girl in there!”

Getting told to be quiet and stop telling fibs. Sam stood frozen in place until they got off and he could hear her muffled laughs from inside the ball. Sam told her to be quiet reaching down turning the shade off listening to her squeal barely able to hear her begging him to make it dark again. Sam switched it back on and carried her to her apartment making it clear again once inside and sitting down next to her watching her looking at him and the two talked for hours agreeing she would be his and he would take her for as long as she wanted him, both agreeing they were perfect for each other ending with Jen asking if he would open the ball so she could go to work, they both laughed as Sam said he’d think about it.

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