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The Ball

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; Sbf; naked; ball; encase; tape; cuffs; gag; collar; bond; objectify; stuck; toys; insert; chast; oral; climax; cons; X

Jen found the ball at a flea market, she was always looking for things to use for her favorite pass time, self-bondage. Seeing the large clear ball she stopped and looked at it and found that it had an opening that she thought she could fit herself through, the ball had “Made from Lexan” stamped in the bottom and a row of small holes crisscrossing its circumference. The lady that was selling it told Jen she thought it was an old dog training device sort of like a large hamster ball, Jen tried to open the cap but it seemed to be stuck and the lady said it hadn’t been opened since before she found it and she had never been able to get it to open.

Jen talked her into taking twenty dollars for it and rolled the large ball to her car, wrestling it into her front seat leaving almost no room in the other seat for her she worried that she might not be able to fit it through her front door but carried it home and found out it would not fit so she asked her boyfriend to hoist it up to her patio, they had measured it to make sure it would fit through and soon she had her newest toy inside her apartment.

After studying the sphere for several hours Jen found that the opening had two small latches that were stuck and after soaking them in some lube for a few hours while she polished the outside she was able to unlatch them and twist the cap off. While she cleaned the inside Jen figured out how she could get her body into the small opening at least up to her shoulders and hoped she would be able to squeeze her hips into the opening as well but wanted to make sure the inside was clean since she didn’t know for sure what it had been used for previously.

Once it was clean she stepped back and looked at it and couldn’t believe how crystal clear it had become. Jen studied the lid and figured out the once the latches had been pulled back to open it they would stay back until pushed forward she almost couldn’t stand not trying it out the first night but the cleaning fluid had made it smell bad and she didn’t want to get sick from being inside the small space with the fumes.

A few days later Jen came home early from work and started experimenting with the ball, after stripping off all her clothes and stretching her body she slowly worked one arm and shoulder in then her head was able to fit allowing her to twist her other shoulder and arm in, with her head and arms inside the ball she slowly curled herself into it until her hips got to the edge and Jen was disappointed when her hips bones hit the edges and felt like they were not going to let her slide inside the opening.

As she twisted and turned her body suddenly her hips popped into the opening and the ball suddenly swallowed her up to her knees, Jen squealed as she felt her body falling into the ball and the ball twisting under her but got excited when she was able to pull her legs inside and sit back causing the ball to roll one complete revolution before settling with her on her back looking up through the thick plastic at her ceiling. Jen twisted and moved around inside the ball amazed at how little she could move without upsetting her balance and causing the ball to roll in different directions and how little control she had. After rolling around her living room for an hour Jen reached out the opening and took the lid and tried to slip it in place but having nothing to hold onto she was unable to twist it closed and decided that it was time to get out of her hamster ball.

Twenty minutes later Jen was panicking as she had yet to be able to get her body to even start to get out, she could get one arm out but couldn’t bend correctly to get her shoulder or head moving out the opening, also with the building condensation inside the ball making it slippery causing Jen even more frustration as she flopped around causing the ball to continue to roll making her have to reposition her body with each attempt. As a desperate attempt she stuffed her legs through the opening and pushed with her hands against the inside of the ball and forced her hips past the edge until she was kneeling with her head and shoulders still inside the ball, relieved and chuckling to herself about not figuring out she needed to exit the same way she got in as she sat back lifting the ball and letting it settle around her waist as she sat looking at the world from inside the thick Lexan before letting it back down and working her arm then her head out as she squealed from the successful test and began thinking how she could make it more restricting and how to close the lid.

For the next two weeks Jen worked on the problems and continued testing the ball enjoying her time trapped inside more and more and figuring out that if she just needed to lock her hands together and that alone would trap her inside because of it not allowing her to put one arm then her head out first, also if she binds her legs together with them crossed as far as she can she can’t get out either but wanting to be closed inside completely before she can really get fully into the restriction of being truly trapped inside it. Her boyfriend came over one night and saw the ball, he shared her interest in bondage but not to the level she would have liked and didn’t believe she could get into the ball.

Jen excitedly dropped her dress and since she wasn’t wearing anything else promptly slipped into the ball. Mark watched in awe as she twisted her body until she was fully inside the sphere and playfully rolled her around a little before asking her to put her hands outside the hole and quickly taped them together. Tape had always been his thing and he knew how to wrap her hands in an X pattern to be able to make it inescapable for her, after her hands were wrapped tight he rolled her around until her head was poking out of the hole and said, “If you want out of there any time tonight then suck my dick!”

Jen knew she could trust him having been bound by him many times even when he acted stupidly he still made sure she was ok and rarely left her alone, but also knew if he said he was going to leave her in some position he would and since she really liked sucking cock and was now feeling quite horny she leaned over and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking hard. Mark found that he could control her by rolling the ball back and forth and even sat down and rolled her onto his cock making it impossible for her to raise herself off it and let her suck on it like that until he came, almost choking her as she tried to swallow it. He said, “Not bad, but I think you need more practice” as he pulled her off his no sagging cock.

“So does that mean you bringing your friends over since we know you won’t be able to get it up again tonight” Jen said mockingly.

Mark faked laughed and before Jen could saw anything else he quickly taped her mouth shut by wrapping her lower head and face in several layers of tape before taking strips and running them from below her eyes down under her chin then wrapping several layers around her head again.

Jen struggled but could do nothing to stop him as he wrapped her head then stuffed it below the spheres surface and slid the lid into place and after turning it she could hear him push the latches and knew she was now trapped inside her new toy. Leaning back in the chair he put his feet up on the Lexan ball and turned on the football game knowing she hated football, Jen began to protest and found out that even though she could hear him fine he had to lean close to the ball to hear her whines and told her to get used to it and continued to watch the game rocking her trapped body back and forth. Mark got up to get a beer and pushed the ball and sent Jen rolling into the next room squealing as she turned upside down several times before hitting a wall and sliding inside the ball until she was upright again. Mark ignored her and watched the game leaving her trapped with her hands bound behind her, wishing she had put a vibrator or her plug in before she had climbed into the ball.

Jen lay still as the game dragged on until she woke and found she was in total darkness, the only light coming from her open patio door curtains, she scanned the room and found she was alone and whined loudly as she tried to change her position in the ball. As she moved around she felt the ball begin to roll and soon she was scooting her body inside the sphere and making it roll down the short hallway towards her bedroom, once at the door she could see he was not in the bed and screamed behind the tape holding her mouth firmly closed.

Scooting again she managed to roll herself into the living room, only rotating herself once so fast that she rolled upside down before bumping into the patio doors and lying back to star gaze while she rested her sweating body. Jen was panting through her nose and noticed the air was getting stale and tried not to panic at the thought of running out of air while she was trapped inside the Lexan ball, kicking and pushing at the sides of the sphere produced nothing, the thick plastic didn’t even flex or creak from her efforts and soon she relaxed accepting that she would have to wait for Mark to return to free her.

Shifting her position she inadvertently caused the ball to roll again knocking over the small table next to the chair and heard the lamp crash to the floor and thought, 'well I didn’t really like it anyway', and settled in to wait for Mark. Boredom took over and soon she had drifted off again and lay forced into a tight ball inside the clear sphere sitting directly in front of her patio doors.

The bright sun woke her as she fought to remember where she was and what was happening and struggled with the tape still holding her naked body tightly, recovering from the panic attack and becoming light headed from her struggles she adjusted herself again and sat looking outside at the brightly lit day and cussed Mark for leaving her like this all night and wished she hadn’t sassed him until after she had gotten out of the ball. Twisting her wrists she was finally able to break the tapes grip on them but could not slip her sweating hands out of the thick layers of tape he had wrapped then in.

The sun continued to move in the sky and the temperature in the ball increased and soon Jen was sweating profusely, she had tried earlier to move the ball but the table she had knocked over blocked her path and now the inside of the ball was slick with her sweat and she could do nothing but slide around inside it. Her frustration grew at each attempt to move and soon the condensation on the ball made seeing out impossible as she thrashed and twisted around trying to make the ball move out of the bright sun.

Her struggles had brought her close to an orgasm as she flipped and turned slipping up and down the arched walls of her small prison until she could no longer catch her breath had had to stop and lay gasping for air wishing more than anything she had a vibrator to finish getting herself off. Mark returned to the apartment in time to see the last struggles of his desperate girlfriend before she sat panting and knew she was enjoying herself but also knew he had to get her out before she was hurt.

Waiting until her breathing became regular again he moved the table and carefully slid the ball away from the glass doors and turned it until he could get to the opening and unlatched it before twisting it open and carefully cutting the tape hold her wrists together. Jen had been on the edge of blacking out and hadn’t noticed her being moved or her body slowly sliding inside the ball but when Mark opened the lid and the rush of fresh cool air hit her she had begun to regain full consciousness and soon realized her hands were free and felt around for the opening. Sticking one hand out of the ball she knew she could get out now and breathed a sigh of relief as she heard Mark say, ”You can get out now or you can have this to play with while I watch another game, I promise I will open the ball before I leave but you will remain inside until the game is over.” In his hand Jen could see her large vibrator and being she was desperate to cum she pointed at it and snatched it from his hand drawing it inside the ball with her.

Mark said, “Wait a minute” and pulled her wrists through the hole and wrapped her wrists again but this time covering her hands as well making all but two of her fingers useless before screwing the cap on and latching it in place, Jen fought him but soon was sitting grunting into her gag as she fought the tape holding her wrists again but not realizing that now she couldn’t even use her fingers to gain control of the much need vibrator to be able to get it into a position to help her get off.

She screamed and thrashed as she glared at the smiling Mark through the thick plastic and listened to him say, "I gave you a choice to have it I never said that I would let you use it".

Mark pushed the ball back over in front of the TV causing Jen to squeal as she slipped around inside the wet ball and turned on the game and left her to get some beer and snacks, Jen was wrestling with her bounds hands and had finally gotten a hold on the vibrator with the two fingers he had left free and was trying to manipulate the thick phallus into a position near her aching pussy.

While Jen twisted inside the ball she made it roll again and was now up against the glass doors as she still twisted and bent her body until the vibrator was snugged up to her cunt and held there by the heel of her foot, as she let the vibrator slide from her fingers she stopped long enough to twist the knob and suddenly it sprang to life, she had inadvertently turned it on high and now had let it go as it slipped in between her thighs she fought to keep it pressed tight against her pussy.

Mark returned and could faintly hear the vibrations so he stuffed several pillows from the couch around the ball keeping it pressed tightly against the glass doors and continued to watch the game. Jen was thrashing but careful to keep the foot still that was holding the vibrator against her as she gasped and fought the tape holding her arms pinned behind her getting nearer to an orgasm. The process was taking much longer than normal because of the position of the vibrator and with all her panting and effort the inside of the ball was soon covered with condensation again as the heat rose and made her sweat more. Jen continued to fight her bonds as the orgasm grew closer until she finally let out a loud moan and her entire body tensed and shook from the feelings washing over her.

Mark had the volume up had could barely see her through the foggy plastic and had no idea of what she was going through but knew her well enough that she would find a way to get herself off and let him know when she wanted out. Jen was blissfully unaware because of her struggles and the position of the ball against the glass that the side of the ball facing the outside was almost perfectly clear and across the courtyard in the next building several people that had gathered in a friend’s apartment to watch the game had noticed her and had been watching her since she had rolled herself to the glass.

The guy who lived there had a small telescope that he used to watch her regularly and they were taking turns staring at the beautiful naked girl trapped in the large ball. Jen rode the vibrator until she could take no more and let it drop against the ball, still humming away and sitting on her pussy she relaxed and could feel the vibrations all over her body as they were transmitted through the plastic surrounding her.

Jen was gasping through her nose as she tried to catch her breath and lay back enjoying the small vibrations until the vibrator went dead and she was left alone in the hot sphere panting from the increased heat. She could hear the game and knew it was almost over so she waited quietly until he turned the TV off and rolling the ball quickly away from the glass making her squeal again from being rolled upside down and sliding around inside it.

Mark turned the ball until the opening was where he wanted it and opened the lid and cut her hands free from the tape that had been holding them uselessly behind her back, as she started to struggle to extradite herself from the ball he watched from near the front door until she had her first arm out then said, “I’ll see you later when you’re not mad at me” and left her apartment locking the door behind him, leaving Jen lying on the floor exhausted but finally free and planning her next trip in her new favorite toy.

Jen rested for a while thinking about what Mark had said and couldn’t decide if she was mad at him or not, after stretching and flexing her arms and legs she was able to stand again and could see the mess he had left her place in and needed to clean it up before taking a shower and getting some sleep. The vibrator was lying in the ball so she decided to clean the ball first and rolled it into the kitchen still nude and wearing her tape gag, after cleaning the inside of the sphere having to put her head and arms inside to get to every inch of it she was horny again.

Replacing the batteries in the vibrator she slid it into her wet pussy thinking she would clean the house with it trapped inside her so she found the roll of tape Mark had been using near the couch, tearing several strips off she sealed the vibrator into herself. Taping herself closed felt good so Jen began wrapping the wide tape around her waist, pulling it tightly from her pussy up to her ribs then back down again making her stomach much thinner and her breathing more difficult. Running her hands around her narrow waist she quickly wrapped her ankles together then her thighs near her pussy, sitting down on her wrapped ankles she wrapped several layers around her ankles and thighs locking her ankles tightly to her already taped thighs, giving the men watching from across the park a great show.

Now kneeling in front of the glass doors she ran her hands over her taped body and gag, even adding more tape to her lower face making it tighter than Mark had done and reached under a cushion on her couch and pulled out her steel hands cuffs she had stashed there before all this had started, tossing the keys into the kitchen before locking one cuff around her left wrist before grabbing the remote and turning her vibrator on medium and quickly reaching behind her and locking her right wrist into its cuff.

Jen flung herself onto her tits and began thrashing and rolling around as she was brought quickly to another orgasm and pulled at her restraints until she lay still on her back gasping for air through her flared nostrils. For almost an hour Jen struggled and came, slowly moving to where she had tossed the keys until she could take no more and rolled and twisted her way to them and unlocked her hands. The remote was still in the living room so Jen fought the building orgasm as she reached into a drawer and fished out a knife and cut the bindings holding her legs together and stood up letting the vibrator drop to the floor with a gasp of relief.

With shaky legs she went to the living room and turned off the buzzing vibrator and sat back down on the floor to catch her breath and decide what to do. The men in the apartment watching through the telescope and now a pair of binoculars all had raging hard ons and were fighting each other to get a look at this beautiful kinky girl sitting naked on the floor. Having enough fun Jen stood and went to the bathroom to shower and remove the remaining tape returning an hour later fully dressed in her sleep clothes, much to the chagrin of her audience and cleaned up her apartment before eating a light dinner and going to bed.

Jen hadn’t noticed that the lid to her new toy was missing until two days later and quickly called Mark and asked where it was. “I didn’t want you to play without me,” he said. They talked for a while agreeing he would return the lid by Friday before Jen hung up and planed a new adventure in her ball. All week Jen could think of nothing but the ball and how many different ways she could use it and even slept in it a couple of times but without the lid she never felt the same trapped feeling she had when she knew the lid was in place and she could not remove it herself.

Friday evening came and Jen was ready to play, as soon as she got home she put new batteries in both her vibrator and butt plug and stuffed her pussy and ass before strapping her leather chastity belt on tightly and locking it closed, the belt she had gotten just to keep the vibrators trapped inside her making it impossible for them to fall out while she played, she had worn it to work a few times holding her inert tormentors in place but found going to the bathroom during the day difficult and seldom wore it outside her playtimes. Jen pulled the belt very tight not wanting it to catch on the opening of the sphere and wrapped her leather cuffs around her ankles and locked them together with a short chain before wrapping the chain and locks with vet wrap to keep them from scratching the inside of the sphere. Her wrist cuffs were next and she wrapped them also. Jen sat on the couch waiting for Mark to show up with her ankles cuffed and her large panel gag lying next to her as she watched TV and played with the gag.

Mark arrived and saw her sitting on the couch now wearing the gag and said, “Waiting on me?”

Jen nodded her head and held out her hand as Mark handed her the lid. Mark said he had no time to play tonight but would close the ball for her if she wanted. Jen pouted and looked down at the ball as Mark continued, “I made it so you could close it from inside, see” he said as he picked up the lid and showed her the two holes he had drilled so she could put her fingers through them and be able to twist it open and closed. Jen squealed into her gag and jumped up and hugged Mark.

Mark smiled and said as he tightened the straps on her gag until her face bulged over the top of the panel, “I have another surprise for you but that will have to wait until tomorrow.” Mark left telling her to be careful as he walked out the door.

Jen quickly tested the lid and found it closed and opened perfectly and noticed the holes where near the latches and she thought maybe I can even latch the lid from inside as she stuck her finger further through the holes and could just reached the latch button. Jen opened the patio door so she could hear the night times sounds and smell the night air knowing it would turn her on to hear the traffic, knowing that she would soon be trapped in the Lexan ball so close to them without them knowing it.

Wriggling into the ball Jen reached out and turned her vibrators on, set to random and pulled the lid onto the ball and turned it until it stopped, sticking her finger through the hole she pushed the latch until she heard it click then repeated the process on the other side squealing again with excitement knowing she was now locked inside the clear plastic. Jen took her butterfly clamps and pinched her erect nipples with them squeezing them closed to make sure they were properly set before quickly threading the short cable through the d-ring on her other cuff before locking it closed with the plastic covered lock she had bought just for this reason.

Jen struggled inside the ball to find a comfortable position as the vibrators were changing speeds and intensity bringing her close to an orgasm as she panted and shifted her body causing the ball to roll and wobble around the room. Jen thrashed and twisted her body as the first orgasm hit her and when she was done she looked out of the ball and could see she had stopped right at the edge of the patio door and could see out over the deck into the dark night sky and even see some of her neighbors in the building across the park.

The vibrators had turned off and she sat on her knees with her fore head resting on the plastic watching the figures moving about in the building across from hers, the ball was now kept from rolling by the small lip on the track of the sliding door and allowed Jen to lean on the inside of the ball without it moving further. As Jen became fascinated watching her neighbors she shifted her weight and suddenly she was rolling head over heels out the patio door and straight for the railing of her porch. The small step and the momentum of her now upside down body carried her quickly across the patio and slammed her into the steel railing deflecting the ball and making it spin sideways as it wobbled to the other end of the porch slamming itself into the corner railing and stopping there.

Jen was shocked as she lay still on her side, her face smashed into the surface of the ball and opened her eyes and could see straight down, the view from the top floor scared her as she thought the ball might have broken through the railing and she was now hanging over the edge waiting to fall. Jen panicked and twisted her body flinging her body weight against the sphere and sending it rolling away from the railing as she fought with her bonds desperately trying to free herself as the ball bounced off the door and went spinning like a top towards the railing again.

Jen was confused and getting dizzy as the ball continued its slow spinning but she could see that the rail was completely intact and relaxed knowing she would not be falling to her death. The ball wobbled its way back to the railing and stopped, this time Jen rolled over and put her gagged face close the surface and stared out into the night, enjoying the feeling of floating in a bubble above the city in her plastic sphere.

After a few minutes the vibrators turned on again this time in unison and on high making Jen squeal and twist around as she fought her bonds and making the ball bump against the railing as it shifted down to the end of the patio again stopping in the corner giving Jen an almost unobstructed view of the night sky over the city as she climaxed violently, her body shaking causing the ball to vibrate against the railing and making a banging noise that matched her pulsing grunts.

The vibrators kept on shaking Jen’s inner most regions making the orgasm seem to go on forever and causing Jen to moan loudly as wave after wave hit her as she gasped desperately through her nose trying to get enough air into her lungs, if Jen had not been in a corner apartment her loud moaning and banging on the rail surely would have gotten someone’s attention. This cycle of tease and climax went on for two more hours before the batteries started to die and Jen decided it was time to call it quits for tonight, besides she didn’t want to be outside when the sun came up afraid someone would see her.

Jen began manipulating her body and made the ball slowly roll to the door by scooting her butt in the direction she wanted to go then leaning forward, it worked well and soon she was at the small step leading inside. The ball just stopped when it hit the step and Jen tried to get it to climb it but could not get enough momentum to hop up the step so she backed the ball up and tried to make it roll faster to the step, her first attempt missed the opening and the ball went spinning again back to the rail.

Jen’s next attempt wasn’t much better and after five tries she was not only exhausted she was extremely frustrated from the efforts and fought her bonds hoping she could slip her wrists in front and open the ball but the tight confines and the short chain between her ankles wouldn’t let her bring her cuffed wrists under her butt so she could slide them in front of her body. As Jen sat resting the nipple clamps were now becoming painful since she had no vibrators to distract her and every breath seemed to make them pinch harder, Jen tried to reach around to unclip them but again the short cable and restricted space kept her from being able to even touch them. Jen leaned back looking through the plastic staring at her living room and kicked and twisted again until she was out of breath and lay still hoping Mark wouldn’t be too late in the morning.

Drifting in and out of sleep Jen awoke to see the sun beginning to rise and made another attempt at the door only to be bounced off the railing again, moving the ball to the corner near the wall she pushed the ball under the small table and lay back keeping her weight towards the wall so she wouldn’t roll out and hoped no one would see her and settled down to wait for Mark. Waking the next time she could feel the suns heat slowly roasting her as it beat down on the plastic, the condensation was building again on the inside of the sphere already limiting her sight. She flexed her body hoping in vain that her cuffs had somehow been released but found no relief as she struggled in the small space, once she started moving she allowed her sweat to get under her bare skin and make the plastic slippery and soon could not control the ball when it started rolling towards the railing.

Now sitting near the railing Jen desperately tried to roll herself back to the wall but could find no grip and could do nothing but make the ball rock back then it would roll against the rail again. Jen sat sucking on the large gag under the panel covering her lower face and continued to struggle in her leather cuffs as she waited for Mark. Jen didn’t know how long she had been stewing in the hot sun but she knew her hair was soaking wet and she was sweating profusely as the sweat dripped from her chin onto her tortured nipples stinging them as they continued to run to the bottom of the ball, the extra holes Mark had put in was keeping her air flow fresh as she lay curled up literally in a ball.

Mark showed up around 11:00 am and found her still trapped in the ball sweating in the sun and asked, “Have you been in there since last night?”

Jen jumped when she heard his voice and started whining and Mark laughing as he rolled her inside watching her slip around inside the ball as he pushed it through the door. Mark continued to roll her into the house until he had her resting on top of a ring that would keep her from rolling away. Jen was relieved as she saw him close the door and curtains and turned the small fan towards the ball and turned it on high, Jen was whining as Mark spun the ball in its stand until the lid was straight up and released it allowing Jen to poke her gagged head up. Mark laughed again as he brushed her soaking hair away from her face then walked off saying, “You’re a mess”.

Jen could feel the cool air blowing past her head and moaned as she began to feel better when Mark returned with a towel and began drying her head and face with it. Jen, even though she was enjoying the attention tried to get Mark to stop and let her out but Mark continued until her hair was standing straight out all over and laughing again he pushed her head back into the ball and ran the towel around her body wiping away the sweat from it and the inside of the sphere until he could see her petite body clearly through the plastic.

Jen forced her head back through the hole as Mark pulled the towel out and began whining and twisting her head trying to get him to let her out but Mark just walked away again leaving her looking like a clown in a jack in the box. This time he returned with a brush and began straightening her hair until it was all smooth before asking her if she wanted a drink.

Jen nodded yes and Mark removed her gag and held a large glass of water to her lips and let her drink the whole thing before he said, “We had agreed today was my day so just because you screwed up doesn’t mean I don’t get my day of torturing you!”

With that he forced the gag back into her mouth despite her struggles and soon had her unable to speak again. Mark asked her if she wanted her surprise and Jen shook her head no as she slipped back down into the ball and stared at him through the thick plastic. Mark laughed again and said, “I think you’ll like it, besides the longer you fight me the longer you’ll be in there, I guess I can always put you back outside till the games over.” She grunted and slowly raised her head back out of the opening.

Mark said, “That’s a good girl, you know I mean what I say and you obey me so well.” Jen started to get aroused again hearing him talk to her like a slave and agreed when he asked the question again. First Mark slipped a blindfold on her leaving her now blind and mute before opening a duffel bag and pulling out her surprise.

Jen could hear him moving around and squealed when she felt him wrap something around her neck, as Mark pulled the straps tight she could tell it was her posture collar and wondered what he had planned for her. Releasing her head to get the next piece of his surprise Jen tried to pull her head back into the ball but without being able to bend her neck she could not get all the way in. Mark pulled her hair and lifted her back up and told her to stay put, Jen whined as she tried to keep her bent legs under her and stay where he had left her as she felt Mark putting something else around her neck.

Mark slipped the two halves together around the posture collar before turning the new lid into position and locking it in place making Jen turn a little as he twisted the lid closed. Jen could feel the extra tension around her throat and tried to move her head and found it was held firmly in place, Jen began struggling inside the ball thrashing and flailing her bound arms but could not move in or out of the opening, Mark leaving her whining and thrashing went to her bedroom and got her stand up mirror and brought it into the room setting it in front of the trapped Jen before pulling the blindfold off and letting her see what he had done.

Jen stopped struggling as she stared into the mirror, she could see that now her head was poking up through a much smaller hole that was holding her posture collar tightly, she could not move her head at all and the sight of her being completely trapped aroused her even further as she stared at her kneeling body, with its shiny clamps hanging from her tits inside the clear orb made it almost look like it wasn’t her body at all. Mark was smiling as he watched her stare at herself and twist and flex her body inside the ball watching herself move, Mark let her stare for about ten minutes before yanking the mirror away, listening to her moan as he took it back into her room.

“That’s why I took the lid, I had a guy make this using your collar as a guide, now I can have you available to service me but still restrained and quiet if I want you to be!”

Jen grunted and wiggled trying in vain to make the ball move but the rack he had set her on would not allow it to move so she watched him sit down and turn on the TV. She moaned and tried to twist herself around but he ignored her struggles and said, “You have less than an hour to service me and convince me I should let you out after that your stuck until the game is over and get to start again”

“You want to try to convince me?” she grunted and Mark unstrapped the gag saying, “One word, say one word and you’ll stay like this till tomorrow night!”

Removing the gag he rolled her off the stand and over to the couch before dropping his pants, when he let go of the ball to unbutton his pants Jen’s ball rolled backwards, at first she squealed but as her head hit the floor and Mark began apologizing she started to giggle and licked her lips.

Mark rolled her forward and settled her mouth over his cock before putting his legs on the ball on either side of her head and said, “Ok, prove it.”

Jen could do nothing but suck and rub his cock with her tongue, her head was trapped motionless in the collar, she moaned as she struggled, her clamped breasts now pressed hard against the surface of the sphere crushing the clamps even tighter as her bound hands flailed uselessly behind her. Twenty minutes passed with her sucking and rubbing his cock before she felt him tense up and swallowed his cum as he shot it down her throat and almost came herself as she felt him twitching in her mouth.

Mark leaned her back and rolled her back to her base leaving her sitting crooked on it while he buttoned up his pants, giving her another drink before stuffing the gag back in and strapping it tighter than before and said, “I think you could do better, so during half time we’ll try again.”

Jen accepted the gag, happy in her bondage knowing it was going to be a long day but felt a small wave of pleasure in her pussy knowing she had absolutely no choice in the matter and comfortable that Mark would not do anything to hurt her as he spun her around so she could see the game and returned to the couch to watch it.

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