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A Wrap for Christmas

by Daviddrb6

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© Copyright 2013 - Daviddrb6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; asian; wrap; saran; tape; paper; gift; photo; tease; cons; X

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story continues the exploits of Geoffrey Holmes and his Chinese torturer, Su-Lin who can be found in the stories: "Drip,Drip"; "Stop Yer Tickling!" and "Cutting It Fine"


Geoffrey Holmes was naked and positioned against a metal stand. A pole which rested on the top of his head had two clamps either side holding his head in place. He was in a room the size of a small conference room. Like the other rooms he'd been tortured in it had a tiled floor and ceiling with strip lighting. Nearby was a table on which was a CD player and several rolls of duct tape. Next to the table was a crate containing several large rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.

Geoffrey gasped as clingfilm was wrapped around his chest, stomach and thighs; pressing his arms to his sides. He looked down and saw Su-Lin nudge his erect penis into an upright position before wrapping the film around it. He moaned as the girl smoothed the film around his genitals.

"Ow!" he exclaimed as Su-Lin started to wrap the clingfilm round his legs; pressing his knees, ankles and toes together. Having finished she stood up, smiled and put the roll of clingfilm back into a box which had the label: "Peel and Seal" on it. Geoffrey looked down at his wrapped body; noting that his shoulders and feet were not covered by clingfilm. He looked up as Su-Lin came back holding a large roll of duct tape and started to wrap lengths of tape around under his shoulders and above his breasts; then around his chest and stomach. Geoffrey moaned as, giggling, Su-Lin wrapped several lengths around his thighs; covering his penis. She wrapped several lengths of tape above and below his knees and around his ankles. When she'd finished Geoffrey caught sight of the inside of the roll. It had a cartoon duck on it and was labeled: "Duck Tape".

"I feel like a bag of nuts," Geoffrey said. "I crackle everytime I move."

"Well at least I made sure your nuts were carefully wrapped up," Su-Lin laughed and rubbed his bound manhood.

"I like your hat," Geoffrey said, nodding his head towards her. "It makes you look like a little gnome."

"I'm not a gnome," Su-Lin retorted. "I'm an elf: one of Santa's little helpers. I help wrap the presents for him!" she stepped back and twirled round for him. She was wearing a white bikini with red linings and Christmas holly patterns on both the cups and bottoms. She also wore a Christmas hat which consisted of a green crown and a red, peaked top, It also had bells around its rim and top and it gave her features an added elfin look.

"Well so much for my 'elf and safety," Geoffrey said. "You've got me well and truly wrapped up. Am I the Christmas turkey?"

Su-Lin stood in front of him again. "No, it's Christmas and you're going to be a Christmas present. There's nothing better than Christmas for wrapping up boys." She rubbed her hands on his chest and despite the layers of plastic, Geoffrey felt a tingling sensation run through him. "Whats your favourite colour?" she asked.

"Blue," Geoffrey answered.

Su-Lin went back to the crate and pulled out a roll of blue wrapping paper. "I think I'll make a blue boy out of you," she said. She unrolled the paper and Geoffrey saw it had a pattern of a cartoon Father Christmas skating on a frozen pond watched by a smiling reindeer.

Geoffrey moved against his plastic coocon causing it to rustle. "Why the cling film?" he asked.

"Because if I was to wrap the paper against your skin it might cause it to chaff," Su-Lin answered. "Also if you were just wrapped in paper it would tear very easily." She came up to him and stroked his face. "There's always method in how I torture you", she added.

"Well I'll remember that when I tie you up!" Geoffrey said.

"That'll be the day" Su-Lin laughed.


"We might as well have some music as it Christmas," Su-Lin said. She went over to the table and picked up a CD. "Fancy "Christmas Crooners"?" she asked.

"Sorry I'm a bit deaf," Geoffrey replied mischieviously. "Did you say Christmas crackers?".

"No, "Christmas Crooners". "You know: Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra...?"

"Well it's preferable than Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time".

Su-Lin put the CD in the player and turned it on. "Yep, there it is," Nat King Cole said. "This being Christmas Eve and a house with love in it how could it possibly be complete without the sound - of jingle bells?". The music began and he sang: "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh."

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way," Su-Lin sang along. "Oh what fun it is to tie up Geoffrey Holmes again!" She did a little jig in time to the music and the bells in her hat jingled as well.

"I've just thought," Geoffrey said. "Put a beard on and you could look like Edmund Gwenn in "Miracle on 34th Street""

Su-Lin tossed the roll in the air and caught it. She spun round to face Geoffrey and he felt she was very beautiful with her brown, shoulder-length hair and eyes; her slim nose and her mouth that showed perfect white teeth. She smiled again and Geoffrey felt that it was not malicious but friendly. "I thought it was Richard Attenborough," she said.

"That was the remake," Geoffrey said. "I was talking about the 1947 original."

Su-Lin skipped back to him. "I only know "It's a Wonderful Life"," she said. "Do you know I once mentioned it to someone and she said she didn't like it."

"How can you not like "It's a Wonderful Life"?" Geoffrey asked. "It's not only one of the best Christmas films but it also has James Stewart giving one of his best performances. Mind you I much prefer "Harvey", he added.

"Well she was a miserable woman," Su-Lin said. "She was always informing on people and creeping round the management where I worked."

"Ooh, so you had another job then," Geoffrey exclaimed. "What were you doing?"

"Trying not to be distracted!" Su-Lin retorted, tapping the roll on Geoffrey's nose. She measured it against Geoffrey's body and he saw it came up to above his thighs. "I'll need a lot of it," she told him. "But I'll have enough to wrap up a naughty boy like you."

She knelt down and began to wrap the paper around Geoffrey's legs: above his feet. Geoffrey saw the paper was shiny and had a white backing. He watched Su-Lin wrap a length of tape around his ankles to hold the paper in place before continuing to wrap it around him. She fitted it carefully round his bound arms that jutted out from his sides. Geoffrey kept his breathing steady, listening to the crackle of the clingfilm as it moved along with his breathing. He looked down and and watched as the girl wrapped paper around his thighs and midriff then, cutting it off from the roll, she held it in place against him and started to carefully wind the duct tape round him. Su-Lin wrapped tape below and above his knees and then around his plastic bound thighs and waist. Where the paper ended at Geoffrey's midriff Su-Lin wrapped tape around and at the top of the paper so that the bottom half of Geoffrey's body was covered in the blue Christmas paper.

Su-Lin took out another roll of the blue wrapping paper and came up close to Geoffrey. "When I've wrapped you up all snug and tight I'll put you under my Christmas tree," she told him. "And on Christmas Day I'll unwrap you very, very slowly and then - pull your Christmas cracker!" She twisted Geoffrey's nose and giggled.

"Ow!" Geoffrey exclaimed. "Don't I get a Christmas present?"

"Naughty boys don't deserve presents!" Su-Lin giggled again. She measured the roll against Geoffrey's body again. He saw it came up to his head and for a moment thought Su-Lin was going to cover him entirely with paper. Then she moved the roll down so that it overlapped the paper she'd already wrapped him in, leaving his shoulders bare. Su-Lin unrolled the paper and wrapped it around his chest and upper arms. She pressed the paper tightly into his body and Geoffrey heard both it and the clingfilm gently crackle as he breathed out.

"Take it easy Geoffrey," Su-Lin said softly.

Geoffrey looked into her eyes as she held the paper in place and wrapped a length of tape around his breasts. As the tape pushed them up, Geoffrey breathed out into her face. He watched shut her eyes and smile as his breath washed over her. Then opening her eyes again she smiled and resumed wrapping the tape around his top.

From the CD player Dean Martin drawled: "Silver Bells, silver bells. Its Christmas time in the city."

"You know listening to Dean Martin always felt like having thick syrup poured over you," Geoffrey said.

"Thats a good idea, " Su-Lin answered. "Why didn't I think of that?"

"And you can lick it off me too" Geoffrey added.

Su-Lin stopped wrapping the tape and moved her face close to Geoffrey's. "Dirty boy," she whispered. She finished wrapping him up and put the Christmas paper back in the crate. Geoffrey watched Su-Lin take out several lengths of silver tinsle. Smiling she came back to him and began to wind the tinsle round his ankles, knees, midriff, breasts and underneath his shoulders. She attached more tape to the tinsle to hold it place before standing back and smiling at him. Geoffrey watched her pick up a mobile 'phone off the table and hold it out at arm's length. He heard it click loudly.

Su-Lin looked at the screen and smiled. She came over to him and held out the 'phone in front of him to see. Geoffrey saw a full-length potrait of himself. His body was now enclosed in the blue Christmas paper, secured by the duct tape which in turn was covered by tinsle; leaving his shoulders and feet bare. The paper was tight around his legs. It bludged out by his sides, over his arms, before fitting around his front and against his shoulders.

"You've turned out better than I'd hoped," Su-Lin told him. "Thanks for keeping still Geoffrey."

"My pleasure darling," he said.


"Lets have a selfie," Su-Lin said. She stood next to Geoffrey, putting her arm around his shoulders and held the 'phone out again. Geoffrey saw the screen had a head and shoulders shot of both of them. He saw Su-Lin's hand resting on his bare shoulders with the blue paper and tinsle beneath them. Her bikini top was in shot and she was smiling. Geoffrey smiled slightly as the phone's camera clicked and took their picture.

"I thought selfie's were only allowed at memorial services," Geoffrey said.

"Oh Geoffrey I really do like you," Su-Lin laughed. She stuck the 'phone in the back of her bikini bottoms and folded her arms around Geoffrey's neck. "Merry Christmas Geoffrey," she said softly. "And in the New Year I'm going to hurt you even more."

"Hurt me then you little Asian tart!", Geoffrey breathed out.

"No I won't Geoffrey," Su-Lin whispered. "I'll be gentle."

She kissed him. Geoffrey responded and murmured softly as their lips moved together. As they kissed he heard on the CD player Bing Crosby say: "So come on: join me in "The First Noel". If you don't know the words just hum a little; tap your feet or, gee whiz, do somethin..!"




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