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Wishes can come true

by Captain Lance

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© Copyright 2010 - Captain Lance - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; mud; messy; bagged; encased; sink; breathplay; climax; cons; X

Lynn had worked for the same company for nearly 7 years. Living is the Atlanta area, she was a beautiful Southern gal, her husband treasured her, and her co-workers were best friends as well. She was striking, nearly 6 feet tall, stick thin with beautiful breasts, shapely hips and a tiny waist to die for. Her smile lit the room up, and her long flowing blonde hair simply said” Southern Lass”.

She had always been adventurous, sometimes to a fault, and tended to both dare friends to go a bit overboard, and to reciprocate and do some crazy things as well.

Her love of erotic literature found her frequenting many amateur literary sites on the web. She particularly loved very edgy, erotic stories that strained the limits of reality. It seemed the more dangerous and macabre the story, the more it excited her.

Her nearly perfect figure just screamed out for exotic fetish wear, something that her husband loved about her, seeing his love dressed in the smallest, skimpiest, most suggestive outfits made him sexually crazy with lust for her. She might spend an hour getting into one of her get-ups, but surely within a few minutes, her husband was ripping it off of her...

They had dabbled with all the “normal” fetishes, BDSM, spanking, breath control, little girl/daddy, and more. Somehow, these were losing the desired sexual effect, she craved more.

She had read stories that excited her, but was a bit afraid to talk to her hubby about them as they were way too edgy she thought.

One day, however, they had been at a friends home for a barbeque and after a drink or two more than her normal limit, things began to flow forth.

The friends had just had a very large tree removed from their back yard that was interfering with their swimming pool. Being in central Georgia, everything was clay, hard, grey and light red clay. Lynn knew all about clay too, she had been the office manager for a very large company that mined and refined Kaolin, a form of very fine clay used to make shiny paper, paint, and fiberglass.  Once wet, the clay turns into the stickiest, soupy goo imaginable. Remember while a child you played in school with modeling clay? It was grey, gooey, and so sticky ...Kaolin is even better!

Lynn was lying in the sun, it was nearly 90* and humid as it is always in Summer. She had been in the pool wearing her white, unlined nylon micro bikini, which now wet was nearly transparent. It excited her to see the glances she was getting from the other men there.. And her husband loved seeing her strut her stuff too.

One of her friends had walked near the hole, and with wet feet, slipped on the clay soaked grass and fell on her backside, both embarrassing her and covering her rear with the grey goo. Picking herself up, she laughed it off as the men clapped and whistled.

Lynn instantly got an idea. She got up and went over to her gal friend to help her up. Making sure that she was noticed by all, she “slipped” too and fell on her backside. She made sure that she lay flat on her back, getting her long hair muddy as well as her entire back. Smiling at her friends, she rolled over onto her front, making sure to cover as much skin as possible with Georgia’s finest. Taking her mud filled hands, she proceeded to brush her hair away from her face, covering them both in grey clay. “ Oh well, “ she exclaimed” Might as well make the best of it”.

With that, she sat down on the edge of the tree hole, and slid down three feet into the bottom. The clay allowed her to sink up about a foot down, thanks to nearly two weeks of steady rain mixing with the clay. With her legs fully covered, and her belly button just above the goo, she was picture to behold. She stood up, kicked around in the mud, sat down, rolled around and generally covered herself from head to toe. The invitation was too much for a few friends, soon, the 10 foot wide hole was filled with revelers all rolling around playing and being children again.

Bathing suits began to pile up on the edge of the hole, the mud was it’s own cover up.

Lynn felt a wonderfully hard cock pressed up against her backside, turning around she saw her husband egging on one of his friends to continue with his advances.

“I want you” was all he said into her ear.

“Oh Yes,” she replied, hoping that her husband heard as well. 

She heard him grunt and groan as he pushed her slightly forward, and his cock push up against the rosebud of her anus. “ Yes” she moaned, and with that he pushed into her firmly and without hesitation. The clay was a wonderful lubricant, he pumped his cock into her and within a minute he shot his load deep into her. He stayed in her for a short while as she wriggled around trying to give him the maximum of pleasure possible. He withdrew and Lynn’s husband hugged her and kissed her muddy lips like they were fine wine.

“Now, you fucking slut”, he said, “You are going to get one of your fantasies fulfilled”   He and his friend left the mud pool and disappeared for a few minutes. Returning, They held a box of very thick, extra large  plastic Contractor bags.

Helping Lynn out of the goo, with their friends watching, they opened a bag up and slid it into a second, making a very strong container for sure.

Pointing to the opened bag, Lynn’s husband told her “Get inside, sit down and shut up”. A rush of adrenalin hit her like a stone. She had dreamed of being encased and disposed of, or shipped somewhere in a box, a cage, or the such. But she  never thought it would come to be, especially like this.

Once in the bag, her husband’s friend took a bucket of the wonderful goo and proceeded to pour it all over Lynn as she sat there, passively. “ Now what”, she said.

“You are going to be thrown into the deep hole of clay we have secretly prepared in the other side of the yard. It’s several feet deep, and we will all watch and celebrate as you sink out of sight”

“But, if you are able to upright yourself, you may survive, with this tube we are going to glue into your mouth and place outside of the bag”

“What if I can’t? Will you rescue me??” she pleaded.

“NO, I won’t. This is your fantasy, and you will live it out. If you are lucky however, and survive, you will be my slave for life. I will own and control you 100%. Nothing will be too despicable, onerous, filthy, or beyond my limits for you. Do you accept these terms, before all these witnesses?”

The reality was beginning to set in, the adrenalin was still gushing into her brain and she could only shake her head and mumble a faint “ Yes”.

A mouthpiece made from a snorkel attached to a short rubber tube was coated with glue as she watched, and shoved into her mouth. “ Bite down” she was told.

The glue tasted horrible, and set up almost at once. She could not open her jaw at all. Her husband and his friend grabbed the bag and slid their hands up the sides close to her body, to get the excess air out. Making sure the tube was free , he smiled down at her and told her that he loved her. She tried to say something, but it came out as a “ Mumpf” as she could not open her mouth. The bag was twisted closed, shutting all light out. She began to panic. She heard the zip ties close around the bag’s top, and she was now in the reality of her fantasy... and it was exactly what she had dreamed of... well, sort of anyway.

She felt several hands on her as the bag was lifted up, apparently all their friends were “IN” on the scenario. Several steps later, she felt the bag being put down and then she was rolling over and over until she came to an abrupt stop. She was now on the top of the mud in the hole and sinking. She felt the bag pressing up against her body as it sunk deeper and deeper. The mud which had been poured in the bag with her was rising too, as the bag pressed relentlessly against her. The goo was lapping at her chin, making the job of staying upright all the more difficult. She struggled to upright her self and keep the air coming into her lungs. So far, so good, she thought.

The bag was now almost like a second skin, pressing tightly around every part of her being. She had managed to keep upright so far, and was feeling proud of herself. No sounds were heard, she must be very deep, she thought. As the minutes flew by, she began to think about the reality of the moment. What if she got thirsty? hungry? or worse, she fell asleep? As time passed, she felt the urge to pee, she had not gone all afternoon, and the urge was becoming impossible to squelch. Trying as long as she could, it was impossible any longer. She let go and wet for so long she didn’t think she would ever stop. Icky, she thought, not only am I covered in muck, but my own piss as well. She then felt the bag begin to slip sideways. Horror overtook her as she tried in vein to upright herself.

It was not to be, she felt it slowly fall completely over. Breathing in, she panicked as she could no longer bring fresh air in!. She tried as hard as she could to rip out of the bag, but could not. She cried out, but no one was to hear her. She was starting to feel fuzzy headed as the air was now running out. Resignation to her fate and the lack of air made her unbelievably excited. She thrust her hand into her crotch and masturbated her clit to a crashing explosive orgasm in seconds. The cold mud acted only as a fantastic massage oil would. Things got very calm and quiet as she felt herself slide off into unconsciousness.

“ Lynn, wake up” she heard.  She felt a slap on the face and heard the voice of her husband once again. Confused, she could not understand what was happening. Was she alive, or dead?

“ You are just fine” he told her.  The fantasy was totally controlled. The mud you were in was only three feet deep, and both I and John were standing next to you all the time. We pushed you over too after we heard you climax.” She was coming around now, she sat up and looked at them and smiled.. “ When can we do it again?” she said.

He just smiled back at her.



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