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The White Casket

by Tony-B

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© Copyright 2008 - Tony-B - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; gag; rope; casket; encased; buried; cons/nc; X

The white casket was a thing of beauty, and when HE locked me in it, it was my own, private, bondage prison.

There would be no use telling you our real names – we’d just be another pair of names in the bondage world. Not much different than anybody else who was into bondage. So I shall always refer to my Master as ‘HE’.

We met on the Internet, in one of the many bondage chat rooms. HE took a liking to my profile, and sought me out, asking me – TELLING me to meet him in the private bondage chat room at ten o’clock that night. The private chat room could be set up so that nobody except those you approved, could read your messages while you were ‘in session’.

I was ready for an innocent online adventure, and wondered what He’d come up with when we got together. The name I used online was ‘BondageSlut’, and his, was ‘HoMaster’.

As ten o’clock approached, I got online early, in order to be ready when HE got there.

HE was there, promptly at ten – right on the dot! Actually, HE had already been there, waiting for me, in the ‘invisible mode’. But he had already set up the private chat, with his name, and mine, as the only participants.

“Hello, BondageSlut”, HE said. “Are you there?”

“Yes, I’m here, HoMaster”, I typed.

“That’s a good girl”, HE typed. “Describe yourself to me.”

“Well,” I typed, “I’m blonde, have blue eyes, 5 foot 6, and weigh 115 pounds.”

“You sound very pretty!”, HE typed back.

“I am!”, I dashed off.

“Are you really looking for a Master?”, HE typed.

“Well, I wouldn’t be opposed to finding one.”, I typed back.

“I may be your man”, HE typed…..

The thought of being a man’s bondage slave flashed through my mind, and a thrill shot up my spine.

I won’t bore you with the details of our small talk, getting to know one another, but for the next two weeks, we flirted online every night at ten.

It took him about two weeks, to gain my confidence. It was then, that I confided in him that I wished I really could find a Master – someone who would isolate me, use me, and bend me to his will. Of course, a little bondage wouldn’t hurt either.

HE proposed that we meet for dinner at some local restaurant, and talk it over.

My heart skipped a beat, at the boldness of his suggestion. I had already learned that we lived in the same city, and that HE was looking for a woman who could fulfill his own desires.

To make a long story short, we agreed to meet that Friday night at the restaurant of his choice. It thrilled me that I didn’t know where he would be taking me. But I was ready to be picked up at seven!

Things moved fast, after that.

When HE rang the intercom bell, I was ready, and buzzed him into the building. I lived on the second floor, and HE knew how to find my apartment. As HE knocked on the door, I opened it to find a good looking man, smiling at me.

This would be a man I would date regularly, I thought!

“Good evening, BondageSlut”, HE said….. “I’m HoMaster!”

I knew that – I was expecting him. I had a fantasy flash of him bursting into my apartment, ripping my clothes off, and taking me right in the hallway!!!

Talk about ready – I was REALLY ready!!!

I turned to the side table and picked up my purse and jacket.

“Don’t take those”, HE said. “You won’t need them!”

The command in his voice excited me. Realizing that HE was already asserting control over me, I put them down, and we left for the restaurant. HE closed the door behind us, signifying a change in my life had just happened, and my old life was locked behind that door.

We went downstairs, and I got into his car. He closed the car door, went around to the driver’s side, and got in. I took a long, lingering, look at him.

“Be quiet”, HE said. “Don’t talk until I tell you to.”

I nodded my head in agreement, and that I understood. We were already playing a bondage game by his rules.

“Cross your wrists, and put your hands in your lap”, HE commanded.

I obeyed. I was ready to melt into his arms, and could feel a wetness in my panties as my vagina twitched involuntarily. I knew that HE would take me before the night was over.

HE opened the console between the two front seats in his car, and took out a short piece of rope. HE wrapped it around my crossed wrists and tied it firmly. Not tight enough to leave marks, but tight enough to hold my hands together securely. HE knew just how tight to make it, to make me want to cum for him.

“Keep your hands in your lap”, HE said, and I obeyed.

I sat still as HE reached up and touched my face. HE ran his fingers down my jaw to my chin, and told me that I was very pretty, and that HE would enjoy being my Master. I knew then, that I was going to truly be his Bondage Slut!

HE ran his hand down my neck, and across my chest, and traced the outline of my breast. HE cupped it, and gave it a little squeeze. A thrill of pleasure ran through me. I could have cum right there, right then!

“I shall enjoy this night, when I tie to you my bed and fuck you”, HE said.

I knew it was true! HE was going to fulfill my fantasies – HE was going to tie me, and fuck me, and HE was going to be my Master!

HE started the engine – both the car’s, and my own – and we silently drove to the restaurant he had chosen. My head was swimming with thoughts – of fantasies – of what HE was going to do to me. It seemed as if every thought I’d ever had, every story that I’d ever read, was going to come true – and they were going to happen to me!

When we arrived at the restaurant, HE untied my wrists, and reminded me that I was to remain silent in the restaurant. HE would choose what I would eat, and HE would place the order, and I would eat whatever HE chose.

I knew that after dinner, HE would take me to his home, and ravish me.

As we entered the restaurant, HE asked the hostess for a secluded table. HE took me by the arm and guided me to the table she had chosen. HE pulled out the chair for me to sit down, and pushed it back into place as I sat. HE ordered me to sit with my knees parted as a sign of submission, and I obeyed. The hostess gave him only one menu, and HE chose our dinner. She smiled at me and nodded her head as she turned and left.

It was a nice enough dinner, but I didn’t care for the Brussels sprouts. They always looked like little green turds to me. Something left behind by an alligator or something. HE saw me pushing them to the side of my plate, and ordered me to eat them.

I didn’t like them, but I did like the way HE was telling me what to do, so I cut them in little pieces, and gulped them down as quickly as I could. I nearly hurled at the very thought of eating those disgusting little turds!

“So you don’t like Brussels sprouts”, HE said. “But you will, sooner or later”, HE threatened.

I smiled at him, but I knew that HE was going to make me eat them until I liked them!

When we finished dinner, HE paid the bill, left a generous tip, and escorted me back to his car.

I still had not spoken a word since we had left my apartment.

As I sat in the passenger’s seat, HE said, “Now the fun begins!”

“Lean forward and kiss the dashboard.”

I obeyed.

“Now put your hands behind your back.”

I obeyed, still kissing the dashboard. HE pulled my wrists together, and tied them with the short piece of cord HE had used earlier.

“Now sit up straight, and lean back”, HE said.

Again, I followed his instructions. HE pulled the seatbelt into place, and snapped it into the lock that would hold me into the seat. With my hands bound behind me, I couldn’t get out of the car – or out of the seat, for that matter!

HE slid into the driver’s seat and closed the door. Turning to me, HE reached out and felt my breast. First one, and then the other. ….. His fingers traced the valley between my breasts, and slid down the front of my body, and came to rest against my flat belly.

“Tell me what you’re feeling”, HE ordered.

I looked at him, and tried to gather my thoughts. It took a moment, and HE said, “You may speak….. Tell me what you’re feeling!”

I blurted out, “I feel helpless!”

“And do you like that feeling?”, HE asked.

“Yes!”, I said. “It’s the first time I’ve felt this way, and it’s delicious! But please don’t hurt me”, I added.

“I wouldn’t dream of hurting you!”, HE said. “I’m simply going to own you on the weekends, and use you however I wish! But everything I do to you, will be with your consent!”

His voice had a calming effect, and I was not afraid.

“Then I’ll be yours on weekends”, I said.

“Now be quiet while I take you home”, HE said.

Obediently, I thought no more of talking, and accepted what was about to come. I lowered my eyes in submission.

I was quiet while HE drove us to his home in the suburbs. It was the first time I had been in this area of the city. It was all upscale homes. But I saw little of them, as I kept my eyes glued to the floor. I hoped HE was getting off at the thought that I was submitting to his will.

HE drove directly into his garage, and closed the door behind us by pressing a button on the small remote in his hand.

“We’re here!”, HE said.

HE opened the door, unbuckled my seatbelt, and helped me out of the car. My hands were still tied behind my back.

I raised my eyes, and looked around. It was little different than a typical garage, in a typical middle-class home in any suburb, in any city in the country. Except, that I could see some ropes and chains, and other bondage gear attached to the wall on the side of the garage that had been fixed up like a recreation room. I knew that this is where HE would be keeping me on weekends. Hopefully, after HE had given me a good fucking on Friday nights! I was ready.

I was READY for him to fuck me. To take me – to own me – to use me – to do whatever HE wanted to me – over the weekend, at least!!! And deliciously, over EVERY weekend, from now on, I thought! My thoughts drifted off into fantasy, as I wondered what HE was going to do to me first, after he had used my body for his pleasure.

That’s when I first saw it.

It was off to the side of the recreation area. It was a white casket, sitting off the floor on two carpenter’s sawhorses.

I wondered if someone had died, or if they were going to be holding a funeral service here for someone.

“You’re going to be MY Bondage Slut”, HE said.

I understood. He would be my Master on the weekends.

HE continued….. “You shall come to me every Friday evening, and you will be mine, totally, until Sunday evening, when I will release you.”

“Do you agree?”

“Yes, Master”, I said.

“And you will do whatever I tell you to!”, HE commanded.

“Yes, Master”, I replied.

“Tell me!”, HE ordered.

“Every weekend, I will come to you, and I will be yours to use however you wish, for the weekend.”, I repeated.

“That’s a good girl”, HE said. “Now go stand in the corner while I decide what to do with you tonight!”

“But you promised to tie me to your bed and fuck me”, I protested.

“Yes, of course”, HE agreed. “But I mean AFTER that. I have to decide what to do to you AFTER I fuck you.”

“That shouldn’t be hard”, I said. “I’m your slave for the weekend!”

“I know”, He said….. “It’s just a matter of what to do to you first!”

“Now be a good little slave, and go stand in the corner by the casket, be quiet, and wait!”

I obeyed. I dropped my eyes in submission, and followed his orders. I wondered what was in the casket as I passed it.

As I stood in the corner and waited for his next command, I heard him come up behind me. It’s funny how all your senses are heightened when you’re excited!

HE lifted the back of my dress, and tucked the hem into my belt, exposing my entire back side. Next, HE pulled my panties down to my knees and left them there, exposing my bare ass to his view. I thrilled at having my Master touch me, and expose me. I imagined how it would be if HE was showing my ass to his friends.

My hands were still tied behind my back, and I was getting my first real experience of being under someone’s control. I knew that it was a delicious feeling, and that I wanted more of it. It was addicting. The more I thought about what HE was going to do to me, the more I wanted.

HE had left for a minute, and I felt him there when HE came back.

“Push your pelvis into the corner”, HE ordered.

I shuffled my feet a little closer to the wall, and pressed forward until my pelvis was held firmly against the walls. My face was pressed into the corner, and my head was unable to move. I was enjoying every minute of it!

“Get ready”, HE said.

I heard a rush of air - SWISH!, WHAP! - and felt the sting in my bare butt as HE hit it with a paddle. I yelped in pain. I hadn’t thought about being spanked.

Quickly, HE grabbed my wrists, and pushed me firmly into the corner, holding me there.

SWISH, WHAP!, I heard, as HE struck me again. HE hit me hard, and it was painful – but it was on my other cheek, and felt as hot and painful as the first stroke had been. I wondered how much I was going to have to take, and knew that I would have to take whatever HE wanted me to take!

SWISH, WHAP!, went the paddle for the third time. It struck me right across the crack of my ass, and hit both cheeks at once. I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes, and a whimper escaped from my throat. I tried moving my ass, to relieve the pain, but I was being held in place by his strong hands, and couldn’t do more than move my butt around.

HE said, “That’s enough for now.”

HE removed the hand that was holding me in place, and I tried to lower my tied hands to rub the pain away from my ass. I couldn’t get them low enough, and realized that I was going to hurt as long as it took the pain to go away.

“Now stand there”, HE said, “and think about how you just felt – being under my control, and accepting a punishment that I decided.”

A punishment that HE had decided, I realized. And one that I hadn’t consented to.

As if he had read my mind, HE said, “You may THINK you didn’t consent to being punished, but you did, just by being here! Do you agree?”

“Yes, Master”, I agreed. I knew that this man was going to Master me, and that HE would do whatever it took for me to become his bondage slut. Whatever HE wished on the weekends. And this was only Friday night!!!

* * * *

It was my second weekend with my new Master, when HE showed me the casket, and what was in it!

It was a bondage casket.

It was designed to hold a person’s body, while in bondage. A woman’s body, in this case. ….. MY body, as HE was my Master on weekends, and could do whatever he wished to me.

HE told me that HE had worked on it for a long time, looking forward to the day when HE could find a woman that would consent to lie in it and be his prisoner. I knew that I was going to be that prisoner!

I didn’t have to consent. I had already consented to being his bondage slut, just by being there, and had also agreed to let him do anything he wanted to me, as long as he didn’t hurt me or do any permanent damage.

HE showed me how he had tricked out a standard casket…..

HE had installed strap restraints that would hold my legs slightly apart when I was lying in the casket. HE had cleverly installed louvers in the sides, top and bottom, hidden in the elaborate carvings - you couldn’t hardly notice them. - to let air into the box, and yet prevent light from entering. Once inside, HE told me, I would have no idea of how much time had passed, and it would be totally up to him, how long to keep me in isolation.

Because the louvers would let air in, HE could also talk to me whenever HE wished. I imagined him describing all the things HE would be doing to me when HE got me out of the casket.

There was a short chain that had been bolted to the bottom of the box, which would pass between my slightly parted legs, which ended in handcuffs, which would hold my wrists. I would lie naked in the box.

The handcuff chain had a few extra inches to allow limited movement of my hands. If I was cuffed, and pulled them up toward my waist, the chain would press between my labia, giving me some limited pain, or pleasure. But if I pushed my hands down toward my feet, I could just reach my clitoris with my fingertips, and could masturbate as much as I wanted to.

It was an exciting concept, I thought --- To be locked in a box with no hope of escape, not knowing how long you were going to have to be there, and looking forward to being used, when you finally WERE released!

I was looking forward to the experience.

“It’ll be ready for you, next week”, HE said. “There are a few more things I want to do.”

I was disappointed that it wasn’t ready for me right now! I WANTED to get into that casket, and have him lock the lid in place! I wanted to lie there in darkness, and think about how much I wanted him to do to me! To know that I was lying in a box, lined with white satin, and enjoying the feeling as it caressed my skin!!!

“We have plenty of time”, HE said.

* * * *

I had been thinking of the white casket all week, and was looking forward to getting into it, and being locked in for as long as HE wished. It was an exciting idea, and by Friday, I was ready for it.

As usual, he picked me up Friday evening at seven. He had me leave my purse and jacket at home.

I remained silent, and with my hands tied in my lap, HE drove us to the restaurant of his choice.

We ate quietly. It was almost as if he was brooding over something. It was not my place to question him, or to even speak while we were eating, and I remained silent.

I didn’t like the taste of the mixed lima beans and creamed corn HE ordered, but knew that if I didn’t eat them, HE’d make me eat them anyway. So I choked some down, and washed them down with the glass of wine he had chosen. The waitress was there promptly, to refill my glass.

I ate slowly, hoping he would finish first, and I wouldn’t have to eat all of them. I was hoping that HE would grow impatient, and we’d leave before I had to eat all of them.

Anyway, I was thinking of being locked in the casket after he had fucked me!

He didn’t like to use a condom, and I was on ‘the pill’, anyway, so it didn’t really matter.

I was right. HE finished eating before me, and was anxious to leave – to get me tied to the bed while he fucked me, so we left, leaving the mixed beans and creamed corn on my plate. Thank heavens HE didn’t make me eat that, I thought to myself!

I got in his car, and leaned forward, kissing the dashboard. I extended my hands behind my back, and crossed my wrists. HE liked that, and I wanted to please him.

When HE had tied my wrists, I sat up, and HE strapped me into the seat. I knew what HE wanted, and was willing.

As before, HE drove his car directly into the garage, opening and closing the overhead door with the remote control he kept in the console between the seats.

HE unbuckled the seatbelt, and helped me out of the car. HE pointed to the corner. I knew HE wanted me to stand in the corner, while HE spanked my ass, as HE had done each time HE brought me to his garage.

I obeyed.

HE raised the back of my dress and pulled my panties down to my knees. I knew what was coming and pressed my pelvis close into the corner to hold me in place.

There were three swats, as before, and I thought I took it well. I didn’t cry or scream. I took it silently, like HE wanted me to.

HE ran his fingers up and down my ass, feeling the heat of the blood rushing to my skin, and imagining how much HE liked to spank me. At least that’s what I thought HE was thinking as HE felt my ass!

HE pulled up my panties, and leaving my dress pulled up and tucked into my belt, HE led me to his bedroom, where I knew HE was going to fuck me again!

I liked having him fuck me! I liked the feeling of his manhood pressing into my hot, aching pussy. I WANTED him to fuck me – long, and hard. I WANTED him to enjoy using me. And I WANTED him to cum in me!!! I relished every delicious moment!!!

HE did all that, and more!

HE tied me spread-eagled to the bed, and pushed a pillow under my butt to raise my hips and vagina for deeper penetration. HE gagged me so I could scream my head off, as much as I wished, while HE was giving me pleasure. And HE made me cum! Over and over!!!

HE used me for hours! It was the best fuck I’d ever had. I came at least a dozen times.

When HE was through with me, I collapsed in exhaustion. HE whispered in my ear, how much HE loved me, and how much HE liked me being his bondage slut. HE talked of how much pleasure I was going to give him in the future.

I melted at the very thought…..

“But it’s time to put you in the white casket”, HE said. “You’ll sleep in it tonight, and tomorrow, we’ll see!”

I didn’t resist as HE untied my legs, and strapped them together around the ankles.

HE untied my hands, and pulled them down to my waist, and held them there, while HE secured them with another leather strap.

Finally, HE put a belt around my waist, and passed it between my wrists, and the strap, and pulled my hands close to my body. I was already gagged, and HE didn’t offer to remove it. Which was okay, I thought. I liked being gagged.

HE picked me up off the bed, and I rested my head against his chest. “Mmmmff”, I offered, to let him know I consented.

“Do you have to go to the bathroom?” HE asked.

“Mmmmff!”, I managed, and nodded my head.

HE detoured, and took me into the bathroom. HE stood me in front of the toilet, and helped me sit down.

I was tied and gagged, and HE stood there watching me as I released my bladder muscle, and let the stream gush out of my naked vagina. It was a good, long, and satisfying pee. It excited me having him watch me.

As I finished, HE helped me stand up, and maneuvered my body over to the sink.

“Bend forward”, HE commanded.

I obeyed, knowing HE was going to wipe me. As I bent over, my tummy rested against the edge of the basin, and my breasts dangled into it. I was getting excited again.

HE used a tissue to wipe me gently, and another, to wipe me a second time. I knew that despite our Master/Slave relationship, HE cared for me..

When HE had finished, I stood up and HE picked me up again, and continued carrying me downstairs to the recreation room, and to the casket where HE was going to secure me for the night.

HE stood me in front of the casket, as HE raised the lid to show me the interior. The improvements HE made, were little pink bows, sewn to the white satin material which lined the inside of the casket. And HE showed me the padlocks that would lock me into the box.

“These are stainless Steel”, HE said, “and will never rust.”

That’s a strange comment, I thought. Who cared if they rusted or not?

HE picked me up again, and lowered me gently into the box. HE looked longingly into my eyes, and asked it I was comfortable.

Yes, I nodded.

He leaned into the box, and kissed me on my forehead. I closed my eyes in pleasure.

“No, don’t do that!”, HE ordered. “I want you to see what’s happening to you!”

Obediently, I opened my eyes and watched as HE pulled my bound legs to one side of the casket, and secured one of my ankles into the strap on that side.

Releasing the strap that had held both ankles together, HE pulled my free leg to the other side of the box, and secured it to the strap that was waiting there.

My legs were held apart, the width of the box – maybe a foot apart, as best I could guess.

HE fished around between my legs for the chain that would cuff my hands together in front of my belly. Finding it, HE used one hand to spread my labia, and the other to pull the chain tight between my lips, and in front of my pubis.

HE removed the belt that had held my hands to my waist, and pulled my hands down to meet the handcuffs. HE snapped one cuff around one wrist, then the other, and I was doubly bound. For a moment, I was wearing both handcuffs, and a strap holding both wrists together.

HE considered for a moment, and said, “I think I like it like that. I think I’ll leave you that way – both cuffed and strapped! It’ll make a nice mental picture!”

HE pulled my hands up, pulling the chain between my legs tight, and the links pressed against my still warm pussy, and ready clit. HE wanted me to know what the chain felt like, between my legs!

HE pulled my hands down, and pressed my fingers against my hot clitoris, and nodded his approval.

“You can play with your pussy, all you like”, HE said.

It was true. I could reach my stiff little clit, and could bring myself off, whenever I wanted to. I had to stretch my arms a little, but it was possible, and I wondered how many times I would cum while I was in the casket.

“Now don’t go away”, HE said….. “I’ll be right back.”

I couldn’t see him, but I could hear him leave.

Tentatively, I tested my bonds to see if I could escape. I couldn’t! I was held tightly in place. Any movement, pulled the chain between my legs closer to my cunt, and threatened to make me cum before I wanted it.

I relaxed, and laid back, relishing my plight!

It was a couple of minutes before HE returned. I had just lain there, thinking of the first time we met online, and the first time HE had asked me if I really wanted someone to master me.

I heard him coming back before HE got there. HE was wheeling something into the garage – I could hear the squeak of a rusty wheel – or something like that. I realized it was a wheelbarrow – or a cart of some kind. If I were a betting person, I’d have bet on the wheelbarrow, though.

I managed to raise my head so I could look over the edge of the side of the casket, and I was right. HE had an old, one-wheeled wheelbarrow.

HE stopped in front of the casket, and looked at me sitting up part way so I could see him.

HE smiled at me, and said, “I see you like to watch!”

I nodded my head in agreement.

HE turned and went to the cupboard where HE kept his bondage toys – the ropes and chains, the straps, and other things HE promised to use on me during our bondage games. HE took out a wide leather dog collar, and brought it over to the casket.

HE reached behind my back, and passed the dog collar through a metal fitting that had been covered by the satin pillow, and that I hadn’t noticed when HE put me into the casket.

HE pushed my head back so that I was laying down again, and buckled the dog collar around my neck, holding me in place against the bottom of the casket. It was delicious. I almost came again, right then!

HE fluffed the pillow under my head, and asked again, “Are you comfy???”

I nodded yes, as best I could. “Mmmmff”. I offered. I hoped that HE knew HE was giving me pleasure!

“Well”, HE said, “It’s time for you to go sleepy-bye!”

HE lowered the lid, and I was in darkness with only my thoughts to keep me company.

I heard the padlocks click on the lid of the casket, holding it in place.

It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I wasn’t really sleepy, and knew I would be playing with myself before I dropped off to sleep. A little moan of pleasure escaped from behind the gag in my mouth.

“What did you say?” HE asked.

HE had heard me through the air vents in the lid of the box.

“I can’t hear you”, HE said, mocking me because I was gagged.

“MMMMFF!” I replied as loudly as I could.

“Sorry, I can’t understand you”, HE said.

It really didn’t matter, I was already lost in my own thoughts.

I felt the casket lurch, and felt it clunk down on top of the wheelbarrow. I felt the casket, and myself being rolled out the back door of the garage, into the garden area. HE stopped, then I heard the sounds of a shovel, digging in the dirt. HE’s digging a hole, I realized. HE was digging a hole to put the casket in – with ME IN IT!!!

HE dug for a long while, while I screamed into my gag in protest, when suddenly I heard the shoveling stop.

HE knocked on the top of the casket, and whispered, “Can you hear me?”

“Mmmmff!” I replied through my gag!

“Good”, HE said. “I’m going to bury you now. I’m going to punish you, because you didn’t eat all your veggies!”

GOD!, I thought, in fear. “God”, I promised, “If I get out of this, I’ll always eat my veggies!!!”


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