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Wax Hands

by Jo

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© Copyright 2012 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; rope; gag; wax; encase; mast; climax; cons; X

continuation from Waxing Moon

Leah put her hair up in a bun and Ken tugged the rubber bathing cap over her head. He pulled Leah's wrists behind her back, tied them palm to palm. He wrapped rope around her elbows and cinched it tight. The effect was to thrust Leah's ample tits out even further. An image flashed into her mind of her bending over a pot of hot wax and dipping her tits into it. Maybe they could start an adult wax dipping business. Wax tits? Wax cock? The thought made her giggle.


"Nothing. I'll tell you later."

She opened her mouth and Ken pressed a large, white ball gag behind her teeth, buckled the strap.

Leah wasn't all that much into bondage, but if it meant getting covered in wax, well, a girl does what a girl has to do.

It had been something of a mutual admission when they'd met. She was into wax, seriously into wax, and he was into bondage, nothing too extreme. He had a couple pair of handcuffs, a couple of gags, and rope, lots of rope. It was only lately they'd combined the two. So Leah stood naked, bound, and gagged while Ken prepared the wax. She tried to get back in the mood after the giggles.

She didn't have to try hard. Ken poured some wax into a shallow box. Leah stepped in and purred as the hot wax oozed between her toes. He poured some more until Leah's feet were covered.

Ken tied Leah's ankles and knees. He dipped his hand in the pot and smeared the hot wax over Leah's shin.

Now this is different.

Usually he drizzled wax on her or splashed it on her. Once he'd built a frame and immersed her in wax. But hands?

God! That feels good.

Wax wasn't a sexual thing, not even erotic, it was a pure tactile addiction. But this? The wax was warm, on the edge of hot. It was thick and creamy. And the anticipation of him working the warm, gooey wax into her pussy made Leah shudder with anticipation.

He had set up the PC and camera and Leah watched as the layers of wax built up. With each pass her skin became less tan and more white, until she was covered in a thick layer of pure white wax. But it took a while. It was a case of two steps forward, one back. A layer would cool white, but the next pass took some of the wax with it and it became less white. Still, after several handfuls, she was becoming whiter and whiter, until her left leg was pure, snowy white.

Ken repositioned the camera. He had cabled it to the PC so he wouldn't run out of memory. A good thing given how long it had taken so far.

Leah was half in a dream world, feeling the wax cover her, encase her. She watched the computer screen. Watched herself slowly disappear.

He covered her other leg, then turned his attention to her pussy. His wax-filled hand cupped her sex, his fingers delved between her lips, Leah came.

"You okay?"

Leah waited until the last of the spams had gone then nodded.

Where the hell did that come from?

Leah watched, fascinated as layer by layer her labia disappeared. Soon there was just a roughly smooth bump between her legs. Ken stepped behind her, worked his way up her thighs, filled the crack between her ass cheeks, finally covered her ass so completely that that cleft, too, had disappeared.

He hooked a rope to Leah's wrists and put her into a mild strappado. He smeared hot wax on Leah's back, worked it into her armpits, down her arms. He released her wrists from the roof beam and proceeded to seal Leah's bound arms to her torso. He worked the wax from her shoulders to her butt until all evidence of her bondage was hidden.

Ken turned his attention to Leah's front. He smeared the wax over her belly, up and over her tits. The sensation Leah experienced was indescribable, bliss bordering on the sublime might be close.

She loved having her tits fondled. Got her into a bit of trouble in school because she would not, could not stop the boys from sliding their hands under her sweater. The boy could take her to a movie, kiss her all he wanted, as long as he played with her tits. And now Ken was massaging hot wax onto them. Bliss was too mild a word for what she felt. It wasn't sexual, wouldn't lead to another orgasm, it was something wholly other.

She watched the monitor, mesmerized as her tits became encased, thin layer by thin layer, in wax, until her nipples disappeared and what she had were two white mounds void of features.

Ken worked the wax over her head. The bathing cap disappeared as did Leah's ears. Her ball-stretched lips followed, the wax covering more and more of her face until only her nostrils and eyes were visible. Ken held up a handful of wax, Leah closed her eyes and soon they, too, disappeared. She had to fight the urge to try to break free so she could watch the video, watch as that last bit of her exposed body was covered in wax.

She could feel him, but barely, as Ken waxed her top to bottom, front and back again and again. She tried to imagine herself. No longer a bound naked woman, but a white blob, something vaguely phallic.

And then Ken stopped.

Leah tested her wax cocoon gently. It was solid, but not quite rigid. The sensation of being encased, trapped gave her an odd thrill, a thrill she'd felt only once before when Ken had sealed her in wax that first time. Maybe in addition to her wax fetish she shared a bit of Ken's sense of kink; the whole naked, bound, and helpless thing.

Leah decided that if it was true it was a good thing. And what if he could learn to share her love of wax? What if he could rig a way (And he could, no doubt. He was very inventive.), what if he could rig a way to tie her up and embrace her and cover them both in wax.

If her lips hadn't been sealed shut, Leah would have smiled.


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