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Warehouse Run

by Nabville

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© Copyright 2018 - Nabville - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; kidnap; bond; rope; strip; sack; bagged; package; transport; cons/nc; X

Sydney, a girl on the run from the FEDs and the men who wish to kidnap her for their own gain, runs out of road as she is confronted with an unsavory meeting.

That was it. With a dead end looming ahead, she had nowhere else to run. She was trapped.

“Looks like your time’s up, missy,” Roy smirked as he grabbed Sydney firmly by the arm and spun her around to face him.

She tried to resist him, but she was no match for Roy’s strength — not that it mattered. Willis was close behind his comrade.

“Yeah, you’re cornered,” Willis chuckled, grabbing Sydney’s other arm, finalizing her detainment. “You’re not getting away again.”

“Let go of me!” Sydney screamed, but it was futile. The boys wouldn’t listen, and the nearest pedestrian was miles away. All there was left to do was wait for what came next, and he came just as expected.

Out of the night rolled a black sedan, windows tinted the same color as its menacing paint scheme. Unfortunately, Sydney knew the person inside was even more sinister than the sedan’s presentation.

“Now, now, darling, don’t struggle. You’ll only make it harder on yourself,” Bauer’s gruff voice pierced the night air as he climbed out of the car.

Sydney could see his silhouette take shape as he stepped out of the shadows and into the industrial lighting from the lamps suspended high above. As usual, his dark trimmed beard covered most of his face. He wore his signature leather jacket, and he had a long army-green-colored cloth draped across one shoulder.

She hadn’t seen him since the last time she’d escaped his captivity. It was ages ago. She wasn’t particularly happy to see him now, either.

“How long did you think you could evade me, sweetheart?” Bauer asked, stopping just feet away from Sydney, Roy and Willis. “There are a lot of important people looking for you.”

“You can’t do this,” was the only thing Sydney could think of at short notice.

“Nay, we can, Love,” Roy grinned fiendishly, his warm breath beating against Sydney’s neck. “We’re gonna put chains on you when you’re sleeping.”

“And when you’re not sleeping,” Willis chimed in.

“Enough, boys,” Bauer said cooly. “Let’s wrap this up, hmmm? We’re lucky we found her before the FEDs did.”

Sydney made another attempt to struggle out of Roy and Willis’ grip, but it was futile. She was now at the whim of these men.

Bauer removed the cloth from his shoulder and sat it on the ground. With the light shining down, Sydney could finally get a good look at what he had brought with him: a large sack, roughly 6 feet long and 3 feet wide, made of soft ribbed cotton. Spanning halfway down the front of the bag was a lighter army-green placket adorned with ten matching buttons, all evenly spaced, holding the bag closed. Judging by the way the sack laid on the ground, there was something small at the bottom of it.

“You’ve made quite the fools of us, you know that?” Bauer began to methodically unfasten the buttons, one by one. “Chasing you all over this city. We thought we’d lost you.”

“You’re a sick son of a bitch!” Sydney snapped back as she eyed Bauer carefully.

The opening of the sack became wider and wider with each button that came undone.

“You’re worth a lot to me — to everyone. And now that I have you back, I can protect you.” Bauer continued. “Feed you. Clothe you.”

“Bathe you,” Willis howled.

“We will take good care of you.”

Once each button had been loosened, Bauer reached deep into the bag, pulling out a coil of brown rope.

Her heart sank. What on earth was he going to do with that? Sadly, she couldn’t anticipate what would come next.

“Well, Sydney, now you’re never going to get away again,” Bauer proclaimed as he threw the rope to Willis. “Boys, strip her.”

And they did. Roy and Willis quickly pulled Sydney’s clothes off of her protesting body one by one, leaving nothing but her bare skin and pink, puffy nipples erect in the chilly night breeze.

“No! Stop it!”

“Now tie her up.”

“You can’t!” Sydney struggled, but there was not much she could do as Roy and Willis began to bind her arms to her sides with the rope Bauer had brought.

“Careful with her nipples,” Willis giggled like a school girl as he grazed them gently.

Sydney flinched.

“It didn’t have to come to this,” Bauer gazed longingly at Sydney. “If you had cooperated, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“Let me go!” Sydney demanded, but if her screams weren’t of use moments ago, they surely weren’t useful now.

But her luck appeared to be changing. Far off in the distance, the sound of police sirens echoed off the walls and across the pavement of the grand city. It was hard to tell, but the sound was slowly growing louder, as if the officers were headed their way.

Bauer cocked his head to one side and narrowed his eyes. “So they are looking for you?”

It was true. The authorities weren’t where Sydney wanted to be, but if it meant not being kidnapped and imprisoned by Bauer to be sold on the black market, it was the next best thing.

“Help! Help!” Sydney yelled at the top of her lungs in an attempt to catch the officers’ attention. “Over here!”

“Shut her up!” Bauer ordered.

Willis clapped his hand over Sydney’s mouth, effectively stifling her plea.

“Mmmm! Mmmmm!”

“Should we gag her?” Roy asked.

“No, there’s nothing to gag her with,” Bauer shrugged as he scrambled for a solution. Then it hit him.

Bauer sized up the army-green buttonsack that had held the rope. Normally, it and the many others he had were used for transporting stolen goods across the border. But being its size and weight, it just might be perfect to transport his most valuable stolen good of all.

He picked up the bag and felt the soft ribbed fabric in his hands. Bauer examined the unfastened buttons, confirming that they were strong and sturdy. Then he judged its length and width against the shape of Sydney’s body. Yes, it would work.

“Button her into this,” Bauer said as he tossed the large bag to Willis. “That should keep her quiet long enough to get outta here.”

Sydney’s eyes widened.

“You’re the boss,” Willis replied. He placed his hands on either side of the sack’s unbuttoned mouth and held it wide open. “Roy, pick her up and throw her in the bag.”

Roy bent down to cradle Sydney’s body, but when he did, he could no longer hold his hand over the girl’s mouth.

“No, you can’t put me into that thing!” Sydney protested.

Bauer didn’t stay to listen to her plight as he jogged to start the sedan.

“Too bad you didn’t keep your trap shut, right?” Willis grinned amusingly, holding the bag as wide as he could.

“Help! Over here! I’m over here!” Sydney cried desperately to the echoing sirens as she struggled against the loosely tied ropes around her arms. With a few hard tugs, the rope came free, leaving her arms open to flail about, but she was too late.

Roy quickly plunged the naked girl into the mouth of the large sack. The bag easily enveloped her body with plenty of room to spare.

With Roy still shoving the girl, Willis pulled the sack up over Sydney’s head and clamped the large mouth shut while the girl inside squirmed about.

“Hurry! Button it up!” Willis instructed his partner.

“Mmmmelp! Mmmmelp mmme!” Sydney’s muffled voice called out.

“Quiet!” Willis barked.

Roy scrambled to fasten the placket of buttons that would seal Sydney away and make her their prisoner, a task that proved difficult against the girl’s struggling body.

“Hold still!” Roy commanded. “I can’t button you in with you wiggling around like that.”

“Mmmelp! Mmomebody, melp me!” Sydney wailed in protest.

Bauer pulled the sedan up and got out to assess his henchmen’s progress. “How long does it take to bag a naked bound bitch?”

“She’s not bound anymore,” Willis lamented. “The rope came loose.”

“Hurry it up!”

“I’m trying,” Roy groaned. He was already working on the forth button, but Sydney’s wriggling motions made it difficult.

With a wild thrash, the remaining unbuttoned mouth of the sack came loose from Willis’ grip. Sydney desperately pushed her head free of the cloth prison and yelled as loud as she could, “Help! I’m over here! Don’t let them take me!”

By now, the sirens were drawing even closer. In a matter of minutes, the authorities would be there.

Bauer could no longer stand idle; he had to do something. The man charged forward. He grabbed the wide mouth of the bag, and placing one heavy hand onto Sydney’s head, shoved her back down into the army-green fabric. “Button her into the sack!” Bauer growled as he held the bag closed.

“Mmmnnoo! Mmet mme mmout!” Sydney protested, her cries ounce again muffled by the cloth that contained her.

To the satisfaction of their fearless leader, Roy and Willis both scrambled to fasten the wiggling sack shut. She wasn’t going to get away this time.

“Almost there,” Roy huffed as he worked on the sixth button.

And then the seventh, and the eighth, and the ninth. Finally, Bauer was able to let go of the bag as Willis slid the tenth and final button into place, sealing the girl’s fate along with it.

The men stepped back and marveled at their prize triumphantly. Sydney was now nothing more than a neatly contained package, helplessly bagged and squirming for freedom that would not come.

“Met me mout!” She protested futilely. “Mou’ll mever met maway mith mhis!”

The light danced across Sydney’s bagged body as she wiggled about. With no clothing on underneath, her hard puffy nipples pressed against the soft fabric of the sack like beacons pointing toward the stars.

The men would’ve stared longer — maybe even celebrated their victory, but the sirens were moving ever closer, still. There was no time to waste.

“Pick her up and put her in the car,” Bauer looked down upon his prize with pride. “And try to keep her quiet. We don’t want to make a scene.”

The menacing man walked back toward the car as Roy and Willis tended to the package.

Willis grabbed Sydney’s kicking feet while Roy took her top half. His eyes rested on the girl’s erect nipples for just a moment. He watched the placket of buttons that spanned down between both perky breasts move with her body. Her puffy nipples bounced ever so slightly with each feeble attempt to get free. She was a sexy captive, and she belonged to them.

“Roy!” Willis hissed, bringing his comrade back to reality.

“Right,” Roy shook his head to clear the daydream from his mind.

Then with his hand, he pressed the placket of buttons firmly against Sydney’s mouth and held it tight, effectively silencing any intelligible protests.

“Mmmmph! Mmmm mmm mmmmph!” Sydney tried anyway, but her cries would not be heard beyond the bay.

With his other hand, Roy gently cupped Sydney’s breast. Her surprisingly soft nipple rested perfectly in his palm, pushing its turgid surface against his skin.

“Mmmmmm!” she squealed.

Together, Roy and Willis hoisted the package up, and despite her squirming, carefully processioned to the car.

Willis got into the back seat first, pulling Sydney’s body toward him as Roy followed.

“Mmmph! Mmmmmmmppphhhhh!!!!!” She desperately cried one last time, hoping that someone, anyone, would hear her.

But her muffled pleas only disappeared into the back seat of the sedan as Roy pushed her in and closed the door behind him.

Quietly, the sedan exited the lot, fleeing in the opposite direction of the police sirens and away to safety.



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