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The Unusual Hotel

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2015 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

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Going back through some old files I found this one that was originally posted to the first plaza forum in 2005 from Darkraptor.

"Here's my first attempt at a packaged story, so please let me know what you think".

The Unusual Hotel
By Darkraptor1

The address was correct. 1739 Everlast Way. But she didn’t expect the house to be so… big. She had imagined perhaps a small middle class house. But what she got was a mansion three stories high, practically the size of the White House.

Audrey walked up to main gates, her taxi driving down the road behind her. She reached the gates and found a small intercom embedded in the stone corners of the main gate. She pressed the button. A female voice answered.

“Please state your business.” The voice requested. Audrey looked at the small business card she was holding.

“I’m here to visit with Mr. Hunning. I… uh… I had a 10:00 appointment with him.” There was a slight pause.

“Name please.” The intercom said.

“Audrey Frost.”

“Passcode please.” Audrey looked at a ten-digit number on the business card and read it out. The gates unlocked with a sharp click. “Thank you. Have a nice day.” The voice said.

The gates of the mansion parted, granting Audrey access to the road leading up to the front gate. She put the card in her purse and walked down the road towards the mansion. The gates closed behind her with a loud clang.

The oak doors of the mansion opened before Audrey even reached the front step. A handsome looking man walked out to greet her.

“Miss. Frost I presume?” He asked. A nod confirmed his question. “I am Mr. Hunning. I’ve gotten everything all set up for you. Please come inside.” Audrey was struck by how handsome this man was. He was only in his thirties, but he was obviously rich and happy with life.

The two walked into the house. Audrey couldn’t help but let out a little gasp when she saw the main lobby of the mansion. A black iron chandelier lit the room. Dark green covered the walls and the floor in the form of paint and carpet.

“You like my green color?” Hunning asked. “I’ve always thought that the green symbolized the earth. The earth that we must all end up entombed in.”

Audrey looked at him in a strange way.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m quite sane.” Hunning said. “I even have the papers to prove it if you want.” Seeing that his little joke didn’t work, he said. “Come, come, let’s go into the living room so we can discuss your stay.”

A few minutes later the two of them sat in the living room (also colored green). Audrey sat on the black leather sofa across from Mr. Hunning. An oak table with a solid base, colored a dark shiny brown, sat between them on the carpet. He seemed like a nice man. She certainly hoped so, considering what she intended to do.

“Now, let’s get down to business.” Mr. Hunning said. “I’ve gotten all your accommodations down that you requested.” He pulled out a sheet of crisp paper, put on some reading spectacles and began to go over the list. “I’m going to read you the accommodations you requested, and I’d like you to confirm your selections.” Audrey nodded.

“Very well.” Taking a brief sip of apple cider, he began. “You’ve requested to stay here for three months, is that correct?” Audrey nodded, her fingers twitching slightly. “And you’ve requested that your sleeping accommodations will be aqua colored form fitting foam?” Audrey nodded again; sweat beginning to form on her forehead. “And you’ve requested our standard wooden case?” Audrey nodded, clearly wishing for this to be over with. Her nervousness did not go unnoticed.

“Are you all right Miss. Frost?” Hunning asked with genuine concern. “You look pale.”

“I’m sorry.” Audrey said. “It’s just that, well… I’ve never really… tried this before, and I’m slightly nervous.”

"Oh don’t worry, I get that all the time.” Hunning reassured her. “Believe me, all the women who come to me begin like you, worried about how the first experience. This is your first time, correct?” Audrey nodded. “Well, why don’t I show you some of my current guests?”

Hunning stood up and walked to the table that was between the two of them. “This here is Amanda. She came in last week. She’s currently living out her fantasy of being entombed in a coffin, and also being furniture at the same time.” He reached down and pulled off the table top, revealing a brown pine coffin beneath. “I’d show you if I could, but she requested complete privacy during her stay. But rest assured, she’s in there right now.”

Amanda looked at the coffin before her, fascinated by what she saw. There was a person in there? “And over here we have Samantha. She’s been here for almost a month.” Hunning opened the door to a safe about three feet off the ground and pulled out a sliding tray. On the tray was a black steel coffin. Judging the size of the space it was contained in, it was a very snug fit for the occupant inside.

“Care to take a look?” Hunning asked. “She won’t mind. She likes getting visitors.” Before Audrey could reply, he undid some locks on the side of the coffin that held the lid in place. The lid was pulled back, and Audrey cautiously looked inside.

There was a young woman, perhaps twenty-three, inside. She was dressed in a body hugging blue latex bodysuit. The suit was covered with leather straps that clung to the woman’s body tightly, keeping her immobilized. A strap had been tied around her waist, and connected to the strap were two pairs of handcuffs, each gripping a wrist of the young woman. The woman’s face was covered with a black leather muzzle that left only the woman’s eyes and nose uncovered. The coffin she was lying in had soft padded liners along the sides and on the floor. It looked quite cozy. The woman blinked her eyes a few times, then focused on Hunning and Frost.

“Hello Samantha. Feeling good?” Hunning asked. Samantha blinked once. “For our guests who are restrained from speaking, we use an eye system. One blink yes, two blinks no, three blinks release me.” Audrey looked in fascination at Samantha’s immobilized form. She looked at Hunning.

“Can I, uh, touch her?” She asked.

Hunning looked at Samantha. “Samantha, is it OK if our guest here touches you? This is her first time seeing something like this.” Samantha blinked once.

Audrey cautiously moved her hand over the woman’s bound body, feeling the smooth subtle latex beneath her fingers. The hardened (yet soft) black leather of the straps. Before she knew what she was doing, Audrey began to caress the smooth suit, rubbing its occupant. Samantha closed her eyes, the relaxed posture indicating that she was enjoying this massage.

Audrey continued for a few moments, rubbing her hand over the woman’s body. Samantha tried to make a sound at one point, but it came out very muffled. “I think she wants to rest again.” Hunning said. Audrey withdrew her hand. Samantha looked sad, but she was in no position to talk. Her muzzle kept her unseen mouth firmly closed, and the inflatable gag in her mouth would have made speech impossible anyway.

“Goodnight Samantha.” Hunning said. He quietly closed the coffin lid and locked it shut. He wheeled the tray back into the safe, then closed the steel door, entombing Samantha once again.

“Why do you do that?” Audrey asked. “Keep them gagged and bound like that?”

“Well, everyone so far has put it on their admission papers that they wish to be bound and gagged. It heightens the experience when you have no control over your body or your experience. Because you can’t do anything, you don’t have any choice but to relax and unwind from the pressure of daily life. Being gagged is completely optional. But everyone who has done it said that it was one of the most intense things they’ve ever done.”

Hunning showed Audrey the rest of his mansion, showing her the coffins and the bound women. Most in latex suits, some in straightjackets, some wrapped head to toe in bandages as a mummy. But all were tucked away in warm cozy coffins, luxuriating in their fantasies.

After an hour, Hunning lead Audrey back to the living room. “So, do you still want to stay here?”

It took Audrey only a few moments to decide. “Yes. I do want to stay here.” Hunning smiled and clapped his hands.

“Perfect! Now, before we tuck you away, we need to figure out what you want to wear. Come with me, and I’ll show you our large closet.” He walked over to a locked room, slid a key into the handle, and opened it.

Walking inside, Audrey gasped. There were so many outfits in there that she didn’t know what to say.

“Magnificent isn’t it?” Hunning said. “Almost every item on the fetish market is kept in here. We have many varieties of straightjackets, armbinders, harnesses, gags, strips, bandages, boards, blinders, collars, and of course, rubber and latex suits. If you can think of it, it’s probably here.”

Audrey walked silently among the clothing items, feeling each one, her mind swirling. So many options to choose from!

Her eyes wandered, and settled on a dark Grey body suit that hung from a coat hanger. “Ah yes, that one.” Hunning said. “That type and color is extremely popular with our guests.”

“Then I’ll take it.” Audrey said, picking it off the hanger. With her first selection started, Audrey found that she couldn’t stop. Moving from hanger to hanger, shelf to shelf, she picked out the items that she only dreamed about in her deepest fantasies. Black leather straps with thick buckles, harnesses, a collar, a black leather armbinder, a chain, a gag, until she was finished.

A short time later, Audrey stood in one of Hunning’s many preparation rooms. She was dressed in the skintight body suit, which hugged her form. “Do you want to apply some of your gear, or do you wish for me to do it?” Hunning asked.

Audrey thought for a moment. Which would she prefer? Bind herself, or have someone else bind her? “I’d like you to apply the gear.” She asked.

“Happy to oblige.” Hunning said. He reached into the basket that held all of Audrey's gear. Feeling around, he picked out her collar. Thick black and smooth leather, with a small ring in the front. He approached Audrey and carefully applied the collar around her neck, making sure that it was snug and tight. “Comfortable?” He asked.

Audrey breathed deeply. The collar did nothing to restrict her breathing. “Yes. Very comfortable.” Hunning smiled, then pulled out the body harness. It was a complex system of many black straps that went around the breasts, around the waist, and tucked into the groin area. There were many silver buckles that shone brilliantly when light touched them.

Taking the harness, Hunning gently placed it on Audrey’s body and threaded the straps behind her, then began to buckle them down, one by one. With each buckle, the harness slowly grew tighter and tighter, whispering to Audrey’s fantasies that had been silent for ages. Her heartbeat began to increase.

With a final pull, Hunning secured the last of the buckles on Audrey’s breasts. The webbing of the harness now firmly hugged her torso and body. Audrey’s eyes were closed. Hunning smiled. He knew the look of pleasure very well.

Time for the next item. Hunning reached into the basket and pulled out the first real restraint item. The black leather armbinder hung limply in his grasp, patiently awaiting a user for it to restrain. Hunning came up behind Audrey. “I’m going to put the armbinder on you.” He said. “It won’t hurt, but you won’t be able to separate your arms.” Audrey nodded. Although she didn’t show it, her excitement had electrified. She was going to have her arms restrained!

Hunning carefully took Audrey’s left arm, bent it backwards, and placed it into the sleeve. He then took the right arm, bent it back, and placed it in the sleeve as well. Taking the interlacing rope, he quickly tightened the binder until it was very snug around Audrey’s arms. Taking the remaining straps, he placed them around the shoulders and armpits and tightened the straps down to make sure the binder didn’t fall off. Audrey stood placidly, making no attempt to escape her binder.

There was only one device left that needed to be put on. Hunning produced a bit gag, similar to the type used in pony play.

Moving carefully, Hunning carefully placed the webbing of the gag over Audrey’s head, adjusting the straps to ensure a snug fit. The bit itself hung in front of Audrey’s mouth, teasing its soon-to-be-wearer. Audrey stared at it while the rest of the straps were tightened down around her head.

With the straps completed, Hunning moved his hands to the gag itself. “Ready?” He asked. Without hesitating, Audrey nodded. Hunning was careful as he inserted the black colored bit into Audrey’s mouth. The compliant woman opened her mouth to accept her gag and gently bit down on it, letting her teeth sink gently into the softly padded material. It felt good, in a primitive way, to bite down on it.

Hunning looked over his charge, his eyes drifting over her entire bound body. “Well, you look very attractive.” He said. “A nice little doll encased in a shiny plastic skin.” Audrey managed a smile. “Well then, let’s get you tucked into your bed. I’m sure you want to start your stay as soon as possible, correct?” Audrey smiled again and nodded. Any uncertainly she felt earlier had vanished completely. This felt good.

Hunning placed his hand on Audrey’s shoulder and gently lead her out of the preparation room and lead her into the living room where they had sat earlier. He indicated the oak table.

“Now, you wanted to be part of a table?” Hunning asked. Audrey nodded. “OK. Just wanted to be positive. I’m sure you’ll be happy with what I got you.”

Hunning went over to the oak table and slid off the tabletop. Underneath it was a thick brown oak coffin shaped container. Undoing a few quick-release locks, he opened the lid. Audrey gave an involuntary shudder of delight when she saw what was inside.

There was aqua colored packing foam, the type used to compress and hold the shape of whatever was placed in it. The shape of a female human had been cut into it. Audrey’s heart beat so hard that it almost hurt.

“Cut to your exact specifications.” Hunning said. “If it’s been done correctly, it should fit your body like a glove.” He reached down and managed to stand it up on its end. He looked at Audrey. “Care to try it out?” Audrey smiled through her gag and nodded.

Taking the first few steps was the hardest part. It was like walking towards destiny. But with her ankles unfettered, Audrey was able to walk easily up to her container. Her eyes moved over the aqua foam, inspecting its properties, wondering what it would feel like. She decided that now was a good time to find out.

Without any instruction from Hunning, Audrey turned around so her back was facing the container and the foam. Very carefully, she slowly walked backwards, until her bound arms brushed against the foam. Unsure of how to proceed, she kept walking backwards, feeling the foam begin to touch more and more of her skin.

Hunning came up to her and gently helped her move backwards. Audrey’s body slowly began to ease into the mould that had been cut for her. As Hunning had predicted, it fit her perfectly. She slid into it and moved backwards until her body was in.

The foam held her in place perfectly. Audrey was nestled into the foam. Out of curiosity, she tried moving, testing out her new bed. Movement was barely possible. The foam was quite solid and compacting. Hunning took the top of the case and slowly lowered it to the ground.

With the case now lying down, Audrey was pressed in deeper until her entire body was now resting firmly on the foam. It felt a little like floating on a cloud, but this cloud held her firmly. It felt wonderful.

Audrey closed her eyes for a few seconds. She wanted to just relish the feeling of being packed in here, knowing that the lid would soon come down and be locked. She could then drift away to a small world all her own, where nobody could disturb her or intrude upon her.

But there were a few things that needed to be done first. Hunning produced a small chain and attached one end to the left side of the container. He then threaded the chain through a small strap in Audrey’s collar. The other end of the chain was then locked down on the right side of the container. Audrey was now really locked down. If she tried to get up, the chain would hold her down in place. And with her arms bound and placed under her, getting out would be almost impossible in the first place.

Hunning looked down on her. “Well, I say you’re pretty well tucked in. Ready for me to close the lid?” Audrey’s smile gave her answer. “OK then. Nighty night.”

Hunning took the lid and slowly moved it down. This was a fun trick on his part. He always liked teasing the girls under his care, letting the last sight of the outside world fade slowly away while they lay helpless in their containers.

It worked with Audrey. She placidly watched as the lid was slowly placed down over her. The light inside rapidly began to fade. Then with a final thump, the lid was shut. There was now only darkness inside.

With the lid on, Hunning moved quickly to finish the job. He took the quick release locks and put them in place. After three of them were locked down, he managed to pick up the tabletop and place it on the large container. With a few shoves and a few grunts, the tabletop was put into place.

Hunning stood back and admired his handiwork. Another happy customer sealed up and packed away for three months, where she would be allowed to explore herself and enjoy the comforting silence and darkness.

Happy with his work, Hunning went to the kitchen to brew himself a cup of coffee.

Inside her private coffin, Audrey lay quietly in her foam bed, nestled in tightly and securely. Her mind was racing and her heart was churning with excitement. This was exactly what she had wanted for so long, and now it was coming true. Her fantasy of being packaged and turned into furniture was complete.

Satisfied, Audrey closed her eyes. As sleep descended upon her, her mind had one final thought.

“I think I’m going to like this… ”


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