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Unintended Baggage

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2005 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; mast; trunk; toys; insert; stuck; truck; transported; reluct; X

Packaged Story Contest 2005 Entrant

“Let’s see, is that everything?” Glancing around, Stacy tried to think of anything she might have forgotten. As far as she could tell, she’d gotten everything. Which was good, she thought, looking at the trunk standing open at the bottom of the stairs. She seriously doubted she could fit much more in there. Not that she cared how much she had to cram into the thing. She’d cram stuff in to get rid of him.

Damn Steve and his stories, anyway. It was bad enough that he was leaving her, but did he have to make up some stupid story about being transferred? True, he’d been with the company several years, but he wasn’t nearly high enough on the company ladder to merit a transfer. Stacy knew he’d made up the story as an excuse to move out, get rid of her. Well, if he wanted out that badly, she’d make it easier for him!

He had invited her to move with him, but she saw through that one as soon as he said it. That was his out. If he invited her and she said no, then it was her choice to end things. Maybe she should have said yes, just to see what stupid stunt he’d come up with to leave her behind. Well, he’d get her last message when he got to wherever it was he was going!

Glancing at the trunk, Stacy couldn’t resist the smile that came across her face, imagining the look on his face when he saw her final touches. Atop the packed clothing, she’d carefully placed two dildos. From the top of the stairs, she could see them standing proudly at either end of the trunk. Hopefully, they’d still be standing when he opened the trunk. A fitting gesture, she thought. He’d used them on her often enough, and now that he was screwing her in a different way, his toys should be a fitting reminder of what he’d thrown away.

Thinking of the things he’d done with those toys, Stacy quickly became aroused. She closed her eyes and let her memories center on the games they’d played, games that usually found her securely bound while Steve had his way with her.

Engrossed in her memories, Stacy slipped off her robe, leaving her clad in only her panties. Her hands caressed her full breasts, then slowly moved down to the juncture of her thighs. Pushing down her panties, she slowly stroked herself, then slipped one finger inside. Lost in the sensations, she never noticed when her panties slipped down to pool around her ankles. Slowly, she drove herself higher, getting wetter and wetter, almost wishing she had one of those dildos to use instead of her fingers. Gently, she stroked her clit, then pinched it, hard. The sensation made her knees buckle, and she instinctively stepped forward to keep her balance.

Suddenly, she was falling forward. Even as her eyes snapped open, Stacy cursed herself. How could she be so clumsy? The panties still tangled around her feet had tripped her up, and now she was on a very bumpy ride down the stairs. Instinctively, she tucked her knees up to her chest, her arms wrapping around them. Curled into a ball, she bounced down the stairs. On the last bounce, she looked down, her eyes widening in shock at what lay below her.

“Nooooooommmmmmffffffff!” Her cry was cut off as she landed on the open trunk. The force of her impact drove one of the upright dildos deep into her mouth, while the other buried itself within the moist cleft between her legs. Stunned, she felt the trunk rock back, seeming almost ready to tip over, then drop back. The force unbalanced the lid, which dropped heavily into place, twin latches catching.

Inside her dark prison, Stacy struggled to move. Fortunately, the curved lid of the trunk meant there was room for her. Barely. The clothing beneath her had just enough give that it formed a sort of nest beneath her, cradling her. And except for the dildos, there hadn’t been anything solid at the top of the trunk.

On the down side, she couldn’t move. The lid pressed down on her, pushing her into the nest of clothing. Curled into a ball, her arms wrapped around her knees, she could barely even wiggle her toes. Worse, the pressure on the back of her head meant she couldn’t raise off the dildo shoved into her mouth. Lucky my mouth was open at the time, she thought, or I’d have lost teeth. And with the cloth pressed against her face, it was difficult to draw in air. She wouldn’t suffocate, but neither would she be able to draw in enough air for any kind of scream, even without the impromptu gag in her mouth.

Perhaps the worst thing was the other dildo. Buried deep between her thighs, it filled her in a way that had her, amazingly, wanting more. But her position denied her that, as well.

Stacy’s struggles halted when she heard the front door open. Two sets of footsteps approached. Wildly, she tried to scream, but even she had trouble hearing the muffled sounds that emerged. There was no way anyone outside the trunk could hear her. Defeated, she quieted and listened.

“Looks like Stacy packed the rest of my stuff for me,” she heard Steve say.

“You sound surprised.” Stacy recognized the voice. It was Bob, one of Steve’s friends from work.

“I am,” Steve replied. “You didn’t see how mad she was when I told her about the transfer. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d just thrown everything out in the street.”

“Why was she so mad? Doesn’t she want you to get ahead in life?”

“I don’t think she believed me. Heck, I had a hard time believing it. Who would have thought Richard would ask for me by name? I did work with him here before he got his transfer, but I never thought he liked my work enough to want me on his team when he got promoted to head his own department out there.”

“You’re a good worker, Steve,” Bob replied, “and Richard knows it. Everybody at work is going to miss you.”

Trapped inside her dark prison, Stacy felt tears well into her eyes. He’d been telling the truth after all! He was moving on to better things. And he’d asked her to share that with him. Remembering the things she’d said to him, Stacy felt her cheeks turn hot with shame. How could she have thought such bad things of him?

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt the trunk being lifted. The bobbing and swaying as the trunk was carried outside made the dildo inside her shift, driving her arousal higher. All too soon, though, the motion stopped as the trunk was set down. Stacy guessed she was now inside a truck or van.

“I guess she doesn’t want to say goodbye,” she heard Steve say sadly. “I was kind of hoping for one more chance to convince her to come with me.”

“You really love her, don’t you?”

“With everything I am. Maybe once she realizes I was telling the truth, I can talk her into joining me. Look in on her, will you? See if you can convince her I wasn’t just pulling some kind of con job on her.”

“You know it. Now you’d best get going. You’ve still got to get this trunk loaded into the plane. I’d like to know what she put in there. That thing is heavy. Maybe she put a body in there.”

“I wouldn’t put it past her, mad as she was. Take it easy, man.”

Stacy heard the back of the truck close, then the vehicle shifted as Steve got behind the wheel. Trapped, helpless, she smiled around her gag. Was he in for a surprise when he opened this trunk! And if she were lucky, he’d forgive her for the things she’d said to him. Silently, she began to compose her apology. When she finally got the chance to speak, she wanted every word to be just right.

Meanwhile, she hoped he’d find some bumpy roads!


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