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Tupperware Girl

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2003 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; plastic container; boxed; encased; breathplay; toys; climax; cons; X

In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies.

Ian undressed his little slave girl ready for her pre-bondage bath. He liked to pamper her beforehand to give her that sense of belonging; not merely one of his possessions. Kissing her passionately as he slowly bathed her eager body. Every nerve jingling at the impending games. He then wrapped Diane in a large fluffy towel and led her to the bedroom. She felt like she was the most loved sex slave in the whole world as her master sat her down on the edge of the bed and held her tightly in his strong arms. He kissed her again and told her he loved her.

She looked longingly into his passionate eyes, before surveying the equipment for tonight’s play on the bed. Her eyes then drifted towards the open plastic storage container at the foot of the bed. A shiver went down her spine as she saw it gleaming in the light. Her thoughts turned to of how she would possibly fit inside that small space, making her pussy twitch slightly. Her master had particularly made the point of telling her its dimensions to further enhance the effect. Thirty-two inches long, seventeen inches wide and a mere fifteen inches deep. It seemed almost impossible that her little body could squeeze into such a space. 

Ian spoke to her and asked her once more if she was feeling alright with this play. It was perhaps the scariest one yet, but at the same time the most erotic. Diane nodded her approval, her brain screaming out ‘oh yessssssss please master, I so want you to squeeze my tiny body into that tight smooth plastic container.’ Again Diane’s pussy quivered and her juices began to flow. Mentally she was prepared; physically she had trained well with her master at breath play, now it was time to put it into practice. Due to the physical restraints of the box, Ian had decided no bindings would be used on his slaves arms or legs. It would take her all of her suppleness to bend into that box without having to deal with added complications. He merely dressed her in the standard Lycra body suit with stocking mask. There were just two further additions, a thick leather neck collar and an ankle strap; both fitted with metal rings. 

This part confused Diane slightly as she knew not how they would come into play. The silky Lycra body suit clung to her body, hugging her breasts tightly in, the material making her nipples stand on end. One final touch was the old faithful dildo, which was suitably greased up and inserted into her waiting pussy. It felt comfortable in there, her sort of good luck charm. Her pussy hugging it’s length adjusting the muscles to accommodate it fully. She was now ready for the next stage. Ian swung her legs down onto the floor and held her upright. Again he held her very tightly in his arms, showing her all the trust that there was between them. He kissed her mouth through the mask, the sight of her all enclosed in Lycra making his cock twitch in his undies. 

‘Is my little slave girl ready for her box?’ he asked. 

‘Yes please oh master’, she replied. These would be her last words; from now on it was hand signals and gestures only. 

Ian helped her hobble over to the plastic container and lifted her legs into it. The plastic felt cool against her skin, as she lowered her body slowly into it, turning her back as she did and bringing her knees up to meet her chest. Her shoulders and head still at an angle outside the box. Ian helped her position both feet in the bottom corner as Diane wriggled her bum tightly into the other. He then bent her head over and squeezed her shoulders down into the top corner. The only available space left now for her face was between her knees. A perfect fit with very little margin for error. His sex slave now literally sandwiched into that large Tupperware container.

Diane’s head was elsewhere now, thinking about her breathing, trying not to panic. Her breathing was shallow for now; this was vital if she was to conserve her energy and air supply for later. Ian looked down at box, Diane’s body squished into every corner; this made him very horny too, he wanted to wank over her body right there and then. He removed most of his clothes except for his undies, his huge hard cock straining to get out. 

Despite being a tight fit in each corner there were still pockets of space available around and above her body. This would soon taken up by Ian’s cunning plan. First though he had another surprise for his trapped girl. He took two lengths of chain from the wardrobe and fed each one through two small holes he had made earlier in the ends of the box. The first he attached to the neck ring with a small padlock. Tugging the slack through the box he taped up the hole to prevent the air from getting in. The second he attached to the ankle ring and did the same that end. Diane knew this would further restrict her movements within the box. Her clitty throbbed with delight at this modification. It seemed to be taking forever before Ian was putting on the lid, the suspense was killing her. What was taking so long. 

Ian took the two pillows from the bed and was stuffing them into two black bin liners. He put them beside the box and knelt down to speak for the final time to his prisoner within. ‘Are you ready and comfortable slave?’ he asked.

Diane took two big lungful of air and then made the thumbs up sign. It was now or never. The clock was ticking, the thrill and excitement of it all too much to bear. Ian placed the two plastic covered pillows widthways on top of Diane and pressed them down into the corners; then he placed the box lid down and pressed the two latches firmly shut. The lid made a hissing sound as the pressure of the pillows forced some of the air out, then silence.

Inside the box Diane wriggled about as the pillows filled every tiny crack around her body, oozing down into the space around her head, between her legs and the four corners of the box. So tightly packed, as her breath began to quicken slightly. Her pussy muscles began to contract and relax in time with her breathing. The juices from her sopping pussy dribbling down her inner thighs and the sweat from her body trickling off her skin. It was dark, hot, heavy with the scent of her own love juices and sweat and air tight. 

Ian had to work quickly now; the vital seconds were ticking away for his trapped slave. He wrapped the three-inch parcel tape around the lid making sure there were no leaks, and then quickly surveyed his packed slave through the side of the box. There really was not a single millimetre of spare space left in that giant butty box. His cock badly needing to be relieved; almost holding his breath too in sympathy with Diane.

He had just one final task to perform; he tugged the chains together and looped then over the box lid, wrapping the surplus around the sides before securing the ends with one padlock in the middle. Diane felt her neck pulled back hard against the side of the box, almost making her loose concentration, and she let out a shriek. Her ankles tightly against the other end, making her wriggling more difficult. Her breath now almost panting, moaning loudly as she worked hard on that dildo. As she moved about what little she could squeezing her thighs tighter and tighter together, she heard the chain clink against the sides. 

She could hold back no longer, the air was practically non-existent now, as she thrashed about against the sides best she could. Ripples of delight running down her body. Without warning her orgasm began, jets of love juice squirting out from around that dildo, spasms of ecstasy, and lights before her eyes. She screamed out loudly the name of her master, almost willing him to release her now before it was too late.

He watched her squirm and heard the muffled screams from within the sealed box, as he too came. He composed himself and hurriedly undid all the chains and the lid. Removing the two pillows he helped his little slave girl out of the box. He undid the restraints and sat her on his lap, cuddling her gently. She gasped out as the lid was removed and she was free at last. Another thirty seconds and she would have passed out. It was very scary, but the pleasure it brought was far too much to outweigh the fear. She opened her eyes and looked up to see her master gazing into hers so lovingly. He rocked her limp and sodden body back and forth gently, kissing her and squeezing her. She was too weak to speak, but inside her head she heard the words, ‘Thank you so much master, I love you so.’ 


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