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True Burial

by Nakeddreamer

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© Copyright 2012 - Nakeddreamer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/m; buried; naked; dirt; public; cons; true; X

A true story from Nakeddreamer. ( I am a male.)

I had always been interested in bondage and selfbondage. Then one day I was looking at Gromet's site and read a story about someone being buried. This really got my juices flowing.

After seeing this story, it was all I could think about day after day. It was driving me crazy, so I decided that I would have to experience this for myself.

So I started to plan what I was going to do to make this happen.

First I went to a store that sells swimming gear and bought a snorkeling mask, the one with the two tubes coming out of the mask so when you are swimming along you can breath while looking under water. The tubes have check balls in them, I removed the check balls and turned the tubes around and found a way to make them a little longer with some pvc pipe, so that when I lay down the tubes would go straight up and be above ground.

Next was where was I going to be buried.

I lived next to where I worked and it had a dirt parking lot. So I wandered around one day just looking for that right spot. I found a spot near the edge of the parking lot and I would be near the road that past by the lot.

I still had to wait; I lived with my parents and my 2 brothers. One of my brothers is a stepbrother; he is into most anything that involves sex or some form of bondage on me. I had to wait until my parents went on a business trip for a few days, this gave me my chance to make my burial really happen.

I could not wait any longer the first day they were gone, that night I dug my grave. I got it deep enough to cover me entirely but leave my breathing tubes just above ground.

Now all I had to do was to convince my stepbrother to come out of the house and bury me.

This was not hard when he heard what I wanted him to do he was all for it.

So we went out to my grave and I stripped, put on the mask and laid down in my grave.

The first thing he covered was my face and worked down my body to my cock, which was hard by now, he held it straight up so that when the dirt was pushed around it was not laying on my belly.

He continued to cover my entire body and then I felt him pat the ground down over me.

I told him when he was done covering me to leave and go back in the house and in an hour come get me. So he left (with my clothes) and went in the house.

I laid there for what seemed like for hours. The ground above me was starting to feel heavy and it was making my breathing a little labored. Thank goodness I was not bound in any way so I was able to get my arms out of the grave and pull and dig my way out.

Now I am out but naked and no clothes in sight. I had to cross a large parking lot to get to the house. I had to pick the right time to do my 100 yard dash. But I made it with no one seeing me.

My step brother had no intension of coming to dig me up he said he knew I would be able to get out on my own.

He also said that the next time I would be bound before he buried me.

There was never a next time.


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