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A Trip to the Cottage

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2014 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; rope; gag; balltie; collar; crate; pallet; encase; foam; truck transport; delivery; stuck; cons; X

After 4 days, Paul had finally finished, on this Monday morning everything was ready. There on the bench before him was the box. It was 2ft square and 2ft 6 inches high, the sides and top were all of solid wood; one side could be removed and then secured with screws. The box was mounted on a wooden pallet, in end one of the box was a round hole 1 ½" in diameter, going through the base of the box and the pallet. Paul lifted the box down onto the garage floor and went to get his wife. Kay had a thing about being trussed up and boxed, so without her knowing he had made the box as a surprise.

Paul led Kay into the garage, her smile beamed when she saw the open box, "Is this really for me!" she squealed in delight.

"Yes" said her husband, "And as we have a few hours before we need to set off for the cottage, maybe you want to try it out?"

"Oh yes please, do you want me to take my clothes off?" said Kay now very excited.

"That would be appropriate," Paul smirked, "Then I need to get you tied up and gagged for the full effect."

Kay quickly stripped off her clothes, revealing a firm and slim body, she was small only just 5ft, her breasts were pert, the nipples already hardening with excitement. Paul put an old rug on the floor next to the box and ordered Kay to sit on it. Paul produced a box with some white cotton rope and quickly tied her ankles and legs just above the knee, clinching the ropes tight. He then bound her wrists palm to palm. Paul bent her knees, drawing her legs up against her chest then wrapped some more rope around her upper body and legs, putting his wife in a tight ball tie.

Not finished yet, he produced a panel gag, which he had altered himself. In the front panel Paul had fitted a plastic end for a 1 ½" tube to go over, on the inside of the gag the tube protruded a couple of inches, when fitted it kept his wife’s mouth open, the plastic was hard and she would not be able to bit through it. He watched his wife’s eyes as he fitted this gag, a little apprehension showed, but once he bucked it tight behind her head she had been denied the power of speech, she could only wait for what was next.

Paul produced a heavy leather posture collar and buckled it around her neck, to the D ring on the front he attached a rope which he took down to the rope around her ankles, pulling this rope pulled Kay’s head down towards her knees. She was truly tied tight, with almost no movement, the posture collar stopped her turning her head, the rope kept her from raising it up.

Paul produced a flexible tube out of the box and fitted it through the hole in the floor of the box, he then easily lifted the bound form of his wife into the box and inserted the other end of the hose into the plastic fitting on the panel gag and secured it with a jubilee clip. He then took some pieces of foam rubber he had on the bench and pushed them in behind his wife’s back and in front of her legs, compressing her a little further, then smiling to himself he lifted up the side, this was already coated with a layer of foam rubber, once in place his bound victim would have very limited movement. With an electric screwdriver he quickly secured the side on the box with 16 screws. Now all he had in front of him was a wooden crate on a pallet; there was no way to tell what was inside.

Paul left the garage to make a phone call; everything was working out as planned.

* * *

Kay had been delighted and very excited when Paul showed her the box, and was eager to try it out; she dropped her clothing in an instant and prepared herself. Paul’s bondage was always good and tight; she loved the lack of movement and feeling of restraint he managed to obtain with his clinched rope work. Paul had tied her legs tightly, welding them together, then her wrists behind her back, the rope around her upper arms and body forcing her knees against her breasts. She was a little alarmed when she saw the gag, but opened her mouth to accommodate the tube sticking out, it wasn’t as bad as it looked but she wondered how long she would be there for as her jaws would certainly ache after a while, perhaps she should have asked him first, still they were due to set off for the cottage later that morning so it couldn’t be that long!

She loved the feel of the leather posture collar around her neck and when her head was pulled down to her knees she was fulfilling a fantasy she had long dreamed about. Her husband easily lifted her into the box, he fiddled with the fitting of the tube, she realised this was to help her breathe, she hadn’t seen any air holes in the box so it seemed a very safe way of her getting air. Then Paul had packed the foam around her, compressing her further. By looking out of the side of her eyes, she could see him lifting up the side of the box, and then it went dark as it was pushed in against her, the foam fastening her in place. Kay heard the screws being fitted then silence; she tried movement but apart from wiggling her toes and fingers there was none. Her breathing was laboured sucking down on the pipe, she strained to listen if he was still out there but could hear nothing, and she could only wait.

Time passed, how much Kay could not be sure, it could have been 10 minutes or a hour, its amazing how robbed of your senses time had no meaning. Kay was wet between her legs, but Paul had not added any stimulation so she was stuck unable to release the growing excitement. After some time, Kay thought she might have even fallen asleep, but wasn’t sure she heard a noise, then voices, what was going on?

Paul had someone else there, it was impossible to hear was being said, the heavy wooden box muffled the sounds outside. Then Kay felt the box being lifted, there was motion for a few seconds then the box was put down hard on the ground, Kay tried to speak but the tube rendered her output to a little more than a murmur. Kay heard more voices, a few noises she was unable to distinguish, silence for a few minutes then vibration, she was now on a moving vehicle – Kay was horrified, what was happening was she being kidnapped, had the crate been stolen?

Outside, Paul watched as the lorry containing his wife drove away from the house. Unknown to her he had arrange for a carrier to collect the pallet and box and take it down to the holiday cottage, she had always wanted to be boxed and transported, now she was! Paul went back in the house and got together the clothes and other items he needed for their few days away. He packed them in the car and locked up the house. He should get to the cottage in a couple of hours, the carrier would deliver his wife later that day, and he hoped she enjoyed her adventure.

In the box Kay was panicking, she could not move and the bondage was certainly not going to come undone, it took a few minutes for her to calm herself down, thinking logically she realised that Paul must have done this, and that probably she would be driven round for a few hours before returning home, despite the apprehension it was probably one of the biggest thrills of her life!

Paul reached the cottage a couple of hours later, he drove down the single bumpy track to the front door, took the things inside and set up ready for Kay’s arrival, the carrier had said that the delivery should be between 1pm and 5pm that day.

In the crate Kay could do little but wait, the vehicle stopped several times and she heard voices, at one point her crate was bumped by something else, but she had little idea where she was or what was happening, after a while she felt the vibrations cease altogether, then she heard mechanical noises and bumping, suddenly she felt her crate move and lifted like it was suspended in the air, then a thump as it was left on another surface – had she arrived? She heard more bumps and then vibrations as the vehicle engine started and drove off – she was on another vehicle!

Paul waited at the cottage, by 2pm he was a little concerned, but realised that the carrier’s vehicle would no doubt take its time, at 3pm he checked his phone, the signal was weak, but still working so he phoned the carrier’s office – yes he was assured the pallet was on the wagon for delivery and should be with him by 5pm, he could only wait, wondering what Kay was thinking stuck in her crate!

Kay felt the vehicle stop and the vibration cease, she heard someone outside, is sounded like they were talking on a phone, but she could not heard what was being said, many thoughts passed through her mind, perhaps Paul had grown tired of her and shipped her off to a white slaver, she groaned into her gag, she was desperate for some relief, the excitement of her predicament was almost too much to bear, but she could do nothing to relieve herself, but she could only wait. The vehicle engine started and moved off again.

By 4.30pm Paul was getting worried, he phoned the carrier again, this time he was put on hold, then a man came on – the depot manager, "Sorry we have tried to deliver the pallet today to the address, but the lane is too narrow for the lorry and we have had to have it brought back to the depot and bring it out on a smaller vehicle, if it gets back here in the next half hour we will get it out to you before 6pm." Paul was a little worried, but Kay had always asked to be packed, tied helpless in a box and transported so hopefully she was enjoying this.

Kay again felt the vehicle stop, more mechanical noises then she felt her box again being lifted into the air and deposited down on another surface, the heard metallic doors closing, then silence.

Paul waited, walking out into the lane several times, but no sign of the transport, just after 5.30pm he phoned again, there was no answer, the phone rang and rang. He waited until after 6pm, and then finding the depot details got in his car and drove there, it was over an hour away, more in the heavy evening traffic. It was nearly 8pm when he got there, the depot gates were locked everyone had gone home, just a few floodlights lit the yard with various vehicles standing around waiting for the next day.

He returned back to the cottage, arriving well after 9pm despondent wondering what had happened and what he should do, he could hardly call the police, if they believed him he could get locked up for kidnap! He didn’t sleep very well that night. At 7am he phoned the depot, still no answer, just before 8am someone answered, they let him hang on a few minutes before informing him that the pallet had not arrived back at the depot until late so they had sent it out in a van this morning, it should be with him by 9am!

In the crate, Kay was very worried, she felt like she had been abandoned, what time was it? She heard no sounds, she want a pee, but forced herself to hold it, she didn’t want to end up sitting in it, what was going to happened now? She must have fallen asleep, there was a noise and someone talking, and then vibration, the vehicle was moving!

Just after 9am the van pulled up outside the cottage, Paul rushed out, trying to seem unflappable, the van driver opened the rear doors and together they dragged the pallet out and put on the ground. The van left and Paul went to fetch his electric screwdriver. It took him only a minute to remove all the screws. The side popped open, there she was his wife, just as he left her, he could see her breathing, he removed the packing and lifted her out, carrying her still bound inside. Paul put her down on the settee and loosened the neck rope and removed the gag from his wife’s stretched mouth.

Kay flexed her jaws, there was a certain amount of ache and it took a few seconds before she spoke, "Wow that was fantastic" she declared, "I can see its still light but it felt like I’d been in there for days!"

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