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Treat Me Like Laundry

by Laundryboy

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© Copyright 2017 - Laundryboy - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; bagged; laundrybag; canvas; encased; hum; locked; stored; stuck; true; cons; X

How people have changed. I am much older now but continue to have the desire to have someone put me in a large canvas laundry bag, tie it up and leave me in the bag for maybe 30 minutes or so. This is just for fun. I really enjoyed the experience of being helpless in the bag. Today people have a very different attitude. They are not interested in having some good honest fun with me. Their idea is to do me physical harm, so of course I cannot trust anyone now.

Back in those days large canvas laundry bags were very common. Bags were about 4’ tall with a circular base 30” to 36” in diameter. They were tied with cord through eyelets with the top of the bag being almost as wide as the base. So you can see that being 5’ 6” tall and skinny I could easily fit in one of these bags.

Now I can tell you how it was. The place was England, I was in my 20’s and there were plenty of laundry bags around. I had little difficulty finding one or more men about my age to put me in a laundry bag. I really enjoyed the experience, particularly when they humiliated me and made fun of me. Sometimes the bag would be picked up and carried. There would be times when the bag was locked in the laundry room. Mostly I would be left in the bag for about 30 minutes or as long as one hour.

If the bag was left where others could see it, they would not interfere with the fun. Men and women of all age groups would just leave me in the bag. They may laugh, say something nasty or just ignore me. Occasionally someone would make sure the bag was tied very tight before leaving me. This was all done for fun and I really enjoyed it.

Rarely did I come across a man who refused to put me in a bag. The vast majority of those who did were very willing and happy to do so. There were some who really enjoyed leaving me helpless in the bag. Others would do it just because I asked.

On a few occasions some laundry would be stuffed into the bag with me, usually two or three sheets, before tying it. It would be a struggle to get the sheets away from my face, which was not very easy with my movement restricted inside the bag.

To add to their fun they would sometimes roll the bag around or sit on it to make it even more difficult for me. Even though they would be laughing and saying things about me, I could not hear from inside the bag full of sheets.

In my experience everyone was kind enough to have some fun but making sure no harm came to me. Sometimes I would be left in the bag longer than I wanted.

Occasionally I would be forgotten. This was not deliberate, but if the bag was dumped somewhere out of sight, those putting me in the bag could easily get busy and forget about me. That was scary because I didn’t know when they would come to let me out. I should also say that while inside the bag time went by very slowly seeming like an hour when it was only 15 or 20 minutes.

Those days were great but short-lived and will not return. Today I would like people to read this, imagine what it was like in those days, then tell me how they would have some fun humiliating me. Then I can relive those times as a fantasy. When you do respond tell me if you are male or female. Also your age or age group if possible.

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