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by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; wrap; lycra; plastic; bagged; hood; sleepingbag; breathplay; climax; cons; X

WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Master Ian prepares his new little slave girl for her captivity. This play is going to be one of endurance and layered confinement. Combining all of her masters techniques both in breath play and bondage. Jenni’s body shivers in anticipation at what is to come. So many items laid out on the bed, she gulps at the mere thought of being encased in all that.

Ian strips her naked first kissing her body all over before covering it in baby oil smearing it all over. He takes great care in getting her aroused by playing with her oiled up breasts, circling each nipple in turn and sliding his oily hand between her thighs. Already her pussy begins to dampen as she stands there quite still, allowing her master to use her. Then it begins. Wrapping her entire body up in tight cling-film sheeting. The feel of the plastic against her skin makes her tingle all over in anticipation of what is to come. Master surveys his handiwork and knows his Jenni slave girl will like the layered play that lies ahead. He helps Jenni to lie down on the bed.

Already her pussy is seeping juices. Next Master Ian carefully puts her into his speciality invention, the Lycra suit. First both legs into one leg of a pair of tights, then a second pair with a suitably cut hole in the crotch over her shoulders and arms; finally a stocking over the head and a ball gag fitted. He makes sure the tights are pulled up tight and pats her pussy through the material feeling the wetness. The tight covering combined with the cling-film makes her pores sweat more. Every nerve and fibre of her body is on full alert. Every touch and stroke like an electric shock rippling through her body. Jenni can breathe quite normally for now through the sheer material of the stocking but the gag makes sure it is only through her nose. Her hands are tied behind her back and secured firmly with one of masters old ties. Jenni is now getting very very aroused. Next layer is the large long plastic bag over the top of the stocking layer, slowly easing it down over her head and pulling it past her legs. Ian secures the open end with a short length of cord making sure no air can get in.

She watches through the see through plastic as her master smiles and reassures her that all is going to be alright. Juices are dribbling down her tightly squeezed thighs now and she is sweating quite heavily too. All sorts run through her mind and she wonders how long she can last before her pussy muscles involuntarily contract and she has the most massive orgasm of her life. Trying not to rub her legs together too much.

Now she is about to be isolated totally in her cocoon as the master fits the loose rubber hood over her head around her ears. Master makes a tiny hole in the plastic beneath. Blocking out all light and sound now. She feels him smooth it over her facial features and her breathing is becoming more laboured now.  She can smell the pungent aroma of the rubber through her nostrils. This mixing with the heady scent of her own sex. The rubber moves in and out slowly in time with her breathing and she can feel the pressure in her ears as it deflates. It also makes a delightful wheezing sound as she breathes out and the air escapes down the sides. She squeezes her legs together even more making her clitty button throb with delight at this recent addition. The feeling of those layers on her face makes her even more excited. At first Jenni thought she would panic but now she was savouring every last minute of this exquisite confinement.

How much more can she take she wonders. Each sense deprived in turn until Jenni is left in a special world with only her own heartbeat for company. She is now positioned on the bed lying on her back her limbs powerless to move. Next master Ian positions ties tightly around various points on Jenni's already constricted body. Firstly her delicate shapely ankles, then one at her smooth knees, one longer one around her waist and wrists. A couple of belts complete the binding around her breasts and shoulders. The only muscles moving now are her pussy ones which are working overtime as she pants and gasps for what little air is left in her dark cocoon prison.

She tries to wriggle but can't. She needs to conserve her energy. The next and last layer is applied; a thick zip up quilted sleeping bag with hood; the quilting nestling her writhing body tightly within. Not only is it dark and silent now but also the temperature has risen dramatically. Panting loudly now as she drifts off into space, each breath taking her nearer and nearer to heaven. Light-headed but euphoric, senses dulled but yet alert, the adrenaline rush of being totally at the mercy of another human being, her master Ian. Trusting him with her very life.

Once the sleeping bag is zipped up shut and secured with a padlock, the binding is complete. Quite soon now our little slave girl Jenni will run out of air, can she hold on. There she is trapped totally and at her masters whim; encased in layers, upon layers and bound so tightly she can hardly move. Master quickly turns her over onto her tummy and she can at last apply pressure to her aching pussy and throbbing clit against the mattress until she shudders violently with her exploding orgasm. Her lungs are on fire and she wonders if she will loose consciousness.

Just in time she feels the cool air hit her face as Ian releases her. Ripping off the layers quickly before Jenni passes out. Her body continues to shake for several minutes as her massive orgasm dies down. The intensity of the experience leaves her drained both mentally and physically and she drifts off into a deep comforting sleep in her masters loving arms; to dream maybe of the next encounter. Who knows what devilish plan he will come up with next time.




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