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Totally Bound To Please

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2003 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; lycra; bagged; trunk; encased; breathplay; toys; climax; cons; X

In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies.

Ian slowly undressed his little slave girl and placed her on the bed at one side, while he got the items for tonight’s play from the wardrobe. He surveyed Diane with awe as she lay there on the top sheet; the duvet was needed elsewhere. Such an obedient little sex slave she was. He carefully took the duvet out from its cover and rolled it up neatly along side all the other items. Diane watched with glee as one by one the items were placed beside her body ready for her master’s use. Already she was tingling in her pussy at the thought of the enjoyment she was about to have.

Her master reassured her that this would be the ultimate in bondage restriction and submissiveness, but not to be afraid. He cuddled her briefly and kissed all along her body at strategic points where the bonds were to be eventually. Paying particular attention to her clitty area and nipples. This aroused Diane further and she closed her eyes and savoured the moment. Inside her head she didn’t know what to expect, but in her masters words this was to be the best ever bondage game. Ian could also feel his manhood rising in his undies as he prepared to start his masterful domination of his slave. A total expression of love and trust, and respect for one another. Diane willingly gave into her master’s requests, not merely to please him, but most of all because it pleased her. 

Diane’s thoughts wandered back to the items on the bed so many of them, and the care and precision of her master’s actions excited her further. Silk ties, belt, pillow case, ball gag, stocking, tights, padlocks, rope and best of all the long metal chain. Part of her was trembling with anticipation and another part was excited by the unknown. Never before had she experienced total restraint, and she had mulled this over in her head all day. Before her master came home from work she had gone into the bedroom and looked at the old trunk in the corner of the room with building excitement. She knew that Ian had measured it to fit her snugly, but just how snugly she knew not.

Her master too was going over it in his mind all day too. Making sure he had got every detail correct. For there could be no room for error in his calculations. Once his love slave was fully encased in that trunk with her head deep into her knees, he reckoned she had only 3 minutes of air left. The very thought of that made him tingle inside. There could be no trial; this was to be the test. Diane’s life depended on it. Making it all the more exciting, that thin line between pleasure and danger. 

Ian began; he eased the first pair of tights onto her legs ever so slowly. Smoothing out every crease and running his hand tantalisingly up her inner thighs. Before he pulled them to the top he greased up the dildo and slipped it into her waiting wetness. The dildo was in just a few inches but Diane knew it would be sucked up further before long. Her juices began to flow even now, as Ian slid both her legs into the one leg of the second pair of tights. She loved the feel of the second pair; the way it seemed to press her skin together in such a divine way. Nothing else compared to it. The thick Lycra tights she had purchased were ideal; they gave enough to stretch over both legs but never slackened.

Up over her knees now, he snapped a pair of handcuffs around her feet. Then he proceeded to tie one of the silk ties around her knees. Rolling back the silky material further he completed the leg bondage with the belt around her thighs. As in previous times the belt buckle perfectly positioned against the base of the dildo trapping it in place. The position of the buckle was such that if she brought her legs up slightly it dug agonisingly into her clitty hood. She wriggled slightly as the dildo inched up a little more into her sopping pussy. By now her clitty was on fire, growing and engorged with blood, pulsating with every breath. Her months of training to hold back her orgasm was paying off now. Any normal slave would have cum long before now. 

Ian positioned both pairs of tights up to her middle, securing them in place with one further tie around her waist; and then studied his handiwork for a while, kissing Diane’s breasts several times. He sat her up and cuddled her telling her how much he loved her and reassuring her again that all would be fine. One final kiss on the lips and it was onto the head. Diane shuddered as the ball gag snapped in place, the thick leather strap buckled behind her head.  She loved the feel of leather against the soft skin of her neck. She looked up at Ian with that glint in her eyes, getting more excited by the minute.

Next the soft silk scarf was wrapped around her eyes. It would be quite some while before she saw light again she thought to herself. Finally the thin silk stocking was slipped over her head making the blindfold tighter around her face and encasing the gag totally. Ian eased it gently down her neck trapping her ears too. One by one Diane’s senses were being removed, her ability to talk, her sight and now her hearing muffled by the stocking. She heard her own breathing now, her heart pounding away, and knowing this was all just the beginning of what was to be the most memorable night of her life. Time seemed endless as she lost herself totally in thoughts of how much more wonderful it would get. 

Now Ian concentrated on the upper body, studying her breasts for one last time before slipping the holed tights over her shoulders and along her arms. The hole in the neck forming a perfect seal around the stocking at the neck. Diane’s body was totally encased in soft Lycra now, every nerve and sinew on full alert, not knowing where the next touch would come or the next exciting episode begin. It was the unknown which excited her most of all, she trusted her master completely and was in his hands now.

Ian put her arms behind her back and snapped on the other pair of handcuffs before tying one last tie around her elbows. This restricted the movement of her arms totally as she wriggled her lower body around pressing against her leg bindings. This almost made her cum so she stopped and rested again. She was enjoying the moment so much and didn’t want to cum just yet. When the time was right she would know; and she would find it impossible not to cum. Her nipples were hard against the Lycra of the top, growing more and more as she gasped and murmured beneath her gag and the stocking mask. 

Ian stopped momentarily again and held her in his strong arms. He kissed her through the silky material, stroking her head and patting her side gently. Throughout all this his words of kindness continued to make Diane feel at ease. Describing each action to her before he did it; occasionally getting a nod of agreement from Diane. Her mind wandered off into space, totally engulfed in her own erotic thoughts of this total bondage. At any point if she wanted out all she had to do was click her fingers and her master would stop. He kissed her cheek one final time before preparing for the next stage.

He took the large white pillowcase from the bed and slid it over Diane’s head easing it down past her shoulders. It went a little darker now and her upper body gained heat in such tight bindings. Another layer in place; this made her quiver with delight. Her arms and legs now totally immobilised, totally at the mercy of her master. Next Ian propped her up against the headboard while he got himself undressed. He would need to be naked later and would have little time to relieve himself while his love slave was struggling for her very life.

This thought made his cock twitch as he stood there naked, desperately trying not to play with himself. He brushed his erect cock along Diane’s legs and she instinctively knew he was enjoying it as much as she was. The juices now soaking her tights. The dildo fully up inside her love hole now, hot and wet, tightly clinging onto it. Again she fought off her orgasm, how much more she could take she knew not. The combination of the heat from the two pairs of tights and the tightness of her upper thighs further heightening the sensations in her pussy. 

It was time for the trunk now, positioned carefully at the foot of the bed, the sack already placed inside open and draped over its sides. This was no ordinary trunk. Solidly made and looking beautiful with its rounded top and markings along the sides. It was modern in design but made to look old. The etchings on the side were of a nautical feel. Ian’s modifications to the interior making all the more special.  Normally it would be used to store clothes and other items but in this case the package was to be Diane. What a lovely package too thought Ian to himself as he slung her over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift and carried her over to edge of the trunk.

The insides of the trunk were lined with thick soft velvet, black and padded. Its dimensions perfect to his love slaves vital statistics; leaving no margin of movement once in place. He had added a little something special to the base of the trunk, and smiled to himself at the surprise Diane would get very soon now. He had gotten the idea from the strappings inside of large suitcases, which hold the clothes in place. His twisted idea would secure Diane so tightly; more than she ever thought possible. 

He stood her up and retrieved the length of chain from the bed. It clinked as it fell to the floor and made a noise that even Diane loved despite having her hearing impaired, she recognised the sound. He wrapped the end of the chain around her ankles and then threaded it around and around her body. He secured the ankles with a padlock and another around her waist then he lapped it across her breasts in a cross, pulling it tight. Even through the pillow case and the tights Diane could feel the coldness of the steel as it rubbed across her nipples. Finally he secured it around her shoulders with the last padlock. The feeling was exquisite for Diane now, she felt like she was in heaven. Swirling thoughts of no escape filled her mind as her juices continued to flow down her thighs. Thick creamy globules of love juices oozing out of her hot pussy. She was almost willing her master to put her into that trunk. 

Once more onto his shoulder he lowered her into the sack inside the trunk. He positioned her ready for her descent into total isolation before pulling the neck of the sack tightly shut using the length of rope threaded though the eyelets at the top. Again he asked her if she was ok to carry on and she nodded. Not to continue now would be such an anticlimax. It was now or never she thought as Ian made her kneel up in the bottom of the trunk.

Next came the surprise bit for Diane, because unknown to her, Ian had made a few little alterations to the insides. Three sets of straps equally spaced along the front and back, held securely in place to the base of the trunk, with which to make sure his slave girl was not going anywhere. Also four metal U hooks at each corner, the purpose of which would become all to alarmingly clear to Diane shortly.

Her knees pressed tightly against one side now her toes just touching the other; Ian placed a U-clasp steel bracket across the back of her heels. It was about two inches wide and had strategically placed slots in the ends to match the position of the base hooks. He then secured this in place with two padlocks; click, click. Diane almost squirmed with delight as she felt the cold steel bar across her heels, preventing her from standing. He then eased her buttocks down slowly so she was sat back on her calves, the cool steel resting against her buttocks in a very erotic way. He helped her thighs settle in now, squashed tightly into the front and back of the trunk, as he looped the first strap over her buttocks and pulled it closed. Her body now at right angles, her shoulders still protruding, but unable to move upwards at all. The feeling was just too much for Diane. Never in her wildest dreams had she felt so excited and turned on. Was it physically possible to be more restrained than this she thought. 

Ian bent over towards her ear and whispered once more he loved her; asking her one final time if she was ok. She nodded again and knew this would be the last time for a while she would get fresh air. She filled her lungs deeply a couple of times before Ian eased her shoulders down the sides of the trunk pressing her head down between her legs. He fastened the middle strap across her back, which served two purposes; one to keep her hands firmly clamped behind her back and secondly to ensure her back couldn’t move.

She could smell the aroma of her dripping sex now as her head went lower until her nose was almost touching her knees.

The third and final strap going across her shoulders and the buckle fastened. Her hair brushing against the side of the trunk, such a tight fit, no room for even a cigarette paper. At this point Diane’s pulse was racing, her breathing quickened, and she almost lost it as Ian placed the second steel U-clasp over the back of her head and in place over the base hooks. This was the difficult bit, there was little room for error in the measurements of the strap; the first side secured with one padlock, click. The second side slightly more difficult, as Ian held her head down with his hand and eased the padlock bar through the loop and snapped it shut, click. Totally trapped with not an inch to spare. Her head now pressed even more into her knees, her tits squashed tightly against her tummy, the dildo totally lodged deep within her. 

The only movement that she could make was to wriggle her muscles slightly and of course her pussy muscles. She worked slowly on the hot rubber intruder within her burning pussy, sucking its entire length into her hot wet folds. Ian pulled the back strap two more holes tighter to make certain she was not going to move an inch. He pushed the ends of all three straps into their respective loops, testing the firmness of each. One final check; Ian placed his hand against Diane’s fingers through the sack and asked her one more time if she was ok. A twitch of her fingers against his hand, meant all was well, if no movement, then the game would end.

Diane’s brain was on overload now as she thought briefly. She wanted this so badly, but knew she could stop it now if she wanted to. Her fingers instinctively wrapped around Ian’s hand like a baby grasping at its mother. Please continue she thought. Make me beg to be released oh master. I am yours completely. Do with me, as you will. In her mind she imagined this was all some strange bizarre magic show illusion where the lovely assistant is trapped in a box and escapes. She knew it was no trick; she clenched her muscles at each bondage point to prove it. No escape now for this lovely sex slave assistant. Her fate was in the master’s hands now. 

He knew he had to work quickly now, but carefully, as every second counted for his little slave girl trapped inside her dark encasement. The clock was ticking, each precious second between ultimate pleasure and certain distress. His mind quickly went over the efforts of his bondage, knowing too that in her mind Diane would be dwelling on each painful yet pleasurable item. The tights and ties around her legs, the arms restrained totally, the metal chain around her body; the heavy sack clinging to her body, the tightness of the trunk sides, and the added detail of the straps now firmly holding her down; and to cap it all the metal straps across her feet and head.

Again Diane panted loudly through the gag, too late now to go back. Beyond the point of no return, heart beating frantically, blood throbbing through her veins, pussy muscles almost beginning to spasm. Ian looked down into the trunk. He saw her body twitch occasionally as he prepared to make the space even less for Diane. There were still gaps at the bottom near her feet and either side of her head. This was what the duvet was to be used for. 

The final packing piece to complete the play. He lifted it onto her back; sweat already pouring from her body. It was about to become much tighter and hotter now. He tucked one end down past her buttocks and into the small recesses next to her feet, tamping it down slightly. The feel of Ian’s hand against her tight buttocks almost making her cum once more. She felt the duvet all around her feet now; she couldn’t even twitch her toes anymore. Then along the sides of her back, filling the trunk to the brim and finally the remainder down either side of her head, until every inch of that trunk was filled with Diane and duvet. Not one single inch was free, no movement possible up, down or side-to-side. Totally imprisoned in her own wonderful desires and thrills. The duvet now filling the trunk to the top and slightly above it, but the lid would compress it down further once closed tight. Diane’s head almost exploded with the total joy of it. The helplessness, submission, tight heavy bindings, breathlessness, all adding to the overall desired effect. 

Diane’s mind was totally concentrating now on her breathing and trying to hold back the impending orgasmic ripples that threatened to tear through her body. The three minutes had begun. She was totally trapped, every binding digging into her soft flesh, the tightness of the final straps turning her on so much and the added restriction of the duvet into every nook and cranny of her entombment. Tick tock, tick tock.

Ian quickly smoothed his hand across the duvet one last time and closed the lid shut. The pressure of the heavy lid squeezing the remaining duvet surplus hard into the last remnants of vital space. His love slaves very remaining air pushed out though the gaps in the hinged lid.

Diane heard it thud closed each tiny sound now filling her head with complete satisfaction. Darkness, quiet, air supply running out slowly now, Diane gasped for air and wished Ian would hurry up now. He knew he had to be quick. He hastened to fasten the two clasps of the trunk and secured them in place with two more padlocks. Diane heard them shut ‘click’, higher still on her roller coaster ride of excitement. He then got the two big straps and tied those around the trunk lid and slid the ends into the leather loops. The one final long strap he took and threaded lengthways along the length of the trunk and did up the buckle tightly. Now there was definitely no escape. His bundle of sexual dynamite was loaded and ready to explode. He too was close to orgasm and knew there was only a short time now for his captive slave. Tick tock, tick tock. 

He saw the trunk move slightly and knew her orgasm was approaching rapidly, as he slid the trunk along the floor and into the waiting duvet cover. God how much more could his little slave endure, he panicked slightly, but knew he had come too far now. Inside the trunk Diane to was panicking slightly too, but was tinged with ultimate excitement too. Was that one or two minutes she thought to herself. That first sixty seconds had felt like eternity. Gathering the end of the duvet cover together he wrapped around the final short chain and clicked the large padlock in place around it.

Inside her pussy muscles were no longer under her control; she felt them tighten up violently for what was to be the final time. It was done, Diane his little slave girl now totally encased in lycra, silk, chains, cotton pillow case, canvas sack, duvet, trunk and duvet cover; strapped in tightly, no escape, no way to open the trunk or any opening for fresh air to get into it. The duvet cover forming the final seal around any cracks in the trunk. 

He tapped on the lid of the trunk, which was his signal to Diane that it was complete. He heard faint muffles from within and deep groans as she began to cum and cum. Her head exploded with stars like tiny fireworks going off. He sat on the top of the trunk and wanked himself hard, faster and faster feeling her orgasms ripple through her body within. His thoughts of being inside with her too. Imagined it was him inside and not her. His own breathing laboured, as he imagined what it felt like for his special sex slave. Gulps of what air was left now filled her lungs as every part of her body shuddered and twitched against the bindings. Tick tock, tick tock.

He then came all over the cover and the lid, groaning loudly as he did. Shouted out his slaves name over and over. By this time Diane was still cumming; her last gasps of air filling her lungs as she almost blacked out in total ecstasy and fear. Two minutes had past, but it could have been longer, as she continued to cum and cum. Shuddering internally until she thought she could cum no more, but she did. 

With time in hand Ian undid all the strappings and bindings as quickly as he could. His first priority was to get her head out of the trunk so she could breathe again. Diane’s lungs gasped as she felt the coldness of the outside air hit her face once more. Ian was cradling her in his arms, the bindings around her legs still but resting against the side of the trunk. Sweat pouring from her, and her lower body sore with the efforts of her gigantic orgasm. Her whole body still twitching and shaking. He kissed her softly and told he loved her once more.

Her master had taken her to edge of passion, trepidation, ecstasy and orgasmic heaven. Ian helped her out of the remaining restraints and placed her on the bed. He whispered kind thoughts in her ear and held her so tightly. This would be a night to be remembered forever. The night Diane, his love slave gave herself totally to him, never again to doubt his actions, dependant on his care and comfort. She was his for always. It felt so good. As she drifted off to sleep in his arms, she dreamt of those final minutes again, so good, so scary, so erotic and so exciting. 


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