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Total Lock Down

by Andrea Jordan

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© Copyright 2015 - Andrea Jordan - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; basement; cage; steel; lock; encased; project; tease; torment; strip; lingerie; stuck; denial; cons; X

Tom had agreed to help with Elena with research for her thesis. She had explained to him in great detail the aim of the project which was to better understand how people react to captivity. To understand how people's emotional state reacts when put into situations where they have absolutely no control. The science had gone way over Tom's head, but Elena had helped him with his project and now it was time to repay the favour.

He had known Elena for six months and they had studied some of their units together. Elena was in her final year of a PhD in Psychology and was a grade A student, always at the library. She was attractive with long blonde hair and beautiful big brown eyes and a nice figure. However, she always dressed very casually in old baggy blue jeans, t-shirt and often an old brown leather jacket.

Tom arrived at Elena's house for the first session. She led him to the basement where a large, very heavy metal cage rested on a three foot high plinth in the centre of the room. It was the shape of a large coffin but constructed of very thick bars, an inch in diameter, with very small gaps in between.

It was just over six foot long, two and a half foot wide and a foot and a half high. Elena explained how the university had obtained the cage from the Government. It had originally been developed for the military, but never used. It had been designed to be completely escape proof. The steel was specially hardened and had been designed to give off dangerous sparks that would kill the occupant if it was ever cut.

The lock had been taken from a high security safe. The one keyhole was set back between two of the heavy bars and in close proximity to the occupant's head. Trying to drill it out would almost certainly kill whoever was inside.

"It was designed to intimidate whoever was inside," Elena explained.

"I believe you," Tom replied, "it's certainly having that effect on me!"

"Don't worry, I won't be trying to extract top secret military information from you," she laughed.

Elena explained that to open the cage required the key and a 12 digit code. "Don't worry I'll try not to forget the code," she smiled as she typed it into the small keypad. She then took out a key which had teeth protruding out of three of its sides and inserted it into the lock. As she turned it a full turn clockwise they could hear the well oiled mechanism turning. She lifted the heavy lid with some effort until it rested back against its hinges.

"What'd you think?" she asked.

"I'd be out of there in no time" he joked.

"I'd like to see that."

Attached to the inside of the lid were five steel panels made from crisscrossed steel bars that ran across the cage. The panels had been made to accommodate the shape of the occupant. The first one had a semicircle cut out for the prisoner's neck, the next one for the chest and so on down to the ankles. The shape of the panels meant that when the lid was closed, the occupant would be totally pinned against the base of the cage, literally unable to move a muscle.

"Well let's try for size," Elena smiled.

"You will let me out again?" Tom asked as he climbed inside.

"We'll see," she smiled.

She lowered the lid, making sure that the panels fitted Tom's profile.

"It will never hold me" Tom laughed nervously.

As the lid closed all the way, they both heard series of loud metallic clicks as each of the many locks engaged.

"Well that's it, you're in!"

Tom wriggled around, exploring what little freedom he had left. "Shit, this is tight."

"I know, it's a perfect fit. How does it feel?"

"Scary. Is that enough feedback for your project?"

Elena reached through the bars and attached a heart rate monitor. "Wow, you really are scared. I'd better not lose the key."

"I hope there are spares."

She shook her head, "Strangely enough there's just the one, but don't worry it's safely in my pocket," and with that tapped the front of her baggy jeans.

"So are you saying that without that key there's a real doubt as to whether I'd ever get out of here alive?"

Elena thought for a moment. "No, that's not true." Tom relaxed slightly. "Without my key you die in there."

Tom's heart rate spiked. "Perfect," Elena smiled "now we can start work."

"Let's start with simple word association, 'Freedom'."

"Bars," he replied. Elena nodded approvingly.



Elena noted down the first few answers and then went upstairs to her bedroom. Summer was coming and it was a hot day, so she changed out of her baggy jeans and into some cotton shorts and t-shirt. Her summer wardrobe was reasonably well fitting and for the first time Tom could see that she had a very nice figure. Her legs were slim, but strong, and her butt was very cute. When she returned to the basement she stood next to the cage and inadvertently rubbed her butt against the bars as she turned to reach her laptop. She then slowly slipped the key into the back pocket of her shorts. Tom couldn't take his eyes off her.

"OK, let's continue the word association. 'Life'.' Life'!" she had to repeat.

"Sexy." he replied.

Elena looked up and saw that Tom was staring at her butt. She smiled and shook her head. "My tutor said this might happen if I locked up a guy."


"The result might be skewed by let's say, 'other factors'."

"I don't know what you mean."

"Sure you don't! Anyway, it will be an interesting new angle for my research, maybe I can explore how stress interacts with sexual arousal."

After another hour, Tom asked if he could have a break. "Of course," Elena smiled and immediately typed in the code, retrieved the key and unlocked the cage.

"This is never going to be like real captivity if you let me go whenever I ask," Tom said as he sat up.

"Yes, but there are legal issues with holding someone against their will."

"I can sign whatever I need to, but I'm not sure you have the necessary sadistic side." Tom joked. Her summer wardrobe may have been much sexier that its winter counterpart, but she was still just a good little student who spent too much time in the library.

"Lie down!" she ordered.

Tom smiled as she forcefully lowered the lid on top of him and heard it lock.

"There is no way in the world that I'm letting you out for one hour."

She had clearly risen to the bait.

"Shit, I had to hand in my assignment before 10am or I fail!" Tom cried.

"She quickly punched in the code, took the key and unlocked the cage.

Tom lay back and laughed. "Elena! You see what I'm saying."

Although he started to question his strategy when two seconds later the cage lid crashed down on him and he looked through the bars at a seriously pissed off woman.

"I'm sorry," he smiled diplomatically. "Maybe there is someone who could look hold the key and not return until a set time. What about your friend Louise?"

"Louise loses her house keys almost every week. Do you really have a death wish?"

"What about Julie?"

"Julie? As in the Julie you stood up last term? If she knew what the key was for, we'd never see it again."

After a further hour of work, Elena typed in the code and unlocked the cage. Tom climbed out and stretched and the two of them went out for lunch. When they returned to the house Elena's younger sister, who had just moved in with her, was home.

"Hi!" the sister smiled as she looked Tom up and down.

"Tom, meet my sister Kate. A tart." Elena said making the introductions.

Kate was fit, tanned and wearing a crop top and short denim shorts that barely covered her butt. She too had long blonde hair in a ponytail. Kate shared her sister's good looks, but did not share her sister's studious nature, she was clearly out to have fun.

"Nice to meet you," Kate smiled seductively.

"You too," Tom replied.

"What are you up to this afternoon?"

"Tom's tied up this afternoon," Elena interjected, "quite literally in fact."

"Oh so you're helping my sis with her kinky project."

Elena had to lead Tom away and back into the basement. "Don't say anything," she warned.

Tom lay down in the cage and Elena quickly lowered and locked the lid to make sure her subject wasn't distracted by the tart upstairs.

After a few minutes, Elena left the basement to get her laptop that she'd left in her bedroom. Barely ten second after she'd left, Kate arrived at the basement door.

"Hello lab rat," Kate smiled.

"I prefer guinea pig," Tom joked.

Tom watched as Kate ran her hands along the steel bars. As she did so, her face suddenly turned into a big smile. He followed her gaze and realised that she had seen the key still in the keyhole.

"This is interesting, the only key" Kate laughed as she took it out of the lock.

"Put it down. That belongs to your sister." Tom tried to sound authoritative. It didn't work. Kate tucked the key into the pocket of her shorts and continued to caress the bars.

"Now even my beloved sister can't free you from your cell. Imagine living your last days in an escapable cage just because soon dizzy blonde took the key."

"Kate what are you doing in here?" Elena shouted as she came in and saw her sister sitting on the cage, on top of her research subject.

"Just seeing if I can help" she smiled back.

"Get out" her older sister ordered and to her surprise her younger sister quickly obeyed.

Tom looked concerned. "She's taken the key!"

Elena patted the pockets of her shorts. Realising it wasn't there and without another word, Elena ran out of the basement after her sister.

Tom heard shouting from the room upstairs which gradually died down, followed by both sisters returning to the basement, Kate was smiling.

"OK we have reached a deal." Elena announced to Tom. "Because you think I'm too soft and don't have a 'sadistic' side, I'll let Kate look after the key. And believe me this sadistic bitch isn't soft. So hopefully you will experience the full fear and lack of control that captives have to endure. I've also told Kate the code, so she can release you."

With the new arrangements in place, Elena explained that she would be away for the rest of the day. Kate was to wait half an hour in order to complete the physiological tests, and then unlock the cage. Elena tidied her papers and then left.

Kate was looking very pleased with herself. She squeezed the key out from the front pocket of her short and waved it above Tom's immobile body. Tom had been happy to help Elena, she was professional, a serious student. This girl was the complete opposite. Why hadn't he said something before Elena left?

"Completely helpless and at the mercy of a crazy 18 year old girl." Kate purred as she walked around the cage. Tom's eyes following her every movement.

She then striped off her top and slid her shorts down over her hips. She stood there in black silk panties and bra. She put on some very high black heels and let down her blonde hair. She was stunning. Like her sister she had a perfect figure, but unlike her sister she knew how to show it off.

Kate pushed the key down between her breasts. She then jumped up and sat down on the cage right above Tom's head, her butt only the thickness of the bars away from his face.

"Like the view?" she asked as she opened her legs slightly so that she could see his face.

Tom was completely aroused as he watched her wriggle about above him and cross and recross her legs. He could also smell her perfume which seemed to fill his small cell. He realised that every muscle was straining against the unyielding steel. Kate realised too.

"Sorry honey, your muscles will never break out of here."

His mouth was dry and he felt slightly dizzy. He could just make out the time displayed on the laptop.

"Almost half an hour," he said.

"Are you really as innocent as my big sis," Kate giggled as she reached through the bars, unzipped his jeans and put her hand around his hard cock.

"Kate, please." he gasped as he started to sweat from his pointless efforts to get free.

"I'm a little jealous of you in there," she purred.

Kate then picked up a bike combination lock that she'd brought down with her. She spun the dials to a new combination without looking to see what new number she had randomly chosen. She then stood right up against the bars of the cage and wrapped the bike chain tightly around her waist and the bars. She closed the lock and then, without looking, spun the dials again.

Kate tried to wriggle out, but she couldn't. Her waist was securely fastened to the bars. She could just about turn around so that her butt was facing towards Tom's face and once there wiggled it for him. She then turned back to face him.

"Ten thousand combinations, if I try one a second, that's anything up to three hours. My sister would be proud of my maths. And you get ringside seats of my little butt tugging against the chain, trying to escape."

Kate reached her hands into the cage and ran her finger tips up and down Tom's arms, legs and chest. She interspersed this with rubbing herself against the bike chain and running her hands over her own hips. She occasionally stroked his cock, but not enough to give Tom any release

She rubbed the front of her panties against the bars, her own incarceration was starting to turn her on. She slipped the key into the front of her panties and stroked herself until she reached orgasm. On her fourth time she just left the key inside her warm, moist underwear. She had no intention of using it.

Kate finally turned her attention to the combination lock, but she was in no hurry as each failed attempt seemed to excite her more. It was two hours later when the lock finally pulled open. Kate leant over the cage to blow her captive a kiss.

"You're not going to leave me here?" Tom asked, "Please unlock me".

She was starting to feel very tired and was still undecided as to whether she would free him before she fell asleep.

"Heads I let you out, tails you stay in until morning.

She picked up her purse, took a coin and spun.

"This is a three month project, today was just day one..." Kate purred as the coin spun...

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