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Tight Storage

by Sockless74

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© Copyright 2004 - Sockless74 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; slave; cartrunk; suitcase; wrap; tape; crate; encased; cellar; stored; tease; climax; cons; X

Sara sat anxiously in her first class seat. She had been on hundreds of plane flights before since she started working as a flight attendant, but this time was different. She was a passenger on her way to a two week long vacation. But this vacation was going to be unlike any other she had ever taken and she knew it.

Sara met Jason over the internet five months ago and they were looking forward to when she could come for a visit. They had e-mailed and talked over the phone many times and have become good friends during all their conversations.

"Ladies and Gentlemen" The pilot said over the speaker. "We will be landing at ABE international airport shortly, please..." Sara began to tune out the pilot; she just could not stop thinking about what the next two weeks were going to be like.

Several minutes later her thoughts were interrupted by the plane touching down. Once off the plane she went to the luggage claim area. She was supposed to meet Jason there. As she walked she could barely contain her excitement. She knew that once she left the airport with him there would be no turning back. She was excited, but scared at the same time. As she came down the stairs she saw him standing near the luggage claim. He was not looking in her direction, but was watching a different set of stairs. She had a chance to turn back. She could turn right around and just leave before he saw her. She knew she couldn't do that. She had to know what it would be like to be owned by another person. She wanted so badly to know how it would feel to be totally under the control of someone else.

She was wearing blue jeans and black leather boots just as Jason had instructed her. She had spent the past five months without underwear and socks whenever she could to show her obedience to Jason. She was 5'7", 125 lbs. She had medium length blonde hair, grey eyes and was very fit from teaching figure skating and working out. She reached the bottom of the stairs and walked towards Jason. He saw her out of the corner of his eye and turned towards her as she approached him. "Sara! I am so glad to finally meet you!" He said excitedly.

"I am glad to meet you too." She replied.

"I was afraid that you were going to back out on me."

"I thought about it, but I want this more than anything else I have ever wanted before."

"Well then, lets get your luggage and get going." They gathered up Sara's luggage went out to the parking garage. Jason had parked as far away as he could. It seemed to take forever to get to his car. Sara knew why he parked so far away. They had talked about this many times over the phone. Once they reached his car and she was inside there would be no turning back. "Okay, that is my car." Jason said pointing to his small red Ford Escort. He opened the trunk and then looked at Sara. "This is it, you can turn back now if you'd like, but once you are inside you belong to me for two weeks. So what is it going to be?"

A chill ran down Sara's back. She didn't even have to think about the answer to his question. She didn't even have to give a verbal answer, but did. "I am yours master Jason." She then lifted her right leg up over the bumper of the car and placed it in the trunk. She bent down and brought her head and right shoulder inside. Then she lifted her left leg over the bumper and curled up against the wall of the trunk. She shook slightly from the excitement of actually doing this. The trunk had a cloth bottom, but was not very soft. It smelled like old tires.

Jason looked down at her and smiled. "This will be two weeks you will never forget." Sara was curled up against the back wall of the trunk to make room for her suitcases. Jason lifted her suitcases into the trunk and pushed them down between her and the walls of the trunk. She became wedged between the suitcases and the trunk wall. If she had moved a little quicker when he put the suitcases in her arms would not have been pinned underneath her. "I hope you enjoy the ride."

Jason reached up to close the trunk. Sara watched as he slowly lowered the lid of the trunk. The daylight was slowly disappearing from her sight. Then when only 2 inches of light was visible he quickly slammed the lid plunging Sara into darkness. The sound of the lid latching reverberated in Sara's head. She then heard him open the driver’s side door, get in and start the engine. He turned up the radio louder than usual so if Sara began to panic and yell neither he nor anyone else would be able to hear her. The car started to move backwards while turning slightly then it felt like it took a burst of speed forward. It seemed to Sara that Jason drove extra hard to bounce her around more, or maybe it was just because she was in the trunk it seemed that way. It was August and 85 degrees that day. The sun beat down on the trunk of the car. The air became thick, but was breathable. Sweat poured off Sara's body. Her clothing was quickly becoming soaked in sweat. Jason had told Sara that it was a 30 minute drive to his house from the airport, but it seemed he was taking the long way, or maybe time just moves slower when locked in a hot smelly car trunk.

Finally the car came to a stop and Jason turned off the engine and got out. Sara had expected him to let her out of the trunk and take her inside, but he didn't. She heard his footsteps moving away from the car leaving her trapped in her small hot cramped prison. She dare not call out for help. She belonged to Jason now and he promised her that he takes care of his possessions. It seemed to be getting cooler and darker in the trunk. Sara figured that the sun must be setting.

She had been locked inside for six hours when Jason finally came back and opened the trunk. He took out her suitcases, but he just slammed the lid shut again and took the suitcases into his house. He came back after ten minutes and opened the trunk. He then put an open suitcase next to Sara on the floor of the trunk. "Get in the suitcase. I don't want anyone to see you walking into my house."

"Yes sir" Sara replied. She climbed into the suitcase and squeezed down as small as she could. Jason zipped it shut and placed a small pad lock thru the zippers. Then he lifted the suitcase out of the trunk and closed the lid. Sara felt as if her body was floating as she was carried into the house.

Once inside the house Jason set the suitcase down on the living room floor. "Sara, can you hear me?" He said.

"Yes sir." Sara said.

"I placed a small lock thru the zippers of your suitcase; you will notice that they still open enough that you can stick your finger thru." He said. "The key to the lock is inside the suitcase with you somewhere. If you want out you have to find it and push it thru the small opening. If you can't find it then you will be in there until I decide to go and buy something that could cut that lock. I'll just be sitting here watching TV while you try to find the key."

"Yes sir" Sara said with a little fear, but a lot of excitement. She began to feel around for the key. There was no light at all and very little room to move. She could not reach every area of the suitcase to feel for the key. She knew that it was not going to be easy to find it. She tried to reach down and feel by her feet, but couldn't reach that far. She could hear the muffled sound of the TV. Jason just sat there acting as if he were alone in the room. She felt more like an object that a person. His disregard for her really turned her on. She gave up the search for the key for the time being and her hand slipped between her legs. After several minutes of rubbing she brought herself to an orgasm.

Jason watched the suitcase shake and listened to Sara's moans as she had her first orgasm while locked in such a small space. He waited until she was finished and said, "So, did you like that?"

Sara almost forgot that she was not alone and that only a few feet away was Jason. "Yes Sir, I did."

"Well, I hope it was really good because you may not enjoy what is going to happen to you now." He said. "You did not have my permission to do that and now you must be punished."

Sara said nothing, but instead regretted what she had just done. "What kind of punishment is he going to give me?" She thought. "I guess I will have to wait until he breaks this lock." At that moment she heard the lock click open. Jason opened the suitcase and showed her that he had the key to the lock.

"I thought the key was in here with me." Sara said.

"Did you really think I would give you the ability to decide how long you would be locked up for?" Jason replied. "You are not in control anymore." He helped her out of the suitcase. "Take your clothes off."

Sara knew what was next. They had talked many times about this and she really wanted it, but now that it was about to happen she was not sure if she really wanted to do it. "I don't know if I want to do this."

"You don't have a choice. I promised I would do this to you no matter what you said when the time came. Now take off your clothes." Jason ordered.

"Yes sir." The thought that she had no choice over what happened really was exciting to her. She pulled her shirt over her head exposing her two bare breasts. Then she sat down and unzipped her boots and pulled them off her bare feet. She stood up and unzipped her jeans and let the fall to the floor and stepped out of them. She now stood totally naked in front of the man who was to be her owner for the next two weeks.

Jason stood up and walked over to her. "Lets go to the basement." She timidly followed him to the basement. There was nothing unusual about it, it was a normal cold basement used for storage. They went to the back of the basement and Jason had her sit in a chair. "This will be your new home for two weeks."

He reached into a bag and pulled out a black roll of duct tape and a bald cap. "Put this on." He said as he handed the bald cap to Sara. "I am not concerned about the pain you would endure by not using a bald cap, but I do like blonde hair and would hate to see so much of it ripped out by the tape." Sara got all her hair stuffed into the cap. She looked balder that Jason did. Jason then took earplugs and placed them in her ears. He took two breathing tubes and put them firmly up her nose and another tube for water in her mouth. Then he took the duct tape and starting with her eyes began wrapping it around her head. He used the entire roll on just her head. He also wrapped it vertically under her chin and over her head to make sure her mouth was locked shut.

He then took a roll of white duct tape and began wrapping her hands into small little balls. He continued wrapping the white duct tape up both of her arms until they were totally encased. He then sat her down and inserted a catheter and slid a vibrator inside her. Then he took a roll of red duct tape and taped them in place thru her crotch. He continued with the red tape down her legs and over her feet. Only her torso was still exposed. He used another roll of red tape around her belly and back, but left her breasts free. He gently placed the tape on her neck so there would be no trouble breathing. All that was left now were her breasts.

He went over to her ear and said "Sara, can you hear me?" She nodded yes. "Good, you may have noticed that your breasts are still free. This is because of the little stunt you pulled in the suitcase. This will be your punishment." He went back to her breasts and took black duct tape and began to wrap it around the base of her breasts causing them to look like puffed up balloons. Then he took two nipple clamps and clamped them on each nipple. Sara tried to jerk away, but this only made Jason tighten them more. Black duct tape was placed on the rest of her exposed breasts and over the clamps. Jason then lowered her to the floor and brought her knees to her chest. He put her hands around her legs and lowered her head to touch her knees. He then took a roll of shrink-wrap and wrapped her in several layers in every direction. Once she was totally wrapped he took a hair dryer and shrank the shrink-wrap until it was even tighter around her. For Sara it got really hot inside from the hair dryer. Then he took another roll of red duct tape and totally covered her with it. By the time he was done you could not even tell there was a human trapped inside the little red ball that was lying on the hard concrete floor.

Jason then lifted her off the floor and set her down inside a small wooden crate. It was about 18" wide by 18" deep and 18" tall. It was a tight squeeze, but he forced her inside. He made sure that the all of her tubes were thru the hole in the crate. He then stuffed small pillows in the little bit of space that was left. Then he took the lid and set it in place. He had to push down hard on it to get it shut tight. He placed one large padlock on each side. Then he took his power drill and put five screws with break off heads in each side to further secure the lid in place. Sara listened as the screws sunk into the wood sealing her inside. When each of the heads snapped off it sent a small chill down her back. Jason told her he would need a crow bar to open the lid once the screws were in place and he doesn't own one. When he feels like it he will go buy one. All the screws were in place. Jason then connected the tube that led to her mouth to a water supply. She could freely drink as much as she wanted. Then he got her urine bag set up. Last he took the cord from the vibrator and plugged it into the wall socket. They specifically bought a vibrator that would plug in since a battery operated one would run out of power too quickly. Jason piled a bunch of other storage boxes around the one Sara was trapped in. Once he was done you could not even see her box. Jason left the basement, turning off the lights as he went.

Sara had really been enjoying the feeling of the tape on her bare skin and the tightness of it. She was totally unable to move. She did not think that tape could restrain her so much. It seemed her prison became smaller and smaller with each thing Jason did to her. She had to hold back her orgasm several times while he was around. When the vibrator came on she really had to hold back. Once he was gone she let it happen. She shook as much as she could in her small confines. The box vibrated slightly. It must have lasted ten minutes. Finally it came to an end. She was exhausted and fell asleep.

She woke up some time later in a panic. She had forgotten where she was. It took her a few seconds to recall why she was here. She had no idea how long she had been here. She calmed down and the vibrator got her attention. She thought about how she was not a person anymore and just some object to be stored away until its owner wants to get it out again. Within minutes the vibrator gave her another fantastic orgasm. Once the orgasm ended she came back to reality. The tightness of the tape didn't feel as good as it once had. She could breathe fine, but was becoming uncomfortable. It was hot, dark and impossible to move. She was getting stiff and was regretting her decision to be locked inside for such a long time.

The nipple clamps stopped bothering her a long time ago. At first they hurt extremely bad, but once her nipples went numb she barely even felt the clamps anymore. She tried to move by shifting her weight, but could not budge at all. She was starting to panic. She began pushing against the tape and flexing her muscles to try to break free of the tape. She had the box shaking around as she tried her best to get even a little relief from the tape. As she used all her force to get free she strained a little too hard and got a terrible cramp in her right calf. She screamed in pain. She could not make much noise with the scream since her head and mouth were all covered in tape.

Tears filled her eyes, but they could not go anywhere due to the tape covering her eyes. She tried to relax and calm herself, but the pain in her leg was too much to take. She needed out. She made as much noise as she could hoping to attract Jason's attention. Little did she know he was on the second floor in bed sleeping. It was 4:00 am she had been locked away for five hours and she wanted out. She screamed until her voice was gone. Two hours later she passed out from exhaustion and the burning she was now feeling in both legs. The vibrator no longer felt good. It hurt after running constantly for seven hours. She did experience several more orgasms before she passed out, but they were no long pleasurable they were torture.

Around 8:00am Jason came down into the basement. It had been nine hours that Sara had been locked away now. He moved all the other boxes that were piled around Sara's box. He crouched down next to the box and said "Sara, how are you doing in there?" When she did not respond he shouted "Sara! Wake up!" Still no response. He stood up and gave the box a few hard kicks.

Inside the box Sara felt the kicks vibrate right thru her. She again woke up confused and was in a panic. She grunted as loud as her lost voice would allow her.

"About time you woke up." She heard Jason say. "So are you enjoying your time in there? Grunt once for yes and two for no."

Sara grunted twice.

"Really? I would have thought that you would love every minute of this. What is wrong got cramps?" Jason asked.

One grunt came from the box.

"So do you want out early?" Jason asked.

One grunt.

"Well, I'm sorry I can't do that. You see I promised that I would leave you in there for three days no matter what and I intend to do just that. I may not even let you out after the three days are over. I wouldn't be able to let you out now anyway. I don't have a crowbar to break the lid off and I have to be to work in thirty minutes." He explained.

The vibrator once again was feeling good. Sara felt like an object. An object that the owner could do anything he wants. She began to breath heavy as she became more aroused.

"I am here to fill your water and change your urine bag." Jason said. "Oh and give you a little surprise to keep you entertained." He knelt down and turned the dial on the vibrator control to maximum and set it to random. "How does that feel? It is also set to random, so you may be right on the verge of a great orgasm and then might turns off. I will be home tonight around 6:00 pm. Have a good day."

Sara barely heard Jason pile the boxes back on top of her box and leave. The vibrator and the control Jason displayed over her was sending her into ecstasy. She felt less and less like a person the longer she was trapped in this box. She was still feeling the burning in her legs and stiffness and pain all over her body, but it was all only working together to take her to the highest sexual peak she has even been on. Sweat ran down her body seeping between the tape and her skin tickling her the whole way down. She panted for air as the vibrator worked and her mind replayed Jason's word. Then the orgasms began. Not just one, but multiple orgasms that came over and over. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime of pleasure she passed out.

The next two and a half days went much the same way. Jason stopped in from time to time to take care of her needs and make her feel more and more like an object. Different pains came and went and Sara went from sexual highs to tortured regretful lows in between the passing out from both pleasure and pain.

Finally the three days ended. Jason came to the basement and unburied the box Sara was sealed inside of. "Sara." He said loudly. "It has been three days are you ready to come out?"

One grunt came from the box.

"Well, I figured that would be your response." Jason told the boxed woman. "But, I didn't get a crowbar yet and don't really feel like going to the store just yet. You may be in there until you leave to go home. Maybe I will just ship you home in there."

Chills ran down Sara's back when she heard the things Jason was saying. The vibrator was not running right now when she really wanted it most. Jason took care of her water and urine and left her alone in the dark, hot, stuffy basement trapped in a little wooden box, wrapped in layers and layers of duct tape, unable to move at all and wondering how much longer she would remain trapped in this small little torture cell.


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