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Tight Shipping

by Sockless74

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© Copyright 2004 - Sockless74 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; packaged; transported; tape; crate; cons; X

Tight Shipping - (part two of Tight Storage)

Sara remained locked away for six days in Jason's basement before he finally let her out. She was sore, stiff and very hungry. She was glad to be able to move again and rub her sore body. Jason let her take a shower while he made a meal for her. After the shower she came down the stairs to the dinning room wearing nothing and sat down at the table.

"Feel better?" Jason asked.

"Yes sir, I do." Sara replied.

"Good, your freedom won't last long so make sure you enjoy it." Jason brought a bowl of salad, a plate of spaghetti and bread to Sara. She took her time eating because she knew her freedom would end shortly after the meal.

They talked a little as she ate. Sara told Jason how she felt like an object and how she wanted out only a few hours after she had been locked away, but she was glad that Jason kept her locked away just like he said. She would have regretted getting out too early instead of suffering through the entire 6 days.

Once she was done with her meal Jason looked directly into Sara's eyes and asked "Ready for desert?"

Sara knew what he meant by that and felt a shudder of excitement between her legs. "Yes sir, I am ready." She said as she looked down from his gaze.

They stood up and left the table. Sara followed Jason to the basement. They once again went to the back of the basement where Sara had spent the past 6 days trapped. Instead of tape Jason place a ball gag in her mouth and inserted the cathadar and squeezed a tube for water past the gag. He then used enough tape to bind her hands and her legs together. He left her eyes uncovered. He lifted her into the same small wood box she was lock away in before and helped her crouch down inside. Any empty space he left so she would have a little room to move around. The urine bag was placed inside with Sara and instead of a sealed plastic bag of water. He then placed a new lid on top. He had to destroy the last lid to free her. He used no pad locks this time, but used screws to seal the box shut. Then he carried the box upstairs and out to his car. He placed the box in the trunk of the car, got in and drove off.

The wood was rough on Sara's naked body. She could move around so much more this time than before. Though the space she had was still very limited. Light peaked through the slots between the boards of the box when she was carried outside then quickly was gone once she was locked inside the trunk. The ride was rougher than when she was just in the trunk and not the box. With every turn the box slid throwing Sara around inside. After 2 hours of driving, she final heard the engine turn off. She heard Jason walk away and all was quiet.

After a few minutes Sara heard Jason approach the trunk and heard him talking to someone. "So how long will it take?"

"The delivery will be made in two business days or less." The man with Jason said. "But if you use our overnight delivery service..."

"No, two days is fine." Jason interrupted. "So since today is Friday I can expect it delivered on Tuesday?"

"That is correct." The man stated.

"Good enough." Jason said. He opened the trunk and lowered Sara's box to the ground. "You'll take it from here?"

"Yep, thank you for your business." The man said. Sara felt the box get loaded onto a hand cart and a strap was placed around her box to keep it from falling off. She heard Jason's car driving away as she was wheeled over the bumpy parking lot and into the warehouse. Once inside she felt the strap being released from the box and then she was lifted up and carried to a conveyer belt. A packing slip and delivery address were both attached to the box. The sound of the staple gun attaching the slips was really loud to Sara inside the box. She was really getting turned on knowing that she was no longer in Jason's care for the next few days. The screws in the lid could easily be removed with a screwdriver since they didn't have break off heads like the ones Jason used at his house. Anyone could easily expose her if they wanted too. She was a package to be delivered, an object that would be stored in a warehouse until it is scheduled to be shipped.

She slipped her bound hands between her legs and began to stroke herself forgetting that she was in a warehouse full of workers. The rumbling of the conveyer belt starting made her remember where she was and she eased up the rubbing so she would not attract attention to herself. She felt the box gently moving along the conveyer belt. The box disappeared through a hole in the wall that led to another section of the warehouse. Sara felt her box stop suddenly causing her to slide in the box. The rough wood scratched her bare skin a little.

Her box sat for about fifteen minutes until someone came and lifted it off the conveyer belt. She was then placed on a wood pallet with other boxes that were to be sent to the same delivery area. Since her box was made of wood and the others were made of cardboard her box was placed in the center on the bottom. The light disappeared more and more as boxes were loaded onto the pallet. Once the pallet was full a forklift came and picked it up. Sara felt herself rise up and the ride was a little bouncy. Shortly after she was set down she heard another machine start and she began to spin. The pallet wrapping machine spun around and around. This was done to make sure the boxes all stay in place. Lucky for Sara breathing was not a problem since the top and bottom of the pallet don't get wrapped.

Once the pallet was completely wrapped the forklift took it to the storage area. Sara felt a few turns then a stop. Then she felt herself rising up. Her pallet was placed on a high shelf thirty feet above the floor. From her place in the box she could barely hear the forklift drive away.

She was now all alone. It was 4:30pm on Friday and the warehouse would be empty soon. She resumed the rubbing between her legs she began earlier. It did not take long and she brought herself to an intense orgasm. She shook within the confines of her small prison making the entire pallet vibrate slightly.

Sara rested after the orgasm ended. She listened as the worker roamed around the warehouse. Her sense of hearing seemed heightened since she could not see anything that was going on. 5:00 pm came and Sara heard a loud bell signaling the end of the work day. She listened as the workers voices and the sounds of the machines began to disappear. Finally everything was silent.

Sara felt so much like on object now that it seemed like this is where she belonged. She did not desire freedom like she had the first time she was locked away. The cramps began and hurt just as bad as before, but did not bother her as much. She felt like an object and the pain made her feel even more like she was no longer a person. The box was part of her and she was part of it. She felt as if she was at home, exactly where she belonged for the rest of her life.

The weekend was uneventful for Sara. It mostly consisted of sleeping, panic, extreme arousal, orgasms and pain. The workers began to return to the warehouse Monday morning at 8:00 am. Sara could hear machines starting and the workers talking with each other. That afternoon her pallet was removed from the shelf. After another bouncy ride on the forklift her pallet was placed inside a semi-truck. She could hear the forklift loading other pallets in behind her. She was becoming more and more buried. She was now trapped more than before. Even if she could get out she was securely stuck under hundreds of boxes. She again had the intense feeling of being an object. She could faintly hear the sound of the doors closing and being latched. Then the truck started and drove away.

The ride took a long time because the truck had other stops to make before Sara would be unloaded. She had several orgasms during the ride before she finally fell asleep. When she finally woke up the truck was silent. She listened for hours waiting to hear any sound, but there was nothing. She thought and thought about what may be going on. Could someone have stolen the truck and stashed it some place to loot later? Maybe it was in an accident or broken down. She could be stuck for much longer that Jason had intended her to be here. She began to panic and kick at the box, but it proved too strong and she had no chance of breaking free. She feared about what would happen to her if she was trapped here for weeks. Would she die of starvation or be taken with the rest of the shipment to some dark warehouse in a back ally owned by criminals who when they find her would use her to their own satisfaction?

It never crossed Sara's mind that she was not scheduled to be delivered until Tuesday and she was loaded onto the truck on Monday. It was 3:00 am and the driver was asleep in the cab of the truck. Sara on the other hand was in tears fearing what was going to happen to her. She tried to calm down. She trusted Jason and he would not let anything bad happen to her. If the truck was broken down and she was not delivered as scheduled Jason would find out why and come get her. The only thing she was most afraid of was that the truck was stolen. But maybe if it was the people who stole it would keep her in the box and force her to live her life boxed up only being released for short periods of time for food and bathing. The more she thought about these things the more she felt like an object again. She could end up an object for the rest of her life. She pushed on the walls of the box just to reassure herself how truly trapped she is. Her bound hands again slipped between her legs and she began to rub. She was extremely wet and the odor of herself quickly filled the box. It did not take long and she was shaking from an intense orgasm. She forced herself against the sides of the box feeling once again how enclosed she was. When the orgasm came to an end Sara drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

The truck driver woke up from a good night sleep around 8:00am and started up the truck. He made his way to his last few deliveries. He arrived at the shipping terminal that Sara's pallet would be unloaded at. Sara had been awake for a few hours just listening to the rest of the truck being unloaded. She finally figured out that she was on schedule for delivery Tuesday and the hours she spent panicking were during the night. She was glad her journey was almost over, but was also sad. She did enjoy being trapped inside a box and felt even more like an object since Jason was not there to watch over her.

The truck arrived and Sara felt the pallet rise up on the fork lift and she was then moved inside. She could hear the workers tearing the pallet wrap off and unloading the boxes. More and more light began to creep back inside her box. She was the last package to be removed from the pallet. Again she was placed on a conveyer belt. She listened to the sounds of the warehouse as she rolled along. Then she bumped into the other packages and stopped. After a few minutes she was lifted and carried to a table. She could hear the men outside the box talking to each other. "Hey John, where is the shipping label for this one?"

"I didn't see one." John replied "I'll ask the guys who unloaded it."

Sara feared they were talking about her box. If the shipping label was missing they would have no idea where to send her or she could end up at the wrong place. The panic she overcame before was returning. Maybe she should just call out for help and let them know where she was to be shipped. Then she laughed to herself as she remembered the ball gag that was causing her jaw to ache after four days. If she did make noise they would probably open her box and call the police. She didn't want to get in trouble with the law or get Jason in trouble, not to mention the embarrassment they would both have to deal with. She decided to remain silent and hope for the best. She was an object anyway and an object can't talk.

After a few minutes she heard the men talking again. "Hey Al, I found two shipping labels and another box that is missing one from the same pallet." John said. "Both deliveries are close together and will be on the same truck. When the driver stops at the first house he can take both boxes to the door and ask the recipient if they know which is theirs, but just to be safe he will ask them to open it while he is still there to make sure they get the correct delivery."

"That sounds like it will work." Al replied. "Better send a screwdriver along to open this one." Sara heard his hand tap the top of her box. "We could just open them both here and match up the packing slips." Panic hit Sara once again. She didn't want them to open her box here in the warehouse. She also didn't want a stranger to open it at their house to make sure the delivery was right.

"We can't open it here. It is against company policy. Only the customer can open it, even if it is the wrong customer." John said, to Sara's relief.

She was then carried to another truck and placed in the back. She heard John explain to the driver about the special instructions. After a few more minutes the truck drove away. She waited and listened to all the other deliveries being made. She was glad that the route took six hours before she was delivered since she was afraid someone else might open her box. Finally she was unloaded. She was set on the front step and heard the driver walk away. He returned and placed the other box next to her. The doorbell rang and then she heard the door open. "Hello, mama...." she heard the driver say.

"No! Not a mama!" She thought to herself. "I am at the wrong house! Please don't open my box." She then started to listen again.

"They are both the same size." The woman said. "Either one of them could be mine. If I had to guess I would say it is the wood box."

"NO! NO! NO! NO!" Sara's mind screamed. "The wood box is not yours!"

"But I think we should try opening the cardboard one first since it will be easier to open." The woman said.

Relief came over Sara when she heard that. It was hot inside the box and she had been sweating the entire time she was inside, but the last minute on the steps brought on more sweat than any amount of heat could. She continued to listen as they open the other box and the woman said that it was her delivery. The driver carried her back to the truck and placed her in the back. About twenty minutes later the truck stopped and she was unloaded again. She was set on the front step again and heard the doorbell ring. After a few minutes no one answered the door. The driver then hung a slip on the door knob and left her on the front step.

It was very hot out in the sun. Her box quickly became like being trapped inside an oven. Luckily she had a lot of water left. It was two hours before she felt her box lifted and carried inside. She was carried her down some stairs and set down. The entire time the person carrying her said nothing to her. Jason always talked to her inside the box and she didn't know if it was him or someone else, she could still be at the wrong house for all she knew. She wondered how long it would be that she would remain trapped. She thought that once Jason brought her inside she would be released, but it seemed he, or whoever carried her inside had other plans.

To be continued


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