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Tiff's Moving Day

by Inferno of the Soul

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© Copyright 2007 - Inferno of the Soul - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; toys; boxed; transported; cons; X

“I still say this is a bad idea Tiff are you sure you want to do it?” Sarah asked.

“Of course I want to do it and we have minimized the risk a lot by not going with my original plan. Besides you were the one who suggested him, don’t you trust him?” Tiff asked with a large smile.

“I do trust him but there is still a lot of thing that can happen, but I see that I can’t change your mind so lets just get this over with.” Sarah let out a long sigh.

“You’re right lets get started he should be here soon.” Tiff said as she removed her robe leaving her in nothing more than her birthday suit.

Sarah picked up a leather corset and wrapped it around Tiff. The corset covered her from just under her breast to her hips. Once the corset set properly Tiff held it in place as Sarah pulled the laces as tight as she could.

“I will never understand why you like these things so much. They look very uncomfortable.” Sarah said as she tied off the laces.

“I don’t know really either I just like them. I guess the only way you’re going to find out is if you try one on yourself.” Tiff smiled one of those evil smiles as she spoke to Sarah.

“No way in hell if the idea got you smiling like that.” Sarah responded.

Tiff picked up her chastity belt and strapped the waist band as tight as she could over the bottom of her corset. Sarah lubed up the mid sized anal plug and carefully inserted it. Before pulling the strap all the way through Sarah pushed two Ben Wa Balls into her friends pussy then pulled the strap the rest of the way though her legs and buckled the strap tightly. Tiff carefully sat down in a near by chair as Sarah picked up the pair of ballet boots. As Sarah worked the knee high boots onto Tiffs legs, Tiff pulled on a pair of shoulder length leather gloves. Tiff slowly stood up and carefully stepped into a hobble skirt. Sarah pulled the skirt up and strapped it tight around Tiffs waist, but left the side zippers open for the moment.

Sarah then picked up the leather arm binder from the floor. Tiff placed her hands behind her palm to palm and waited for Sarah. Sarah walked up behind Tiff and slid her hands into the binder. She then pulled it up Tiffs arms and fastened the straps over her shoulders. Starting at the bottom of the binder Sarah began to tighten the laces slowly pulling Tiffs elbows together. Once Sarah had finished tying off the laces she zipped up the lace guard.

Sarah then helped her friend over to the box that lay up against the wall. Tiff carefully turned around and then let Sarah guide her into the box. Once Tiff was in Sarah reached in and pulled the side zippers of the hobble skirt all the way down to her ankles locking her legs together. Tiff leaned her head and shoulders out of the box, as Sarah started to pull the leather hood over her head. Tiff opened her mouth so that Sarah could push the attached penis gag into her mouth. The gag filled Tiff's mouth completely and it also had a breathing tube that ran though it to allow Tiff to breath though her mouth. Pulling the zipper down Sarah looked at the now smooth leather face of her friend. The hood had only holes under her nose and a small black tube sticking up were the mouth should be.

“Almost done.” Sarah said aloud as she wrapped a black leather posture collar around Tiffs neck. Making sure she didn’t buckle it too tight Sarah pushed Tiffs head back until it rested in the back of the box. Sarah then quickly began buckling the straps that would hold Tiff securely in the box. There was a strap at Tiffs ankles, below her knees, above her knees, at her hips, waist, under her breast, above her breast, and across her forehead. Grapping the top of the box Sarah carefully lowered it to the floor.

“You know what Tiff I think I should just tell him that you’re a gift and let him keep you.”

Tiff tried to say something, but only let out mmmphhs that could barely be heard.

“Oh you know it was a joke, but I going to add a little something to you.” Sarah pulled out a pair of nipple clamps of her pocket and attached one to Tiffs left nipple then ran the other on though the D-ring on the front of her collar then attached it to her right nipple. Tiff let out a small sequel as the clamp bit into her sensitive bud.

“Well that’s what you get.” Sarah said as she pushed a tube over Tiffs gags breathing hole. The tube was attached at the other end to the lid of the box. “Good night hun have fun.” Sarah said as she pulled the lid on and then screwed it to the bottom sealing Tiff inside.

Just as Sarah finished the last screw she jumped from surprise to someone wrapping their arms around her waist from behind.

“Damn it, Tom how many times to I have to tell you not to do that.” Sarah said turning around and returning the hug.

“Why not, it's so much fun, besides its not like I sneak up on you it's not my fault if you don’t hear me come up behind you.” Tom let go of Sarah and looked at the box on the floor. “So this is it the last thing to go.”

“Yep everything else is at the new house.” Sarah said. Sarah helped Tom get the box on a dolly and into the back of his pick up.

“So were is Tiff I figured she would be here?” Tom asked as he closed his tailgate.

“Oh she is a bit tied up in this whole moving thing.” Sarah almost let out a laugh at what she had just said.

“Well then I’ll be off.” Tom said giving Sarah another hug.

“Here take this, it will open the garage for you, just stick the box in there we will figure out what to do with it later.” Sarah said handing him the remote.

“Got it” Tom said as he got into his truck and drove off.

Tiff was lost deep into her fantasy where she had been kidnapped and was being taken to their hideout. Even though Tiff let of a long moan of pleasure when she felt the truck turn on and pull out. The Ben Wa Balls inside of her were directing any and all vibrations and movement straight to her sex driving her closer and closer to a powerful orgasm. The drive was about a hour long, but to Tiff it seem to take forever.

Tom pulled up to the small one story house and placed the box and remote in the center of the garage then left. Tiff let out a surprised squeal when the sound of a screw being removing filled the box. Sarah quickly as she could removed the lid. Sarah undid all the straps that held Tiff inside of the box and pulled her to her feet. Sarah slowly opened both of the nipple clamps, earning a groan from Tiff. Opening the zipper up to Tiffs knees on the hobble skirt Sarah helped Tiff out of the box.

“Damn I’m beat lets hit the hay.” Sarah yawned and clipped a leash to the D-ring on Tiffs Collar. Giving the leash a tug Tiff reluctantly followed behind. Sarah lead Tiff out of the garage and into the bedroom. Leading her over to the bed Sarah pushed Tiff onto the mattress and then rezipped the hobble skirt locking Tiffs legs together again. Stripping off her clothes Sarah slid naked into the bed beside Tiff.

“Good Night Tiff I hope you enjoyed your day.” Sarah said laying her head on Tiffs shoulder and falling asleep. Tiff let out a small whine about not being released, but Sarah was already deep asleep. Giving into defeat Tiff made herself as comfortable as she could and answered the call of sleep as well.


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