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Tied Up for Charity

by Yuti

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© Copyright 2020 - Yuti - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; packaged; enslave; sold; rope; mpov; blindfold; party; cons; nc; X

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This is a story of how I’ve got more than I expected when I tried to fulfill my fantasies.

My name is Steve. I’m a 24 years-old man living in Los Angeles. When I was 22, I developed an application which became really popular and then, a company made me an offer to buy and acquire the copyrights of my app. That's how I’ve become a millionaire at 23.

The first months were great, I was spending my money, I didn’t need to care about working anymore. But then, I started feeling lonely. All this money got me away from my family and friends. And I was unable to get a healthy relationship with a girl anymore, I was always wondering if they were dating me for me or my money.

So I was living in this big house I bought, with a lot of expensive stuff, paints, trinkets... But I had no one with whom I could share all of this. 

But there was one thing I was finally able to experiment : Bondage. Since I was a teenager, I had fantasies about being tied up, gagged, kidnapped... But when I was living in my parent's house, it was impossible to try anything. I was too afraid of being discovered. And none of my ex-girlfriends were into these kinds of things. So, I thought as now that I lived alone, I should be able to buy equipment and practise self-bondage.

But I didn’t enjoy it. Half of the time, my knots weren’t tight enough and I was able to escape after five minutes, and when I was eventually tightly bound, it was not fun. I needed a partner, but it is hard to find someone when you’re in my situation.

One evening, I was wandering in my house, bored. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell on the front door. I opened the door to find a beautiful lady standing there: Scarlet hair, blue eyes, tall, dressed in a very elegant and sexy leather dress, with evening gloves. I guessed she was about 30 years-old.

“Hello! My name is Ruby, nice to meet you!” she said.

I was truly amazed by the beauty of this woman and I stammered, “H-Hi, I’m Steve... How can I help you?”

“I’m working for a charity, and I’m selling a few goods or services to raise money, could I come in?” She asked. Usually, I don’t let any of these door-to-door saleswomen come into my house to talk about their organization or their products. But this time, I couldn't refuse it to this woman.

She took a moment to take a look of the interior of the house and said, “Whoaaa, you have a very beautiful house sir!”

“Thank you very much! Please, have a seat” 

We sat on a sofa, and she started to talk about the charity, about how the money will be used. To be honest, I was half listening, her eyes were captivating me more than her speech.

“So, are you interested in any of these products? Maybe the cookies? I know it’s a little bit expensive, but it’s for a good action.”

“Well, I don’t really like cookies...But I could buy a few if it helps...”


“No no! I’m sure I could find something that you’ll like! Maybe a service? I could clean your house?” she asked.

“There is a cleaning lady coming each week ...”

“Oh… I see, so maybe...” She kept showing me products, or told me about services, but none of it was interesting to me. After a while, she said : “Well, that was all, I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to find something you could buy.”

“Maybe I could just give you a donation?” I asked.

“No! Our staff absolutely wants to provide something in exchange! And I want you to be satisfied with what you buy.”

Suddenly, an idea popped in my mind. “Maybe...I could ask for a special service?” I asked, not sure of myself.

“Oh, hmm, yeah! Sure, why not! What do you have in mind?” asked Ruby.

I grabbed a box, near the sofa, and I opened it. It contained a few ropes, a red scarf and some handkerchiefs.

When Ruby saw the ropes, she recoiled. “What are you planning to do with that?!”

“No no, don’t worry! Let me explain.”

“I’m listening.”

“Well...I have this big fantasy of being all tied up. As if I’ve been kidnapped, sold as a slave. I want to feel helpless.”

She looked a little bit stunned, but said, “Hmm, okay, everyone has their own fantasies I guess...But how could I help you with that?”

“It's simple: you could tie me up!”

“I’m not sure that is legal...”

“It would be only illegal if I was not consenting.”

“I don’t know…”

I talked to her about my situation and how I was so frustrated at not being able to enjoy self-bondage. Then I said, “If you do it, I’ll give $10,000”

She seemed amazed by the amount. She considered my offer for a moment and then she said, “You know what? I’ll do it! It’s a great opportunity to help a lot of people.”

I was thrilled. “Thank you so much!” I said, while she grabbed a coil of rope and I was putting my hands behind my back.

“Hmm… If we do this, I want to be sure that you’re enjoying 100% of the service. You could get naked if you want. This way you’ll be able to feel the ropes on your skin.”

I blushed, and I said, “Oh..yeah… I was too shy to ask that… But I don’t want you to be too uncomfortable, so, I’ll keep my underpants on.”

“Alrighty!” she replied, with a grin on her face.

Once I was partially naked, Ruby started to tie up my wrists. Then she moved on the arms, shoulders, chest, legs, ankles and feet. I was feeling her gloved hands deploying the ropes all over my body, and tightening my binds. While I looked at her and her dress, I felt like I was already the slave of a rich and noble lady, it was turning me on.

After a while, I was totally helpless, and I couldn’t struggle out of my binds. “Amazing! You did a really good job Ruby.”

“Thank you Sir! I was in the Girl Scouts when I was young!”

“Now, the final step; you need to gag me!” I said.

“Gag you?”

“Yep! This way I won’t be able to call for help and I’ll be totally helpless!”

“I see… How should I do this?”

“There are some handkerchiefs over here, stuff them in my mouth. Then, take this red scarf and gag me with it!”

Ruby softly stuffed the handkerchiefs into my mouth and put her hand on it to prevent me from splitting them out. Eventually, she tied up the scarf around my mouth, as a cleave gag.
I was now 100% helpless. I couldn’t believe that my fantasy has finally been fulfilled by this leather goddess. I could feel her checking that everything was secure and adjusting my gag.

When her job was done, she delicately laid me down on the sofa and took a look at her work. “Looks fine to me. Are you satisfied?” she asked.


“I’ll take this as a yes. I’m gonna have to go. I have few other people to visit tonight. Would you like me to come back to check on you later?”

I nodded yes.

“Alright… slave!” she said, hesitantly. I blushed. “So you’re my prisoner for the evening. I’m your only way to get you free, and you don’t know when I’ll be back!” Her little speech turned me on so much, and she noticed it. She picked up her clutch handbag, and I watched my “evening mistress” leave my house.

I enjoyed my helpless state for the rest of the evening. I was wiggling through my bonds but I was securely tied up and there was no way for me to escape. It was so fun, the more I struggled, more the ropes would tighten.

After a few hours, I heard the front door open. It was Ruby who came back to check on me, as promised. She looked at me. She seemed a little bit nervous. “Still tied up I see… So you weren’t able to escape.”

“Mphh Mphhh...!” I moaned while waving my wrists. I had a very fun time but now I was tired and wanted to be untied.

She seemed to understand and approached me and put her hands on my wrists.

But instead of untying me, she tightened my bonds and did the same all over with all the ropes!


“Shhh, I’ll explain it to you in a minute.”

When she finished, she sat on the sofa and told me, “I thought a lot about you during the evening. To be honest, we didn’t collect much money for charity, and we really need it.”


“This money will help so many people! Kids, poor peoples or people with serious illnesses.”

“Mphh, Mphhh...?”

“So, I had to make a decision. I decided that, if when I come back, you were still tied up, I’ll sell all your stuff and valuables at an auction.”

I couldn't believe what I just heard. I first thought it was a kind of roleplay, but then, I realized she was serious.

“All the staff agreed with this decision. And… As you guess we can’t leave you here, as you saw my face and we could get in serious trouble.”


“That means you’ll be part of the auction, you’re going to be sold as a slave to the highest bidder.”

I panicked. I stood up and tried to hop away from her, but Ruby quickly caught me and led me back to the sofa.

“There’s no point at trying to escape. In a few minutes, a few girls from our staff will come here to help me to pack your stuff, and you’ll be packed too. Nobody will notice that you're missing for a long time and nobody will suspect us.”

“Mphhhh mphhh mphhhhh!”

For the next hours, I watched all my stuff being packed and carried away, powerless.

Then, Ruby brought a big crate and said: “Time to pack you up!”


She grabbed me and took a deep look through my eyes. “I just wanted to thank you for all your donations. I’ll promise you’ll be sold to a beautiful and rich woman who will keep you entertained.”

She then gave me a passionate kiss through my gag.It tasted really good. For a moment I forgot about the whole slavery thing, and I just enjoyed her lips.

After this unforgettable moment, she and two other girls placed me into the crate and securely tied me up inside and they closed the lid. I was now trapped inside. Then I was placed inside a vehicle. I guess it was a truck, and I was transported for what I felt like 3 days.

Eventually, my crate was opened and I was lifted out. I was taken in charge by a woman auctioneer who prepared me for the auction. For what I could see, it was a kind of big party area with a lot of stuff exposed, for sale. People would need to write an amount on a label next to the valuables, and the highest bidder would win the item.

I was then securely tied to a pole, with a lot of ropes, gagged with a new scarf - I drooled too much on the old one, during my travels - and blindfolded.

When the “auction party” started, I heard a lot of women talking, drinking, chatting, having fun all around me. I was the master piece of this event, in the middle of the room, all exposed. I was feeling scared and excited at the same time. Many women groped me, to taste the merchandise, made comments about me or about how they could use me.

Eventually, I was sold to my new mistress for 10 million dollars. That's how my slave life began. To be honest, I can’t really complain. Even if I’m not free, now, I’m not feeling alone or bored anymore, I can fully enjoy bondage, and my mistress is nice with me. I just hope all this money helped a lot of people.


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