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The Trip

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2008 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; wrap; box; foam; delivery; toys; cons; X

I found the box simple and yet very alluring. It was a plain cardboard box, but not your average box; it was larger, triple corrugated cardboard, held together with industrial staples. I stared at it for some time before finally deciding to go thru with what I had been fantasizing about. I had moved all of my belongings into storage days ago, and now I am about to move out of my house, going to the east coast. The bulk of my personal belongings will go with my girlfriend, and I will fly there to join her later. At least that is what I told her yesterday. Yesterday I mailed a letter to our new address, telling her the truth.

I gathered all the things I would need for my project and started to prep my body. I spent about two hours in the bathroom cleaning and grooming. Then I took vet wrap and began winding it around my body completely. I only left a small opening for my eyes and nose. I inserted a butt plug and placed the controls to random, then wrapped it up to my stomach. Next I placed a pocket pussy onto my cock and turned it to random vibrate, and wrapped over it as well. At this point I took some time to inspect my work, and then went onto the next stage of my packaging.

I took a long piece of elastic fabric I procured from a fabric store, about 18 inches wide, and began winding it around my body, covering all of the vet wrap. Then I took pillow stuffing, and placed it in the bottom of the box where I would be laying. Now for the hard part, wrapping up and laying down into the box.

At this point I have to explain how I intend on sealing myself inside the box; and how I am going to get to the east coast. Inside the bottom of the box, I have placed six cans of foam; two at my feet, two at my waist and two at my shoulders. They are secured to the floor of the box by epoxy. On the inside of the lid to the box, there are six dowels, each in perfect alignment to the can below. When the lid to the box is tightly sealed the foam will escape until it is fully out and thereby securing myself into the box and protecting me. I have four straps connected by two ratchets; these ratchets are on the middle inside of the lid, accessible from the inside of the box. Once I am lying down in the box, I will lower the lid and ratchet the lid down tightly to the rest of the box, and this action will start the release of the foam.

Now, as for the east coast, I own my own business, and for the last four years I have been getting UPS package pick up from my house twice a week. Today at four o' clock is a pick up. The box is pre-addressed, and will be delivered via truck to my new address.

I now must take the time to inspect the breathing tubes that I have installed to the box. There are three of them leading to where my head will be, and they are on three different sides of the box. This is a precaution to insure that I have plenty of cross aeration so that I will not suffocate. These tubes also will prevent the foam from totally surrounding my head, they are each three inch diameter tubes and secured to the box walls.

With everything ready, I proceed with wrapping myself into the final stage. I take the elastic wrap, and place a layer of cotton baton under it, then wrapping around and around, I begin wrapping my legs up to my head. Everything is incased under the wrap. Now I feel and look like a giant pillow. There is only a small area for my hands to stick out at my waist. This is where I will access the ratchets. I slowly feel my way into the box, and stand at the end. I squat down and put my ass onto the seat at the middle of the box, then lay face up on the supports that keep me in the center of the box. I pull the top of the box over head, and feel it click into place when the dowels hit the cans. They will not release the foam until I ratchet the lid down fully. I fumble with the air mask attached to the lid, until it is in place over my face, sealing my head in place.

Now for the moment of truth, when I begin ratcheting the lid down. I am in place, everything has gone perfect, I am comfortable, what else left to do? I pull the first ratchet handle with one hand, and then get the other handle in the other hand. I pull both simultaneously, making a loud clicking sound. The mask pushes on my face, and I know it is working. I pull both the ratchets again, and I feel the cotton baton getting compressed a little more. I pull a third time and I hear the hiss of the cans begin. Excitement fills me, and I quickly pull a fourth time, and a fifth time, and now all the cans are hissing and foam is expanding around the cotton baton, and pressing into the cotton fibers, sealing me into a cocoon. I pull for the last time and hear the lid snap tightly on the box top, as far as it will go. Now all I have to do is wait.

The foam is pouring out of the cans, and I think I misjudged the amount of foam needed to fill the remaining space. With all of the cotton baton and elastic wrap, there is not a lot of space left for the foam. The foam is pressing into my cocoon, and all the cotton is absorbing the foam. I feel the foam hitting the vet wrap in places, and I know when it dries I will be totally encased. My head is secured into position by the mask and everything is held firmly by the foam. There is enough cotton to hold the foam to a safe distance, but I wonʼt have very much play in the cocoon.

I wait for the cans to run out of foam, and then try to move, the foam is right against every part of my body, I feel the cool foam's presence. I can still move now, but as soon as the foam hardens, I will be a part of the box. I canʼt see anything because of the mask, and I can't move my head for the mask, and soon I won't have any choice but to endure the trip. I wait patiently for a while and my heart rate calms back down, and I begin to drift.

The vibrator jolts alive and I am startled back to life. The foam is hard now. I donʼt know how long I have been out, but I know the foam is rigid and very confining. I cannot move anywhere; the box is now a solid piece, with me at the center. This worked better than I anticipated. Now I wait for the pick-up time, to be put on a truck and hauled across the country. When my girlfriend gets the letter she will have everything she needs to track the package, and know just what to do when I get there.



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