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That's Magic

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2010 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; costume; lycra; bagged; bond; display; public; breathplay; climax; cons; X

In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies.

It was the night of the big performance; after weeks of training and preparation Diane was finally ready for the big one. Tonight was going to be such a thrill not only for the audience but secretly for her too. The idea of the big plastic bag trick was her masters, alias ‘The Great Magic Ian’. At first she was a little apprehensive about the trick and the thought of being inside a tight plastic bag with little air frightened her at first. Obviously Ian had reassured her that she would be ok but still it took great courage to get into the bag for the first time. However once she had got over the initial fears it turned out to be a rather enjoyable experience. Up to now their play had been confined to the privacy of their own bedroom, but Ian had got an opportunity to perform in Amsterdam at the famous ‘Cirque de orgasmic’; a sort of cross between a circus and a sex show. The idea of performing her trick in front of people made Diane even more excited.

So they packed up their stuff and got the plane over. The hotel was nice and the evening before the big show Ian tried out the trick one last time. It wasn’t without its dangers for Diane, as she knew all too well. Despite practice and breath control exercises, there was still a margin of error and the timing of the trick was very critical. One minute too long and she knew that she would be unconscious, but even so the thrill of it seemed to fill Diane with excitement beyond her wildest dreams. Ian was always a good master, always reassuring her and appreciating her efforts. He always asked beforehand if she didn’t want to proceed with the play for whatever reason. Diane had the last word on that; she may have felt off colour or eaten something too heavy, or had a headache. No matter what, the final decision was down to her.

The evening of the big event arrived and they caught a taxi into town with the equipment in the suitcase in the back. There were loads of people there, most to see the exhibition and ogle at the bare flesh, but some awaiting the world famous show. There were the usual acts of scantily clad girls in cat suits and shiny swimwear, swinging from trapezes or performing acrobatics. There was even a ‘golden couple’; all painted in gold who performed various sexual acts on stage much to the delight of the crowd. As Diane got into her shiny sequined costume and fishnet tights, she felt a shudder up her spine. She was a little nervous but that was a good sign. In the back of her mind she remembered what Ian had told her; just block out the audience and imagine they aren’t there. Just do your best and always know I am there if things go wrong.

Ian was dressed in his black cloak and shiny trousers; a top hat completing the ensemble. He picked up the plastic bag and his other bag of tricks and held Diane tightly one last time before they went out on stage. This was it thought Diane as her stomach turned cartwheels and off they strode. After a short introduction by the compare they were on. The stage was very bright and the audience applauded at their entrance. Jean Michael Jarre music was playing in the background as she paraded around the stage, so proud at that moment; then down to business. Ian held the plastic bag aloft which was packed with the large king sized duvet at this point. He began his spiel as Diane soaked up the atmosphere.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, here we have a normal bedding storage bag, filled with a large duvet; its dimensions are roughly four foot by two foot by eighteen inches. As you can clearly see through the clear plastic, every inch of this bag is taken up with the duvet; no room for anyone else to fit inside. Be prepared to be amazed and astounded as my lovely assistant is prepared for her plastic prison.’ With that the music came back up in volume and Ian unzipped the bag and removed the duvet, showing it to the audience and demonstrating that there were no secret panels in the bag with his fist. Diane meantime was unpacking the stuff from the small case on the table.

Ian turned his back briefly to the audience, smiled at Diane and whispered to her, ‘You ok hon?’ To which she smiled back and nodded. The show was about to start. Already she was damp in the crotch and hoped it didn’t show too much. Her nipples were erect through the tight suit and she was ready. Ian took the Lycra suit from the case and started to get Diane into it piece by piece. Firstly the legs tugged tightly up to her waist, followed by the top and finally the silky mask. She then strolled around the stage one more time, milking the attentions of the crowd. She looked so horny in that Lycra suit; that alone would have been enough to cope with in the tight bag but the best was yet to come.

Ian made sure that his little slave girl had taken plenty of big gulps of air, and then watching the clock carefully her began the rest of the preparations. He tied Diane’s ankles together then one tie just above the knee and one final one around her thighs. Then he put her hands behind her back and handcuffed them together. He then got the two big bin bag liners and eased them over her legs and head until they met in the middle, securing them with one last tie around her middle. The bags began to move in and out with Diane’s breath, time was now of the essence. The audience gasped to see this mummified breathing living bag. The compare announced to the crowd to start counting the seconds in their heads and see if they could imagine holding their breath that long.

Moving quickly now, Ian completed the package with the one-piece cotton bolster, which he put over her head and tugged down to her feet, fastening it securely with a length of rope. Next he took a long length of chain and wrapped it around her body finally securing it with a large padlock at the front. He then helped her to stand inside the bag and lowered her body down slowly into it. Moving her legs right down bending them into the bottom half of the bag then easing the rest of her body into position. Again he showed the duvet to the audience before stuffing this into every available nook and cranny of the plastic bag. He pulled the zipper around as he did following in a pattern of tucking and zipping until the bag was totally shut tight. He then spun it around a couple of times on the floor to show the crowd that every little inch of that bag was filled with duvet. No way could someone be inside there too they thought, and gasped out loud, holding their breath.

Inside the bag Diane was gasping too for her very life. Each lungful of air now becoming more and more stale. She was hot and sweaty, tightly packed and practically on her last breaths. She felt the bag twizz around which was the signal that her master had shown the bag to the audience, as she wriggled like fuck inside. Her orgasm almost there, pussy soaking wet through, juices dribbling down her thighs. She thought her chest would explode as she fought for what little air was left; then she came, big style. Her whole body shuddered and rocked as wave after wave hit her. She was oblivious to where she was or who was watching, all she felt was ultimate pleasure.

The music ended and the curtains closed. The audience were spellbound at all this. Never had they seen such a thing before and they were unlikely to forget it. Ian quickly helped his little girl out of the bag and her bonds; just in time, and she gulped fresh air into her lungs for the first time. He held her briefly before standing with her as the curtains opened one more time and they both took a bow. The crowd went wild, whooping and shouting their appreciation. Diane was tired and exhausted but felt so proud to be stood there. Was going to be an evening she wouldn’t forget. She felt another dribble down her leg but she didn’t care as the curtains closed again and she fell into Ian’s waiting arms. He kissed her tenderly and told her how wonderful she had been. Going back to the hotel she wondered what fiendish plans her master had for her next time.


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