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Taxi Ride

by GeminiDreamer

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© Copyright 2005 - GeminiDreamer - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; party; bond; fucking-machine; hotel; suitcase; transported; cartrunk; climax; cons/nc; X

Dan and Amber had been having an office affair for several years. Both were in committed relationships (with kids) and while they wanted to be together, neither could walk away from their commitments. Fortunately, Dan managed the office and could arrange for the two of them to travel together with some frequency. Even when he traveled alone for business, she often took a few vacation days and tagged along.

Amber was the perfect submissive. Strong-willed, intelligent and beautiful; no one would ever expect her sexual desires were the opposite of her public image. Dan was and aggressive and highly intelligent business man. Before she met Dan, Amber had never been with a man she could allow to dominate her. Whether it was the Dan or something else, Amber knew that she had never enjoyed sex as much as when he tied her up and abused her. He made her come dozens of times, for hours and hours. Prior to meeting her, Dan thought such women only existed in porno flicks…

This particular trip took him to San Francisco for a Friday meeting. He’d have to fly from the East Coast on Thursday and (conveniently) stay through Sunday to save on the airfare. Amber took vacation through the weekend and told her family she had a conference in Philadelphia. Since many people in their business knew her, it was just too risky to stay with him during the meeting. If anyone found out they were having an affair, Dan could lose his job, his family and everything he owned. She had even driven to Philadelphia, checked in to a hotel, parked her car there, and taken a cab to the airport. This way the paper trail would never show she was anywhere but Philadelphia. She had used a phony name and ID for the airline and the San Francisco hotel reservation, and arranged a room at a different hotel so the two of them could rendezvous discretely. She would join him at his hotel Saturday night when everyone from the business meeting had gone home.

The Friday night of their trip was to be a new experience for them. Being on the west coast and far away from home, they took the opportunity to attend a true BDSM party. It took Dan weeks of phone calls, e-mails, and secret deals to get an invitation, but he knew it would be worth it. Amber would stay at the hotel where the party was being hosted, so that they could take full advantage of the event.

Dan stood out at the party, wearing a suit and tie rather than more traditional dom’s garb. Amber stood out for a different reason. Amber was just over forty and stood over six feet tall in her 5” heels, but she had a body that would make a thirty year old green with jealousy. He had arranged for her to spend the day in a spa while he had his meeting, and her afternoon concluded with a full make-over and “up-do” for her reddish-brown hair. She was a beautiful woman, and he had dressed her simply, in order to highlight her natural attributes. She wore a black leather corset/mini-dress, stockings with garters, and the fuck-me pumps that were her trademark at work. Except for her collar, cuffs and ring gag, she looked more like a dominatrix than a slave.

The party was fun, and Amber got a lot of attention. Amber was a natural tease, and she enjoyed working the room. For a while Dan removed her gag and she showed her flirtatious and talkative side. Six different doms and one dominatrix offered to swap their slaves for Amber for the weekend, but Dan knew Amber would never approve of that. This was a fantasy she only played with him, and honestly she was not “that kind of girl”. In fact, this party was the first time they had publicly exhibited the nature of their relationship in any way. Frankly, he was surprised that she had allowed him to fondle her in front of the partygoers, and there was no way he’d allow anyone else to touch her.

Later in the evening, he got a little crazy and volunteered her to be used as a demonstrator model for a “pleasuring” machine. Dan had to whisper in her ear to calm her down as she was strapped to a padded sawhorse on her hands and knees. She was pretty steamed at him when the machine started working, but quieted down when Dan slid his member through her ring-gag. She managed to come eleven times before he blew his load, and a countless number of times afterward. She was exhausted when they turned off the machine almost an hour later, and the whole room gave her a standing ovation.

When they returned to her room, she was too tired to do anything but sleep. In a way, Dan was grateful because he thought she might yell at him for volunteering her for the machine.

The next morning was Saturday, and Amber woke up to find that Dan had ordered her a light breakfast from room service, including the earl grey tea and fresh fruit that she loved in the mornings. That’s when the crazy idea hit her. Since they had to check-out and go over to his hotel this morning, why not continue the fun from last night? She would make the trip with him, but she would ride bound and gagged inside her suitcase. At first he was a little reluctant, but it was a short cab ride so he figured she would be OK.

So, after she showered and did her make-up; she dressed in her white bustier, panties and stockings. While Dan was showering, she took a little note card that said “A Gift for You” and wrote on the inside “I want to be your slave forever. I want you to keep me tied up 24 hours a day and use me for your pleasure. I want you to punish me HARD when I don‘t behave as you expect. I belong to you always, and I am yours for as long as I shall live. Amber”. She tucked the card between her breasts, put on the ring gag, and climbed into her large black rolling suitcase. Once both feet were in, she snapped the locks on the ankle cuffs. She zipped the bag as much as she could, cuffed her hands behind her back, and waited.

When he was finished dressing, he saw her condition and quickly zipped the bag closed and locked it. The black nylon would allow her to breathe, but he reminded her to consciously push her breath through the material just to be safe. Dan quickly took all of their things and stuffed them into his suitcase, and then called for the bellman. He wondered what the bellman would think of the weight of Amber’s suitcase, but then mused that many of the attendees of last night’s party were probably packing more than Amber’s weight in chains alone.

The bellman arrived promptly. He was a large black man who had no trouble lifting either bag onto the valet cart. He said that he had one more pick-up on this floor, and he would take the service elevator down and meet Dan at the valet parking area in front of the lobby. Dan was a little apprehensive about letting Amber out of his sight, but she was securely locked in the suitcase and would be down with him in a minute or two. He also didn‘t want to draw attention by asking to ride the freight elevator, so he headed for the regular elevators and pushed the “down” button.

In the elevator, Dan ran into the woman who had organized last night’s party. She was a beautiful dominatrix and he found her even more attractive in a business suit. They had spent a lot of time talking the night before and she was clearly attracted to him, not as a slave but as an equal. They chatted in the lobby, while he waited for his luggage. She said she would be in New York in a few weeks and wanted to know if they might have dinner. He instinctively glanced around for Amber before realizing that she was just being loaded into his taxi’s trunk by the bellman. He knew he had given Amber the false impression that he loved her, and she certainly was in deeply love with him, but he wasn’t going to let her cramp his style with other women. He agreed to the woman’s offer and pledged to call her the following week to set something up. He just wouldn’t tell Amber anything about it...

As he headed out to his cab, Dan checked to be sure the two black suitcases were loaded in the trunk. The cabbie asked “What do you got in that thing?”, but Dan ignored him and simply said “Marriott - Financial District.” They had to maneuver around a black Mercedes that was idling at the valet stand, and the cabbie cussed as they darted out into traffic. Dan smiled to himself and thought, “I wouldn’t want to be in the trunk with the way this guy drives!”

Meanwhile Amber was in a submissive heaven. She almost couldn’t believe that she was in the trunk of a cab, on her way to the Marriott to be carried to Dan’s suite by the bellhop. She was getting aroused already by the thoughts of the fucking she was soon to get.

When they got to the Marriott, the Bellman lifted the bags from the cab’s trunk and put them on the valet cart. “Boy, that one is heavy”, he remarked. Since Dan was already registered at the hotel, the bellman rode in the elevator with him and rolled the valet cart right into the suite.

After he tipped the bellman and closed the door, Dan eagerly unzipped the suitcase only to find their clothes from the night before. “Wrong one…”, he mumbled to himself. Then he said aloud, “I wonder what’s in this heavy suitcase… Maybe I’ll just leave it and open it this evening…”. Expecting to hear Amber’s gagged protest, he listened carefully and suddenly worried that she might be hurt. Opening the suitcase quickly, he discovered it was full of only chains, restraints and various bondage gear.

“That Vixen,” he thought, “Now she’s playing hide and seek with me. I knew she‘d be pissed about the machine thing.”


Dr. VanDerStyne had been a little disappointed at yesterday’s BDSM party. Oh, the party itself was fine, but since he was retiring as club president and would soon be moving to the mountains of Montana, he had hoped for some sort of recognition at his final event. A skilled cosmetic surgeon, he had also done “work” at a discount on over half the slaves in the club, so you would think they‘d do something nice... Of course, he had insisted that they not make any fuss... but perhaps they could have offered just a little token of appreciation for twenty years of service? Oh well, what could they give him that he didn’t already have?

As he pulled into his garage, his thoughts turned to his recently-passed slave. He had often rented her out at parties like the one yesterday, and many times just lent her to friends who were without a slave at the time. She had been such a perfect partner and submissive. It initially took almost a year to break her spirit, but after ten years together he missed her, especially when he came home to an empty dungeon. Not that he had loved her in an emotional way, but he enjoyed owning her. Maybe he had been a little too rough on her at times, but since he had surgically disconnected her vocal chords on the day he bought her, she didn’t ever complain. He lifted his big black suitcase from the trunk of his black Mercedes, pulled up the handle and rolled it into the house.

In his bedroom, he wondered why there was a small lock on the bag and he had to break it with some pliers. Once it opened, he was quite shocked to see the beautiful slave from last night’s party cramped inside. He helped her to her feet and noticed a note between her breasts. It said “A Gift for You”. They HAD remembered! On the inside the note read: “I want to be your slave forever. I want you to keep me tied up 24 hours a day and use me for your pleasure. I want you to punish me HARD when I don‘t behave as you expect. I belong to you always, and I am yours for as long as I shall live. Amber”

Amber was a little embarrassed but thankful to finally be set free. As she tried her best to stretch out her cramping leg muscles, she recognized the man standing in front of her as one of the doms at the party Friday Night. And suddenly it dawned on her what that note he was reading said… She tried to explain through the ring gag, but her hurried attempt at speech was incomprehensible. The doctor just smiled and said, “Oh, you’re a talker… Just like my last slave. Let’s see if we can’t fix that right away…”, and he pulled the hobbled beauty toward his attached medical office…


The next day, Dan was more than annoyed as he got in his cab to go to the airport. He didn’t know what kind of a trick Amber was playing, or why she had never shown up at his room, but this was just stupid. Maybe she is miffed about the “machine” thing, who knows with her? She can be so strong-willed…

He had been forced to put all of her things in the hotel dumpster, including all that great bondage gear. He certainly couldn’t risk bringing it home. Most of the gear wasn’t that expensive, but the loss of her purse and her cell phone would probably be hard to explain when she got home from “Philadelphia”. He had to double bag those with some other trash so they didn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Either way he was sure he would get an earful when she got to work Monday morning…

End of Chapter One - To be continued…


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