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Tables Turned

by Stephanie1963

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© Copyright 2015 - Stephanie1963 - Used by permission

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As always, I wanted to size up my captive's predicament. She was beautiful, although it was hard to tell at the moment since she had a black leather hood over her head. Her mouth was plugged with a rather large penis gag, and the only identifiable parts of her head were her lovely green eyes (very rare for an Asian girl) and the lustrous mane of black hair sticking out of the back of her hood. The green eyes on an Asian were a specific request of the buyer, and he was paying top dollar for the honor. It took me awhile to track such a woman down.

I had dressed her in a tight black leather dress, with long sleeves and a high collar which the hood was locked into. She could not remove either item, for the zip of the dress was only reachable once the hood was removed, and the back of the hood and gag were locked on with a padlock. The outfit was actually more like a bodysuit with a tight skirt attached, keeping her thighs together. She was also wearing sheer to the waist, black Victoria Secret pantyhose. 

I rubbed my hand along her inner thighs, feeling the smoothness of the nylon material. She shuddered, but could not stop me, mainly because she was tied to the bed, with arms spread eagled to the headboard with rope. The candy apple red coating on her nails made a nice contrast to the black. Her legs were tied together with the same rope above her knees and at her ankles and attached to the foot of the bed. I had forced her feet into a pair of three inch black pumps with locking ankle straps. The key for the shoes was underneath the pantyhose, taped to the heel of her right foot. The key to the hood was similarly situated under her left foot. I always like to make my "guests" feel so very close to escape.

She almost covered the bed from top to bottom. She was a very tall girl, particularly for an Asian. In fact, she was about as tall as me, at about 5'11. She consequently had pretty large feet as well, which explained my having to squeeze her into the pumps. But the effort was worth it. She looked magnificent, and she was ready for shipment. She had fetched an excellent price.

I had made my contact for the sale via the internet. I like the confidentiality that such a medium affords. I'd done my last few sales that way, and things always went off without a hitch. We were currently at a Motel 6 far away from my usual domicile. The pick-up by the buyer was set for 10pm. I was just making the final touches on my prey. I had a system. Basically, once I confirmed payment via secret wire transfer, I would arrange the pick-up at a sleezy motel. I usually had no idea who the buyer was or whether it was the same person each time, and frankly, the less I knew the better. About a half-hour before pick-up time, I would make sure everything in the room was okay. Then, I would leave the keys to the room in a prearranged location, usually in an envelope taped underneath a chair in the motel lobby.

I was about to leave the room and my latest capture forever, when there was a sudden knock on the door. It was only 7pm. Very odd. I hoped it was just housekeeping or something, particularly since no one was supposed to know I was here. I checked the peep hole and nearly convulsed at what I saw. It was two women cops, in full uniform. I panicked, but decided that I had to open the door since they must have seen that the lights were on in the room. I also didn't want them barging in here. I grabbed an extra blanket from the closet and threw it over my captive and said a prayer under my breath before I opened the door. I noticed that the two officers were quite attractive, one a blonde and one a redhead.

"Evening, sir," said the blonde, "We apologize for the disturbance this late in the evening, but we had reports of a rapist in the area, and we just wanted to make sure no one around here had seen anything."

"Can't say that I have, officers." I calmly replied.

"Okay," said the redhead, "sorry for the disturbance."

They looked as though they were going to leave. I sighed deeply as I was about to close the door, when the redhead stopped me.

"Sir, could we possibly use you phone to call in?" asked the redhead.

I panicked again, but was able to come up with a story.

"Actually, my wife and I had just gone to sleep. Maybe you could try the motel manager's office." I offered.

"Well, if you were sleeping, why are the room lights still on?" inquired the blonde.

Before I could answer, the cops had their guns drawn and had forced their way into my room.

"Wait a minute! You can't just-" I tried to yell.

I was interrupted by the blonde pushing me against the wall and slapping a pair of handcuffs on me. The redhead had gone to the bed and pulled the blanket off my prey.

"You and your 'wife' seem to be into some interesting stuff," she said.

"Are you alright, Samantha?" she asked the woman in bondage.

My mind started racing. How did these cops know the girls name or that she was here? Perhaps they had somehow posed as the buyer all along. I didn't have time to think it over much more, because the blonde belted me in the gut. I fell to the ground. She pulled a syringe out of her pocket and quickly injected me in the arm. I almost immediately felt numbness all over my body, but not a bit of drowsiness.

"What are you doing to me!?" I cried out.

"This is a powerful muscle relaxant," the blonde explained, "you won't be able to move your body from the neck down until an antidote is administered. But you'll stay perfectly awake. And we want you to be awake while we do this to you."

Before I had a chance to ponder what exactly "this" was, the blonde had shoved a penis gag into my mouth. It was actually the penis gag Samantha had been wearing. The redhead had successfully untied my captive and picked the locks to both her mask and her shoes.

The three then carried me onto the bed. The shot did it's work. I already could not move my arms or legs. Samantha slapped me in the face. Unfortunately, that was the one thing I could feel.

"I want you to meet two of my friends, you bastard," Sam began, "the redhead is Patricia and the blonde is Andrea. You may recognize them both."

Throughout the ordeal, I had thought I recognized both cops, but couldn't put my finger on it. Then, it hit me. I had captured both girls within two months of each other and shipped them off to who I thought was the same buyer down in South America. Probably the same buyer that Sam had been destined for.

I started pleading through my gag, but of course all that came out was the usual mmphing sound I had grown quite accustomed to hearing. 

"Are you ready to have some fun, Adam?" asked Pat. I had no idea how they knew my name. 

"Be right back, Adam," said the blonde. She exited the room. She quickly returned with a big gym bag. I shuddered to think what was inside.

"Just so you have somewhat of an itinerary. We only have three hours to get the delivery ready". Andy said. I wondered what that meant. I was still under the assumption that they had set themselves up as a fake buyer.

Pat removed my gag. She had her gun drawn in case I had any ideas of screaming for help.

"Listen, the people who I'm working for do not fuck around," I pleaded, "if they find out that you fucked up this pick-up, you and I are all dead. Unless you guys set this whole thing up from the start."

"Well, we did hack into your line of communications with the buyer via the internet. That's how we knew the time and the location of this pick-up." Andy said.

"So the buyer is real?" I asked.

"Of course, Adam." said Pat. She then ordered the other two to start setting things up in the bathroom. My sense of panic starting setting in again. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Sam had fully undressed out of her captive outfit and started to put on a police uniform like the other two, at Andy's instructions.

"Then, we have to get out of here. If that buyer does not get his delivery, we're all as good as dead."

"Don't worry," said Pat, "the buyer is going to get his delivery."

My mind raced as she shoved the gag back into my mouth. I heard the bath water running. The three carried me over to the bathroom and lowered me into the tub. Andy started to lather some cream all over me. The cream smelled funny and was giving my skin a very tingly feeling. 

"This is an experimental depilatory," Andy explained, "it takes out all hair on contact and generally stops future growth for at least six months". I really started to panic when she took a gob and rubbed it into my hair and face. 

They rinsed me off, and, true to her word, I noticed that all the hair on my body had come off. The water was all drained out of the tub. They toweled me off. I looked like a department store mannequin. I laid there like a dead fish as Sam proceeded to rub lotion all over my body.

"What next?" I thought. My question was quickly answered when the threesome pulled out nail polish and false nails. I finally started to get it. The delivery would indeed be made. Only the delivery was going to be me! Being an Asian myself, they had set me up with an Asian capture that I could replace. I pleaded through the gag, but to no avail.

"Do you have any idea what you put us through?" Pat said angrily as she started to paint my toenails a candy apple red.

"I never thought I'd see the light of day again. That I'd die in an Argentinian brothel, you fucker," continued Andy, who was applying the false matching red nails to my hands with some gel substance.

"That's why we vowed that when we escaped, we'd come back and find you," finished Pat. 

"But enough about us. Back to the explanation," Andy continued, "these false nails and nail polish are also experimental. The polish is impervious to polish remover, so your toenails will have a healthy color for a few months. And the gel we used to attach the nails is a special surgical solvent that only comes off with a special remover. And the nails themselves are pretty impossible to crack." 

When they finished with the nails, I looked even more like a department store mannequin. Andy went back to the bag and pulled out a smaller pouch with lots of medical equipment. She pulled out another syringe and gave me a shot at the base of my penis. Another syringe was injected into my Adam's apple. I waited in horror for this explanation.

"I suppose you're wondering about the shots," started Andy, "the first one will keep you from getting an erection until an antidote is administered. The second should shrink your Adam's apple and raise your voice a couple of octaves until you get the antidote. You'll be singing soprano in the Argentinian girls choir in no time."

Pat unbuckled my gag.

"Please don't do this," I pleaded. But it wasn't me pleading. It was the voice of an 18-year old co-ed.

"Wow, that works fast," said Sam, "and he sounds just like me."

"Yup, that's the idea," Pat responded. She shoved the gag back into my mouth and reached down to my now limp penis and started stroking. Even without the anesthetic, I knew nothing was going to happen until I got the antidote shot. My cock didn't even stir.

Andy pulled a piece of latex out of their magic bag. It looked like a hairy patch of human skin with a slit in the middle. 

"This is a fake pussy," started Andy, "we'll put Mr. Happy in a sheath and glue this on with the surgical solvent. And no one will be able to tell the difference. Plus, the tip of your dick will be where the slit is, so you can still pee, only sitting down."

They slipped my cock into the sheath and proceeded to glue the latex into place. They all took a step back to admire the handiwork. It would take some serious investigation to figure out that the pussy wasn't real, and I didn't exactly want anyone coming that close anyway. Pat pulled out yet another syringe. She rubbed alcohol on my two breasts and gave me an injection into each. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

"How big are they going to get?" asked Sam.

"Well, this should make his boobs swell out to about a 34D. We don't want him to look too different from what the buyer was promised." Pat said, "and I'm sure Adam knows the drill. They won't shrink without the antidote."

Here I was, immobile in a bathtub with a woman's voice and a body quickly starting to match. The breast shot was working unbelievably fast. My breasts were already starting to swell out a little.

"Okay," continued Andy, "let's prop him up and do some headwork."

They propped my upper body up at the end of the tub. First came a device that looked like a staple gun. Pat punched the gun once into each of my ears. I reacted painfully. The gold studs that remained matched those that Sam had been wearing. Next, Andy pulled out a box from the bag. When she opened it, out came a large beautiful mane of black hair, very similar to Sam's. She started to comb it out before Pat placed a generous amount of the solvent on my bald head and the wig was pressed into place. 

By now, I looked down and saw my breasts were definitely filling out. Pat grabbed them with her hands to check the consistency.

"Wow," she marveled, "these are better than implants."

In the meanwhile, Andy had pulled out an industrial-sized make-up kit.

"Now for the fun part." she said as Pat unbuckled my gag again.

"Remember, no noise," Pat reminded me as she waved her gun.

"Why don't you girls just kill me?" I asked.

"C'mon, Adam. Death would be way too easy. We want you to know what it feels like to be a sex slave. It'll help you do your job better. Well, it would if you ever get to do your job again. Which it doesn't look like you will. But if you did escape, you'd have a great future as a topless dancer." said Andy, as she fondled my now fully formed breasts. 

"Okay, now for the experimental, no fade make-up."

I shuddered at that introduction and wondered how they had gotten all these experimental products. Andy pulled out some lipstick and started to apply it on me.

"These cosmetics are as good as permanent make-up. They supposedly bond with the skin and won't come off without, yup, you guessed it, the right removal cream." Andy said with a devilish smile. 

"You know," Pat began, "candy apple red is definitely your color."

They all laughed. Pat started in with some foundation and blush in generous amounts. I suddenly got a revelation. 

"I don't look anything like Sam in the face. I sent the buyer head shots. He's gonna check my face at some point." I said. I was still bowled over by my new voice.

Andy had just finished applying the permanent blue eyeshadow and mascara to my eyes and drew on some fake eyebrows.

"You will be wearing this," said Andy, holding up the leather hood, "and we took the liberty of intercepting the pictures you sent to the buyer and replacing them with some of our own."

She held up some photos while Pat held up a mirror to my face. I couldn't believe the reflection. Staring back at me was the hottest Asian hooker I'd ever seen. They had done such an incredible job with the make-up that I doubted my own mother would recognize me. I then looked over at her photos and saw that they were headshots that pretty much matched with the reflection in the mirror. Somehow, they had gotten a few pictures of my face and digitally altered them to look like the beauty before me. They had even colored my eyes in as green. I suppose I had to respect the thoroughness of their efforts and of my predicament.

"Since the buyer has never met you and doesn't know what you look like," she began, "we figured he wouldn't suspect anything. And even if he does eventually, they can make just as much money off some unwilling she-male."

The gravity of the last statement sank in. I really was trapped.

With my body transformation complete, it was time to get dressed. The three picked me up out of the tub and carried me over to the bed. Sam had gathered up her former costume and got it ready for me. First, while Pat held me in a sitting upright position, Andy slipped the black bra on. I had gotten it specifically for Sam because it had two locking clasps on the strap. They positioned my new breasts in the garment and locked the bra onto me. Next came Sam's g-string black panties. Before that though, I saw Pat reach into the bag and pull out a decent sized butt plug. She shoved the penis gag into my mouth before I could scream and proceeded to lube up the plug and plunge it into my asshole. As my luck would have it, sensation was returning to my body, and I felt enough of the plug to be glad that I was still mostly under the anesthetic. The panties followed in short order.

At that point, Andy had gotten out a digital video camera and handed it to Sam. 

"Pat, give him the antidote to the anesthetic. I want him to dress himself the rest of the way. And I want a nice home movie of it." Andy said. Sam started filming as Pat pulled out a syringe and gave me a shot in the arm. A few minutes later, though still groggy, I was able to rise to my feet for the first time in two hours. My butt ached from the unwelcome intruder.

"Hurry up, Eve," Andy implored with my clever new name, "we've only got an hour until delivery. And don't forget who's in charge." She waved her gun in my face.

I caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror in the room. I still could not believe how beautiful the girls had made me, with a hot body to match. I was desperately trying to figure out a mode of escape, no small task given it was three on one and two of them were armed.

Then, I suddenly remembered my emergency plan. I had started keeping a tiny pistol in my luggage in case of disaster. If I could get to my bag on the other side of the bed, I might have a chance.

Sam came over to me holding two familiar keys in her hand.

"Remember these?" she asked as she taped one key on the bottom of each of my nail-polished feet.

Sam then tossed me the pantyhose. I sat on the edge of the bed as close to my bag as possible and started to put them on. I had dressed plenty of captive women in my day and had no trouble bunching them up at the feet and sliding them over my legs and butt. My legs actually looked awesome in the hose, a revelation that I was none too comforted with. 

Sam tossed me the body suit/dress next. I pretended to miss grabbing it out of the air and knocked it towards my luggage on the other side of the bed. The dress landed right on top of my bag. This was my one and only chance. I reached down to get the dress and tried to simultaneously reach into the side pouch of my bag. My hand went into the pouch and found-nothing. 

"Looking for this," asked Andy, holding up my tiny pistol. My heart sank. My trump card had been played.

"Keep going, Eve."

I knew there was no way out. I stepped into the body suit portion of the dress and pulled it up over my chest and shoulders. Sam came up from behind me and with great satisfaction zipped me in. With my new curves, I really looked like Sam had from the neck down just hours before. 

She tossed me the shoes. My feet were probably slightly bigger than Sam's, so I actually had an even harder time slipping them on my feet than I did getting them onto Sam's. I finally did slip the shoes on and locked the ankle straps. Now, there was really little chance of getting away. Even if I could somehow subdue all three of my captors, I wouldn't get far with these high heels locked into place. I had never worn high heels before, so when I tried to stand, I was wobbly. The two keys digging into the soles of my feet also probably had something to do with it. 

The coup de grace was of course the leather hood. Sam slipped it over my head with no problem and quickly tightened it until I felt like my eyes were gonna bulge out. She then put the penis gag in place for the last time and locked up the whole thing with a padlock. I couldn't reach the dress to the zipper either. Pat put the mirror up to my face. I could see my head, encased in leather and a black mane of hair coming out of the back. I was now the spitting image of Sam. Except for one minor detail that I hoped they hadn't thought about. When the buyer saw my beautiful but brown eyes, I was hoping the deal would be off.

"And now for the final touch," Pat said. She had a contact lens case. Andy put me into a sort of headlock and held the butt of her gun to my temple.

"Don't move, these are very expensive." Pat proceeded to take a contact out of the case as Andy tilted my head back. She forced my right eye open wider and placed the contact in there. She did the same with my left eye. I struggled, but Andy held my head in place until Pat was finished. I realized when she was done that I could not see at all.

"These are special opaque contacts. You can't see out, but to the outside observer your eyes look quite normal. They don't really come out without special eye drops." Pat explained, "I hope, Eve, you appreciate all the trouble we went to for you."

I stared into blackness as I felt my body being forced flat on the bed and my arms raised to the headboard. Someone thoroughly tied my wrists to the bed posts so that I could barely move them. My legs were tied above the knee and at the ankles, which were then attached to the foot of the bed. I tried to kick my pantyhose-sheathed legs, but to no avail. I'd need to get out of the shoes before I could slip the ropes off my ankles, which was of course impossible with the locking ankle straps. 

My bondage was complete. If I could see, I'm sure I would have seen a spitting image of Sam laying on the bed. I screamed some more, but could only muster a few high-pitched mmphs's. I could hear the girls cleaning up the bathroom and gathering all their supplies back into the magic bag. 

"Wow, just in time," I heard Pat's voice, "it's 9:45."

Each of them leaned over and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

"Now, you be a good girl." laughed Sam.

"Yeah, and we'll try not to spend all your money." Pat added. The final insult was they had gotten to my hard earned stash.

"Eve, you left the room key here in this envelope. We'll be sure that this ends up in the right hands." 

They had their things gathered and were heading out the door.

"Oh and Eve," Andy called back, "I know you can't see, but I must say those contacts give you the most lovely green eyes." I heard a round of laughter and the door slam.

I had fifteen minutes to get out of this predicament. If there was someway I could convince the buyer to take the gag off for just a minute, I might get out of this yet. I struggled and mmphed until I was exhausted. I realized it didn't matter. Even if I could explain, it would be with Sam's voice and with her body locked onto me. The buyer would never believe me.

After awhile, I heard a key in the door. Someone came in and sat down beside me on the bed. I tried to scream and struggle like crazy, but he wasn't listening.

"Calm down, my dear. I'm not going to hurt you-yet" a male voice said.

He started running his hand up and down my body, starting with my shoes, up my legs and pubic area and over my ample breasts. 

The last thing I remember is the feeling of a damp cloth over my face. I quickly lost consciousness. I didn't see him cut me loose and retie me in a tight hogtie before stuffing me in a big suitcase and carrying me off to my new life.

The End


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