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Susan Dumps her Boyfriend

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2010 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bagged; bond; hood; gag; transported; coffin; buried; cons/nc; X

I didn’t know what my girlfriend, Susan, was up to. We were both into bondage and she used to spend hours on her sewing machine making me hobble skirts that she could lock me into. But she would not tell me what she was working on this time.  All I knew was that she had measured all my body. It left me in suspense. When I asked her, she told me that I was not to be impatient. It would be the best bondage outfit yet.

We had been together for about three years. She got the hump when I forgot the anniversary date. A few times recently she had been going out with her friends from work. I thought she had met someone else and followed her a few times. But she did meet with her girlfriends from work. I was not worried after that.  Mind you, we had been rowing a bit and she did threaten to leave me a few times. I forgot her birthday and went out for a drink with the lads. That didn’t go down too well. There were many other things. Susan said I was too selfish and only thought of myself.

The weeks went by and I kept asking, “Is it ready yet?” and all I got was the reply that I was not to be impatient. I would be in heaven when I have it on. This made me even more curious, but her room was locked. I could not find out what it was she was making.

Finally the time came. I was told to go and shower. As I did, my mind was racing. What had she got in mind for me? After drying myself and sprinkling talcum powder on myself, I raced down the stairs with anticipation.

There she stood in the middle of the lounge with the new outfit in her hands. “I have lined it with satin, shiny side in. I know how it turns you on. You will need a little pleasure by the time I have finished with you”.

“Thank you. I can’t wait to put it on”

I looked at it. It looked like a tight sleeping bag. The legs would be held tight and the sleeves, they seemed miles too long. I said she had made a mistake, but she said she hadn’t made any mistake. I would find out soon enough.

I stepped into the bag, for that is what it looked like so far, but with sleeves.  “Apart from the satin, there is also two layers of thick cotton so you cannot escape unless I let you out. You know, I don’t think I will. I am getting hot thinking about you struggling away but at my mercy”. Her words made me want her to hurry up and get me into the bag.

She pulled the bag up. My feet were held fast together. My legs were next. By the time she had struggled to get it to my waist, my legs were held together like they had been stuck with glue.  I had to put my arms into the sleeves next.  “I told you that you had made a mistake, the sleeves will go round me twice”

“That is what they are supposed to do”.

I felt her pulling the laces tight on the back pulling the two sides together. I felt her tug the laces once more and tying the knots up really tight. “Just two double knots. I don’t want you escaping. God I feel hot. It’s a shame you cannot shag me while you are in this state. I need relief. I feel so randy. Really incredibly horny”

With that she pulled a zip up. “There. That’s the laces well covered. Now you can’t get at them at all. You are at my mercy” With that I heard a click. “That’s the zip locked up as well. God I need a good seeing to. I need someone rapidly” 

She came round the front and took my hands. “Well, say goodbye to these. You won’t be able to use these once they are fastened” Susan had a grin on her face as she pushed my arms over each other and got me to hold that position while she went round the back. I felt her take the extra long sleeves and with her knee in the small of my back, she pulled the sleeves and tied them in a knot. Then I heard another click. “That’s the sleeves locked together”. But she was not finished yet.  A large thick strap was put around my body and arms pinning them even tighter together. Susan pulled it right to the tightest hole in the buckle as she could get and then locked the strap so the strap could not be removed. I was unable to move my arms so the strap would shift and slide up my body towards my shoulders.

Sue got more straps and fastened them around my ankles and knees. I was at her mercy now, especially when she locked the straps so they could only be undone by her. “You never looked did you, but each of those straps are threaded through loops, including the one around your arms, so they will not move. Now I have the only keys to these locks, so I am the key to your release. Crikey, I need a good shag”

Now I stood there, encased in the sleeved bag, strapped up and locked in. I was going nowhere. The satin was having its effect on me.  I was rampant, but the tightness of the bag stopped anything showing.  I love the feeling of satin on my hardened prick.

Susan gave me a kiss and rubbed herself on my crotch as best as she could. I sensed it would take much to get her to orgasm.  But Susan was not finished with me. She produced a rubber helmet and squeezed it over my head. She settled it down with a pump gag filling my mouth as she pumped away.  Only my nose, lips and eyes were visible.

Susan pulled the pump off leaving the bulb inflated in my mouth. I could not make more than a soft moaning sound that Susan said she could not understand. Finally she took a helmet out of her bag and pulled it over the rubber one. I felt her thread laces between the helmet and the bag.  She tied them off and I felt more laces being tightened at the back of my head. Now the rubber helmet was stuck to my head and I could not open my jaws any more.

Susan stepped around to face me, smiled and said, “There you are now completely at my mercy” She grinned and then went over to the telephone and phoned someone. “Okay, he’s ready. See you in an hour” I tried to ask what she was on about. Who would she be seeing? What was I ready for?”

I was soon to find out. Susan carefully laid me down before she left the room. A little while later I heard the doorbell go. I heard Susan say that I was easy to capture. I had even helped her, which was true.

Her visitor entered the room with a stretcher. Between them, they carefully picked me up and laid me on the stretcher. I was strapped down and once that was completed I was carried out of the door to a waiting van. Unceremoniously I was shoved into the back. Hopefully someone will have see me being carried to the van.

The van bounced along the road for about an hour. All the time Susan was rubbing my crotch. “I’m going to miss that” she said. What did she mean? She was going to miss my prick?  What did she intend to do with me?

Eventually the van stopped. The stretcher along with me was slid out of the van. I was now surrounded by four girls. They were the girls from Susan’s workplace. Now I panicked. What did they intend to do with me? The girls picked up the stretcher and I watched as they carried me into the back entrance of an undertakers.  I tried to struggle but the straps holding me to the stretcher were too strong. The girls laughed.

I was released from the stretcher and was lifted into a coffin that was sat there. I struggled again and the girls laughed once more. They reached down and fastened some straps over me holding me in the coffin.

“We will leave you here for the night. Tomorrow we have a funeral. We will be burying two people. You are the first and you will be able to see your grave mate being buried with you. You have a lid for your coffin with a viewing panel, and you will have the best seat in the house. Unfortunately though, you won’t have a headstone. But we will know where you are and will put flowers on your grave each year on the date of your burial. Tonight we are out to celebrate Susan dumping you at last. Literally. Still, the vicar will be able to say a few nice words over you I am sure” One of the girls said and they all left me lying in the coffin.

All night I struggled and never made any headway whatsoever.  The next day, the girls came back. They were dressed in mourning clothes.

“We have left some air holes for you. We don’t want you to miss anything do we! We have had the grave dug for two people. If you think you will be found, forget it. One of the girl’s father runs the undertakers. The vicar is my new boyfriend as well” Susan told me. “Goodbye” with that she kissed me on the forehead.

They rolled up some cloth and packed it in around me. “To stop any chance of you hitting the sides of your final resting place” I was told.

The lid of the coffin was placed on top of me and I heard the screw clamps being tightened.  I looked up at the girls through the glass panel. They were all laughing. They lifted me and slid the coffin into a compartment under where you normally see a coffin resting.  The lights went out as the cover was replaced. I heard another coffin being slid on top of my compartment.

There was no more until I felt my coffin being slid out of the compartment and rested in the church. I looked up at the ceiling. The vicar went on and on and I tried my utmost to get someone’s attention that I was still alive.  The music played, hymns were sung and I was lifted out and wheeled on a trolley to the grave.

I watched in horror as the girls had taken the straps and lowered my coffin into the awaiting grave. The coffin swayed slightly as it bumped the side of the grave.  I watched as the straps were pulled clear of my coffin. Susan looked down at me. She wiped a tear from her eye. Perhaps she is going to change her mind I thought. I was wrong. I watched as the second coffin slowly made its way down towards me.

Eventually the hole of my view was obliterated by the other coffin. “At least that lucky person is dead” I thought. There was a thump as the coffin landed on mine and I heard the straps being pulled clear from between the coffins. A second later I heard some slight scratching as some handfuls of dirt hit the sides of my coffin.  Even now I was praying that this was some joke and the girls would get me out.  

I realised I was wrong as the muffled sound of a mechanical digger started up and dropped bucketfuls of soil onto the grave we both shared. I lay back and waited for the inevitable. 



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