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Surprise Inspection

by 64Fordman

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© Copyright 2015 - 64Fordman - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; M+/f; bond; rope; gag; tape; boxed; delivery; trash; chute; disposal; rescue; storage; mast; denial; cons; X

“Fancy rope work.” Kayla said.

“Dean’s been teaching me a few tricks and I’m showing off.” Marisa said.

“We’re good matchmakers, I was worried about you living in the same building.” Kayla said.

“That’s been a plus.” Marisa said.

Marisa finishes the last knot on Kayla’s chair tie and goes to the sofa to check the knots on Stacy’s hogtie.

“So it’s going well?” Stacy said.

“He’s so easy to be with, we get along on everything and he makes me laugh.” Marisa said.

“I hope that’s not all he makes you do.” Stacy said.

“She means we know Dean is into bondage, but you have unique taste.” Kayla said.

“He’s been spot-on in that department.” Marisa said.

“Don’t keep it to yourself, we want to know.” Stacy said.

“Last week he left me tied to his bed while he ran to the store. Maintenance came in looking for the source of a leak downstairs. The bedroom door wasn’t closed all the way, if he walked past the sofa he would see me. I was so hot when Dean came back I made him do me three times before I let him touch one knot.” Marisa said.

“So, were you seen?” Kayla said.

“Never knew I was there.” Marisa said.

“Unlike the time we spied on the Kapa boys to get an edge on the charity contest?” Stacy said.

“Asking them to watch our stuff was the perfect plan.” Kayla said.

“Would have worked if someone hadn’t sneezed.” Stacy said.

“Locked in a dusty cello case for over an hour, discovered by a group of frat boys, carried outside and duct taped to a goal post, worked out perfect for me. A little slack in the rescue department though.” Marisa said.

“They wouldn’t tell us where you were until we paid the ransom.” Kayla said.

“They took you out for ice cream.” Marisa said.

“We brought you some. Where you going?” Kayla said.

“Duct tape, the movie’s about to start and you can still talk.” Marisa said.


“I need your help with a gift for Dean.” Marisa said.

“We’re in.” Kayla and Stacy said.

“I want you to tie me up, put me in this box, tape it up, then take me up to the third floor and leave me in the hall near Dean’s apartment.” Marisa said.

“Will this work? You know how sensitive your nose is.” Stacy said.

“It’s new, it took days to get the stains and paint splotches just right.” Marisa said.

“What’s the point?” Stacy said.

“It’s symbolic, a diamond in the ruff just like me.” Marisa said.

“How will he know it’s for him?” Kayla said.

“He won’t, he’ll just walk past me like I’m some junk in the hall, until my software sends the text. I just wish I could see the look on his face when he comes to get me.” Marisa said.

“I can help, we’ve been marketing this wireless mini-camera for smart phones. A little hole in the side of the box should do it. I’ll download the app on your phone.” Stacy said.


Marisa opens the door, “Thanks, leave it there and I’ll bring it back when I’m done.” She closes the door. “I borrowed the moving cart.”

“This should work.” Stacy said, smoothing a second piece of duct tape on the inside of the box to hold the camera. “After you’re in the box I’ll tape your phone to the side where you can see it.”

“Use this reinforced packing tape on the outside, I put it in the oven to age it. Let me pee and I’ll be ready” Marisa said.

Marisa returns from the bathroom naked and sits on the floor. Her wrists are crossed and tied behind her back. The rope is wrapped around her waist several times and cinched between her body and wrists securing them to the small of her back.

Stacy creates a chest harness while Kayla secures ankles and knees. They place Marisa on her side and attach her knees to her chest, then tie her ankle rope to the waist rope under her wrists pulling her heels in to her butt. Stacy rolls two ankle socks inside a blue cotton head scarf and uses her fingers to push the mass past Marisa’s teeth, then ties it off behind her head.

Together they lift Marisa and lower her into the box. Stacy tapes the phone in place.

“The app will keep the screen active as long as the camera is on, have fun.” Stacy said.

The girls close the flaps and wrap tape around the box sealing Marisa inside. Stacy sees a brush and small can of paint on the counter and opens it.

“Smells like coffee, bet she used it to age the paint, she put some thought into this.” Stacy said.

Using the brush Stacy smears and splatters paint over the tape.

“Looks like it’s been there for years, let’s get her loaded.” Kayla said.

The girls put the box on the cart and pull it down the hall to the elevator. They exit On Dean’s floor, round the corner and head down the hall toward apartment 3F. Marisa looks at the image on her screen of both girls holding the cart as a symbol of their love and friendship. She couldn’t be in better hands.

They place the box against the wall between Dean’s apartment and 3D, across the hall from 3E. Stacy makes sure the camera is pointed toward Dean’s door and they return the cart to the basement.

“Now we just wait for Dean to find his junk.” Kayla said.

“Plenty of time, want to go across the street for coffee?” Stacy said.

“Sounds good.” Kayla said.


“That job billed four hours, you two have been there all day, get it done. Now.”

“We’re outta here boss.” Johnny said, putting his phone in his pocket.

“Just gotta take the carpet scrap to the basement.” Vinny said.

“It’ll take too long, boss wants us back at the shop now. Leave it in the hall.” Johnny said.

Vinny sees the box and dumps the scraps next to it. They carry their tools to the elevator. The old lady in apartment 3C hears the commotion and sticks her head out her door. The sight recalls the scolding she got from the manager about trash in the halls. She grunts and emerges from her apartment with two black plastic trash bags, putting one on top of the carpet scraps and the other on the box.

 FIRST FLOOR, MANAGER’S OFFICE                  

“Some lady is asking for you.” Young maintenance guy said handing over a business card.

“She wasn’t due for two months, any more violations and we could lose our C of O. I’ll stall her, check every floor.” Building manager said.

Both maintenance guys get on the elevator.

“Hit three, we got carpet installers up there. You logged every smoke detector test date?” Old maintenance guy said.

“And battery replacement date.” Young maintenance guy said.

They step off the elevator on the third floor and walk around the corner.

“Lazy bastards, could have gotten tagged for a fire hazard. I left my keys on my desk, open an empty unit and we’ll shove this crap in.” Old maintenance guy said.

“I gave my keys to the manager.” Young maintenance guy said.

“We’ll put it down the trash chute.” Old maintenance guy said.

“You can’t put this carpet in there.” Young maintenance guy said.

“This isn’t an EPA inspection.” Old maintenance guy said.

Marisa knew she was being carried but they didn’t step in front of the camera. The screen goes black and she feels weightless as the box descends to the basement. It slides off the end of the chute dropping into a four foot by ten foot bin filled with trash. The camera is covered and Marisa’s screen stays black. She can hear machinery running. Dean is doing great so far, the pit of her stomach is in full flutter.

The bottom of the bin slopes away from the chute so trash will flow to the opposite end where a ram is mounted. The ram pushes trash through an opening onto a conveyor belt. The conveyor and ram activate when sensors on the incinerator call for more trash.

This is the machinery Marisa is hearing. Just then, the conveyor stops and the ram retracts creating an empty space. The mound begins to slide and the box rolls down to the end of the bin and becomes buried by the avalanche of trash.


“I’m happy we helped Marisa find Dean.” Kayla said.

“Me too, though we may not have done it alone. I believe she has a bondage angel.” Stacy said.

“A what?” Kayla said.

“She loves the unexpected, right. Like one time she spent a week at my parents over a school break. There was a problem with the train and my parents were sleeping when we got there. I put her in my brother’s room and she wants to be tied. I’m tired but she’s busting my chops so I tie her down like she’s Hannibal Lecter.”

“The next morning I get up early starving, when I get to the bottom of the stairs my brothers walk in unannounced from the west coast. I was so excited to see them I didn’t think when we got in the car. See what I mean, it’s always some random chain of events. Or is it?” Stacy said.

“We worked an event for mentally and physically challenged young adults with another classmate. It was sponsored by a medical supplier so they brought products. Marisa became fascinated with a quadriplegic wheelchair. The other girl strapped her in to it. I was busy and wasn’t paying attention. I guess the attendants must ignore all the crazy stories they hear because when I realized she was missing they had already put her on the bus back to the residence. So yea, I never looked at it like that.” Kayla said.

“Exactly, the number of stars that have to align. What are the odds? Can you imagine being strapped into a wheelchair while trying to convince them you don’t belong on the wheelchair bus? So what happened?” Stacy said.

“When we got there she was sitting in the lobby, they did a check-in and had too many people. How about you?” Kayla said.

“I called from the restaurant. My mom already knew due to the screaming. Our dog got in the room and was licking her feet” Stacy said.

They share a long laugh over the stories.

“Time to see if our little package got picked up.” Kayla said.

The girls walk across the street and enter the lobby of the apartment building, take the elevator to the third floor and round the corner.

“Our work is done.” Kayla said.

“Wait.” Stacy said. She walks down and presses her ear against the door. “I don’t hear anything.”

“That’s rude, let’s go.” Kayla said.

Before they can push the elevator button the doors open. Dean steps off.

“What did you do with your package?” Kayla said.

“What package? I just got here.” Dean said.

The girls each grab an arm and drag Dean back into the elevator.


The sensors activate the conveyor and the ram slowly pushes trash from the bin to begin its thirty-five foot journey to the incinerator. The first twenty-five feet is by conveyor. To protect the belt and bearings from the heat, trash slides down a steel chute for the last ten feet.

The box is pushed onto the belt. Marisa squints when the camera is uncovered and the screen lights up with a view down the conveyor. She looks at the phone and sees the flames through the maw of the beast.


“The box in the hall on three, what happened to it?” Kayla said.

“In the basement.” Young maintenance guy said.

“We need it back.” Kayla said.

“I’ll find my keys.” Young maintenance guy said.

“We’ll be down there.” Kayla said.

They run back to the lobby and get on the elevator. On the way they explain the situation to Dean.


When trash reaches the end of the conveyor it becomes a gravity feed system. To avoid overloading the incinerator the belt moves slow.

Marisa’s arousal grows along with the size of the flames on her screen. The belt carries her ten feet from the bin and the conveyor stops.

The doors open in the basement and the three jump from the elevator. Each apartment has a storage locker made from chain link fence. They spread out going room to room checking lockers and dumping trash totes.

Marisa feels the conveyor start. Moving slowly forward she watches pieces of trash drop from view as they leave the belt and slide into the inferno. Confident of rescue, Marisa loses herself in the moment. Her sex burns like the flames she is moving toward. The ropes add to her arousal and keep her from quenching it. She would douse some of her own fire but her hands have no freedom. Satisfying her need from this game will be a challenge, she hopes Dean is up to it.

With no luck in the storage areas they come to a large steel door marked ‘Trash Room: Authorized Personal Only.’

“I’ll find that guy.” Dean said.

He turns to run back to the elevator and hears a loud crack followed by metal hitting the floor. Stacy is holding a fire extinguisher and the door handle is in pieces on the floor.

Dean forces the door open and they run in.

“The box.” Kayla said.

The box is five feet from the chute and moving. It moves another foot before Dean can get to the belt and lift it off.

With the box on the floor Dean uses the pocket knife on his keychain to split the tape and open the top, pulling the gag from Marisa’s mouth.

“Are you okay?” Dean said.

“You couldn’t wait one more minute.” Marisa said.

“I warned you you’d have your hands full with this one.” Stacy said.

“I need a drink, you two want to join me?” Dean said.

“Sure.” Stacy and Kayla said.

“What about me?” Marisa said.

Dean carries the box to his basement storage locker.

“You’ll be safe in here.” Dean said.

Dean replaces Marisa’s gag and uses a roll of duct tape from a tool chest to reseal the box.

Marisa watches Dean close the gate and snap the padlock in place and all three walk away. The battery dies and her phone goes dark.

On the way out Kayla and Stacy decide they want to eat. Dean hails a cab and they climb in.

Old maintenance guy steps into the elevator and mounts a sign above the button panel.

Effective Immediately New Policy: No Basement Access 10PM to 7AM


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