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Surprise Christmas Present

by Wanda

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© Copyright 2004 - Wanda - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; bond; packed; cage; present; delivery; discovery; hum; cons; X

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It's amazing the secrets you can keep from the people that matter most to you. Take me and my boyfriend for example. We had been dating two whole years and he had no idea that I was heavily into bondage. Living in separate houses of course helps keep some privacy. At that time he had his own place and I had my little apartment. I had just graduated college and was working as a nurse. He tried convincing me to move in with him but I told him that my parents would never condone me living with any man other than my husband.

Anyway, we knew everything there was to know about each other, but still I had chosen to keep my secret because I thought it could freak him out and I was pretty much convinced that he would soon propose marriage. At least that's what I hoped for.

But enough about that. This story is really about the time I finally decided to let my boyfriend in my little secret. It was a simple plan really: I would give myself to him as a Christmas present (in tight bondage of course) and let him figure out the rest for himself.

Of course I needed an accomplice to accomplish that, so I recruited the help of May, my best friend, co-worker and a bondage-lover herself.

I'm petite (5'4", 105 lbs) and fairly thin so May and I decided that I would fit very well in a medium-sized box. Back in high school, a few years ago, I was in gymnastics so I was pretty flexible too. Of course we didn't have a box strong enough, so we bought a metal cage, the kind used in dungeons to hold slaves, but this one was custom-made to my measurements by one of our contacts. It was small enough to pass as a present without arising suspicions and I fit comfortably in it kneeling down. It was perfect.

We had bought everything we needed and on the 24th I drove to May's house. It was already 7pm so we began right away. I took a shower and took care of everything I had to do before rejoining May and a guy I hadn't met in her living room. The guy was May's friend, sort of her bondage-buddy. I stepped in the cage and kneeled naked on the soft leather cushion floor. May and one of her friends applied all the restrains: ropes all over, handcuffs, and of course a ballgag. After applying all the restrains they asked if everything was ok. I nodded and smiled as best I could, then they proceeded to cover the cage and lock it with four small padlocks, one on each corner. The lid of the cage also had bars and the only solid side was the floor. She attached the set of keys (for the locks and my handcuffs) to my left nipple using a small nipple clamp, and using another small clamp she hung a sign that read "Merry Christmas, John!" to the other nipple.

May then proceeded to wrap the cage. The cage had been sitting on top of a custom-made fabric designed to fit the cage like a glove. The fabric was rectangular-shaped but was taller than the cage so it could close at the top. It had Christmas decorations designed all over it and wasn't too thick. May told me she couldn't see me through the fabric (like covering yourself with a blanket). I, however, could see silhouettes from the inside and if there was good lighting I could perfectly see features if they were close enough. It felt weird being a human present!

May grabbed the top of the cage cover and tied it with a thick red ribbon (like securing a bag with a twist tie), she also added Christmas bells on top. I don't know how it looked but she said it looked like a big present.

At 10pm May's friend delivered me to my boyfriend's house. He posed as a delivery person for a private delivery company. John even signed for the present. I was rolled into the house with a handcart and was placed under the tree, next to the other presents. The delivery guy left and I could see my boyfriend inspecting the gift, feeling the bars through the fabric. I could hear him breathing. For a minute I thought he would open the gift but his cell rang. At first I thought it was May (we had agreed she would call as soon as I was delivered) but it turned out to be his parents. The conversation lasted a few minutes and everything was ok until.... "What?!", he yelled in surprise, "You guys are in town?!?". My heart sank.

"Yeah, of course you can come over"... "Yeah, she's gonna be here"... "Ok mom"... "See you in a few".

Damn, I automatically began thinking what to do as I saw John walk away. Some first impression this was going to be. His cell rang again as soon as he hung up. It was May.

"Oh, hi May"... "Yeah, where is she?"... "Yes, I got her gift"... "Oh, I see"... "Yeah, I guess I'll just have to wait"... "Thank you and Merry Christmas".

This wasn't good. He wasn't in the living room and I began panicking in my bonds. I decided to quit this silly game and as soon as he showed up I would try to scream through the ballgag to let him know I was here. The stupid Christmas music playing on his stereo was no help of course. I began to wonder if he could hear me even if he was next to me.

The house was fairly big and John had disappeared to the kitchen to get everything ready for dinner. I could see him going from the kitchen to the dining room, setting extra plates. I could see the table from where I was and oddly enough he set four extra plates on it. This was going to be very bad.

But what was I thinking! I was such a pessimist! Maybe his parents would come for dinner and leave soon after. After all, it was only a two-hour drive. May was gonna call one last time at 11pm to let John know that I was stuck at work. Maybe if I kept calm and quiet everything would work out. After all, I really doubted his parents wanted to see our presents.

A few minutes passed by and the doorbell brought me back to reality. He came running to answer. It was his parents. Hugs and kisses for everyone. His mom was so elegantly dressed, and his dad too. And here I was naked and chained in a cage. Then two more people came through the door. Damn! It was John's older brother, Josh, and his wife, also dressed up for dinner. This was going to be extremely bad!

I had already lost track of time. The only good thing was that apparently they were all really tired from the trip and wanted to have dinner soon. The bad thing was that they wanted to spend the night before they drove back south since the snow made night travel impossible.

"Oh, honey, look at that", the mom said as she took her coat off. I saw the five silhouettes coming towards me and gulped as much drool as my gag would allow me.

"Oh, yeah, that's her present", John tells them.

"She must be a sweetheart", Josh's wife says, hugging Josh's arm. "I can't wait to meet her". They're all standing next to me and they don't have a clue I'm looking at them.

John's cell rings. It was May again so I knew it was 11:30, she was calling as planned to let him know that I would get out of work late tonight and that he had to open his present at midnight.

He hangs up and breaks the news to his guests who decide then it's best to eat. John agrees and they head back to the dining room, leaving me to ponder my fate.

"Ah, the life of a nurse", his mother sighs as they head back to the living room.

That was close, I tell myself, but I'm not out of the woods yet.

Some time passes and I hear them coming back to the living room. It's probably been half an hour but I really have no idea. John sits next to the fireplace, his parents are right in front of me, some twenty feet away, and Josh and his wife share a love seat. They sit sipping their wine and talking about none other than me!

John paints such a picture of me! They haven't met me and already they love me. I start praying for John not to open his present.

The clock chimes announcing midnight and breaking their casual conversation "Well, will you look at the time", Josh says, "It's a shame she had to work tonight... she sounds like a wonderful girl".

"Well, that's the life of a nurse", John says on my behalf.

"I think we're going to go to bed now, son", the mom continues, "Merry Christmas, John".

They all get up and exchange hugs and Christmas wishes. I'm thinking I made it, but the dad stops and stares at the present.

Through the fabric I can see his eyes. He's looking straight at me.

"Well, John, aren't you gonna open the present?” his dad asks. My heart sinks. "It says 'Do Not Open 'Till Christmas', son, but it's already past Christmas, I'm sure she would want you to open it".

There is silence and a long pause in the room. Like waiting for the jury to deliver the verdict. My verdict. I keep as quiet as I can, praying, waiting for something to happen to stop the inevitable. I put my face down in shame and see a juicy drop of excitement drip down my thigh, slowly making its way to a small puddle below me. This is going to be disastrous.

"Yeah, you're right", John finally says, "the curiosity is killing me too".

I brace for the worst. I can't close my knees since they're tied to the sides of the cage and my feet are tied together and also tied to the back of the cage. My goodness, my trimmed blonde pussy is quite a sight down there, especially with the heart design I made this morning.

My blonde hair was made into a ponytail so there's no way to use it to at least cover my 32C breasts.

The cuffs holding my hands behind my back are comfortable but my elbows are tied together and tied to the back of the cage. It's impossible for me to bend down and cover my dignity.

The parents again sit on the sofa. Josh and his wife sit back in the love seat. They're sitting in front of me, all of them just a few feet away! There is no escape for me. The fireplace's light hits me from the side. The show is about to start and John's entire family has front-row seats.

John walks toward the cage and stands on the side, ready to reveal his grandiose gift. He pauses for a minute and then slowly pulls the ribbon that holds the fabric closed. I feel my entire face turn as bright red as the ballgag. The fabric falls to the floor, revealing the cage, revealing my nakedness, and finally revealing my secret to John.


It took the three men fifteen minutes to figure out how to set me free.

There were so many locks and knots that they had no idea where to start. John's dad saw the keys hanging from my nipple and pulled them causing me to scream through the gag. They all fumbled with the keys and argued with each other. They tried not too look so hard at me, but they couldn't help it.

The top of the cage came off first, then the cuffs, then the ropes, then the gag, until finally I had to be carried out of the cage.

The morning after I apologized to everyone over breakfast for the show I put up. I explained to them that it was supposed to be a surprise for John and I had no idea they were going to be there. We all laughed about it. Surely John's parents remembered what it was like to be young and in love.

John proposed marriage two months after the incident, and we got married five months after that. He's a very jealous and dominating husband and has embraced my secret lifestyle. I love him with all my heart. To this day he keeps the cage in the basement of our house and we've used it a few times, especially after minor arguments. It's a small reminder that I gave myself to him and that he has complete control over me.



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