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A Sudden Change

by Inferno of the Soul

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© Copyright 2007 - Inferno of the Soul - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; tape; suitcase; packed; transported; toys; reluct/cons; X

Tiffany and Ann were cleaning up their dorm room of the trash and other random objects that had fallen behind their furniture. They were doing the last clean up as they had rented a townhouse just off the school campuses. Now all that remained in their dorm room was the two beds.

“There are a lot of good memories here, I think I'm going to miss this place.” Ann said.

“Well lets give it a good good-bye then.” Tiffany said with a evil smile.

Tiffany knocked Ann onto a near by bed and trapped Ann’s arms at her side. When Ann opened her mouth to protest Tiffany pushed in a few hand towels. Using her hand to stop Ann from spitting out the towels, Tiffany pulled a strip of tape off the roll and smoothed it across Ann’s face. Working carefully Tiffany pulled out Ann’s right hand and wrapped it in tape and then repeated the process with Ann’s left. Tearing off a few more strips of tape Tiffany covered the entire low half of Ann’s face.

“Oh don’t look and me like that.” Tiffany said as Ann was doing her best to stare daggers at her. Ann’s protesting grunts quickly turned to moans as Tiffany began to kiss and bite her neck. Tiffany pulled Ann up to the sitting postion and helped Ann pull off her tank top. Once it was removed, Tiffany pushed Ann down on her stomach and pulled her arms behind her. Tiffany started wrapping tape at Ann’s wrist and ended at her elbows.

Carefully rolling Ann onto her bound arms Tiffany lowered herself and began to suck on Ann’s left nipple and used her right hand to pinch, pull, and roll the other one. While Ann was distracted Tiffany used her left hand to remove Ann's shorts. Slowly Tiffany ran her hand over Ann’s smooth mound gently pushing her finger in slowly. At this point Ann was close to an orgasm and Tiffany knew it. Tiffany stopped everything that she was doing and grabbed another roll of tape and bound Ann’s legs by tapping her calf's to the thighs. Once she was done with that Tiffany taped each leg in a way that it was held to Ann’s body but open to allow full access to Ann’s now dripping pussy.

Once done with her work Tiffany got down on her knees and began to lick Ann’s clit. It didn’t take long to get Ann to a strong orgasm and once Ann had calmed down Tiffany stopped and licked her lips humming to herself. “Be right back hun don’t go anywhere.” Tiffany said and she opened the door and slipped out.

Ann grunted at her as she walked out wondering what the hell she was doing. A few minutes later Tiffany returned with a small suitcase. Ann looked at the suitcase and figured out what Tiffany’s plan was and grunted and shook her head no.

“Well we don’t have much choice, I don’t have anything to cut you free with, so it's either in the suitcase or I’ll carry out as you are.” Tiffany said in a playful tone.

Giving in, not that she had much choice anyway, Ann allowed Tiffany to place her in the suitcase and zip it shut. Grabbing the last of their stuff and Ann’s clothes from the floor she pulled the extended handle out and pulled her friend out of the room and down to her car. Throwing the last of their stuff into the trunk, Tiffany carefully picked up the suitcase containing Ann and placed her in the back seat and closed the door. Tiffany climbed into the driver seat, started the car, and drove off.

On the way to their new apartment Tiffany noticed an adult shop and an evil grin crossed her face. Tiffany pulled into the small parking lot and got out of the car. Going in Tiffany bought a multi-speed vibrator with a wireless remote and some batteries. Getting back into the car Tiffany loaded the vibrator with batterers. Tiffany picked up the tape roll and opened the suitcase and smiled at Ann. Careful not to let anyone see what she was doing Tiffany pushed the vibrator into Ann’s pussy and used a piece of tape to secure it in place. Leaning down Tiffany kissed Ann’s forehead before zipping shut the suitcase again. For the remainder of trip Tiffany played with the remote, enjoying the moans and grunts Ann was making.

Once they arrived at their new apartment Tiffany pulled the suitcase out of the car and into the building. Once inside Tiffany pulled the suitcase into their bedroom and removed her clothes. Digging into one of the boxes Tiffany pulled out her strap-on. Fastening the strap around her waist, Tiffany inserted her end of the double-sided dildo into herself then secured the strap between her legs. Turning off the vibrator Tiffany opened the suitcase and picked Ann up and placed her carefully on her bound arms on the bed. Gently Tiffany pulled the strip of tape that secured the vibrator off and pulled the vibrator out of Ann.

Aligning herself Tiffany slowly pushed the dildo slowly into her friend. Once their hips met Tiffany slowly started to pull back out, but Ann wouldn’t have it. Using what little movement she had Ann began to move quickly slamming her hips with Tiffany’s. Giving into her friend, Tiffany matched speed with Ann and soon both of them looked wild and sex starved and they slammed into each other. After her 4th orgasm Tiffany stopped and pulled out of Ann then removed the strap-on. Tiffany dug out a pair and scissors and cut Ann free of the tape.

Once free both girl got up and went into the shower. “You know you're evil?!” Ann said as Tiffany was washing her back.

“Oh you know you love it.” Tiffany responded kissing Ann on the neck.

“You know I think your right.” Ann said with a smile turning to Tiffany.

They got out and dried off, not caring to put anything on, they climbed into the bed and feel into a peaceful sleep in each others arms.


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