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The Strongbox

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; taped; trunk; gag; shipped; tease; denial; toys; cons; X

"You want velly strong box radies?" The wizzen old Chinese man said the Anne and Stacey, two policewomen. They had wandered into the old curiosity shop and were looking round. They turned and saw the old man looking at them. 

"Pardon?" Anne asked. 

"I saw you looking at large strongbox. You seemed to take a long time looking at it! Velly strong. It came from foreign embassy. Cannot tell you which one. Made of Tungsten. Velly strong. Hold small elephant."

Anne asked what it was used for. The Chinese man said he did not know. It had small holes at each end. Anne counted them and found there were 30 half inch holes in a ring pattern at each end. "What the hell would we want with a box like that?" Stacey asked. 

"You use as a box for washing. Or storing all your lubbish?" he replied, opening it up to reveal the plush cushioned leather covered interior.

Anne thought that was a good idea. But they would need to think about it, and carried on looking round the shop. They were there for a half hour and decided to leave without buying anything.

They left the shop and went into the public house next door. Stacey went and got the drinks. She sat down and Anne said, "I have been thinking about that box. It is big enough to hold a person and if it is as strong as he says it it is, they would not be able to escape without begging us to release him". 

Stacey laughed. "Well at least the clutter could be hidden" she said with a reasonably straight face.

A few drinks later and they decided "Let's get it!" so they swallowed their drinks and much the worse for wear, left the pub and went into the curiosity shop.

The Chinese man said "I am just closing the shop!" Anne said they wanted to buy the box. The Chinese man's eyes lit up and agreed to sell it to them. He said that he had to get the forms for the girls to sign. The girls looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

The man came back and Stacey asked how much the box was going to cost them. He opened the box and showed them the price ticket. "£200". Anne said that was too much and they had to leave the box. The Chinese man was disappointed but locked the door after the girls left the shop.

The next day saw Anne and Stacey back on duty once more. This time their beat was to take them past the curiosity shop. They turned the corner and saw the Chinese man standing outside the shop. He looked at the two policewomen in their uniforms and said he did not recognise them in their uniforms at first. "You want buy box?" he asked. 

Anne said "We told you, we cannot afford it!" 

"Why you no say you are poricewomen? I sell to you for £50!" Anne asked why the difference, and he told her that he had been robbed once and as the police had rescued all his goods, he gave them a hefty discount. Stacey said that was good of him and they went inside to do the deal. Anne paid the £50 and the man gave them the keys. 

"You not lose keys. Impossible to open if you do! Velly special locks. Lid croses and rocks automaticarry and you need keys to open. Twelve rocks all told". 

Anne said they would be careful. But they could not take it at the moment. Anne just for a laugh tried to lift it. But between them, the box was still too heavy. They left it where it stood and the Chinese man put a "sold" sticker on it. The girls left the shop. They finished their beat wondering how they were going to get such a heavy box back home. Anne had an idea. She asked the station Sergeant if she could borrow a van and a few strong men to shift the box. The Sergeant agreed if the van was available and it was done at the end of a shift. Anne and Stacey agreed.

The van turned up at the shop the next day. Out jumped three men and Anne and Stacey followed them into the shop. The Chinese man told them to take the box and the three men lifted it, but it also took Anne and Stacey to help. "What are you going to put in this box? A man?" The Sergeant said. 

Anne laughed and said, "Be careful or we will put you in there!"

Eventually the box was delivered to their house that they shared. The men put the box in the spare room downstairs and left the girls to it. "We are off at the weekend, lets have some fun!" They went through the rest of the day doing all they had to do. But in the evening they decided to play cards.

They agreed that the loser would be put in the box. Now all they had to do was play to decide what items of clothing they would be allowed. They played strip poker. Eventually it ended with Stacey stark naked with not enough money on the table to buy any of her clothes back. She had £5 left, but Anne wanted £20 just for the knickers. Fortunately they did not play for real money. They only used monopoly money. So on Saturday, Stacey would go into the box naked.

Now she had to pick three cards from the box to see how long she would be in the box. Anne shuffled the cards and Anne picked three cards. A "King" was the first one. A "Jack" came next and an "Ace" was the last number. "21 hours then Anne!" Stacey said. 

"No an Ace counts as eleven, so you have 31 hours in the box to repent your sins!"  Stacey gulped and tried to back out, but Anne told her she would not moan if it was Anne in the box and she was in there for 31 hours. It was only a day and a bit. If she went into the box on Saturday morning, she would be out by Sunday afternoon. That reassured Stacey.

Friday came and they reported for duty. All day long they thought of Anne locking Stacey in the box.

Once they had stayed in a hotel in Brighton and Stacey had stripped Anne, tied her up and checked out of the hotel with all her clothes, leaving her bound and naked for the maid to find. She had been lucky because the maid had a spare uniform in her locker. But Anne could not leave until the maid had finished her shift, so to prevent suspicion, Anne had to go round the hotel with the maid cleaning all the rooms. Even the management did not cotton on there was a maid too many.

When customers asked Anne questions about the hotel she told them she had only started that morning and had not had time to find out where everything was.  But Anne had to work with no underwear and go to the fish shop along the road where the two girls had agreed they would meet if they became separated.

Anne had to walk along the road sans knickers and bra. The wind was blowing across the sea front and she was worried in case the uniform lifted too high to reveal her plight. But the wind across her fanny gave her a little thrill. She had met Stacey at the fish shop and Stacey made her eat dressed as she was. It was only afterwards she was allowed to go to the new digs and get dressed. They checked out the next morning and Anne took the uniform back to the maid.

Now though, Anne wanted revenge big time. Saturday came and Anne got up first. She got busy with some vibrating egg balls. She adapted the balls so that there was a long wire coming out of them. These would be threaded through the holes in the box so Anne could turn them on and off at will to frustrate Stacey. The batteries were removed and modified so that the batteries would be outside the box. Anne would need to change them as required.

Stacey got up and had a shower. Anne got all the duct she needed.   And the most important thing, the lockable horse bit to gag Stacey. Stacey had one drink of water. She knew not to drink too much as she would be in the box for 31 hours, and did not want to wet herself.

Anne walked up with the duct tape and wound it around Stacey's arms and body. Her arms were trapped now. Stuck firmly to her body, Stacey could feel her thighs, but Anne had done such a good job of taping her up, she would not move her arms.

Stacey opened her mouth and the horse bit was put into her mouth, and fastened tightly behind her head. Now Stacey could not talk. Anne pushed her to the box. This was situated a half way along one wall with the holes being visible from both ends. Anne took the keys and opened the box up. The box was just far enough away to allow the lid to go back to the wall.

Anne told Stacey to get into the box. Stacey stepped into the box. She was feeling excited by the prospect of being locked away. She was told to lay on her back and fold her legs. Stacey did as she was told. Anne produced a spreader bar that Stacey did not even know she had. She put it on her thighs, opening her fanny for all the world to see.

Anne got the vibrating egg balls. She played with Stacey's fanny until it was lubricated and then eased the egg balls into her.  Now she picked up a pair of rubber knickers. She showed them to Stacey. "Where the hell did she get them from?" Stacey thought. Anne eased Stacey's feet onto the knickers and undid the leg spreader. Now she pulled the knickers up tight, threading the wires from the egg balls through the legs holes. She lifted Stacey up to get the knickers on her properly. They were extremely tight and refused the egg balls the chance to slip out of Stacey.

Anne put Stacey down again and grabbed her feet. She lifted them and laid them on the edge of the box.  She wound the duct tape tightly around her ankles and repeated the operation with Stacey's legs. Now she was satisfied and pushed Stacey's feet into the box. Stacey just fitted nicely. She could not roll sideways. She had to lay as she was, with her knees bent up before her. She threaded the wires though one of the holes and put the battery nearby.

Anne took one last look at Stacey and said "I am going to lock you away from the sight of the world forever!" and closed the lid on Stacey. Stacey lay in darkness except for the little bit of light coming through the ends of the box. She felt the "excitement" of being locked away forever, never to be found.

Stacey heard Anne say "I am off shopping for a while. Have fun!" She heard her close the door to the room and heard the street door close. Now she was alone. She could hear the traffic go past. She tried to wriggle to make the eggs vibrate, but they just sat there embedded in her body.

Anne met the station  Sergeant who said there may be a problem with the box. A similar box had been stolen from an embassy and they wanted it back, but Anne told him she has got a receipt for it. The Sergeant said there may be nothing in it and she was not to worry, they would be investigating the matter thoroughly. But worry she did. But she knew the embassy was closed for a few days to celebrate some religious festival or other so they would be safe for the week end. "What a lucky cow Stacey is! I am not going to get the pleasure of the box!" she thought. She rushed home and connected the egg wires to the battery. She heard the faint vibrating noise coming from the box.

Anne walked around the other end of the box and asked, "Are we all okay my little prisoner?" But before Stacey could answer, Anne heard her moans of pleasure, so she nipped around the other end and disconnected the wires. The vibrating stopped and Stacey was left frustrated. She tried to call out that Anne was a cow and that she should let her have her pleasure. But what came out of the holes was unintelligible. Anne laughed, asked "Are you okay my little caged bird?" and left the room to do the housework.

An hour later, she came back into the room and reconnected the wires. The vibrating started and it was only a few moments before Anne heard Stacey trying to maneuver herself to get a greater pleasure from the eggs. So Anne disconnected the wires. Stacey screamed at the top of her restricted voice. Anne laughed and left he to it.

Anne had another idea. She made some dinner and put a table cloth over the box. She got a chair and sat down to eat it, But first she had to switch on the eggs. Ann was just about to finish her dinner when there was a ring at the doorbell. Stacey was moaning in ecstasy! Anne disconnected the wires again. Stacey was really getting frustrated by now.  She screamed out for Anne to turn the eggs on again but Anne bent down and told her to be quiet.

Anne opened the door and found six policemen standing there. "The sarge says we are to take the box to the station so it could be identified. Anne told them to come in and they saw her dinner on the box. "Now that is a sensible idea for that box!" one of the coppers laughed. Anne went around the back of the box. Took the batteries away and pushed the wires though the hole into the box.

Anne threaded the wires back through the hole and removed the table cloth. The copper asked if she was going to take out the contents, but Anne said she had left the keys at the curiosity shop. The policemen lifted the box and carried out to the waiting van. "Oh by the way, all leave is cancelled. Tell Stacey when you see her that you are both wanted on duty this afternoon to help control the football crowd", the man who was leading the party said. Anne watched as the van drove off. Now what was she to do?

Inside the van, Stacey was sweating profusely. Not because of the box, but because of the amount of exercise she had been getting trying to get satisfaction. The bouncing of the van gave her a few thrills, but not enough for her.

The van reached the station and the police unloaded it and put the box into one of the empty cells and shut the door. As they walked away one of the men said "That box seems a lot heavier than I remembered it!" The man he was talking to said, "Maybe Anne has got Stacey all tied up naked in the box!" 

"What a lovely thought!" the first man replied.

Anne had hit upon and idea. She got Stacey's uniform tunic, blouse and bra and took them down to the station. She said hello to the station Sergeant and went to look for the box. She eventually found the cell the box was in and she went in and opened the box. She quickly unwrapped Stacey and took the gag out. Stacey removed the rubber knickers and the eggs. Anne grabbed all the tape, gag and knickers and rushed off to put them in her locker.

Stacey got dressed and when Anne got back she asked where her knickers were. Anne told her to have fun as she was going commando for the afternoon.  She managed to get Stacey down to the women's toilet and Stacey took the wet sponge and washed herself as best as she could.

Two more police women walked into the toilet and one said, "You look a right mess. Have you been locked in a box or something?" 

Anne and Stacey laughed. The two other police women thought they were mad and left.

Stacey brushed her hair and fixed her make up. Then they reported to the Sergeant. "That is funny, how did you get past me? I didn't see you come in Stacey?" he asked. Stacey replied that was because she had become part of the station furniture as she was there so much and nobody noticed me anymore!

Off they went to the football ground, the wind lifting Stacey's skirt. "Why didn't you get me my trousers like you are wearing Anne?" 

Anne replied "Oh no, our fun has been spoilt, so you might as well cool off now!"

The afternoon over, they reported back to the station. "The embassy people called in and said that the box is not their one, so you can have it back. But we do not have a van until Monday Anne." he told the girls. The girls said that was okay, but they had decided that in view of the near miss they would send it back to the curiosity shop.

Monday came and the police van turned up at the curiosity shop. "You want sell box now. It no good?" the Chinese man asked. 

"It is good, but not for us I am afraid!" said Anne, "How much will you give us for it?" 

"I give £25 for box!" Anne and Stacey looked at each other and accepted the offer. They had lost £25 but because of what had happened, they were better off forgetting the box. They accepted the offer and handed over the keys and left the shop.

As the door closed the old Chinese man mumbled to himself "That funny! The rast two ladies who have box brought it back! What wrong with box or them? Still I not worried. I make plenty money selling box and buying back at half price!" and walked off into the back room smiling and shuffling his feet. 


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