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Stored Away

by Subdriver

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© Copyright 2004 - Subdriver - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; packaged; boxed; stored; toys; cons; X

Last Monday was a holiday. I had to work, but my wife did not. Knowing that she would be home alone all day, it seemed quite reasonable that she should spend her day in bondage. 

After her shower that morning I roped her into an extremely tight, nude ball tie, with her wrists crossed behind her and her arms pinned to her body at the shoulders and waist. Since I wasn’t going to be home all day, and there wasn’t going to be anyone to use her holes, I decided that they should be packed for storage as well. I filled her with a nice, big dildo and a butt plug, then roped them very tightly in place. 

Next I packed her mouth by placing a nerf ball into a stocking, then stuffing the ball into her mouth and winding the stocking around her face, forcing the ball deeper and deeper between her teeth. Gagged in this way, I knew that the ball would be held in place inside the stocking, eliminating any chance of her choking on it. However, she was still able to move her jaw a bit, allowing her to make some noise. That just wouldn’t do. To counter this, I packed a pair of her panties-retrieved from the laundry-between her teeth on top of the stocking, forcing her mouth to remain open wide, then secured them in place with multiple wrappings of an Ace bandage. 

Naked and ball tied, packed and sealed, she was simply waiting to be packaged. She didn’t have long to wait. I packed her into a tiny cardboard box in which she barely fit and taped it shut. She was crammed into the box, with the box bulging on all sides. I sealed the box shut with nine bands of packaging tape encircling it, three across and three lengthwise around the box. My naked wife was now complexly trapped within the carton. Kneeling beside the box, I informed her that, since I wasn't going to be home to use her all day, that I thought it would be best to store my toys away until later. With that, I placed the box into an upstairs cupboard, barely large enough to fit the box. Inside the box, my wife knew exactly where she was. She had been stuffed and locked in that cupboard before, both in and out of a package. I could hear her moaning softly into her gag as I closed and locked the door. 

With her properly stored away, I set the alarm and left for work.  

Counting the time spent placing her in the cupboard after I boxed her up, the drive time to and from work, the time spent standing around chatting after work, and the time that I left her packed away after checking on her when I returned home, she was bound, boxed, and stored away for nearly eleven hours. The box measured 28"x16"x16". 

I have mummified her several times both with plastic wrap and with duct tape over plastic wrap. I transported her in an upright suitcase from a hotel once while she was ball tied and mummified in both the plastic wrap and the duct tape. That trip took about an hour, and she did get quite hot. I've mummified her in plastic wrap before boxing her up around the house several times, but not usually for more than an hour or so. The cardboard is a very good insulator, and when combined with the plastic wrap, overheating becomes an issue very quickly. 

Aches and pains are a routine side effect of any prolonged bondage. The major concerns are circulation and respiration. Both are dependent on a variety of factors. Circulation depends on numerous physical factors of the captive, plus the position, tightness of the material, and material used for the bonds. Respiration is another thing. Ventilation is important, but positional asphyxia is the major concern. If the lungs cannot expand from the position, the person cannot breath, regardless of how well ventilated the package is. It's best to experiment under monitored conditions and learn what the submissive can take before begining any unmonitored prolonged bondage or packaging. 

Actually, we have a safety person that I call when we're going to do something like this. He will drive over and check on her if I am detained, or if he does not hear from me by an appointed time. 

Medical emergencies can occur. They can happen during prolonged bondage, while someone is locked in a car trunk for a short while, or even in those few minutes while you step out of the room. Bondage-or life for that matter-is a series of calculated risks. The key is making certain that the bondage does not induce any physical distress.

SubDriver : How on earth do you start the conversation asking to be a minder for the first time? You must have amazing friends to trust them /that/ explicitly. (the un-sung heros) 

Pony, that is an excellent question. 

We first met our "helper" at a fetish convention more than a few years ago. He too is married, and has a fetish relationship with his wife, although from our discussions over the years, I gather on a somewhat different track than ours. 

Obviously, knowing someone with a similar interest made asking them to become involved easier. However, we became friends first, and were friends for years before we sought his assistance. It was years because, in part, our relationship and the nature of our bondage play had evolved to a point where we wanted to do things that required either an extra set of hands, or a "failsafe" person, and because that was the time needed to build the trust required. To be able to ask someone to help with this form of play, we have to be able to trust that person as much as we trust each other. That's not something that one embarks on lightly. 

Involving another person can be just as dangerous as anything else about this fetish, if not more. There can be physical, emotional, and legal complications if something goes wrong. 

On another note, you have the right approach, of not jumping in with both feet. This is not something to amble blindly into. If you've read some of my other posts, you've seen that I always preach practice and experimentation before attempting anything extreme. It's always best to try things out under controlled-and well monitored-circumstances, not just for safety's sake, but for the enjoyment of both partners. Many times, I've seen a fantasy that sounded like a great idea-until we tried it. Being put in a situation, especially if you crave being bound and left alone, only to discover then, once you're helpless and alone, that the situation is unpleasant, painfull, frightening, or even just plain boring, isn't a spot that you want to be in.


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