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Sticky Situation

by Young and Hung

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© Copyright 2014 - Young and Hung - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/m; enema; electro; toys; insert; cement; encase; stuck; object; display; cbt; cons; X

I’ve always loved bondage, whether it be rope, plastic, or any other kind, but my favorite has always been self bondage. The kind that you do to yourself for pleasure, or for pain. I ’ve recently been having this fantasy of being encased in concrete, completely immobilized, being forced to wait for someone to rescue me. I played this fantasy out in my mind until one day, the opportunity presented its self and I took a chance.

My name is Dave, I ’m 22 years old with light black skin, sort of mocha. One night I decided it was time to give my basement some redecoration and that included new floor. I decided to go with a concrete floor but with some special features. The concrete mix would contain millions of little pieces of copper so that the concrete would be conductive and could power electronics such as a TV or a vibrator, all wirelessly. This is when the idea hit me, I would encase myself in this concrete and wait for my boyfriend to find me. My boyfriend and I lived together but he was gone away on a trip for the weekend, so I would be trapped for about 35 hours.

I set to work getting all of my toys ready. I had my vibrating butt plug with electrical pads as well as my cock and ball pads, along with this I had my ball stretcher and my latex mask with a gag that also doubled as a breathing tube. First thing I had to do was clean out my butt, that vibrator was going to be in there for a long time.

I got out my enema kit and filled up the bag with warm soapy water, I inserted the retention nozzle and let the water fill me up. I always loved the feeling of the water getting me stimulated but never enough to bring me over the edge. While I was getting cleaned out, I put the pads on my cock and balls and made sure they worked. It was then that I got a devilish idea, what if I kept the water inside me while I was encased? This idea was too good to pass up so I drained my bowels and refilled them with clean water. Then I inserted my butt plug to keep the water sealed inside me and got to work on mixing the concrete.

When I was done with that I attached all of my electrical equipment and tested to see if the concrete would deliver the electricity to the pads. I let out a yelp as I felt the plug transfer the electricity through the water in my butt. ‘This is going to be fun’ I thought.

All that was left was to encase myself in the concrete. I slathered the concrete all over my body until I had about a 2 inch layer all over me. Now all that was left was to wait for the concrete to dry and trap me in my stony prison. I decided that I would want myself trapped in a spread eagle position standing up. I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about falling over because the concrete on my feet would weld me to the floor. 

It only took about 30 mins for the concrete to harden and then is when I felt the electricity kick in. I had the random program on so that each pad would deliver different amounts of electricity for different amounts of time. I gotta say that the butt plug was the worst, it sent all of the electricity into the water and up my bowels giving me intense pleasure, the only problem was that right before I would get on the edge, the water would cause me to cramp up and lose my orgasm. On top of that, the concrete had stuck to my dick leaving it stretched out. It was almost constantly being shocked and my balls were aching being stretched so far. I tried to move but my entire body was held firm with no chance of movement.

Finally after what felt like a week, my boyfriend got back and came downstairs finding me in my predicament. He got the cement off of my head after hours of using a chisel and a very small hammer. He took off my mask and gag and just shook his head at me. I said to him, “Well are you going to do the rest?”

He just smiled and said, “Maybe, but I kind of like my sculpture, its so lifelike. Maybe I’ll just put it on display in the living room for a week or two.” with that he smiled and went to work getting the butt plug out and getting my dick free but that's where he stopped. He took me up to the living room and re-cemented my feet to the floor and left me there to be tortured some more. 


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