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Statuary Love

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; statue; insert; climax; machine; crate; straps; stuck; transported; caught; hum; cons/nc; X

As she slipped the key into the lock, Trish glanced around furtively.  As owner and general manager of this plant, she had every right to come in early.  Still, considering what she had in mind, she really didn’t want to get caught.

Mythic Figures was a small company, operating only this one plant, and that with only one shift.  Over the past couple years, Trish had found a comfortable niche for her company making custom statues and figures.  It was their latest order that had her coming in early.

The order in question was from a rich woman who wanted statuary for her estate.  Accordingly, she’d ordered a dozen bronze statues.  Male statues.  Naked male statues.  Anatomically correct, at that.

The final statue for the order had been finished yesterday, just before shift end.  Today, the final items would be packaged, and the whole thing shipped off.  So if she were going to do what she had in mind, now was her last chance.

Moving quickly, she went to the production area, where the statues were forged and polished.  Once there, she realized that all the statues had been moved to the shipping area.

The shipping area ran along the entire west wall of the building.  The brainchild of one of her engineers, the entire area was fully automated, separated from the production area by a high wall.  Even during the work day, nobody ever entered this area, unless something broke down.

Entering the shipping area, Trish saw that the statues each lay in its own crate on the conveyer belt.  Walking down the line, she glanced into each crate as if checking for defects.  What she was actually checking was the rather large bronze cock each statue sported.  They were, after all, her entire reason for coming in so early.

About half way down the line of crates, Trish stopped.  After another furtive glance around, she quickly stripped off her clothes and climbed into the nearest crate.  Carefully, she poised herself over the statue, then slowly lowered herself.  Anticipation of this moment had her more than ready, and the large bronze cock slipped inside her smoothly.  Groaning at being so well filled, Trish slowly began riding the metallic phallus, taking her time and letting herself build up slowly.

Finally, it became too much, and her thrusts against the statue began to grow faster, harder, driving the statue’s cock deeper within her.  Her orgasm, built, built, then burst upon her with a force that left her sprawled limply atop the statue.

'Just my luck', she thought fuzzily.  'Best orgasm of my life, and it’s from a fake man who’ll be gone in a few hours.  Puts a whole new twist on “love ‘em and leave ‘em,” she thought with a bleary smile.

Suddenly, she felt something draw tightly across the backs of her legs, just below the knees.  Instantly, she knew what it was.

As part of the shipping process, her engineer had devised an innovative way to keep the statues from shifting in transit.  As each crate reached a certain spot on the line, a special arm reached down, holding a spool of industrial strapping.  Reaching into the crate, the arm stapled the end of the strap to the crate’s framework.  The strap was then fed across the crate, the arm lifting to clear the statue, then dropping again.  A special tensioning system kept the strap tight as the arm reached the other side of the crate, stapling the strap to the framework there.  The strap was then cut, and the arm reset.

Obviously, someone else had entered the plant and powered up, bringing the conveyer to life.  Trish, lying in a post-orgasmic fog, hadn’t even felt the crate moving.

Frantically, Trish began to push herself up, when the crate suddenly lurched into motion, throwing her back down atop the statue.  Before she could recover, the second strap was quickly fastened into place, this one passing over her back just above the swell of her ass.  Pulled tight, this strap pulled her waist down, driving the statue’s bronze cock all the way into her.  Another lurch, and a third strap quickly had her upper body pinned, this one passing across her shoulder blades.  This third strap seemed to be extra tight, forcing the air from Trish’s lungs, allowing her only shallow breaths.

As the crate lurched back into motion, Trish struggled to free herself from the straps, but it was useless.  Laying atop the statue, with her arms bent beneath her, she simply didn’t have the leverage to pull loose the staples holding the straps in place, even if she’d had the strength.  She tried a scream, but the tightness of that upper strap wouldn’t let her draw in enough air to make much noise. She could only ride helplessly atop the statue as the crate moved to the next station, all the while hoping desperately that something would break down.

Trish’s world suddenly darkened.  A series of loud bangs told her the lid had been securely nailed into place.  More motion, as her crate exited the shipping area into the warehouse proper.

Trish felt her crate bump to a halt.  A moment later, she felt it being lifted, and knew she’d been picked up by a fork truck.  As the truck trundled across the floor, Trish was jostled slightly, causing the large bronze cock inside her to shift.  In spite of her predicament, she found herself growing aroused by the motions within her.

Trish felt herself being lowered, realizing she was being loaded into a truck.  She tried screaming again, but still couldn’t draw a deep enough breath.  There were some bumps as the final crates were loaded, then silence.

Laying in the darkness, Trish was amazed to realize that her hips were rocking slightly.  The strap across her back prevented her from raising up, but she could rock her hips.  Not much, but enough to cause some sense of motion for the cock inside her.

Slowly, slowly, Trish felt her arousal growing.  Helplessly strapped into a crate, about to be shipped out, she was amazed at just how horny she was getting.  Deliberately, she rocked her hips as much as the strap allowed, trying to maximize the sensation.

Suddenly, the cock within her began to vibrate, the sensation stunning her.  After a shocked moment, she realized that someone had started the truck’s motor, the vibrations carrying through the truck’s body, the crate, and into the cock filling her.  This was definitely an unexpected development, and it only raised her arousal that much higher.

Now the truck lurched, the motion bringing a muffled groan from her lips as the cock within her shifted.  The truck must be pulling away from the plant, she thought, as the feeling of motion continued smoothly.  When the truck cornered, centrifugal force pulled her slightly toward the lower end of the crate, driving the cock even more deeply into her.  For a moment, she saw stars, and then the truck cornered in the other direction, drawing the cock oh so barely out of her.  A series of right and left turns, as the truck maneuvered its way through town, soon brought her to another thunderous orgasm.

'I can’t believe this', she thought dazedly.  'This has to be the worst situation I could possibly be in.  So why does it also have to be the best sex I’ve ever had?'

Another sharp turn, another orgasm, and the motion of the truck became smooth and steady.  We must be on the interstate, she thought.  The truck’s steady vibration, along with the occasional bump in the road, almost made that cock feel alive inside her.  Already, she could feel another orgasm building.

Trish had no idea how many hours, or orgasms, later, when she felt the truck leave the interstate.  After a few turns, and another orgasm, the truck turned onto what, from the sound the tires made, seemed to be a rock or gravel drive.

'We must be there', she thought, glad her trip was almost over, yet dreading the opening of the crate.  Trish felt the truck stop.  A few moments later, she felt herself lifted as her crate was unloaded.  A final bump, and she lay in silent darkness.  Faintly, she heard the truck pulling away.

For several moments, all was silent, then a female voice broke the stillness.

“Now, let’s see what we have.”

Trish heard a screeching sound as the lid was removed from one of the other crates.  “Oh my,” she heard the voice say, “they certainly did a good job on you, didn’t they?  Let’s see if your brothers look as good.”  Then came more screeching as another crate was pried open.

By Trish’s count, three crates were opened before she heard the screeching sound from the lid of her prison.  Light suddenly flooded over her, accompanied by a gasped, “What in the world?”

Trish heard a flurry of motion, and the strap across her back suddenly went slack.  The other two straps quickly followed.  She tried to raise herself, but her muscles were cramped from her long ride, and she quickly slumped back down.

“Um, help?” she whispered weakly.

“Um, sure.”  A moment of silence, then more screeching.  The side of the crate fell away, and soft hands grasped her arm.  A quick pull on her body brought a groan from her lips.

“No, please,” she gasped.  “Up, first, then over.”

“Up?” she heard the voice ask.  “But why up?  Unless….. don’t tell me you’re….. oh my God!  How long have you had that thing inside you?”

Hands now grasped her hips, lifting her, letting the statue’s cock finally slip from within her.  Still holding her hips up, the hands pulled her sideways, allowing her to roll from atop the statue to lie face up beside the crate.

Gazing up at the woman bent over her, Trish smiled weakly.  “Um, hi there.”

“Hi yourself,” the woman replied.  “Who might you be, and how did you wind up fucking one of my statues?”

Blushing wildly, Trish told the tale of her strange journey.  When she’d finished, the woman stared at her silently.

“Well”, she finally said, “I’d intended these statues for decoration, but you seem to have found a much more pleasant use for them.”  Suddenly, the woman grinned.  “How bout, once you have your strength back, you help me test out the rest of them?”

Trish smiled weakly.  “Thanks,” she said, “but I think I’ll have to take a rain check.”  Glancing to her side, she gazed at the cock she’d been riding for so long, now thoroughly coated with her juices.  “In some countries,” she said jokingly, “we’d be married by now.  And I’d sure hate to be unfaithful.”



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