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Special Delivery

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2011 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; drug; wrap; mum; vetwrap; toys; insert; electro; tape; foam; crate; encased; package; delivery; nc; X


Smiling, Deb turned toward the bed. “Well, hello there sleepyhead,” she said brightly. “Did anyone ever tell you that you look absolutely beautiful waking up?”


“What? Oh, you mean this?” Still smiling, Deb reached down and softly stroked the tape covering the other woman’s mouth. “Well, dear, didn’t I tell you when you came over that we were going to have some fun? And now that you’re awake, the fun can begin.”

Turning away, Deb reached toward a table piled high with rolls of vet wrap. Taking up a roll, she moved to the foot of the bed and began carefully wrapping the other woman’s foot. Painstakingly, she ensured that each wrap lay smooth as she worked her way from the foot and up the leg. A second roll saw the leg wrapped all the way up to the very top of the thigh.

“Oh, I love how the wrap outlines every curve, don’t you?” she asked. “In a way, it makes your leg look even sexier than it did before.”


“Yes, you’re right. No time to dawdle and admire my handiwork. Still so much to be done.” So saying, Deb took up more wrap, and soon the other leg was similarly covered.

“Now for one of the highlights.” Rolling the woman’s strangely limp body over onto its stomach, Deb took a butt plug from the table. After coating it liberally with lube, she slowly eased it into the supine woman’s ass.


“I know, feels strange, doesn’t it?” Carefully, Deb rolled the woman onto her back, then reached between her thighs, stroking softly. “Oh, and I hope you don’t mind that I shaved you down here, my dear. Makes things much easier now, and less painful later.” Not entirely satisfied with the response her fingers were getting, Deb lowered her head and let her talented tongue take over the job, licking until soft moans began emerging from beneath the tape. Raising her head, Deb now eased a rather large dildo into place, then took up the wires trailing from its base. She then peeled a strip of wide tape from the side of the table, carefully poked the wires through a hole poked in its center, then smoothed the tape over the woman’s pussy, holding the dildo inside.

“Don’t want that thing coming out, now, do we?” she asked, taking up a slightly smaller than usual roll of wrap, using it to wrap the woman from just above her hip bones to just below her breasts. Once done, she slipped her fingers between two layers of the wrap, nodding her satisfaction. “Perfect,” she murmured.

Next came an even smaller roll. “I hope I measure this one right,” Deb said, carefully feeding the end beneath the wrap to one side of the woman’s stomach. Slipping her fingers between layers again, she carefully tucked the loose end over the bottom layer, then out slightly to lay between layers. Passing the roll between the woman’s legs, Deb rolled her over, then, again, carefully fed the roll beneath the bottom layer of wrap around her torso, then out between layers. By rolling the woman from front to back, Deb managed to make three complete passes over her crotch before the roll ran out.

“Beautiful,” she said, rolling the woman onto her back once more. “Perfect coverage, and no lumps. I’m proud of me.”

Next to be wrapped were the woman’s arms, from finger tips to armpits. Placing the wrapped arms at the woman’s sides, Deb now started wrapping from the tops of the leg wraps, rocking the woman’s body as she worked her way up to just below her breasts, the wrap pinning the woman’s arms to her sides.

“Can’t forget these beauties, can we?” Deb asked, taking up what looked like two squares of tape with wires coming from each. Carefully, she positioned each one before pressing it into place over a nipple. Deb now resumed wrapping, carefully ensuring that the wires emerged from between layers. This time, the wrapping continued to just below the woman’s nose.

“Final accessories,” Deb quipped, inserting plugs into each nostril. From each plug ran a small hose. Deb then took up a slightly curved piece of dark plastic, carefully coating the edge with a thin gel.

“No worries here, dear,” she said. “It’s called spirit glue, and it’s used by actors to hold masks and such in place. It’s not really sticky; more tacky, I’d say. So it won’t hurt coming off.” With this, Deb placed the plastic over the woman’s eye. A second piece soon covered the other eye. Taking up the wrap, Deb completed the job of covering the woman’s head, then stepped back to admire her work.

“Beautiful.” From head to toe, not a single inch of skin showed through the wrap. “Now to make you even more beautiful.”

Working more quickly, but just as carefully, Deb now wrapped the woman in black duct tape, again making sure the wires and hoses were fed between layers. Once the taping was finished, Deb stepped back to admire her handiwork. She loved how the tape outlined every single curve of the woman’s body.

“Now for the hard part,” she said, dragging a long crate to beside the bed. Inside the crate, boards of various lengths supported small, curved pieces of plastic. Grunting, Deb maneuvered the wrapped woman to the edge of the bed, then down into the crate, laying her onto the plastic pieces atop the boards. These supported the woman at shoulders, waist, knees and ankles, while a final piece supported her head. In all, they held her in the exact center of the crate, with open air around her.

“Oh, am I glad that part’s over,” Deb said, taking up the hoses leading from the woman’s nose. She now attached more hose, first merging the two leading from the woman’s nostrils, then adding a piece that resembled an octopus, nearly a dozen hoses branching out from one end. Each end of the new hosing was plugged into a nipple at various points around the crate.

“Nice safety feature, don’t you think?” she asked the bound woman. “This way, even if two, three, or even four of the air holes get blocked, you can still get air.”

Next, the wires from the dildo, nipple patches, and a final set leading from the butt plug were bunched together and fed to the foot of the crate. Here, a smaller box had been mounted. Into the box, Deb now placed a car battery. Wires from the battery led to a voltage regulator, ensuring that not too much power was released at one time. From the regulator, wires led to three timing devices. It was to these that Deb attached the wires from the attachments on the woman’s body. With everything plugged in, the box was now closed and sealed.

Each of the timers had been set with a delay. Once the delay was over, the timers would ensure that the dildo vibrated at random times and durations, while the butt plug and nipple patches each delivered random shocks. Deb admitted to herself that using a car battery might be a bit much, but she wanted to make sure all three devices worked at peak efficiency while needed.

After a final check of all preparations, Deb fed two hoses into the crate near the woman’s head. “Now, this might get a bit warm,” she said, “but I’m sure the wrapping will protect you.” So saying, she opened a valve, and liquids began pouring into the crate. As the two liquids met, they merged, forming a rapidly expanding foam. Carefully, Deb maneuvered the hoses, making sure that every inch of space around the woman’s body was filled. The foam quickly filled the crate, rising over the top. Deb shut off the flow, discarded the hoses, then waited for the foam to cool before carefully cutting away everything above the top of the crate. Once the foam was level with the crate’s top, she carefully placed and nailed the lid on.

Next, Deb began peeling off backing and placing labels onto the crate. One label bore the address of a house in a nearby town. The other labels held a warning in large letters. “LIVE SPECIMINS! DO NOT ALLOW AIR HOLES TO BECOME OBSTRUCTED!” Finally, a large envelope, sealed in plastic, was attached to the crate. With this done, Deb began the laborious process of dragging the crate from the room.

Waving, Deb watched as the delivery truck pulled away. Closing the door, she sank into her favorite chair, smiling at the thoughts she was having.

Her estranged husband would be very surprised, she thought, when he opened that crate and found his lover mummified inside. Obviously, he’d never told her his wife’s maiden name, or she might never have come home with Deb from that bar. Once home, a little extra ingredient to the woman’s drink, and she’d become very compliant.

Now let him try to leave me with nothing, she thought, especially once he opens the envelope. Inside, she knew were copies of pictures taken by the very expensive private investigator Deb had hired. The pictures clearly showed her husband in several compromising poses with the woman now being shipped to him. The dates on the pictures made it clear that they were taken well before the current divorce proceedings had begun. Along with the pictures was a note that said, simply, “Shall we renegotiate?”

In a way, Deb felt a bit sorry for the woman in the crate. She had no idea whether or not the woman knew the man she was sleeping with was married. Maybe it was just bad luck that made her a pawn in this game. Either way, she’d emerge from it whole and healthy, and perhaps a bit more cautious about checking the marital status of men she slept with.

Still smiling, Deb rose to fix herself a drink. Her work was done, and now she only need to wait. In just over four hours, shortly after his return from work (Deb had paid extra to specify the exact delivery time), her husband would have his lover back, along with the message the accompanied her. Drink in hand, Deb settled back into her chair, sipping and closing her eyes. And wondering, as she did so, how it would feel to be in the other woman’s place. Somehow, she wasn’t too surprised to find the idea slightly arousing.

Maybe I’ll get someone to help me try it some time, she thought, one hand languidly stroking between her thighs. For now, though, it was time to relax, and wait for her husband to call.


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