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Something Special for Christmas

by Trash Mouse

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© Copyright 2008 - Trash Mouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; furry; bond; boxed; delivered; oral; toys; cons; X

I was nervous, nervous and horny at the same time. I could hardly keep my paws to myself as I was clearing myself in the shower. I found myself rubbing my breasts a few times as the water teased over my body. I finally pulled myself out of the shower when the water turned cold. I hurried to dry off my fur, there wasn't much time left until Greg arrived and I had to be ready for him.

The towels picked up most of the water and I spent a few moments with the blow dryer to get the last of the dampness but I was still a little bit tacky when he knocked at the door. I wrapped a tower around my body, giving myself some measure of modesty as I went to the front door.

Greg was on the other side, a smile of his face. I opened the door for him and allowed the 'roo to come into the house. "How are you?" I asked.

He smirked at me and kicked the door closed, his thick tail bouncing over the floor. "I think the question is 'how are you?' Are you ready for this?" he asked.

I nodded and motioned to the collection next to the couch. He smiled and walked over to them, pulling a few of the belts free. "You're ready, but are you ready?" he asked again.

Licking my lips I blushed slightly in my large ears, my furless tail sweeping behind my legs. "I think I'm ready," I said.

He tisked softly and walked back to me. "I'm not going to do a thing if you're not ready," he said, poking me right between my breasts.

I shivered a bit, my nipples growing hard under the damp fabric. I looked up at the kangaroo and tried not to blush. "I'm ready," I said. The words sent a jolt running through my body from nose to tail.

Greg chuckled a bit and hooked his finger over the towel, then gave it a firm tug. The towel was only held in place by friction and his little bit of force pulled it away from me and set it fluttering to the floor. My first instinct was to cover myself, but I fought it off. Instead I stood tall in front of my friend, arching my back to make my breast jut out from my chest.

He smiled a bit and licked his lips, slowly looking me over from top to bottom. "Turn around, I would like to see everything," he said. This was the first time I had been nude in front of him, everything else had been chatting online with a little bit of play on instant messenger.

I did as I was told, turning around slowly in place, letting him see every part of him. I lifted my tail slightly, a smile starting to cross over my muzzle as I felt his hands stroking over the fur of my back then cupping my ass. I paused while he felt over me over only finishing my turn once his hands were free.

When I was facing him again he reached up and felt over my breasts. I let out a soft murring as his thumbs teased over my nipples, stroking back an fourth over them, making them bounce. I leaned in slightly for a kiss, but he pulled back, shaking his head. "No kissing dear, that's for him," he said.

A blush rushed over my face and cheeks. I smiled a bit but looked down at my feet. "I'm sorry, the moment just took me," I admitted, one hand slipping down to stroke at the folds of my sex.

The kangaroo chuckled and nodded. "That's fine, this is your first time after all, but you are ready."

"Thank you," I said.

"Put on the collar and the cuffs, I'll get what I need from my car," he said, and then spinning on his large feet he went back out the front door.

I let out a long breath as the door closed, then hurried to the couch where my equipment was. I started with my collar, a thick leather one with padding on the inside and a lot of d-rings around the edge. I pulled it around my neck, making sure it was closed tight enough that it wouldn't come off, but not so tight as to chafe.

Next were the two ankle cuffs, these were the same design as the collar but had purple padding on the inside. I cinched them tightly around each one, giving them a tug to make sure they wouldn't slip on me. The wrist cuffs took a bit more work to get on, they would have been easier with another person, but I knew I could put them on by myself. I had to use my teeth to get then pulled tightly but I finally got them on.

I tugged at the d-rings on each piece, making sure they would hold like they should have. A moment later the front door opened and Greg came back in, his arms filled with wood, padding and leather.

"Wow, that's more than I expected," I said as he used his thick tail to close the door.

"It's enough. Now you better not have fudged your weight at all, this is built pretty exact," he teased as he dropped everything into a pile on the floor.

I blushed and shook my head. "No, no more than a few pound, but that's just life."

"Good," he told me, then walked over, running his paws over my restrains. He tugged at the rings, making sure they were tight. He moved around me and ran a hand over my tail, and then he reached up and undid my collar, tightening it up around my neck. "That's better, and you don't have one for your tail."

I let out a soft gasp. "I'm sorry, I forgot! I never tie it up with a cuff," I sputtered out.

Greg chucked a bit and came back round to my front. "Most people don't, I brought one to be safe," he said, going to his collection and pulling one out. It wasn't padded like the rest of mine, but it would do. He slipped around me and took my tail in his hands. I felt him wrap it around the middle of my tail then close it tight.

"Thank you," I told him.

He nodded and moved back to his collection of things, pulling through it and picking up a flat piece of wood with padding on top of it. He moved it to the middle of the room and set it down with the padding upright. Greg offered his hand out to me with a smile on his face. "My lady?"

I took his hand in mind, holding on firmly as he walked me over to the padding.

"On your knees," he instructed.

I sank down onto the padding, feeling it crush under my weight. I adjusted myself a bit, spreading my legs and sitting down on my ankles. I fit just inside the padding with only an inch on each side.

Greg nodded and ran his hands over my shoulders. "Good, looks like everything should fit. I'm glad we did the measurements," he said, crouching down behind me. "Sit up a bit."

I did as he said and felt him slide something under my rear. It lifted me up just slightly but gave me something to sit on that wasn't my own legs. I wiggled into the padding, feeling it conform around me.

"How are you?" he asked me, running his hands over my arms, pulling them behind my back.

"I'm doing fine," I said, his touch sending small jolts through my body.

I felt him lift my tail over my arms then felt a something being pulled through the d-rings on my cuffs. He then pulled my four limbs together using a chain, making sure I couldn't move without pulling too much pressure on my shoulders. I could still move them slightly, but not far enough to get free as I heard the click of a lock around the chains.

My eyes closed as a shiver ran over the length of my body. Normally I put myself into bondage and so I could l always get myself out. This was the first time someone else had been in charge and the true loss of control made me even hotter.

Greg lifted my tail until the tip was against the back of my head. Another chain went between the cuff of my tail and through the ring on my collar. He pulled until it was only inches away from my back and locked it into place as well.

The kangaroo walked around me and gave me a look. "How are you doing? Anything that will give you trouble?" he asked.

"My tail might be a bit too tight," I said.

He nodded and moved behind me, unlocking my tail and giving the chain a bit more slack. "How's that?"

I gave it a try and smiled. "That will be fine," I said.

He came back around in front of me and smiled. "You look very nice like this. I should get some pictures."

"The camera is over there," I said, motioning with my head.

Greg laughed and picked my camera up from the couch and came back to me. He started taking pictures of me, moving around to get one from each side before putting the camera away. "Now, a few more things are left to do," he said, walking back to the pile of wood.

He gathered up three of the large pieces, each one decorated with latches. He came up to me and smiled as he saw the look of joy on my face. "You're leaking," he said, then reached down to finger the wet folds of my cunt.

I let out a soft shriek as his fingers pressing inside for only a moment. He pulled his hand back and offered the wet fingers to me. I licked them off without any further prompting.

He bent down at my side and lifted one of the pieces of wood, it reached just above the top of my ears. Fitting it into place he closed the latches at the bottom and gave the piece a tug. After a little more adjustment he picked up the second piece and put this one at by back latching it to the first board, and few moments later the third board was latched placed in on my other side.

Greg walked back around me and smiled. "There we are, a perfect fit," he said, reaching down to tease my ears.

"You know how to bind a girl," I said with a smirk.

He chuckled and walked over to the last few things on the couch, then picked up a few large pieces of foam. The kangaroo smiled at me as he crouched down. He slipped a ball gag around my neck, closing it in place and allowing the gag to fall against my breasts. He then held up vibrator. It was made with pink plastic and a blunt tip. The best part about it was the remote control with a timer; it was perfect for when I wanted to be teased for an hour or two while bound up.

Greg turned the vibrator's receiver on. He lifted it up to my lips and I kissed the tip of the toy, teasing it with my tongue. He ran it back down my body teasing each tit with the toy before running it down my belly and over my wet slit.

I tried to hold my excitement in as he started to tease the silent toy on the inside of my twat. Slowly he pressed it inside of me, teasing it until it was deep inside of me. Once it was in place he placed the block of foam between my legs, holding it in place. It filled the void between my legs and once the last wall of the box was put up it wouldn't move out of place.

The kangaroo stood back and looked over me, licking his lips. "Now it's time for my payment," he said with a smirk.

My eyes dropped down to look at his crotch, noticing that his pants were tight around his erection. I licked my lips and nodded my head.

He smirked and undid the zipper and button on his pants. With a single move he pushed down his pants and his underwear. His cock bounced free, precum hanging from the tip of the thick shaft. I was average size, but that was dang near the perfect size in my mind. I opened my mouth and let my tongue hang out and then let out a cry as the vibrator clicked on.

Greg laughed and placed the remote control to the side and took a few steps forward, his cock at just the right height. I leaned forward as best I could and wrapped my lips around the shaft, licking my tongue over the underside my pussy vibrated with my toy.

He grunted happily, gently grasping the side of my face and humping his shaft over my tongue. His precum was running thickly over my mouth and was just a little bitter. I moaned softly as he pressed his crotch against my nose, his cockhead teasing the back of my throat.

I teased my tongue over the length of the shaft, rubbing my nose into the curls of his pubic hair. When I could I flicked my tongue out of my lips to lick at the underside of his balls. I couldn't reach much but he seemed to enjoy the feeling of it.

His thrusting started to pick up speed as my vibrator changed speed in my cunny. I whimpered happily and gulped at his shaft. It must have been just what he needed as he thrust against my muzzle and started to cum.

The hot seed gushed over my tongue and down the back of my throat. I gulped at it, collecting some in my mouth but letting the rest run down into my stomach. His cum was a bit bitter but not that bad. I licked over his cock as he pulled it free, lapping up the last few drops before swallowing what was in my mouth.

Greg smiled and rubbed over my ears. "Very nice," he said and then pulled his pants back up, tucking himself in.

I smiled at him, blushing as the vibrator continued to work away inside of me. The pulsing was spaced out just far enough to keep me near the edge without sending me over it.

Without another word he pulled the ball gag up and placed it into my muzzle. Once it was in place he pulled it tight around the back of my head. "Can you still breathe okay?" he asked.

I took in a few long breaths and nodded my head. Everything was just fine.

The kangaroo nodded and smiled. He picked up the last large board and pressed it up in front of me, blocking out much of my vision. He snapped it closed and gave it a shake. Once it was in place he stood up over me, looking down in the box. I looked back up at him and nodded my head.

He vanished for a few moments then a large bag appeared over the lip of the box. I closed my eyes and ducked my head as I felt packing peanuts shower down over my body. They were light and collected quickly around me, filling all the open space in the box. Soon the last of the peanuts fluttered down over my head and then I felt his paw sweeping off the last few ones out of my hair.

I looked up at him. He smiled down at me and quickly picked out a few stray bits of peanuts. He vanished again and came back holding two pieces of thick foam. He lifted my head and placed one under my chin. It pressed at my collar and squeezed into the sides of the box so it wouldn't move out of place. He then lifted my hair and placed the other piece behind my neck. Once it was in place a few pieces of tape went on each piece, making sure they were held to the wood of the box and keep the peanuts away from my head.

Greg reached into the box and stroked my head slightly, then carefully taped the keys to my cuffs and the remote for my vibrator inside the box. "Bye-bye mousie," he said, and then placed the top of the box on. There were a few slivers of light around the edge as he closed the top. As I got used to the darkness I could make out a few other points of light in the wood around me as things grew warm. I could feel the colder outside air running over my muzzle.

I felt him move around the box, covering my box in wrapping paper. Once that was done I was left by myself. I wasn't sure how much time passed, even my vibrator fell silent inside of my very wet cunt. Without warning I felt myself lifted up and rolled out of the house. Soon I was in the back of Greg's truck.

The vibrations of the truck rocked me to sleep; it must have because it was an hour drive and I didn't remember any of it. I jerked away when the truck came to a stop and the engine turned off. Soon I felt myself loaded off the truck and wheeled up the sidewalk. Muffled through the box I could hear Greg talking to him, my lovely man who was about to get me as a gift.

It was the afternoon on Christmas Eve and I made sure there was a tag on my box saying; "Do not open until Christmas." I hoped he would enjoy his gift, I was.



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