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Somebody's Game

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; capture; bond; gag; bag; transport; casket; strap; burial; reluct/nc; X

She’d only opened the door a crack before the two women outside had barged their way inside, sending Georgia reeling backwards as she was caught by the force of the door being flung open. She had landed on her arse with a bump and sat shocked in disbelief looking up at the two women, now inside her home. The first thing she noticed was the gun being brandished ahead of her.

“Not a sound… No fuss… And we won’t have to hurt you” One of the women barked. Georgia took a moment to gather her senses as she vacantly gazed at the woman with the gun. She looked very professional, they both did, dark sunglasses, very neat fitted suits and both had black hair pulled back into a ponytail. They looked very imposing.

“Please don’t hurt me” Georgia whimpered as she looked from one woman to the other.

“Are you going to do as I ask?” The armed woman asked sternly and Georgia nodded slowly. Within a moment she’d reached down and grabbed Georgia with her free hand, yanked her to her feet and proceeded to guide her towards the living room, the gun prodded into her back as she went. No sooner where they in the living room, Georgia was thrust forward with such force that she fell to her hands and knees in the centre of the room. She was gripped with fear, she wanted to get to her feet, but could barely even manage to turn to look at the intruders behind her. The unarmed woman had brought a large black holdall in with her and dumped it to the floor with a thump that startled Georgia.

“Sit” The woman with the gun ordered and Georgia slowly sat back on her heels. Suddenly her arms were grabbed and pulled roughly behind her, within seconds she could feel the rope being tightly wound around her wrists. She tried to struggle and twist herself away but the woman was stronger than she was and her wrists already secure.

“Please there’s no need for this, take anything, take what you want” Georgia pleaded feebly, but somehow she knew, she was what they wanted and they were going to take her.

“No sound. No fuss!” The woman snarled as she thrust the gun clearly in front of Georgia’s face. Georgia remained silent as the other woman continued to bind her roughly, tying her elbows viciously, then yanking her legs out from under her and starting on her ankles. The rope was uncomfortably tight, biting into her flesh. The woman had expertly immobilized her, she couldn’t move, her arms and her legs felt as if they were glued tight together, but she continued to apply more ropes, around her waist and above and below her ample bust.

“Please, I won’t shout or scream I promise, please” Georgia begged as the woman brought a large red ballgag from the bag. She simply ignored her and shoved the large ball into her mouth, jamming it hard between her jaws. She tried to beg and plead but could hardly manage a weak murmur as the gag was buckled tightly into place. The woman with the gun, stooped down in front of her and replaced the gun in her holster where it belonged as she looked into Georgia’s terrified eye’s.

“Now we have to take you to our client” She whispered coolly and Georgia began to struggle furiously, she didn’t want to be taken anywhere. The woman grabbed her shoulders firmly and hushed her.

“Just behave and all this will be over soon” She cooed and Georgia’s struggles receded slightly. Georgia was startled again by the large holdall as the other woman dropped the now empty bag beside her. She looked at it for a moment and then back to the woman ahead of her, surely they weren’t going to put her in the bag she thought. The woman before her smiled and before Georgia could even react she was being manhandled into the open bag. She fought back as best she could, but she was very efficiently restrained and could only kick out her feet in resistance. She was easily overpowered and was being jammed inside the bag, the woman forced her knees up to her chest and held her firmly in place as the zipped the bag shut. Georgia was plunged into darkness. The bag was cramped and dark, she couldn’t move more than inch inside. She was utterly helpless. She felt the bag lift suddenly from the floor and sway slightly as the two woman were obviously moving her, she heard the front door click closed. She was outside. She could feel the bag sway with each step the two woman took as they carried the bag further away from her flat. The sudden feeing of being hoisted up and then a thump that knocked the wind out of her. She whimpered uselessly into her gag. Then click. She was confused, but the sound of the engine start made everything suddenly and frightfully clear. They had put her in the boot of a car and she was now being driven somewhere. She lay in the dark confines of the tight bag, screaming helplessly into her gag, but it was futile and she knew it was. She was at the mercy of these two women and whoever this client was they were taking her to. She had lost all sense of time inside the bag and struggled and cried herself to near exhaustion by the time the car came to a halt. She waited with anticipation for the boot of the car to open and her bag to be pulled out. She waited wanting to know where she was and who she had been taken to, but nothing happened. She strained to listen to gather any clues to what maybe happening in the world outside, but she could hear nothing. She didn’t know how long she’d been left there when she heard the approaching footsteps. The boot clicked open and suddenly the bag was unceremoniously hauled out of the boot and thumped the ground. She was bathed in light as the bag was quickly unzipped. She half flopped out of the open bag onto the cold floor, blinking wildly trying to gather any information she could. She could see the two women who had come to her home to get her and now a third person, older, smartly dressed in a red skirt suit but totally unfamiliar to her. Was she the client Georgia wondered.

“Get her inside” The older woman commanded as she sneered down at Georgia, helpless on the floor. The two woman yanked her the rest of the was out of the bag and proceeded to lift her from the ground, one lifting her under her arms, the other grabbing up her legs. They began to carry her inside, and at this point Georgia discovered where she was being carried. They were outside an undertakers. She struggled and twisted furiously in her captors grip, but they held her firmly and just continued to heave Georgia inside. They carried her in through the back entrance to the building, the older woman leading the way and Georgia struggling and fighting in the two women’s arms. Soon she was hauled into what she could only imagine was some sort of preparation room, an array of caskets and equipment littering the room. Georgia was frantic as she was callously hoisted up and dropped into the casket waiting in the centre of the room. She hadn’t even managed to sit herself up, when she was quickly pinned into the casket by several thick heavy straps across her waist, chest, legs and around her neck. It was no ordinary casket, it had been prepared for her. She could barely manage to wriggle and inch either way as the two women buckled and locked the straps tightly around her. She was firmly secured inside the casket as they disappeared from view, only to be replaced by the older woman just a second later. She was smiling into the casket as she gazed up and down it’s helpless occupant. Georgia begged into her gag, struggled against her tight bonds and the woman just chuckled as she watched.

“My name is Mrs Johns” She smiled and Georgia simply froze as she announced her name.

“You’ve been fucking my husband” Mrs Johns added, still smiling down at her. Georgia’s mind was reeling. She had been having sex with a man called Mike Johns, but she never knew he was married and could never have guessed tonight’s events were in anyway connected.

“Now my husband and I are very rich and powerful people” She continued as Georgia lay stunned, in shock and disbelief in the casket.

“And we like to play this little game, he picks a cheap tart…” She grinned wryly as she paused for a moment looking Georgia up and down again. A mild look of distain creeping on to her face.

“… Like you, and then he can have his little whores as long as he can keep them secret from me, but if I find out… I get to do whatever I like them” She laughed excitedly. Georgia felt the terror running through her and renewed her frenzied struggles with strength and vigour, but to no avail. A camera flash drew her attention for a moment. Mrs Johns was taking pictures of her.

“A few souvenirs for my husband” She smiled as she examined the shots she’d taken so far and then began to click rapidly, taking more photographs.

“And I need to prove I got you. It’s one of the rules” She smirked, now satisfied she had taken enough pictures. Georgia was in utter disbelief. She was a helpless pawn in someone’s game. She’d been kidnapped, terrified and now lay strapped into a coffin whilst this woman took pictures of her, for entertainment, for this game they played.

“Let’s get her in the ground” Mrs Johns called over her shoulder as she raised a hand to the lid of the casket. Georgia’s heart sank, a new wave of helplessness washed over her as the lid was slowly being closed on her. She felt sick with the realization that she was going to be buried alive. The lid clicked shut and she was engulfed in darkness. She could hear the locking screws being wound into place and knew there was no way out. She lay there, helpless defeated and about to be buried for this woman’s entertainment. She scarcely noticed her casket being lifted and carried outside. She knew she had been lowered into the waiting grave, when she felt the jolt as the casket came to rest at the bottom of its slow steady descent. The sudden sound of the earth filling her grave, pilling on and around her casket was thunderous at first then gradually quietened until there was nothing but silence. Georgia knew it was over. She sobbed into her gag. She knew her grave had been filled and she had been buried alive. Above her Mrs Johns pulled out her mobile phone and dialled. It rang for a few minutes.

“Got your latest one… It’s almost like you make it too easy sometimes…” She chuckled.

“Was this one a bit too cheap for you… Oh but I had the best fun with this one, you can visit her grave at St Mary’s cemetery and if you’re quick she’ll still be alive in it too” She grinned wickedly as she spoke into the phone. Just under twenty minutes later Mr Johns hugged his wife and kissed her passionately. He placed flowers on the fresh grave and took his wife’s hand in his as they turned and walked away. Oblivious, Georgia lay alone in the dark silence of her grave below.



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