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by Andrea Jordan

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© Copyright 2015 - Andrea Jordan - Used by permission

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Kate and Emma arrived for the final day of the exhibition. The stand was set up as it had been for the last few days, with its big glossy pictures and its collection of shinny silver restraints and cages. As per the previous days, Emma took off her jeans and t-shirt so that she was wearing only her bright red bikini and high heels. She was tall, slim and tanned and had long blonde hair that fell down over her shoulders. Kate managed the business side of the stall. She had dark hair and was more soberly dressed in smart jeans and a top.

When she was ready, Emma turned around and put her hands together behind her back. Kate chose a pair of their high security handcuffs and quickly and professionally locked Emma wrists together. The brunette then took a pair of foot cuffs and locked Emma's ankles together. She then took the laminated promotional material and attached it around Emma's neck with a small chain. The promotional material hung against Emma's chest awaiting interest from the first customer.

Business was slow and Emma was sitting on the thick white rug, leaning against the steel bench that had been positioned for customers to sit and discuss the products. Emma became aware of a woman sitting down on the bench behind her. She tried to move but found that the promotional material chained to her neck had obviously been lying on the bench and that the woman was now sitting on it, pinning her in place.

"Sorry, can you stand up?" Emma asked.

"Why?" the woman asked, "aren't you supposed to be kept restrained?"

Emma knelt on the rug with her hands chained behind her looking at the woman. She was in her late twenties and smartly dressed in a tan coloured skirt suit. She was attractive, with long dark hair and clearly confident.

Emma looked around but Kate had left the stand for a few minutes. The woman looked down at Emma. "It says here that those cuffs you are wearing are maximum security and all have their own unique key. Getting out of them without the key is virtually impossible".

Emma continued the sales pitch, "Yes, they are the best on the market" she explained.

"Why do you let someone lock you up in them then?" the woman asked, "especially when the key holder seems to have left you here on your own".

"Kate will be back shortly," Emma explained.

Finally Kate returned. "Hi can I help you?" she asked the woman.

"Yes, can I see how the cage works?" the woman asked as she stood up finally releasing Emma's neck. Kate walked over to the cage and opened it for her to see. "Can I see it doing what it should be doing – confining someone?" she asked as she looked across to Emma.

After hearing how secure the cage was, Emma had been reluctant to try it, however she now had no choice. Kate helped her inside and started to explain. "This cage is 4 foot by 3 foot by 3 foot high and made from two layers of steel bars at very narrow centers. The bars are made from hardened steel and almost impossible to cut. The layers are an inch apart and run perpendicular to each other, giving it a sort of mesh effect. This cage also has two lids, one hinged at the front and one hinged at the back. The lid hinged at the front closes first like this," she demonstrated. "Then the second lid, hinged at the back closes on top of it like this".

"The idea of this is that it creates a leveraged effect so that if you sit down on top of the lid, the person trapped inside would need to push up ten times your weight in order to open the cage." Kate explained as the woman duly sat down on the cage. "Now this may not be necessary with you sitting on top of Emma, but it would be useful if a petite woman wanted to imprison a guy by doing no more than sitting on him".

The woman looked down at Emma through the now four layers of bars and smiled. "So as I weigh a 120 pounds, she is effectively trapped under 1,200 pounds?"

"That's right" Kate replied, "meaning that whoever you had trapped beneath you there's no possible way they could get out".

"OK so how does it lock?" the woman continued. Kate pulled a small device from her pocket and flipped it open to reveal two small buttons. "This works just like the remote locking on your car, one button to lock, one to unlock," Kate explained. "There are four locks fitted to each lid and as you can imagine the locks are buried within the various layers of bars and are therefore impossible to get to".

The woman took the remote from Kate. "So all you do is this?" she checked as she pressed the 'lock' button. From inside Emma heard a number of small clicks echo around the cage and then silence. She felt nervous knowing how secure this thing was and knowing that she was now locked inside. She looked at the woman tan skirt sitting above her, hoping that she would press the 'unlock' button quickly.

The woman stood up and looked back at the cage. "Can it take two people?" she asked. Kate assured her that it could. "Can you show me?" the woman smiled as she pressed the 'unlock' button and lifted the two lids. Desperate for the sale, Kate climbed inside and watched as the woman lowered the lids and sat down. The woman smiled as the temptation to lock them in became too big and she pressed 'lock'. Kate suddenly became very worried as she looked up the woman who now had them both locked up.

"OK, I'll take one and a set of restraints," the woman finally said as unlocked the cage and took her credit card from her purse. Once she had paid she looked over to Kate and smiled, "Oh and can I ask that you lock your assistant inside for the next hour or so while I look around the rest of the show, it'll let me see how inescapable it really is?"

Happy with the large sale, Kate agreed. She helped Emma back into the cage and lowered the lids. She picked up the remote, pressed 'lock' and then slipped it back inside the front pocket of her jeans. "I'll keep her there until whenever you want," Kate smiled as she tapped the front of her jeans with her hand.

Part 2

It was over two hours later when the woman returned, this time carrying two large bags of things that she'd purchased. "Sorry I should have introduced myself," the woman said to Kate, "I'm Chantelle and I am the editor of one of the leading magazine in this industry," she explained. "I wonder if you're interested in getting free publicity by letting me use your products and your model in a photo shoot?" Emma looked at Kate through the bars hoping she'd say no. She said yes.

"I want to call this the ultimate bondage experience," Chantelle explained as the last of the people left the exhibition. She emptied her bags on the floor and Emma watched as a mass of metal restraints clattered to the floor. Kate fished the remote from the front pocket of her jeans, flipped it open and pressed the button to unlock the maximum-security cage.

Emma climbed out and stood reluctantly in front of Chantelle in her brief red bikini and high heels. "Please not a chastity belt," Emma pleaded as her would be captor held up the most secure she'd been able to buy at the exhibition. Chantelle just smiled as she proceeded to fit it tightly around the blonde's waist and crotch. Once tightly in place, with the bar at the back pushing her bikini into her butt, Chantelle locked it in place.

Chantelle wasted no time in picking up a thick chain and padlocked it tightly around the blonde's waist. The chain had single cuffs attached to each side and it didn't take Chantelle long to close each tightly around Emma's wrists. "Inside," Chantelle ordered as she picked up further restraints.

Emma lay down on her back on the bottom of the cage. Chantelle kicked off her shoes, stepped inside and sat astride her, lifting her short skirt a little further so as to position her legs either side of her victim. She took a very thick metal collar, hinged at the back, passed it beneath one of the thick bars in the top of the two layers of bars that made up the bottom of the cage. She brought the two ends of the collar together tightly enclosing both the bar and Emma's neck. She smiled to herself as she threaded a high security padlock through both end of the collar and snapped it shut.

"You're going to be so helpless," Chantelle smiled as she again reached behind Emma's head, this time to fit the ball gag. The strap holding the gag in place comprised a thick chain, which Chantelle locked in place with another padlock. She then leant over Emma and whispered into her ear, "Now you can't talk, I'll tell you a secret, I'm going to padlock your neck to Kate's thighs and the keys to those restraints I won't give back to you!" she giggled.

Chantelle climbed out and went to work on the rest of her victim's body. She took a pair of handcuffs and wrapped them around one of the bars in the base of the cage before locking both cuffs on to Emma's left wrist. She took the unique key and deadlocked both cuffs before using a second pair of cuffs to chain her right wrist to the bars.

Chantelle then turned her attention to Emma legs, which were drawn up towards her waist in order to fit into the cage. Chantelle took a two pairs of the most secure cuffs that she'd been able to find and wrapped them around the bars of the cage to take up any slack and then to Emma's ankles. She then finished off with a pair of thumb cuffs that she used them secure Emma's big toes together.

"Take off your jeans and top," Chantelle said to Kate. Desperate for the publicity, she complied. "Nice" Chantelle smiled as she knelt down as padlocked a thick leather strap around her waist and another around the top of each of Kate's thighs. The waist strap and thigh straps were connected by further straps preventing Kate from sliding the thigh straps down her legs.

Chantelle then reached inside the cage and padlocked a similar strap around Emma's neck. "Now climb inside and sit astride her neck," Chantelle ordered Kate again followed the instructions and sat down on the blonde's neck with her thighs either side of her head. Chantelle handed her two small padlocks, "Now lock her neck to your thighs," she purred as Kate reached down and slipped the padlocks through the metal rings. Emma knew that once Kate had padlocked her neck to her thighs that her neck would remain locked between the brunette's thighs probably for the rest of the night, but the gag prevented her from warning her friend. Chantelle smiled as Kate snapped the padlocks in place with Emma's nose now resting up against the brunette's panties.

Chantelle was reviewing her work, "The chains may be more secure, but there's nothing like having some cute butt pinning you down to make you feel trapped. And your thighs will look huge from where she is lying," she smiled to Kate.

Kate leant forward towards Emma as Chantelle closed both of the lids to the cage. "Now this is Nikki," Chantelle said as a stunningly attractive woman walked over wearing only a pair of black panties and bra. Nikki sat down on the cage and crossed her long bronzed legs. "Try and lift the lid," Chantelle said to Kate. Kate tried but soon gave up. "I love that leverage effect," Chantelle smiled, "it's just like having ten Nikkis sat on you!"

"Its all academic now anyway" she giggled as she flipped open the remote and locked the cage. "And just to make extra extra sure I'll padlock you in too!" she smiled as she slipped high security padlocks through the hasps on either side of the box. Chantelle collected up all the keys and put them in her handbag before starting the photo shoot.

An hour later and Chantelle had finished and started to pack up her camera, "Can you do the honors with our friends," she smiled as she handed the keys and the remote to Nikki. Chantelle crouched down and looked at Emma and Kate through the bars, "You look great together in there," she smiled as she blew them a kiss and left.

At that point Nikki's phone rang and still in just her black knickers and bra she ran over to her clothes and started looking through her jeans pockets for her phone. The blonde sat down and starting talking as Emma and Kate looked on. "Are you going to be long?" Kate finally called out. Emma just turned away from them and continued her call.

When she finished Nikki pulled on her jeans and t-shirt before walking back over to the cage. "Do you two really want to spend the night in there?" she snapped as she started to unlock the cage and the many restraints that Chantelle had so lovingly secure them with. The blonde finally unlocked the gag allowing Emma to speak, "You don't have the keys for this thigh to neck harness do you?" she said. Nikki looked again through her keys and shook her head. "She's taken those with her!" Emma exclaimed.

"Too bad for you guys" Nikki smiled as she watched Emma and Kate struggle to climb out of the cage with Emma's head between Kate's thighs. "At least they're only made of leather" Nikki giggled watching them trying hopelessly to get out of the restraint, "you should be able to chew your way through that by morning."

"Aren't you going to help us?" Kate asked.

"No" Nikki smiled, "I quite like the idea of you locked up like that."

Nikki left leaving Emma and Kate lying on the floor chasing their breaths. It was a hot evening and Kate's thighs wrapped around her neck was making them both perspire. She turned her head and put the strap that gripped Kate's left thigh in her mouth and started to bite the thick leather. This was going to be a long night.

Part 3

Emma lay on the floor, her head still padlocked between Kate's legs, trying desperately to bite through the leather strap that were locked around Kate's tanned thigh.

"That tickles" Kate said with a half smile as she looked down at Emma's long blonde hair.

Emma looked up and saw the smile, "Why couldn't that bitch have locked you in my crotch instead!"

"Not much we can do now," Kate said trying not to smile.

After ten minutes it became obvious that Emma's teeth were no match for the leather and the women started to think of another plan. Kate climbed to her feet, with Emma on all fours beneath her.

"It's like walking a dog," Kate purred.

"With its head between your thigh!" Emma exclaimed, totally humiliated by her position.

"I'd better wear your skirt, to be slightly less obvious." Kate reasoned as she picked up the blondes short red flared skirt and slipped it on over her head and shoulders.

The two women waited until all was clear and then started to walk slowly towards a back exit. The hard floor hurt Emma's hands and knees, but having her head inside Kate's skirt with the brunette's thighs brushing past the sides of her head was worse. From a distance they noticed someone sitting on the bonnet of Kate's car and as they approached they saw it was Chantelle.

"You two look so sexy together," Chantelle smiled.

"Look we did your photo shoot, fair is fair," Kate complained.

As the two of them talked, Emma lifted Kate's skirt but could still only see Chantelle's curvy hips, her toned legs, her tight skirt, thin stocking and tan high heeled shoes.

"OK, I'm sorry," Chantelle finally conceded, "but unfortunately I left the keys for that sweet little thigh to neck harness at home.

"What!" Emma exclaimed, her voice muffled by Kate's skirt.

"I'll drive you back to my place and release you," Chantelle smiled as she pressed her remote and the lights on the only other car in the car park flashed.

"It will have to be the boot I'm afraid," Chantelle smiled as she unlocked the boot and helped the conjoined women scramble in. It was a sports car and there was barely enough room inside for them both. Chantelle gently, but firmed closed the boot with the click of the lock echoing around the inside of the steel cell.

After checking that no-one was looking, Chantelle climbed up and sat on the lid of the boot and started to hitch up her skirt. She ran the tip of her car key up the inside of her thigh and around the front of her knickers. Around and around she went as she listened to her captives' conversation. "Where has she gone?" "Why aren't we moving?" "What are you doing ..... I'm just trying to get my nose out of your f***ing panties!"

When they finally arrived at Chantelle's house, she parked in the garage and locked the door behind her before she unlocked the boot. Chantelle helped them out and led them through a door and into the basement.

"Wow," Kate exclaimed as she looked around the large windowless room with an amazing array of steel bondage equipment.

"All part of my job," their hostess replied as she flicked through a large bunch of keys.

"Aha, the only key to free you from your human stocks," she smiled at Emma who was once again on all fours.

"Thank you," the blonde replied as she held Kate's skirt up with one hand.

"Or would you be interested in one more day's photo shoot?"

Kate and Emma both laughed on cue.

"$10,000 each," Chantelle said quietly.

The women stopped laughing and stared at her.

"Are you interested?"

"$10,000?" Kate questioned.

"Aha, I will transfer it to your account tomorrow night."

The women considered it for only a few moments more before accepting.

"Great," Chantelle smiled, "you realize that you will now be my slaves for the next 24 hours. Make whatever calls you have to and then give all your clothes, handbag and anything else to me".

Within half an hour both Emma and Kate were standing in Chantelle's basement completely naked.

"OK you take a shower," she ordered and Emma duly complied.

"And you over here," she ordered to Kate.

As instructed, Kate knelt with her head to the ground next to a heavy steel ring that was fixed to the floor. Chantelle took a high security 'D' shaped bike lock and threaded it through the ring and around Kate's head before locking it closed.

Emma came out of the shower, dried and as instructed put on black silk panties and bra. Chantelle then handed her the key, "OK you can unlock Kate and she can lock you up in her place".

Emma lifted Kate's long dark hair to find the keyhole and then took the key and unlocked the heavy steel restraint. She then knelt down in Kate's place and waited patiently as her naked friend returned the favour by locking her securely in place.

"You can keep hold of the key as you shower," Chantelle smiled as she watched the action.

Kate finished showering and dressed in pale pink silk lingerie.

Chantelle looked at Kate and smiled. "You've got very nice legs, I don't know why Emma complained so much about being locked between them."

Kate half smiled as Emma tried to look up to watch their conversation, fighting against the steel that held her to the ground.

Chantelle walked over and opened a big, heavy looking safe standing at one side of the room. It was a regular safe, other than the fact that there were a number of small holes drilled through the two inch thick steel at the top. She folded up a thick wool blanket, crouched down carefully in her tight suit and placed it inside. She then added a soft white pillow.

"OK Katie, you can decide who gets to sleep in here." Chantelle purred.

"You?" Kate replied.

"Nice try," her hostess replied.

Kate thought for a moment. "That looks scary, Em you'll be better at that than me."

"No way Kate! ..... I mean, please Kate no."

Chantelle smiled at how quickly the friendship and loyalty had dissolved. "OK, unlock Emma from the floor and lock her inside the safe".

Chantelle sat down on a nearby cage and watched as Kate unlocked Emma from the floor and led her by the hand over to the cage. Without saying a word, Emma slowly climbed in and curled up inside with her feet on the pillow.

Kate crouched down by the door and looked in at Emma's dark, resigned eyes. Emma looked out at Kate's toned thighs and cute, skimpy pink panties, wishing that she was again locked between her soft legs rather than in the steel box. The legs disappeared from view as Kate swung the door shut and turned the handle.

"I feel terrible," Kate said to Chantelle as she started to lift the handle again to unlock the safe.

"No," Chantelle warned, "leave it there and turn the key".

Kate slowly turned the key and then tried again to lift the handle, "It's locked."

Chantelle smiled, "Now take out the key and give it to me."

Chantelle lifted her skirt to reveal a suspender belt and black underwear. She tucked the key to the safe into the top of her suspenders and then pulled her skirt back down hiding the key from view.

"And what about you?" Chantelle purred as she looked around the room.

"The bed?" Kate half smiled back.

"Good idea, on your back I think."

Kate's hopes of just a regular bed soon dropped as Chantelle pulled out a pile of straps and started to use them to secure Kate to the bed. Within minutes Kate was held rigidly to the bed with straps around her feet, her thighs, her waist, up between her legs, her hands, her chest and her neck.

Chantelle then sat on the bed with her thigh almost touching Kate's face and started to stroke Kate's hand with her hand.

"And now I have to padlock each strap in place," she joked as if it were a problem.

"You don't have to?" Kate offered.

Chantelle giggled, "Sorry honey, but that's my favourite part, so the locks go on."

Twelve padlocks later Chantelle was finished. She ran her hands gently up and down Kate's body.

"Oh the things I could do to you now," she purred, "but unfortunately they will all have to wait for the morning". She then bent over and kissed Kate quickly on the lips before leaving the basement, locking her guests inside.

Part 4

Chantelle returned to her basement the next morning. She had showered and her long dark hair was still wet. She was dressed much more casually than the night before, in a short pink flowery mid-thigh length dress and barefoot. She smiled as she saw Kate still asleep, still strapped and padlocked to the small bed. She could see from the slight red marks on Kate's wrists that she had made some attempt to escape, although had clearly given up quickly.

Chantelle stood astride the narrow bed so that the crotch of her white panties was only an inch above Kate's face. With Kate's face hidden from view inside her dress, she lowered herself slightly until she felt Kate's nose touched her panties. Going by feel alone, Chantelle moved backwards slightly until Kate's mouth was pushing gently against the silk material, deep between her thighs.

Chantelle smiled as Kate, still fast asleep, moved her lips against the silk and started to kiss her. Chantelle tried not to make any noise as Kate's lips started to arouse her. Within a few minutes, Chantelle could take no more and had to move back so that she was straddling Kate's neck. She then brought her legs up on to the bed, either side of Kate's head so that she had her imprisoned in a tight pin.

Kate started to wake as Chantelle squeezed her thighs a little tighter. She watched carefully as the helpless woman beneath her opened her eyes and started to realize where she was and what was happening. She tried to move her arms and legs, but they were strapped down. She tried to move her head, but felt Chantelle's soft thighs held her tightly.

"Good morning," Chantelle purred.

"Good morning," Kate replied, still trying to catch up with events.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yes," Kate replied as she realized that she had not woken since Chantelle had locked her to the bed the night before.

"Why are you sitting on me?" Kate asked innocently.

"Because I can."

Kate closed her eyes trying to work out why she was feeling so turned on.

"I can do anything I like to you."

Kate just gazed up into her captors big dark eyes.

"I can even make you disappear," Chantelle giggled as she slowly brought her thighs closer together until they touched, leaving Kate hidden from view below.

"Maybe I'll allow just a crack of light into your world," Chantelle purred as she opened her legs a tiny bit, giving Kate just a fraction of light and air.

Through the tiny gap Kate could see Chantelle holding up a small bunch of keys.

"These are the only keys to the padlocks, do you want them."

As Kate tried to reply, Chantelle quickly closed her thighs back together so that Kate's words were lost under the brunette's thighs.

Nearly half an hour passed before Chantelle finally climbed off the bed and started to unlock the padlocks and then unbuckle the straps.

"Take a shower honey," she called as she left the basement, again locking the door behind her.

Kate quickly ran over to the safe and tried to look in through the small drill holes.

"Em, are you OK?"

"Yeah I'm OK," Emma replied from inside the safe.

Kate tried to pull the handle to open the safe but it was locked, "Em, the safe's still locked."

"I know, you locked me in remember!"

"I didn't have much choice, remember the money."

"Do you have the key?" the imprisoned blonde asked hopefully.

"No Chantelle took that with her," Kate replied as she sat down on top of the safe.

"Hey, it's all gone dark!"

"Sorry, I'm sitting on top of you," Kate giggled as she slid back slightly so that one of the small holes was showing between her legs.

"Hey, one hole, you're generous!"

Kate smiled and closed her legs, plunging Emma back into total darkness.

A few minutes later Chantelle returned to the basement, put her finger to her lips and then handed Kate the key to the safe. "I'll be back in an hour," she whispered as she left the basement.

"What was that?" Emma asked from inside the locked steel box.

Kate smiled, tucked the key into the front of her knickers. "Oh nothing," she lied as she sat back down on top of the safe.

"Arrrh, I want to get out of here!" Emma exclaimed with frustration as she pushed pointlessly against the inside of the safe.

"I wish I could help," Kate purred as she rubbed the key nestled inside her underwear.

"Is there anything you can do to get me out?"

"Em you're in a safe, without the key you'll stay in there forever!"

With Emma still locked up, Kate showered and changed into a white t-shirt and short denim shorts. Kate was still drying her hair when Chantelle returned.

"You can let her out now," she whispered to Kate.

Kate looked a little disappointed as she pulled the key out of the back pocket of her shorts and inserted it in the lock. It turned smoothly, a whole turn to the left, and Kate lifted the handle and pulled back the heavy door.

Emma crawled out, stood up and stretched. "Thank you!"

Chantelle looked over to Kate, "What do you think she'll do if I tell her?"

"Tell me what?" Emma asked.

"No don't," Kate begged.

"I gave Kate that key over an hour ago," Chantelle said to Emma as she stood back and waited for the fun to start.

"What! Why didn't you let me out?" Emma exclaimed as she walked towards Kate.

"Hey Em, I was just...."

Chantelle looked at Emma and then across to the safe.

"Good idea," Emma smiled as she caught Kate and grabbed her by the hair.

Whereas Kate was slim and glamorous, Emma was athletic and easily stronger than her friend. Kate was helpless as Emma held her hair in one hand and one wrist with the other hand and led her over to the safe.

"No way Em," Kate begged as the blonde forced her on to the ground in front of the safe.

"Inside sweetie," Emma smiled as she lifted her friend a little and edged her ever closer to the safe.

Within a few minutes Kate was inside the safe with only her fingertips on the door frame stopping it from closing completely. Kate tried to push the door open again but Emma was using one thigh to push it closed as she pulled Kate's fingertips from the frame.

Kate finally realized the fight was over and pulled her hands inside. The force from Emma's thigh then slammed the door closed and held it there. Emma pushed down the handle and turned the key.

"Ha! Get out of that one Katie," she smiled as she took the key from the keyhole and triumphantly tucked it into her bra and walked over to the shower.

Part 5

After Emma had showered she reluctantly unlocked the safe and freed her friend. Both Kate and Emma then dressed in matching tight red panties and bra and Chantelle added some makeup.

"I hope you like each other?" Chantelle smiled as she led them into the middle of the room and positioned them so that they were facing each other, with their noses almost touching.

Chantelle first took a maximum security bicycle 'D' lock and put it around both Emma and Kate's necks and locked it in place. The lock held the women's' heads so close together that their lips touched.

She then made sure that the women's hips were pushed closely together and then she took a length of high security chain and wrapped it around their waists. Both women had slim waists and it took only a short length of chain to encircle them both.

Chantelle padlocked the chain to itself behind Kate's back locking their waists together. She then ran the spare end of the chain down between Kate's legs, through Emma's legs and padlocked it back on the waist chain behind Emma's back. The chain was tight and the front of both women's panties were pushed tightly together. As they tried to pull away they rubbed against each other and both started to get turned on.

Chantelle then instructed Kate to put her arms around Emma and then handcuffed her hands together. She then took a padlock and locked the cuffs to the chain running between Emma's butt cheeks.

"Hey get your hands off my butt," Emma joked.

"She hasn't got much choice, they're locked to your butt," Chantelle purred as she continued her work.

A few minutes later Emma's hands were cuffed together and locked to Kate's butt.

Chantelle then told the women to line their ankles up in straight row. She took another 'D' shaped bicycle lock, this time a longer, narrower one and threaded it around all four ankles and locked it closed.

"How does it feel?" Chantelle asked as she picked up all the keys and stuffed them into her shorts.

Both Kate and Emma were starting to breath deeper than usual as they tried hard not to rub too much against each other.

"This is quite sexy," Emma smiled as she looked directly into Kate's dark eyes.

"I'm glad you think so, as I'll going to leave you there for a while," Chantelle smiled as she picked up her camera and started to shoot.

Ten minutes and many hundreds of shots later, Chantelle put down the camera and laid a mattress down next to them.

"Take a lie down while I develop some of these shots," Chantelle smiled.

"Aren't you going to unlock us?" Kate asked.

"No, not until I know I have the right shots."

"Well can't you leave the keys with us just in case we need them?" Kate asked.

"No way," Chantelle exclaimed as she tapped the back pock of her white shorts, "the keys stay in here."

Chantelle left and Emma and Kate carefully lowered themselves down on to the mattress. Emma had always thought of Kate as sexy which was why she hadn't minded Kate locking her up at Sexpo, in fact if she was truthful with herself, she actually enjoyed it.

Now she found herself chained to Kate, their lips almost touching, their clits rubbing, her hands locked to Kate's butt. She ran her fingertips around the outline of Kate's red underwear.

"What are you doing?" Kate asked.

"Just trying to get out of these cuffs."

"There is no way out," Kate complained.

"I know," Emma breathed back increasingly turned on by the situation.

Kate turned her head and their lips touched. Kate kept her lips there for just a moment longer than necessary which told Emma all she needed to know. She kissed Kate and within a second Kate was kissing her back. A second after that she felt Kate's hands on her butt.

Emma rolled on to her back with Kate on top of her and started to swing her hips from side to side. They couldn't touch each other, but lying on top of each other was enough.

"Wow!" Kate shouted again and again as she rubbed herself against her friend as best as she could with her hands pinned beneath Emma's butt.

Emma smiled as she enjoyed seeing a completely new side to her usually reserved friend.

When Chantelle returned an hour later they were lying on their sides panting heavily.

"My, you've been having some fun," Chantelle smiled.

Kate and Emma didn't answer.

"I take it you don't want these keys?" Chantelle smiled as she held the small bunch above them.

The friends didn't answer. They were so securely locked together that they felt very vulnerable and anyway they could probably have at least as much fun together without the restraints. But then from where they were lying Chantelle did look pretty sexy, her long tanned legs leading up to impossibly cute, tight white cotton shorts, and dark eyes and dark hair cascading all around her face.

"Well hurry up and decide," Chantelle smiled as she crouched down so that both of their heads were between her open thighs. She squeezed her thighs together a little, which pushed Kate and Emma's heads together and made their lips touch.

The touch of their lips distracted the chained women and both Kate and Emma started to look into each eyes.

"Get a room!" Chantelle joked as she stood up and tucked the keys into the back pocket of her shorts. "You two can stay locked together until lunchtime."

Immediately their emotions overtook them and they started to make out again as best they could. They had no idea how much time had passed, they didn't care.

Part 6

Chantelle sat upstairs in her studio with her feet up on her desk, flicking through the photos. They were some of the best she had ever taken, the looks on Emma and Kate's faces were fantastic, a mix of amazement and sheer lust.

She could feel the keys in the back pocket of her shorts and smiled as she thought of the two women chained together in her locked basement. Without the keys she was sitting on they would never be able to get free from each other, their lips would remain no more than an inch apart and their panties would stay crushed together.

She enjoyed the power she had over them, she always did when she had a subject under lock and key, but this time she also felt a little jealous. Although she usually went with guys, right then she would have happily have let herself be chained up to either one of captives.

An hour later, and happy that she had all the shots she needed, she returned to the basement, unlocked the door and walked over to the manacles women.

"The photos are fantastic," Chantelle purred as she pulled the keys out of her pocket, "I think you've earned a few minutes of freedom."

Chantelle took the keys and quickly did what a lifetime of struggling by Kate and Emma would never had achieved. Chantelle then gave them some shorts and t-short to wear and led then upstairs to her kitchen to eat.

Half an hour later all three were back in the basement.

"The photos of you two chained together were so good, I think this afternoon we will try a variation of the same," Chantelle smiled as she sorted through a number of chains and padlocks.

Kate looked bashfully at Emma, feeling this way about a woman was new to her. Emma smiled back more confidently, although she had seen many guys she had also had many daydreams about women, including Kate.

This time Emma and Kate dressed in white cotton panties and short white flowery halter neck dresses that were tight around their chests and hips and then flared from the waist down to their mid thigh. Both had their hair up in a ponytail.

"You look so innocent," Chantelle joked.

Chantelle then took a chain and locked it tightly around Emma's waist with the padlock in the small of her back. She then took the free end of the chain through Emma's legs and locked it on back on to the front of the waist chain, creating a tight crotch chain. She repeated the exercise on Kate.

Chantelle then instructed the women to lie on the mattress, facing each other head to toe.

"OK Emma open your legs, and Kate you put your head inside."

Kate watched with excitement as Emma opened her strong thighs. She touched her smooth tanned skin gently with the hand as if to check it out, before slowly and breathlessly put her head inside.

Chantelle then padlocked a chain around Kate's neck, but before closing the padlock she hooked the lock through Emma's crotch chain. The click of the lock closing sent shivers of excitement down Kate's spine.

"Your head is now locked in Emma's crotch," Chantelle smiled, "how does it feel?"

"Nice," Kate answered honestly.

Emma just smiled as she felt Kate's face rub against her.

Kate tried to pull away and to her delight found that she there was hardly any play in the chains. As she explored what little freedom she had left she found she could move her head forward all the way through Emma's legs so that she was face to face with Emma's butt. But if Emma opened her legs a little she could also pull her head back so that her face was between Emma's thighs and she was face to face with Emma's crotch. Emma smiled as Kate explore this second position.

Chantelle then repeat the exercise this time locking Emma's head between Kate's thighs. Emma had often watched Kate in her short denim shorts, most recently when Kate had had her handcuffed at Sexpo. Now she could look all she wanted without any fear of being seen. She had a big smile on her face when Chantelle locked the final padlock shut.

"Now you are chained up in the '69' position," Chantelle explained as she admired her work.

Neither Emma or Kate answered as both women had their heads pulled back between the other's thighs with their lips exploring their new environment. Chantelle quickly took some pictures to capture the moment, although neither woman even noticed. But Chantelle was getting increasingly jealous.

"Maybe I should tighten things up," Chantelle said.

She took another 'D' shaped bicycle lock, this time one whose size could be adjusted, and threaded it around Emma's thigh's. The lock enclosed Emma's thighs just above her knees.

Chantelle then pulled Kate's head fully through Emma's thighs so that she was facing Emma's butt. She then instructed Emma's to squeeze her legs together as tight as she could, squeezing Kate's neck between them. Chantelle then tightened the bicycle lock as far as it would go and locked it in place.

"Now try and get out of that girls," Chantelle purred.

Things were now very different. Emma's thighs were locked tightly together which in turn meant that the Kate's head was held rigidly in place. Emma tried to slide the lock down her legs but it was way too tight to pass over her knees.

"Hey, I preferred it before," Emma complained.

"I know you did," Chantelle replied.

Chantelle then took a pair of handcuffs and locked Kate's hands together behind her back and then padlocked the cuffs to her waist chain to make sure they stayed there. She then repeated the bicycle lock and handcuffs for Emma.

By the time she had finished Chantelle had regained the women's undivided attention. Both Kate and Emma's heads were held rigidly between the other's thighs and could do no more than kiss each other's butts. Their hands were locked behind them so could do no more than touch their own butts.

"Is this last bit really necessary?" Kate complained.

"Why what's wrong?" Chantelle teased.

"It's a bit restrictive."

"You mean you can't touch each other?" Chantelle offered.

Kate felt embarrassed and didn't answer.

Emma looked up at Chantelle, she was starting to guess why Chantelle had added the final restraints.

Chantelle took more pictures and once again was fascinated by the looks on the women's faces; desperately turned on, but totally unable to anything about it. She watched as they started to kiss each other's butts in a desperate attempt to express their overwhelming feelings.

"Please undo the bike locks," Kate begged as she fought desperately to pull her head out of Emma's thighs.

"You'd love that wouldn't you," Chantelle smiled as she crouched down next to them.

"Please Chantelle," Emma joined in.

"Later, but not yet," a jealous Chantelle replied.

"Have fun," she said as left the basement to review the next set of photos.

The women spent the next hour staring at each other's butts, unable to do anything else. Time dragged and it seemed like hours had passed before Chantelle returned to the basement.

"Hi girls," she smiled as she held the keys just above their heads. Four eyes watched intently as the keys swung from side to side.

"I thought you'd enjoy some time alone," she giggled as she finally took her keys and started to unlock them.

Chantelle looked a little embarrassed as she asked a question she had never asked before.

"Will you two lock me up?"

Emma and Kate smiled.

"Are you a little jealous?" Emma smiled.

"I just think I should understand a little more about what it's like."

"Sure," Emma replied as she looked around at the range of bondage equipment on show.

Emma pointed to some metal stocks designed by hold someone's neck and wrists, that were bolted to the concrete floor. As directed, Chantelle took off all of her clothes and lay on her back on the floor with her head and her hands in position in the open stocks. Emma smiled as she gently closed the stocks and sat down on top with her legs out straight.

"How does that feel?"

Chantelle looked at Emma's thighs only inches above her and tried to push up on the stocks.

"Don't think that will work honey," the blonde smiled.

Kate then sat down on the stocks next to Emma.

"It's now twice as impossible to escape with me sitting on you," the brunette giggled.

The two friends then started to kiss while watching Chantelle's reaction out of the corner of their eyes. They smiled as the imprisoned women tried to in vain to catch her breath. Before standing up, Emma padlocked the stocks to make sure Chantelle had no chance of escape.

Chantelle smiled as Kate picked up a pair of high security foot cuffs and proceeded to lock her ankles together. However the smile soon disappeared as Kate picked up a metal chastity belt.

"Have you ever worn one of these before?" Kate asked as she crouched down right above Chantelle's head.

"No never."

"Then it's about time you tried."

Although Chantelle didn't say anything, it was clear that she didn't want to wear the chastity belt and she subconsciously fought against the stocks as Kate locked it around her waist. Chantelle still wasn't smiling as Kate pulled it up between her legs and locked it in place.

"That's quite tight," Chantelle whispered.

"Yes," Kate smiled as she slowly and deliberately dropped the keys to the belt down the front of dress and into her bra.

"Could you loosen it a little?"

"No," Kate smiled in a matter of fact way.

Emma then found a pair of steel bondage mitts which she quickly locked around Chantelle's wrists. Next Kate produced a steel mask and a minute later it was enclosing Chantelle's head and Kate was padlocking it closed.

Kate and Emma walked around their prisoner.

"Do you think we've been a bit cruel?" Kate whispered.

"Yes," Emma purred, "but now I'm going to make it up to her."

Kate fished the keys to the chastity belt out of her bra and handed them to Emma. Emma then unlocked it and sat astride Chantelle's legs. She bent forward and ran her tongue over Chantelle's clit. The chained woman shuddered as if she'd been hit my lighting and then let out a groan which was muffled by the steel mask.

Chantelle's head was spinning and she felt as though she was floating as her body made involuntary movements but was held rigidly by the stocks and by Emma sitting on her legs. The next ten minutes were total excitement as Emma's tongue continued to drive her wild.

By the time Emma had finished Chantelle was still moaning and trying to catch her breath. The women waited another ten minutes before unlocking their prisoner. Chantelle was still overcome and almost unable to get to her feet.

"Inside," Emma ordered as she held open the door to the safe.

Without thinking, Chantelle complied and crawled inside her own safe. She looked out and saw Emma crouching by the door in her white dress, her long blonde hair hanging in a disheveled way around her face, her big brown eyes, her legs open showing her strong thighs and innocently looking white panties.

Chantelle kept watching but didn't even try to resist as Emma swung the door closed and pulled down on the handle locking her helplessly inside. The blonde turned the key in the lock, withdrew it and threw it absentmindedly across the room.

Emma and Kate sat next to each other on the safe and resumed their embrace.

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