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by Yuti

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Storycodes: F/m; Sbm; packaged; transport; enslave; sold; reluct; nc; X

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Let’s start with a little bit of background. My name is Steve, I’m 22 years-old student, living alone in a small apartment in a big city. During my teens, I developed many bondage fantasies, but I was always frustrated at not being able to realize them, because of many factors. First, when I was younger, It was hard to practise self-bondage or other kinds of dares because I was living with my parents and so, was afraid to be caught. Later, when I met my first girlfriend, she wasn’t into kinky stuff and didn’t want to try anything like that.

So since I live alone, I was eventually able to fully explore all kinds of situations which helped me to realize some of my fantasies. But there was one thing I always wanted to try. I remembered this awareness-raising spot on TV, where a very cute girl duct tape and gag herself before going into a car trunk and closing it. Then, the following message was displayed: “No one chooses to be trafficked.”

Of course, I totally understood it was to make people aware about human trafficking, but, it popped an idea in my mind: “What if I actually wanted to be trafficked?” I mean, not really as a human, but like a package, waiting to be picked up, transported and delivered.

So, one day, I decided to elaborate a plan to make that fantasy come true. The idea was simple:

The most exciting part was that no one would know I was in the package! They would think they were just transporting a normal package. Even if this plan was good, there was still some research to do and a lot of parameters to be taken into account.

Firstly, it was really hard to find a good box which would contain me efficiently. I wanted something big enough, but not too much in order to feel a little bit disconformable and helpless. When I found the right one, I had to place a few little air holes in different places on the box to allow me to breathe when it will be sealed.

The second bigger problem was to find a place where I can be stored by the first transporter until the other transporter would come. I couldn’t just ask the first one to deliver the package at the same place it was picked up!

I couldn’t be shipped to my parent’s house, or to a friend’s home... Suddenly, I found the right solution: There was a website which rented storage units for a minimum duration of 72 hours. I chose to pick one big enough for my package, for $30 a day. I received, by email, a digicode for opening my storage unit, which would be effective at the start of the rental.

The storage center was approximately one hour’s travel from my apartment, so, it would be a good trip!

Then, the real problem was the three other people that I planned to involve in my little trip. I didn’t want to involve friends of family into this, or anyone I knew, it was too risky.

So, I downloaded a kind of app for exchanges of services between individuals on my phone.

The application allowed you to make some announcements for jobs of any kind; keeping pets, childs, help for moving, housekeeping, and delivering packages.

I made three announcements for three missions:

Quickly, I got a lot of answers, and I selected three of them, three women: Anna, Tracy and Ruby. Then, after a little chat, and when we fixed the price of each service, we met, individually, and I gave them some instructions - that I texted to them after for more safety.

First, I met Anna, who would clean my apartment, early in the morning. She was tall, brunette, young (around 20 - 25). After some chat, she asked me, “So, anything else I could do for you?”

“Well... I want to send a pretty huge package to a friend, but I’m definitely bad with duct tape you know, and my packages are always really ugly... so...”

“I understand, no problem, I will properly prepare this package for you.”

“Thank you very much Anna!”

“And, are you going to be here when I clean your place?”

“No, don’t worry, I’ll be just walking around town. So, I need you to put the key duplicate in my mailbox when you leave and don’t forget to close the door!“

“No problem! Thanks for hiring me for this work!”

Later, I met Tracy, who would be the first transporter. She was really beautiful, blonde, around thirty, green eyes, with an adorable smile on her face. I was really excited to be “kidnapped” by this girl without her knowing it!

“So, do you think you can carry this huge package by yourself?” I asked.

“Of course, don’t worry about that! I’m stronger than I look, and I have a big hand trolley, no problem at all!”

“Very good. Unfortunately I couldn't be there, so, there is a duplicate of the key of my mailbox, you’ll find the key of my apartment in. When you’ve done, put the key back in the mailbox, keep the first key, and leave it around the package when you’ll put it in the storage unit. By the way, I’ll text you the digicode. It’s okay for you?”

“100%, your package will be in good hands with me!”

Eventually, I met Ruby, the last transporter which would take me back to my apartment.

She was approximately forty, and had red hair. She was wearing very cute glasses which were reflecting her beautiful blue eyes. She was a really elegant woman.

We talked a lot more than with the other girls, and she asked me a lot of questions about the package.

“That is a very huge package! I can handle it of course, but what’s in there.” she asked.

“Well... it’s hard to explain... humm...”

“No problem, I understand, that private! Anything else I should know?”

“Yes, you’ll find a mailbox key in the storage unit. In the mailbox, there will be the key of my flat, when you’ve done, put the two keys in the mailbox.”

“Perfect, thank you for choosing me sir!” she said, with a beautiful smile.

“Thank you for your help! You can’t imagine how important this is for me!”

Everything was settled! I couldn't believe that, the next day, I would be experimenting with a kind of kidnapping where I would be trafficked like an object by awesome women would never know what or who they were really transporting!

The big day came, and I started preparing myself before Anna’s arrival.

In the box, I put: Ropes, handcuffs, scarves, handkerchiefs and a little blanket to put on top of me, while Anna would seal the box, in order to hide me in case she decided to take a brief look inside.

I took off my clothes, jumped into the box, closed the lid, started tying my feets, my legs and my torso. Then, I packed my mouth with a lot of handkerchiefs, and I used a few scarves to gag me. Then, I used another scarf to blindfold me and eventually, I tightly cuffed my hands.

I tried to scream, the gag was very effective, I could hardly hear myself, so, no one would hear me outside the box.

Thirty minutes later, I heard the door opening. Few moments later, I heard the vacuum cleaner being turned on, she was cleaning. During this time, I moan a little through my gag, but there was no chance she could hear any noise because of the vacuum cleaner and my efficient gag. It was such a turn on, the maid was cleaning around me, when I was calling for help for fun, I felt totally helpless and excited.

After a while, she stopped, and came closer to the box and said “So, this must be the package, let’s get it ready!”

I heard the sound of duct tape unrolled, pressed against the box, she was really doing a great job and a few minutes later, I was securely locked up in the box.

“Ready for shipping!” said Anna, it increased my excitement.

Anna left my apartment. I was now securely trapped, bound and gagged into the box, waiting to be picked up and delivered by Tracy. After what seemed hours to me, I heard footsteps in front of my door.

Tracy entered, pushing something that I guessed was her hand trolley.

“Whoaaaaa this is a really hugeee package!” she said, standing in front of the box. Then, I felt being bent over and moved by the trolley. “Hurgggfff, it’s heavy, but I can do it!”

There it was, no going back at this point, I was leaving my apartment until tomorrow, completely at the mercy of my improvised kidnapper which didn’t know what she was transporting. 

I heard street noises. We were outside, then, I felt myself being lifted up and loaded into the car. Few seconds later, the engine started and Tracy was driving me to the storage station. Again, I made noises through my gag to enjoy my ride, but the noise of the engine and the radio covered everything. That was again a big turn on. I felt completely helpless.

I was totally living my fantasy. Everything was perfect.

It was a long drive, but eventually, the car stopped and I heard the car’s doors being opened.

Tracy transported me again with her hand trolley, and I heard the sound of a digicode being typed. She gently placed the box into the storage unit and said, ”Goodbye little package! It was nice to transport you! Really worthy for the price of the ride!”

Then she closed the door and I heard the electric lock being activated. I was now completely trapped here, until Ruby picked me up tomorrow to bring me home. That was awesome, I was just like an object into a storage station, waiting to be shipped to a customer. The night was really fun, I screamed for hours, but nobody could hear me. Eventually, I fell asleep, dreaming of the next ride with Ruby.

The sound of the digicode woke me up, it was Ruby. “Whoaaaa,” she said, “that’s a very huge package! I wonder what’s inside!”

I was really worried that she could try to open the box to take a quick look inside... Ruby was really interested by the content of the package, she asked me a lot of questions about that when we met.

“But there is no time for that, let’s pick it up! It’s gonna be a long ride!” Like Tracy, she brought a trolley in order to easily move me to her vehicle. It was not a car, but it sounded like a truck or a van, I felt the box being carefully placed among other boxes.

The engine started, we were on the road again, I would get home soon and my fantasy would end. As I was in my box, I remembered all the good moments of this awesome project. One of my greatest fantasies was finally done!

But something was wrong, I knew that I couldn’t really have a good track of time, but I thought that it has been at least five hours since our departure. I wonder what in the hell Ruby was doing... maybe traffic jams?

Eventually, we stopped. I was relieved because I felt hungry and thirsty, my journey was about to end. But another thing was wrong, I heard the sound of an elevator, but there wasn’t one in my apartment building. I was panicking, where had Ruby taken me?

We entered a room, certainly an apartment, and after a few minutes I heard Ruby say, “And another theft done! Haha, always so easy.” Then, she moved closer to the box and said, “I wonder how much of the content is valuable!” And she started taking off the duct tape and then, she opened the box. “Oh my god! Steve?”

I was screwed, Ruby caught me, completely helpless, and I didn’t know where I was. She laughed and helped me get out of the box. “So, you are the valuable content! I understand all the mystery you’ve made around this job!”

“Mphhhhh,” I moaned through the gag.

“Wait a second.” She took off my blindfold. I took a quick look around, there were a lot of boxes, laptops, jewelry... And a lot of black catsuits, wigs... Ruby was a thief! As I looked at her, she took off her current wig. She was unrecognizable!

“Mphhh mphhhh!” I indicated my bonds. I wanted her to untie me.

“Oh, yes! Of course!”

But instead of untying me, she tightened every knot of each rope. Furthermore, she brought back more ropes, shackles, and carefully restrained each part of my body.


“Don’t struggle, I don’t want this precious merchandise to be damaged!”


“Oh, you don’t understand? Well, you figured out that I’m a thief, right? Instead of delivering people’s goods, I store everything here and then, sell everything to customers overseas.”


“I never sold humans before, but you’re a great opportunity to make me rich! You’re much more valuable than any merchandise here! Thanks for making my work easier!”

I tried to jump to reach the door, but she quickly caught me.

“No no no, there's no way out sweetie! Now that you know my little secret, I definitely need to sell you.”


“But you know... Sometimes, I like to use or wear what I stole, before I ship these...Maybe we can have a little fun before...”

As she was talking, she gently caressed my body, and then, kissed me through the gag.


“Your mouth says no, but your body yells yes! Anyway, you don’t have a choice.”

She led me to her bedroom, securely tied me up to the bed, and we had sex, or rather, she used me, multiple times.

“Thank you sweetie, that was really good! I’d like to keep you like that, but that is too dangerous, and I prefer money anyway!”


A few hours later, I was standing in front of a crate, much stronger than my previous cardboard box.

“That's goodbye Steve, I hope you’ll enjoy the free travel overseas!”


Ruby kissed me one last time, and suddenly, she applied a rag on my mouth. I smelt a disgusting odour.. .It was chloroform. I tried to push it away, but I quickly fell asleep...

When I woke up, I was completely secured in the crate with ropes, chains, shackles...

It was useless trying to make any noise. I was securely gagged, it was a special gag with a kind of automatic feeding tube in the middle, which was feeding me every twelve hours.

I noticed Ruby left me a kind of gift, a sextoy was teasing my cock and other parts of my body randomly.

After a while, I recognized the sound of the sea. I was on a boat! So, there it was, my fantasy came true. Unlike the message of the spot, I really chose to be trafficked, but I didn’t plan that I would be sold by a thief!

I was now traveling, as merchandise, to an unknown destination, overseas, far from my apartment.


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