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Sealed Inside

by Sidsta1

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© Copyright 2007 - Sidsta1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; object; foam; transported; furniture; revenge; cons/nc; X

Vikki had known about Marks facesitting fetish for some time now and often carried out the standard sitting and smothering in the confines of the bedroom. It was on his 25th birthday that she decided to surprise him. They often joked in private conversation about Mark being sat on by the girls and women in the student accommodation. Vikki and Mark rented a 3-bed house in an all-girls school complex that was currently occupied by 4 girl students. This provided the ideal scenario for what Vikki wanted to do for Mark. Having a degree in biochemistry, she was not a dim girl and decided to modify a piece of furniture in her spare time.

Her basic idea was to build something to hide Mark inside so he would be unknowingly used as a seat. He had no idea she was doing this for him and probably would never even suggest it. He probably thought she would take the idea the wrong way since she was a very jealous girl. She had however decided to go through with the idea since it was all her own making and he would not exactly be interacting with the girls anyway.

Construction started with a new 3-seater sofa similar to the one in the house at the moment. It took place in the garage where Mark thought it was just a replacement sofa that Vikki has sorted out. Day by day she altered the furniture when Mark was on shifts, starting with the removal of the base section. A raised platform was inserted and the block of dense foam was cut and shaped to accept Marks body. Various other framework modifications saw that there was plenty of room to fit Mark into the base.

Next she needed to pack the base with foam so as to not give any indication of the modification when not in use. She removed the 3 cushions from the top and looked at the material where Mark would be just beneath. “He’s gonna love this,” she muttered as she poked a few holes where his eyes would be. Next she took to the cushion that would be above his face. She had shortened the cushion so the gap between them was directly where Mark could see between, then she secured the cushions to the base. All was finished and all she needed now was to spring the surprise on him.

Mark came home from an afternoon shift to find his girlfriend waiting up for him.

“I have a surprise for you I think you’ll like” she said with a wry smile.

Immediately Mark thought it was some sort of facesitting game they were going to play, but little did he know.

“Oh yeah? What is it?” he asked.

“Follow me and I'll show you,” she said heading off to the garage. Mark nearly blew his load listening to the plan that Vikki laid out for him. She showed him the sofa and the modifications made.

“Can we try it out now?” he asked excitedly looking around it.

“Well, we can’t go without a dry run first can we?” She said, “you may get found out if it doesn’t work”

Mark kept repeating that he couldn’t believe it when Vikki pushed the sofa onto its side. On the floor was the base with the foam hanging loosely open on top.

“Jump in” Vicki said pointing to the foam. “It may be a bit tight but that’s the only way to fit you in. Tuck your calfs under your thighs and lie face up with your arms at your sides” Mark got into the centre of the base then Vikki approached over him. “Ready?” she said with a smile, “time to check my measurements.”

Mark lay looking up at his girlfriend as she brought the sides of the foam around him. It pushed lightly around with a gap of around 6 inches before both sides met. There was a quiet ratchet sound as Vicki said, “This is the snug bit, let me know if it hurts ok?”

There was a tightening all around as the foam came closer together. Pretty soon it met in the middle with only an inch covering over his body and face. He could still see though because there were cut outs for his eyes and he lay there watching Vikki busying herself with various other foam pieces. “Nearly done!” she said as attached some foam pieces onto his prone body. Next she brought the sofa back over him and lowered it until he was wedged up inside the framework. The foam compressed a little more around him when he heard a muffled, “Ok in there?”

“Yep, feels great!” Mark answered.

“Just a few more things and we’re done,” she said as she moved out of his vision and bent down by the side of him. He heard clicking underneath him and a little jolt. “There, now only the cushions left”

Mark lay on his back, close to the floor and packed in foam. Above him was his girlfriend, who was not only very attractive but was helping his fantasy and fetish, come true. He looked up at the garage ceiling through a material that was concealing the foam he was in and was amazed at how clearly he could see. He looked up at Vikki as she placed 2 cushions over his mid-section and stomach. His cock was rock hard because she looked like she was ignoring him on purpose as she sewed the cushions in place. He came out of his trance when she said, “I needed to put these on with you inside so I could get the gap right.”

“Oh, ok,” he said as she placed a cushion onto his face. He could feel her pressing down lightly as she moved it around and he found himself looking straight up between a gap in the cushions of around ½ an inch.

“Can you still see?” she asked standing up to look how they were spaced. If he can see then that’s a perfect fit she thought.

“Yes” came the reply. Marks field of view narrowed slightly but he could see Vikki stood above him looking up and down the sofa. He could see her knees slightly parted just touching the side of the sofa, the underside of her breasts and then up to her chin. She had jeans and t-shirt on but she never looked more attractive or dominating standing directly above him. Mark was about to shoot his load just at the sight of his girlfriend stood above him like this let alone anything else. Within a few minutes the other cushion was secured and Vikki stood back to admire her work.

“Well you’d never guess anyone was inside that,” she said triumphantly. “How does it feel and can you see?”

“Fantastic, I can see quite a bit. Surprising really, quick try it out!” came Marks excited reply

Vikki, getting into the part immediately ignored his request and stated, “I needed to sit down after all that work.”

Mark watched her approach the sofa all the time looking directly at him smiling. He stayed silent, also getting into the part of being the sofa. She stood above him nudging the sofa with her knees as she turned around. Mark looked straight up at his girlfriend, the cushion above his face scrunching slightly as she turned around. Vikki thought, 'Well I’ll just drop onto him to see his response and if I can feel anything then it’s all off.'

Mark watched as she stood briefly. Her legs together above him, her lovely ass and long hair in view, then she dropped. Vikki dropped onto the sofa and to her surprise didn’t feel a thing. She wondered what Mark felt underneath her but thought she would sit a little longer before moving up and down the sofa. She bounced up a bit then shifted her weight so she shuffled down the sofa and fair play to Mark he didn’t make a sound.

When she dropped, Marks face was smashed into the foam behind his head and the foam all around his head compressed in an instant. The cushion on his face pressed hard onto his features and the movement was so quick then so still that it took him a bit by surprise. It didn’t hurt as much as he thought and breathing was difficult but ok. The foam let in a little air as she sat completely still, and he stayed silent playing his part as her seat as she sat quite comfortably above him. He couldn’t see anything until the pressure moved above him onto his midriff and then onto his thighs and the cushions parted a little. He looked up at her as side as she shifted her weight down the sofa then stood up.

“Well?” She said.

“Perfect, everything’s perfect,” came the reply “You?” asked Mark.

“Didn’t feel a thing!”

“Well let’s get you out and sort out a plan of action for this idea of mine” she said to Mark, as he lay there with the hardest erection of his life raging on.

It was 2 weeks before the next experience with the sofa and this would be something else. Mark had been seeing another girl on and off for a couple of months behind Vikki’s back and a slip up with a text message let Vikki in on the fact. It was one of the girls in their rented house. Now Vikki being the jealous type was overcome by rage, looked for revenge straight away but she wasn’t going to confront Mark about it until she had him where she wanted him. She kept up the façade of the loving girlfriend, all the while hating the sight of him until he provoked her train of thought. When he pressed her about the sofa plan she immediately agreed and sorted out a date for the sofa switch.

Now Mark being oblivious to the knowledge that Vikki possessed, was genuinely excited by this and couldn’t wait. Vikki on the other hand had a much nastier plan. Her rage building in the run up to the sofa switch she couldn’t wait either but for a different reason. On the day in question (Saturday) it was agreed that the 4 girls in the house be out so repairs could be carried out. What Mark didn’t know was, another 2 girls were moving in that day to take the total to 6 and also compliment Vikki’s plan. Also he was in for a big shock.

Mark opened his eyes on that Saturday morning and immediately remembered the plan. He was going to be in that house with his “other” girlfriend Michelle, using him as a seat for the day. Normally this would bring an erection straight away but strangely nothing happened. He tried to get up but couldn’t move. He worryingly looked around the bedroom realising he couldn’t even move his head. 'What the hell was going on? I’m paralysed', he thought as Vikki strolled in from the bathroom and calmly walked up to Mark.

“Who the fuck is Michelle?” She asked Mark tried to answer but couldn’t move his mouth. Even his tongue was still. “Doesn’t matter, I don’t particularly care any more.” She said dismissing his plight. “I don’t care about you, us or whatever we may have had,” she calmly stated as she pulled the sheets off Mark. “Oh, you’re probably wondering what the hell is going on right? Well I slipped you something from the lab last night. Don’t worry, the muscles and organs that currently work are the vitals so you’ll be fine.”

“Let me explain, you’re in a sort of conscious coma, you're wake and aware but completely immobile, you hardly need to breath, but you do though,” she said with a wink. “It's not what I’ve done that’s going to hurt you,” she said spreading the bed sheets onto the floor, “I'll leave that to, oh I don’t know, your girlfriend and her mates?”

Marks mind was in a spin, he couldn’t argue, shit, he could only just about blink. How did she find out? What the hell was she doing? What HAD she done? What did she mean Michelle and her friends?

While Mark was thinking, she pulled him off the bed and onto the floor and he collapsed in an uncomfortable heap on the bed sheet. Still talking as she pulled him out of the bedroom, “I got the text you were supposed to send Michelle!” she said as she stopped at the top of the stairs. “Can’t wait to see you tonight, you sexy minx. Was that it? Ring any bells?”

Mark was dragged down the stairs, through the kitchen and into the garage and that’s when it hit him. He would have been shaking if he could, but instead just stared wide-eyed in utter confusion at what was going on.

“Here we are” Vikki said as she turned Mark over. He limply fell onto his back and looked straight up at the ceiling. “You know, I wasn’t sure what to do when I found out,” she said as she walked away to the far wall and began pulling the sofa out. “Then it hit me. I’ll be honest my first reaction, I wanted to bloody kill you, but I had a better idea”. She pulled the sofa alongside Mark then stopped for a breath. “I planned this for you to make you happy. Now, It’ll make me happy.”

Mark was panicking. Lying on his back, eyes darting around until they fell upon the sofa. She continued, “you see, we had this planned for today, but I’ve changed my mind. What if you were in here permanently?”

Marks eyes widened still. They had a mixture fear and excitement in them. She wouldn’t would she? Holy shit what’s going on he thought.

“What a convenient way to never see you again.” She said as she knelt down next to Marks head. “If you get found people will think your some sort of sick pervert, if not then who cares. Perfect”

As she was revealing this to Mark she turned to the sofa base and pulled it out. Mark could only see her back and her ass was right by his head as she fidgeted then she stood up without saying a word. “Don’t worry Mark I’ll tell everyone you’ve gone away”.

Vikki of course knew it was only for a month because his condition can only last for 6 - 8 weeks without permanent effects. She just wanted to scare the hell out of him. Who could he tell anyway?

She busied herself getting Mark into position on the base. She found it hard going getting him into position but once he was on, packing him in was easy. Mark lay there terrified. He looked up at Vikki as she pushed the foam around him then worked the ratchets. He could feel everything tightening as she continued her narration. “You see, no bodily functions required, your breathing is hardly noticeable and your pulse at 6bpm. If it wasn’t for your eyes you’d think your dead” She pulled harder on the ratchets closing him inside the foam.

“I know you can hear me in there” she said as the sofa was lowered down. “Might be a bit snug because I had to pack in extra foam for your longer stay. Wouldn’t want you to become an uncomfortable couch would we?”

Mark then felt compression tighten around his legs as she pressed the sofa down onto him. He could see through the cushion gap she was kneeling on the sofa cushions to push it down working her way towards his face. She looked directly down at him before she knelt on the cushion over his head. Then lifted her knees onto the cushion squashing it down hard and sealing him in. when she stood up the pressure was far greater than before and Mark was compressed tightly into the seating foam. He heard the clicks below him sealing the base to the top then she announced, “All done. How does it feel now you shit? You had better get used to it, its your new home”

Mark lay packed inside the couch unable to move, more scared than he was excited. He could die in here and that scared him. He didn’t want to die. Why the hell did she go through with this crazy idea?

“Suppose your wondering why I chose to do this?” said Vikki as she moved around the couch examining it. “Well it was an easy choice. I want you to become nothing. It’s a bit like being buried alive and I know you hate that. No one to help you, stuck inside here with no way of escaping. Sure I thought about the fun you may have in there and I didn’t like it. I don’t want you enjoying yourself but think of this.”

She came around the front and knelt in front of the couch looking down the gap in the cushions, “I’m delivering you to that house we rent to your poxy girlfriend and her mates. Oh, and there’s now six of them so if you thought it would be fun think again. They think you’re a fucking couch for Christ’s sake. Do you think you’ll get any let up? You might actually suffocate to death, if you’re lucky”

All the time she was laying this out, Mark lay in the sofa looking up through the cushion gap at his once girlfriend. He had hoped it was a joke but it wasn’t. He started thinking about the enormity of what she had done. Drugged him, and sealed him inside a sofa to probably die. He was scared shitless. Excitement had gone and all he could do was listen to her rambling on from his confines. Vikki stood up, grabbed her mobile from her pocket and absently said, “Oh well, lets get this sofa delivered”

She punched in some numbers and Mark heard, “Michelle? That sofa is here now. Are any of the girls with you? Good. Yeah it is heavy so if you could all give me a hand that would be great” 5 minutes? That’s great, see you then bye”.

She turned her phone off then approached the sofa. She could see no tell tale signs of Mark being inside. She had done a great job. It looked perfectly normal and she knew Mark was probably watching and listening to her. She would go get him in a month, he should be fine but this will teach the prick a lesson. After the initial enjoyment that she suspected he would get, he would then be going crazy with the confinement and the new life he has, if you can call it a life that is. She turned quickly and sat right in the middle of the couch. 'They will never know!' she thought.

She pushed at the corners and sides of the cushions to see if there were any gaps. Nope. Nothing. She stood as quickly as she sat and said,
“Mark? The other 2 sofas have been removed from the house so this and the single chair are the only seats they have for now, what a shame. Where are they all gonna sit?” She mocked as she walked towards the garage. She rolled up the door as the flatbed pulled into the drive. She hurried back to the couch and whispered, “Take a good look, you’ll never see the outside world again!” Then turned and shouted to the girls to come and grab an end.

The girls piled into the garage and approached the sofa.

“Bet your glad of somewhere to sit,” piped in Vikki and Mark knew this was directed at him.

“Too right” came one reply.

“Won’t know ourselves” came another.

“Have to take turns,” said another and there was some laughter .

Mark felt jostling movements and heard giggles and comments from the girls as they lifted the sofa.

“Christ this is heavy”

“Come on stop messing around”

“You’re not lifting”

“Looks like the old one a bit”

Mark couldn’t believe what was happening. He could see some of the girls as they moved around. Michelle was with them and Mark could see her at the top of the sofa by his head. She looked at him a few times and saw only the sofa. The other girls paid no attention either as they manhandled the sofa towards the truck. Vikki positioned herself so Mark could see her during the pickup and grinned. She was letting this happen.

'Fuck! What is she doing?' Mark thought. 'The girls have no idea what’s really going on and Vikki’s standing by and letting these girls take me to their house, trapped in their couch.'

' This is getting serious!' thought Mark. 'Any moment now they will let me out and laugh at how pathetic I look in my situation.'

Mark felt the motion of being lifted and moved and they inched him closer to the truck. Marks mind raced, 'please someone do something. It’s me here. I’m trapped inside.'

Closer and closer to the truck he moved. He could see some of the girl’s faces. God they were pretty. Especially Michelle but he would probably never see her properly again. They had one goal, to get this sofa to their house and Mark with it.

“Give us a hand Vikki” came a call.

“Can’t I’ll just get in the way anyway” came the response.

“You can supervise Vik” came another request.

Vikki watched as the girls heaved the sofa onto the back of the truck. There was a slight drizzle so they decided to cover it with plastic sheeting. She watched as 2 of the girls pulled out some sheeting and proceeded to push it tightly into the cushions and tucked it into the sides packing the sofa tight. “I’m not sitting on a wet sofa” came one girls comment. 1 or 2 of the girls knelt on the sofa as they sealed the sheeting in and Vikki wondered what Mark must be feeling now. 'Scared', she thought. 'Real scared. He knows its really happening now!' she thought with a grin. With a “cheerio” the girls were gone taking Mark with them.' I’ll see him tonight', she thought as she turned and locked the garage.


Mark slid onto the flatbed with a bump. There were various comments about the sofa getting wet then Mark saw something that confirmed that he was really leaving, that this was no joke.

“I’m not sitting on a wet sofa. Get the plastic to cover it,” one of them said. Mark watched as a clear plastic was placed over his viewpoint. Michelle’s face appeared above him, and concentrating she smoothed, then pressed the plastic down onto his face cushion with her hands tucking it into the sides. Her face was merely inches from his and she had no idea. There was a great pressure on his legs and chest as 2 girls knelt on him to put the plastic over the back and then tucked it tightly into the cushion sides. There were hands pushing and prodding him until the plastic was tightly in place. He looked up at there wonderful forms. They are all typical students with nice figures and pretty faces. Their hands, faces and legs within inches from him yet they had no idea he was there. Soon the movement stopped and the truck started. He heard Vikki say cheerio and then he resigned himself to the fact he was off to his new home.

The world whizzed by above Marks prone shape until they came to a stop. The engine switched off and a car pulled up behind. The girls got out of the cab and then the car. Mark felt the flatbed bounce with the girls climbing on top and heard various comments about how to get it inside. He was now more worried than ever, they really had no idea.

“Ready? Slide it along then we’ll lift it off.”



Mark felt movement as he was pushed to the edge then a little wobble then a bump to the ground. He looked up through the cushion gap and plastic to see 3 girls at each end way above his vantage point getting ready to lift again. He could see the bumps of their breasts from below and the underside of their chins as they moved around. He occasionally caught a glimpse of their legs, midriff and ass’s when they moved around the front of the couch.

“In one go ok?”

“Right, enough messing around lets get it in.”

“Ready? Go.”

Mark could see the girls giggling with effort as they passed through the hallway and the soft jiggling of their breasts as they moved the sofa.

“Keep going, don’t stop” they were bumping into things as they entered the sitting room. The girls entered the room with the sofa and plonked it down in the middle.

“Where shall we put it?”

“In front of the TV?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“That’s where the last one was anyway.”

They heaved it against the wall opposite the TV and Michelle and Sarah carefully removed the plastic.

“Well that’s better, somewhere for us to sit at last,” said Amy.

“Took long enough mind, looks nice though,” said Sarah smoothing the cushions.

“Lets try it out!” asked Shelley just as Michelle and Amy flopped onto the couch, quickly joined by Shelley, jostling as they turned on the TV.

“Comfy mind,” noted Shelley giving a bounce.

“Hmm nice” said Amy pushing the cushions down.

“You can budge up a bit in a minute,” said Sarah.

They sat on the sofa as Rhianne and Sophie took the flatbed back and Sarah made herself a drink.

“What’s going on tonight then?” asked Amy.

“Shity weather and no money. Looks like a night in!” said Sarah.

“Who’s coming around?”

“Don’t know, the usual I think”.

“Isn’t Vikki coming over?” asked Michelle.

“She said she was and bringing Kelly and Rachel with her.”

“What are we gonna do though?”

“Get drunk!”

They all laughed at this as Sarah entered and forced the other girls to let her sit on the new couch.

“Come on my turn. The chair is free Amy; make room.”

Mark looked up at the faces around him wondering if what was happening was real. He had just been shoved against the wall opposite the TV and Michelle and Sarah approached. They removed the plastic as Mark looked up at their unknowing faces. His mind raced with thoughts of excitement and fear. There was idle chatter as he took in his new surroundings. He could see the girls in their tight fitting clothes moving around above him, not knowing he was lying there looking up at them. He could make out most of the front room, the kitchen and front door entrances, the coffee table in the middle of the room and the TV about 8 feet in front of him. His eyes were darting around at 2 figures above him as they moved the sofa around tugging at the plastic.

There were comments on how nice it looked and he could see the shorts of Sarah as she run her hand over his face cushion. They were orange cycling shorts, tight fitting showing her fantastic curves. Her gaze locked on him for a second as she approached and he heard her say,
“Nice though” as she ran her hand over where his face was, smoothing the cushions, then moved on to the rest of the couch. Her legs bumped his cushion as she turned away and Mark saw Amy and Michelle approaching as if they were going to sit and he stared up worryingly.

They both had tight black trousers and t-shirts as they looked down at what they thought was their seat. They turned around showing Mark their lovely ass’s and legs. He heard Shelley say, “let’s try” as he was looking at the ass and legs of Amy as they parted slightly at her crotch. The creases below her cheeks opened as she bent forward quickly above him then everything was blotted out by a huge compression. They would never consciously do this to him. Hell he had dreamed of it but never actually thought it would happen. They just sat on him as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

Once they were seated, all went quiet and dark. There was some movement on his legs then that was quickly pressed down into the seating foam. There were a couple of bounces, his chest and belly was then compressed down, then all was still again. His face and body was compressed deep into the foam from all angles. A little later more pressure was added as someone else sat down then all was still. He was pinned hopelessly by the unforgiving pressure from above. The cushions and the foam he was encased in, met together to completely envelope Mark under the girl’s relentless weight. He had never felt anything like this before and wondered how long he could stay like this. How long would THEY stay like this?

The girls had no idea they were squashing him into the foam. The crushing of the surrounding material was unrelenting Vikki knew what she was doing when she added more foam to his prison. The result was an encasement that acted like the original seating foam. The pressure was not only from above, but also from all around. It gave way when sat on and sprang back into shape when released, with Mark along with it. There’s no difference to the original couch at all and the girls certainly wouldn’t know any different. He was cocooned inside a foam prison being unknowingly squashed and compressed over and over.

He lay there as the girls sat on him squashing his body from all angles, his features contorted as his head was pushed deep into the foam below him by the ass above. His arms and legs were pinned under foam, which seemed to yield to every inch of his body. He felt his body pushed down around 6 inches from its original position as they pressed down, bouncing and chatting above him. This was not exciting at all. He couldn’t call out, move or anything and wondered how long before he needed to breath again.

He suddenly caught a glimpse of light as Amy shifted her weight and the cushions pulled apart. Mark was looking with one eye straight up from under her crotch. From between her legs he could see the edges of her inner thighs as they parted slightly over his face. Just beyond he could see the underside of her breasts and the bottom of her chin. The black material of her trousers, pulled tight under the strain of her flesh as she altered her seating. Marks view was hindered more as the black crushing material above him, shifted forward very slightly and now he was staring straight at the underside of her crotch. Mark could just about make out Sarah mouthing something from between Amy’s thighs but couldn’t make out what because most of his face was now squashed under her ass and thighs.

The pressure suddenly lifted and his head sprang back to its original position. Looking straight up again, he could see Amy’s ass moving away and Sarah glancing down at him. Sitting on his chest was Shelley and she shifted allowing Sarah to sit down. Sarah turned to position herself ready to sit. Mark looked up at her flawless skin and the shorts that were so tight there was a clear 1-inch gap at her crotch where here legs parted. He could see under the back of her loose t-shirt to the clasp on the back of her bra as it all dropped.

Sophie and Rhianne returned from taking the flatbed back to find the rest of the girls in the sitting room watching TV.

“What time is it now? You 2 took your time” asked Sarah.

“2, and the traffics a nightmare”.

“What’s going on this afternoon?”
“Don’t know,” said Rhiann,e taking the wet coats to the porch. Returning to the front room she said, “Shift up then, there’s plenty of room.”

“You can’t fit 5 on here, use the chair”

“Sophie’s got it, come on shift up, I did take the truck back,” with that there was a mighty squash up as they slotted Rhianne onto the couch.

“Could go shopping if you fancied it,” said Amy.

“What in this? Yeah right it’s pissing down.”

The phone rang as the discussion continued and Shelley and Sarah got up from the sofa and raced to answer it as the other girls spread out. Sarah got there first and grabbed the handset. “Hello? Oh hi Vikki. Games? No we’re not doing anything. Yeah, ok I’ll ask them.”

Cupping a hand over the handset she asked. “Vikki said she’s got a couple of games to bring down if we want them. What’s their names are coming with her too!”


“You know, Rachel and the other girl.”


“Yeah that’s her she’ll be down in five if we want.”

“Something to do I suppose.”

“Yeah sounds ok!” came a general response. Bringing the phone back to her ear, “Ok see you in 5.”

“Come on then make room,” stated Shelley as the seated girls groaned and wiggled around to fit Shelley and Sarah back on the couch.

Only 10 minutes had passed as they talked about girly topics sitting on their unknowing prisoner, swapping places without a single thought to what was really going on underneath them. Sometimes 3 girls sat on the couch and sometimes 5 and Mark was becoming hopelessly squashed in his foam cocoon. The foam moulded itself to his every feature the longer the girls sat, pressing him into the firm material. At last count, 4 girls were sitting on the couch and the excitement he anticipated was all but gone as he looked up at the unmoving material pressing hard onto his face.

He heard muffled sounds as his head was released from its hold deep within the couch and his head bounced up. The pressure on his body increased pushing him so hard into the surrounding foam he was sure he was going to be permanently moulded into the foam. The material above his face lifted and slid onto his upper chest then pressed down hard as he looked up at the track-suited legs of Shelly. Still overlapping his face was the thigh of Sarah and he could see the swell of her leg as her weight pressed onto the cushion causing it to spread.

There was little room for Shelly as she stood above him talking to the girls. He had always liked the look of her in those tight pink bottoms. How the soft material hugged her every curve, highlighting the flare of her hips. Now she was stood above him ready to lower those curves onto him as he lay there with all but part of his head covered completely by female thighs and ass. He didn’t expect the kind of unforgiving force generated by girls when they simply sat. He had seen girls flopping onto seats before but never really thought about the pressure involved when they sat, not caring what was under them. Mark saw a pink blur turn and drop in one movement and his head was forced quickly back into the foam again. This time there was no adjustment and no movement. All light was gone and sound was very faint.

He was completely enveloped by his soft crushing prison and pressure was immense. 5 girls weighing around 60Kg’s each were forcing him deep into his pliable prison and they had no idea they were doing it. 'What was going on?' he thought. 'This isn’t fun at all. They think I’m a seat and nothing else. What about my life, my family and friends, what if I get thrown away, someone’s bound to…'

He wondered about this as the girls kept their unknowing prisoner squashed tightly in the foam. 'God they’re heavy!' he thought as the pressure stayed completely still and this was only going on for about 5 minutes, max. Vikki must know about the questions that will be raised, then he realised. He said he would be working away for a little while but never confirmed dates with anyone. 'She’s covered herself,' he thought. 'She’s going to use that as her alibi.'

Just as fear rose in him about being permanently sealed inside his tomb his head and chest bounced up as 2 of the girls got up. He immediately heard Vikki’s voice along with Kelly and Rachael’s. Both girls are by no means fat but well proportioned, a little larger than the other girls with ample breasts and plump thighs and ass. 'Vikki's come to let me out,' Mark thought. The 3 other girls released the other half of his body from its squeezing grasp and walked away as he franticly tried to catch Vikki's gaze.

Vikki walked into the room of her rented out accommodation curious to see what the girls had done with her encased ex-boyfriend and to see if her plan had worked. She was taking a few board games to the house for them to play during the bad weather and inviting them out for a drink this afternoon. On entering the sitting room she noticed the sofa against the wall where the old one was positioned. She also noticed five girls sitting on it and one girl in the single seat as they chatted and watched television. 'Christ!' she thought, 'he must be squashed bad in there.'

She glanced at the cushion that his face was under and saw that it was completely flat and the only visible part was bulging at the front from the weight of Shelly. The sides couldn’t be seen at all because the girls were sat tightly side by side. Their legs were dropped over the front of the couch pushing the cushions down further with their thighs. 'They have no idea!' she thought. 'No idea at all. Marks under that lot somewhere, as inanimate as if he was actually part of the furniture and they’re using him, as he originally wanted them too.'

'Bet he’s scared now though, 'she thought, 'thinking he’s trapped and left to die in there.'

She could see the cushions were reduced in height by around 8 inches with the girls piled on like they were and they just sat there as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Shelly and Sarah got up off the sofa to see what games were brought and the other girls stood and engaged in conversation. Vikki quickly cast a look to where Mark would be. The cushions the girls were sitting on sprang back to their original shape thanks to her added foam modification, and she now knew Mark could see her through the gap she made.

“How’s the sofa?” she asked staring at the cushions.

“Great, really comfy, superb, nice” came a chorus of replies from the girls.

“Here are a few games I thought you may like, we may pop in later on this evening and join in if it’s all right? Off for an afternoon drink in the club so can’t stay long.”

“I thought you were dolled up a bit for an afternoon stroll,” said Shelly.

“What’s going on down there?”

“Comedian I think, should be a laugh. Free entry too” said Vikki.

“Who’s going?” asked Amy.

“Oh the usual crowd I expect, and it beats staying in.”

“Isn't it in the grounds?” asked one of the girls.

“Yeah that’s the only down side, girls only, no boys around, but its free” said Vikki.

“Sounds like a possibility, when does it start?” asked Amy.

“Not till 4. Why don’t you lot come?” she said, all the while watching the cushions concealing Mark.

Amy walked up to the couch and while talking to Vikki, slowly placed her black trousered ass over the cushion on Mark’s face. Vikki watched the slow compression of the cushion under her weight with a wry grin. Amy was not a big girl by any means, but her weight was more than a match for the soft yielding cushion that was now buckling under. The slow movement was probably caused by the distraction of conversations and the possibility of going out for a drink. She noted how the swell of her thighs caused by her bending, covered the entire cushion, eclipsing it from view as she sat.

When her lowering finally stopped the cushion was flattened out of sight except for a little bulging in between her legs. She sat with her legs apart, her body leaning right back, and her legs closing and opening slightly as she carried on talking. Not once did she glance down, fidget or wonder about what was really below her. 'He's probably looking up between her legs there, squashed badly I should think. Enjoy Mark.' Vikki thought as she finished up the conversation. She had seen enough. No one had any idea what she had done to Mark. Encasing him inside their new seat for her personal demise of him. He was going to suffer all right, starting with the girls getting ready to go out this afternoon. He’ll be left on his own to contemplate his future once they’ve gone and that’s when it will hit home. With that thought she said goodbye to the girls as they one by one, hid the couch cushions beneath their flared ass’s and Vikki left with Rachel and Kelly without even glancing back.

Mark lay there looking up again at the girls around him. He was just below knee height and the sight of these girls walking around ignoring him, made him feel worthless. The foam entombing him had sprung back into shape slowly pushing him back up into his original position. He could see the cushions above separate and form back into shape and could see the girls walking away oblivious to what they had just done to him. Vikki stood there chatting away to the girls while staring straight at him. 'Come on then? let me out!' he thought.

His predicament would be exciting if he wasn’t catatonic and forced to go through with it. He couldn’t move and worried about permanent damage to his health, that’s if he lived that long. So far he had no urge to breath while crushed under them, but what if that changed? He would slowly suffocate to death with no way of calling out. He willed Vikki to free him, almost begging, but she simply stood there watching as the black trousers of Amy arrived above him and ever so slowly turned and hovered above him.

'Vikki’s not going to let me out,' he thought still looking at her, ignoring Amy’s arrival. 'Can’t you see what’s happening?' he urged. 'Please Vik, I can’t live like this,' he thought as he caught a last look at her uncaring gaze. Vikki’s unmoving, almost content stare disappeared from view as Mark switched his gaze. He now looked up at the material of Amy’s trousers pulling tight around her ass as she bent and lowered. Mark had watched actions like this a million times before but not from this perspective. He had watched girls with nice ass’s sitting on and squashing cushions and found it very arousing, but not this time. The girl above had no idea she was about to sit on an actual person, unknowingly forcing her womanhood on him with such force he was forced 6 inches into high-density foam. She would feel no difference as her ass moulded the cushion underneath to her every curve. She thought it was a seat, something to sit on, that’s what its there for, to be under her providing her comfort. Why would she even give a second thought to sitting on it?

An inch above his cushion he could see the fibres of the material on her crotch as it lowered and moved towards the back of the couch and the side of his face. Contact was made as he looked up between her inner thighs seeing a slight bulge, where her underwear pulled in the fat of her thighs beneath her tight trousers. This was probably an unnoticeable trait in a normal situation but strangely apparent to Mark when it was all but touching his face. Amy’s face looked straight ahead as the conversation was maintained and the cushion started to give the familiar crumpling feeling as contact was made. The cushion gap disappeared briefly, and then reappeared as the pressure increased and the foam pressed all around his head, neck and upper chest once more as she unknowingly let all her weight press onto him. Deeper and deeper he was forced by the black material of her ass until he found himself looking at the ceiling from in between her legs, his head tilted and compacted from the weight above.

Vikki simply carried on the conversation with Amy, not bothering to look at him anymore as he lay there with his forced view of Amy’s most intimate parts. 'She knows I’m badly squashed in here,' Mark thought 'and she’s done absolutely nothing, hell she even watched it happen.'

His view was blocked intermittently as Amy’s legs rolled the foam above his face and closed the gap. There was a rhythmic feel as she squashed her legs together then parted them, over and over. Something she did without even thinking about but had a noticeable effect from Marks point of view. He watched Vikki doing up her coat through the closing and opening of Amy’s thighs as she turned and walked out the door with the 2 other girls following. Mark’s heart dropped like a stone. 'What’s she doing?' he thought. 'She can’t leave me like this', just as his flickering view revealed another 4 legs nudging the cushions, as 2 girls towered above him about to take a seat.

Whatever excitement he was feeling turned into fear and dread as she left him trapped inside the couch. She knows what they’re doing to me; she can’t leave me in here forever, can she? How long before the girls sat on him until he suffocated? How long can he go without breath? He thought. He tried to call out, move, do something but simply led there completely still getting swallowed up by the foam again, as the increasing weight of the other girls compacted him into the furniture he was now part of. Shelly and Sarah sat on the couch as Vikki and the other girl’s left.

“Who’s going out this afternoon then?” asked Amy bouncing her legs lightly as she swished them back and forth.

“I’m up for it,” said Shelly.

“Me too!” said Sarah, and it wasn’t long before the other girls joined them in confirmation. There were various discussions about clothes, showering and getting ready as they headed upstairs to their bedrooms. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 6 girls meant that getting ready was organised with military precision. They had done it now for a couple of days and were getting quite efficient at it. After around 30 minutes Michelle made her way downstairs. As always Michelle was the first ready and trotted downstairs to sort out taxi’s for them all.

“Always down to me for this bit,” she muttered as she flicked through the cards on the TV cabinet looking for the grounds taxi number. She punched it in on her mobile phone as started explaining the pick up as she slowly moved and stood in front of the couch. “Hello? Can I get 2 taxis for 3:30? Yes that’s right, in the grounds. Number 39 to return from the clubhouse” Half way through explaining the pick up she sat absently and continued. “7 o clock return would be great, thanks, bye,” she said.

She stood up and turned to look in the mirror above the sofa. “Taxi’s booked for half 3 pick up” she shouted as she adjusted her top. 'Mark loves this outfit,' she thought. 'Wonder if he’s out this afternoon?'

She decided on her black knee length skirt, grey and white striped collared shirt with her hair in a ponytail with thin-rimmed glasses. She liked the glam office look and it suited her long dark hair and pouting features. “Can’t wear this bobble though,” she muttered pulling it out of her hair and producing another from her shirt pocket. She pushed her breasts together so her cleavage was just visible in the open shirt neck. At least these look ok she thought as she kneeled onto the sofa. She shuffled closer to the mirror and turned her head to put the new bobble in her hair. It took a bit of fiddling then finally said, “There that’s better” and stood back up admiring her look in the mirror. She glanced down at her skirt smoothing it and twisted to look at the back and checked her bum. Fine she thought with a few minor adjustments, as Sarah, Amy and Shelly walked into the room.

“That’s nice where did you get that?” Michelle asked Amy as she sat back on the couch.

Amy wore a flared knee length tartan skirt with a red polar neck sweater with her blonde hair loosely curled.

“Got this at River Island the other week, does it look ok?” She asked, walking towards the mirror pulling at the garments as he walked.

“Really nice, lovely” came the unison response from the other girls. She stopped in front of the couch and had a quick check of herself then turned and disappeared into the kitchen.

“We have to go to the cash point machine,” said Rhianne as she and Sophie entered the room. They both wore similar outfits as they nearly always shopped together. Black tight leggings covered by a long tight top that fell just below the waistline. There were further compliments on how nice each other looked as they moved around the room gathering various items.

“How long before the taxi is here?” asked Sophie.

“Shouldn’t be long now,” answered Michelle.

Amy sat next to Michelle on the couch closely followed by Shelley, in her trademark nylon tights and short skirt combo. It was very effective look though. The taxi’s pulled up outside, beeped and most of the girls filed out. Shelley checked the room to be sure everything was switched off before they left and noticed her jacket on the back of the couch. Skipping over, she knelt on the couch and pulled it on checking how it looked.
“Come on Shell”, came the yells from out the front. She then slowly crouched balancing on her toes so her heels didn’t damage the cushions. They would kill me if I did she thought. Remaining crouched, she turned to see the back of the jacket over her bum. When satisfied she wobbled off the couch and bounded out the front door slamming it shut behind her. They were off for an afternoon of fun.


Mark was getting more and more scared the longer he stayed. The black material of the thighs above him was now bouncing slightly obscuring his view. He couldn’t hear a thing and hadn’t done since Amy sat down. He was pressed into an all too familiar position deep within the couch. He was compressed like this for only about a minute or so suffering sensory deprivation and thought he was going to go insane when all of a sudden he caught a view of 8 thighs and 4 asses rise above him and move away as they all stood up. The foam around him pushed back to the surface as the cushions reformed above him. He watched them walk away without once acknowledging what they were putting him through.

He could hear them talking about clothes and taxi’s and all sorts and he was confused as to what was going on. Mark was now left on his own. The sounds of running water from upstairs, the music playing and the low thud of the girls feet moving around as he lay there imprisoned. He looked around the room as he willed his limbs to move. Even the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed was unnoticeable. He lay there perfectly still, the quiet ruffling of the foam expanding around him had stopped and he was now completely silent. He was scared now, more scared then he had ever been in his life. He thought about his predicament, the idea that no one was going to talk to him again, hold eye contact with him or even see him. It’s like a nightmare. He was virtually dead to those around him and wondered how long this charade would go on. He felt like crying but couldn’t.

He looked at the light above him as it stayed there perfectly still. Examined his field of view what little of it there was. The TV was off and the whole room from his perspective looked odd. He was lower than the coffee table and struggled to see much of the furniture. His thoughts were spiralling him into a kind of depression he hadn’t felt before. Tine went by but how long, 8 maybe 10 songs had played upstairs. 20 minutes 30? He thought about all the things he would never do. Why had she done this to him, the bitch! It is a sick kind of irony how it turned out. Why did he screw around behind her back? Why didn’t he just… It was the stairs emitting a slow thumping sound as someone came down them that interrupted his thoughts. He franticly watched the entrance to the room preying that whoever it was, would look directly at him revealing the prank and finally let him out.

It’s Michelle, she knows, he thought as he saw her walk in muttering something. Oh thank god, at last, but she walked straight up to the cabinet by the TV ignoring him. Come on please, thought Mark, as Michelle turned holding something. Tools? Mark thought. She’s picked up tools to release me hasn’t she?

His hopes of release were reduced as she approached not even making eye contact. Mark saw she was looking at something. His hopes disappeared and fear ignited once more when he saw her holding her mobile phone and a business card. From his low level he watched as she engaged in conversation about pick up times as she slowly walked around the coffee table towards him. They’re going out thought Mark. She’s sorting lifts out and the girls have changed their clothes. He watched as she tucked the business card into her breast pocket as conversation commenced. Mark’s gaze darted around as she approached.

The destination of the girls became apparent during the phone conversation, but Mark’s attention was now on something else. Mark watched Michelle walk towards him in her stunning new outfit. From his low position she seemed allot taller then normal and he watched her beautiful face as she talked into her phone staring at the floor. She stopped with her legs touching the cushions just above his viewpoint looking down. She was staring right at him. She looked directly where his face was for around 10 seconds and Mark got his hopes up again. Does she really know I’m here? He thought. Mark was terrified and a little excited by the view presented before him. He could see the bulge of the underside of her breasts and the underside of her chin moving as she chatted above him.

She shifted her stare elsewhere, half turned and then Mark realised, she had been completely ignoring him, she only saw the cushions. As she turned a little, the bottom of her skirt flared out over Marks hidden face. He caught a glimpse under her skirt as she swayed a little, completely unaware that she exposing herself to him. He looked up her legs until they faded into blackness just above the knee. Suddenly her legs twisted and her whole form turned and lowered in one slow movement as Mark watched on with a mixture of fear and excitement. He watched the material at the back of her skirt crease up under her as she bent down. The tight material stretching around her thighs accentuated the indent between her bum cheeks as her soft padded mass lowered down onto him. It touched the cushion, pressed it down and kept pressing until it was crushing hard onto his face and chest. Again Mark was pressed uncomfortably and unmoving into the foam all around him blotting out light and sound. The foam once again compressing and concealing Marks head and upper torso as she dropped herself onto him.

No sooner had he been squashed down, he was suddenly released and his head corrected itself via the foam reforming. Mark looked on as Michelle rose above him and turned to look directly over him. Mark saw her cup her breasts squashing them together and then pull something out of her hair. What’s she looking at? He thought trying to recover from his brief squashing seconds earlier. She fidgeted about with her hair, with her knees touching the cushion Mark was looking up from. She shouted something to the girls upstairs about a pick up time, and then mumbled something to herself. Then, to Mark’s complete horror, she lifted her right knee. Mark watched wide-eyed as her skirt stretched over him as she lifted her leg, revealing to Mark her shapely inner thighs rising up to her scrunched panties far above his head.

This view lasted less than a second as his head was then forced violently from side to side as she knelt on the cushion above him. Her knees straddled his face smashing it up and down with each small forward movement. His face was pushed into awkward positions and was badly out of shape as the framework under him creaked with the concentration of force above him. The gap in the cushions was pulled apart allowing Mark more sightline than he had previously. Michelle had stopped moving above him and all was still except for the foam rasping slightly under the heavy compression. Marks face was caught between 2 hugely opposing forces. Michelle’s entire weight on her knees, either side of his face pulling the foam tightly onto him, and the foam trying to force his face back to its original position. The result had Marks face bulging upwards, directly between her knees to about a quarter way up her thighs. His eyes were half shut from the pressure and his neck and chest were completely crushed under the flattening weight of her knees. His nose was flat and his mouth forced open from the immense crushing. Still Michelle had no idea what she was doing as she pinned the prone prisoner between her knees, cutting off his air supply.

Mark panicked, as this situation was what scared him the most. Any excitement quickly left him as he his mind raced about the need to breath. Michelle, his once girlfriend had his face pinned directly under her, as he looked up her skirt but still she showed no inkling that he was there. How long could he last like this? He looked up inside the skirt that had settled around him, up past the thighs either side of his face and directly into her crotch. Vision was dim due to her skirt falling around his face concealing him from the light above. He could just about make out the bulge in her blue underwear caused by her plump vagina, and also the creases of her ass cheeks, that were not concealed by panty material as they folded under on themselves. Her skirt hugged tightly to her thighs and the material was pulled taught between them. It all wiggled slightly above him until massive movement had him smashed around again, and then he was released back to his original position.

As his head returned yet again to its sitting position and he took heart from the fact his very shallow breathing had resumed. His eyes hurt a little from the strain and he blinked them a few times to clear his vision. As he looked up, Michelle was examining her skirt above him as two more people entered the room. I can’t believe this is happening he thought to himself as Michelle started conversation with the girls coming in. It’s unreal what’s going on Mark thought as the girls around him went about their business high above, while he waited silently and unwillingly to be used as their seat. The skirted ass and thighs of Amy folded above him as she quickly dropped back onto his face again and Mark was getting fed up with it all and it had only been 2 hours or so. His vision was gone again as the smooth ass overshadowed his face then pushed him, again, deeply into the foam. No sound could be heard as he lay there with his head and chest pinned and enveloped by the foam, the rest of his body free from compression as yet. Mark lay there as he had done up till now, completely still, even the addition of two further compressions on his body made no difference to his mood. The unmoving, uncaring girls above him pushed him hard into the surrounding foam and he could do nothing but accept it. He tried to listen for sounds but all he got was the quiet rasp of foam on material when the girls shifted slightly. He felt defeated. His low moral was taking its toll and he was feeling depression taking a grip.

The pressure all around him increased slightly then lifted and the foam started its return journey taking him along with it. His sight cushion separated just in time to catch a glimpse of 3 lovely pairs of legs leaving through the front door. His gaze shifted to other areas of the room as the girls left, leaving him to his own thoughts. What the hell is actually going on he thought. He had to get out of this thing, and tried again and again to move any part of his anatomy or make a sound with no success. As he lay there willing movement Mark didn’t even notice the approaching Shelly until she appeared above him. It took him completely by surprise, when suddenly her legs lifted, similar to the action of Michelle. His face was immediately smashed deep into the foam by the weight above him. His eyes were pulled shut by the material tight over his face. There was a rocking and unsteady movement above him when his eyes regained focus and his contorted face bulged up between her ankles.

What the hell is going…. Before he could even finish his thoughts he looked up to straining nylon tights inches from his face. Shiny, short-heeled shoes were either side of his head forcing his face up and the girl above crouched over him to check something. The result was her placing her skirt over his face as she crouched, with her ass merely inches above him. Mark looked at the legs either side of his face as they folded, and the shining of the stretchy nylon material containing them. He looked briefly, to the underside of a short skirt that blocked the face of the girl above. Her white panties, pulled out of shape underneath the nylon material encasing them. His head jostled hard to the side as the movement above forced him sideways and deeper into the foam. His vision was blocked by a knee as the framework around him groaned under the pressure. Then everything sprang up as the skirt flicked about and she disappeared from view. The front door slammed leaving Mark alone.

The clubhouse atmosphere had the girls swigging back the drinks at an impressive pace. They laughed and joked, yelled and screamed as the comedian let rip with a barrage of jokes and sketches. The 2-hour set she performed passed so quickly the girls forgot themselves and decided to re-book the taxi for an hour later. 9 girls in total gathered in a semicircle booth, all very attractive having the time of their lives. Pretty soon they would all be heading back to the rented accommodation to continue the fun, they were students after all. The taxi’s arrived to collect the waiting girls, all a bit worse for wear, then they were off. Vikki sat in the back of one taxi with Michelle and Amy as Shelly sat in the front. Vikki now held no bad feelings for Michelle because she thought Mark was single. The apologies went back and forth until the blame landed squarely with Mark. The air was cleared and they now looked forward to a night of drink fuelled man hating.

The drink often caused Vikki to forget about Mark in his current predicament, and then suddenly something would trigger her thought and she would grin to herself. The car stopped outside the house behind the other 2 taxis and Vikki watched the girls stumble into the house in front of her. Vikki followed the line into the front room as shoes were kicked all over the hallway floor. Music started up thanks to Shelly and Sarah who were sifted through CD’s as Vikki looked for the couch when she entered the room. It was already taken by a bunch of girls who had flopped unceremoniously onto it and various other girls milled about chatting. Vikki smiled to herself then turned and walked into the kitchen to fix a drink.

The chatting and music coming from the front room gathered momentum as the night kicked off. Returning to the sitting room, Vikki noticed the couch cushions were completely hidden and crushed from view by a collection of bare legs, short and long skirts, tight trousers and leggings as sometimes, 5 girls squashed onto it. We’re back now Mark, she thought watching the straining material bulging from under the girl’s knees. It took no more than a few minutes for disaster to strike. Vikki had to think on her feet when a loud crack was heard above the room’s ambience. She quickly turned to where it came from and studied the sofa to see what had happened. Kelly and Rachel quickly rose from one of the arms and turned to look at it. There were roars of laughter when they looked at the obscure angle, as it lay broken away from the frame, then the laughter quietened.

“Oh shit I’m sorry,” said Rachel crouching to check the damage as the other girls stood and gathered around to have a look. What she didn’t realise was, it probably wasn’t her weight that caused the damage, but the frame modifications carried out by Vikki. The girls glanced at Vikki for a reaction when she hurried to examine the damage and see if Mark was exposed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it replaced. Must be defective or something. Lets get it out of here it?” She said realising Mark was still concealed by the foam around him.

“Yeah don’t worry Rache”, the other girls said realising the look of embarrassment and guilt on Rachel’s face.

“We can sit on the floor again, there’s no harm done” said Amy

“We are used to that anyway” some of them laughed as they stood around the sofa getting ready to move it.

“Yeah, lets get it into the hall out of our way, if we’re not using it”

The couch was dragged into the hallway as Vikki said she would sort out a replacement as soon as possible. With the room free of the defective furniture the games began and the mood lightened once more. Vikki pondered what to do about the furniture in the hallway as a game of charades commenced. Something would have to be done soon she thought, I can’t afford to have Mark discovered, nor be thrown away. Vikki was strangely subdued during the evening as she struggled to arrive at a plan of action, but nothing the girls noticed. She eventually decided that tomorrow she would have to get the sofa back to her house for modifications and repair. With a plan in place she eventually got back into the spirit of the evening and joined in the games. She still occasionally thought about how scared Mark must be right now.

Before the girls retired for the evening Vikki took the chance to ask for assistance in getting the sofa back to the garage.

“Can’t a replacement be brought straight here?” asked Shelly

“Suppose, but I couldn’t claim off the warranty if it wasn’t in my possession” replied Vikki, happy with the quick response

“We’ve only just got it, oh well, ok for the morning girls?” Asked Michelle

There came a mumbled agreement from the girls, as they look set to head off to bed. Early Start for me thought Vikki planning a day in the confines of her garage.

* * *

Mark drifted off to sleep in his foam tomb not long after the girls left. His thoughts were dropping his moral by the second so he decided to give in to it. His sleep was very deep and undisturbed which was unusual as he normally slept light. It wasn’t until a knocking sound in the hallway roused him from his slumber. His eyes struggled to focus when he heard an audible drone of girls voices, too many to single out. The light above him came on and stung his eyes, just as it was blocked out by a blurry figure. Before he had chance to come around fully, he was immediately smashed into the foam around him by an increasing mass above him. Not again thought Mark as he was compressed into his foam grip and sight and sound was once again blocked out. He lay there for what seemed like an eternity wondering about his need for breath and who was above him crushing him.

The framework around him gave the familiar groan of stress, as the unforgiving weight above remained, and then suddenly there was a very load crack right by his head and his head shifted slightly. His heart nearly stopped as he wondered what the hell had happened. There was a sudden release of pressure from above as he watched a shapely ass with a pair of thighs just touching, slowly rise above him. The tight nylon material and white knickers that was planted over his face seconds earlier rose above him then lowered again as the girl crouched by his side. He bounced back to his regular position as Shelley’s lovely face came into view less then 6 inches away as she leaned an arm over his face lightly pressing down. He could see the other girls examining something just behind his head, and hoped that he was revealed. He heard a burst of laughter and a discussion about the arm of the couch that had broken loose and Marks heart sank when realised, he still wasn’t discovered. Please, someone must notice something odd about the couch thought Mark hoping a small detail to be discovered. His face was pressed slightly by Shelley’s hand as she stood up and the conversation turned to getting the sofa into the hallway out of the way.

Mark heard the conversation above him talking about a replacement and fear ran right through his body. That’s it, he thought, the end; I’ll be thrown away. The stunning faces and breasts above him jostled around as he was pulled into the Hallway and then abandoned. He caught glimpse up their skirts as they moved close to the cushion revealing their knees and smooth thighs meeting at the underside of concealed underwear. The girls left for the front room and closed the door, as Mark stared into the dark hallway above. He listened to the mumbling conversation and laughter in the other room. His mind was racing with thoughts about dying inside this prison and the possible ways it could happen. Hell, he tried hard not to think about it but what else could he do? He had brought this on himself. Now and again one or two of the girls opened the sitting room door and bumped passed him on their way to the bathroom. He saw the shadowy forms pass by, ignoring him as he lay there below them, lost in thoughts of regret.

A while later Mark heard the front door opening and closing. A few farewells could be heard as some of the girl’s yelled goodbyes to each other. A drum of girl’s feet above him hammered out as they headed up to the bedrooms. There were various faint bumps then eventually silence. Mark lay there listening to the silence contemplating his end. Probably tomorrow he thought, more terrified than he has ever been before. He pitied himself, regretted life’s decisions, cursed Vikki, looked back on good times and also prayed a little before sleep finally consumed him.

Vikki, Rachel and Kelley said their farewells as they left the house and headed on home, leaving Mark with the girls in his abandoned state. Vikki departed from the other girls at the taxi rank a few yards from her house and proceeded straight home. With her mind racing with thoughts of being found out she headed into the garage. If Mark gets found she thought, then a toxicology report would land me right in it. Vikki needed to sort this out as soon as possible. She hunted around the garage for the equipment she needed and then stopped, grinning, as decided on an additional item for the repair. She wondered if her new idea would work. She was going to do this first off, but couldn’t get the required items in time. She could just let him out, but she had to have a go at the new repair first, if it still proved too risky she would let him out. What could he do? Who could he tell? Who would believe him anyway? She needed to pop into the lab early tomorrow for the new items. It was closed on Sunday’s, which was perfect. No questions asked since she had her own keycards. After gathering all she needed for Sundays task, she then headed up stairs, confident that it would all work out ok, but not for Mark. He was being made to pay.

The arrangements were made for the sofa pick up and the girls were a great help, as they were before and dropped it off at Vikki’s garage quite early. After thanking the girls and giving it the once over, Vikki headed off to the lab. After a successful pick up she was soon heading home with two rather large items on the back seat of her car. On arrival home, she heaved the items into the garage glancing nervously around as she pulled the roller door shut behind her.

“Long time no see,” she mocked walking around the front of the couch. She knelt and placed her hand underneath the base and released a dozen or so clasps that locked the base to the top section. “Seems I made a mistake,” she said making sure the clasps were free.

“I wondered about the thickness of the new frame and it turned out I was right, should make for an interesting repair though,” she said, standing up and tugging upwards at the couch cushions slowly wriggling the top section loose. With a little glance around, to be sure she was alone with no prying eyes, she heaved the top section off the base and onto its side. Just below knee height, lay a rectangle block of foam on a wooden base with two small cut outs showing glancing human eyes just beneath them.

“Fancy seeing you here” mocked Vikki removing some smaller sections of foam from his cocoon while looking down at him. All that remained on his form now was the clasps and straps pulling tightly on a cylindrical foam shape. “Lets get this show on the road then shall we,” said Vikki turning to work on the top section. She hummed away, removing sections of the existing frame and gathering the original framework from the back of the garage. “You see, I couldn’t fit you in with the original framework. The foam around you would be too thin and we couldn’t have you discovered could we?”

She busied herself with her back to Mark as she continued “Now I’m gonna try putting the original frame back in and fitting you inside it. Might not work but I’ve got something that might help.” After a fair bit of time and effort she pushed the top of the sofa up to Mark to show him what she’d done. “See, I’ve removed the cushion foam along with all the additional foam I put in with you before. You see this?” she said pointing to the silver urns at her side. “This is the new, High Dens Solidifoam I borrowed from work”, she said with a hint of pride. “This should be ideal, so long as it doesn’t leak out before it sets. Stuff gets everywhere otherwise”

She looked down at Marks cocoon and bent releasing the clasps holding him a little and the foam around him slid apart a little misaligning his sight holes. She forced a large section of foam under his body as she continued; “I’ve got to lift you up just enough so you’re up inside the cushion space” she said wedging some more foam under Mark. “Now the only way to see if my idea works is to try it, ”.

Her voice strained a little as she yanked and pulled on Marks body to get him into position on the thick foam base. She bent over his body as she pulled the straps tight again sealing him tight inside his cocoon again. “In case your wondering, I could let you out because then I’d be lumbered with a lifeless body that I would still have to hide or…. Dispose of.” she said pushing the foam on his face around until she aligned the darting eyes with the sight holes.

“See, the biggest problem I had, was how do I use the original frame with so little room for you?” She said matter of fact like. “Well, let me explain. This here, in its liquid state is foam.” She said, laying her hand out like a gameshow girl showing a prize, then continued, “As it sets it expands, it hardens similar to that of high density foam but its perfectly clear like glass. It has the same properties though to the foam you’ll find in, lets say, sofas and seats.” She said, moving closer to Mark as she explained the last bit of the plan to him. “I’m hoping I can use this so you and the original frame all fit seamlessly together. Not sure about you being inside the cushion space though, just have to worry about that when it comes. Don’t worry, you should be able to breathe through the foam ok, but not sure if it gets sat on.”

This was a wind up of course, as she knew the foam was superb at allowing the passing of air and the complete blocking of moisture. This was one of its key features. She noticed his eyes darting from side to side as she taunted, “Ooh, what if it works Mark?” she asked leaning closer to his face. She was enjoying her power over him and decided to beat him down mentally. As he lay there listening to her plans of encase him in Foam she continued, “you thought it was hard work before, that will be nothing if this idea works” No cushion protection for you” She stated turning to the top section and sliding it towards the base.

She stood and glanced down at his frame then sympathetically cooed, “If you don’t want to go through with this Mark, just say,” she said, holding the top section on its side above him. “Oh, ok then, your choice” she said lowering it down over the base. She took care not to catch the framework as she lowered it bit by bit and had to slide it on and shuffle it down until it securely hit the base. She noticed the cushion material sagging down onto Mark just beneath it and felt around for Mark’s sight holes. Producing a pin and pulling the material up she pierced the material several times above his eyes to provide a clear sight. “There, can’t have you blinded in there can we? She said letting the material drop.” Christ She thought, there’s barley any room between Mark and the surface of the seat. Vikki doubted whether her plan really would work. She quickly pulled the urn towards the couch curious about the outcome.

Time was running out now, as the girls would be back in half an hour. Vikki had told the girls she had another sofa coming this morning and to check back to see if it had turned up. She grabbed the battery drill and made a hole in the back of the base, out of sight and just above Marks prone figure. She then inserted the feed pipe from the urn. The pressure gauge was adjusted to minimum, as she only planned to partially fill the cavities in the couch. She hoped the foam would expand and do the rest.

“Ready Mark?” she said placing a finger and thumb over both his eyeholes, “I need to know when its full” she said, feeling the little indents in the foam directly beneath the material and resting her fingers on them. As soon as she felt the foam push her fingers up, then she would stop. “Here we go” she muttered and flicked the fill switch.

Vikki felt the small vibration from the pump at her side and watched the pipe fill with foam. It quickly disappeared into the couch as Vikki asked,”can you feel it yet?” not expecting a response. She patiently crouched by the pump waiting for her fingers to rise. It didn’t take long before Vikki felt a little push on her fingers and quickly prodded along the cushions to check dispersion. Upon feeling the jelly like material underneath the length of the seating space she turned the pump off and checked for leaks. “So far so good” she said examining the base.

She was not sure whether Mark could hear her any more in his new confines. Satisfied with no noticeable leaks, she then stood in front of the couch and waited. She watched as the drooping material of the cushions slowly inflated upwards and the sides of the couch bulged out as the foam expanded. The material of the cushions and the sides of the furniture reformed to its original shape as the expanding foam raced to fill gaps. The material strained under the increasing expansion as she waited10 minutes for the curing time. Vikki put all the tools back and disconnected the filling tube and urns. There was bit of excess that had already gone off and was protruding from the base. Vikki pulled this off looking at it, then hid the urns before returning to examine the sofa.

“Should be done now”, she muttered looking down at the cushions prodding them. “Feels ok, but I wonder what its with some weight on it?” she said turning and sitting lightly on the middle of the couch. No difference so far she thought as she dropped further and further feeling for obscure lumps and bumps under her. Vikki sat there with all her weight smiling at her accomplishment. I can’t feel a thing she thought before giving a few hard bounces. She shifted up and down the sofa sitting hard on them. She bounced around the cushions and onto Marks face forgetting herself as the cushions reacted in the same way as the original design.

“That’s it,” she announced standing up. “Oh, you’re in for it now” she said looking down at where Marks face as he lay beneath the seat material. The cushions looked perfectly normal, felt normal, but Mark now lay in the cushion space, at one with the soft yielding foam encasing him. She thought about how the cushions were crushed under the girls as they sat on him yesterday and wondered what he would experience in his new position. She wasn’t sure if Mark could hear her, but she decided to his face a quick push down anyway while giving him a little speech.
“I don’t know if you can hear me inside there Mark, but how does it feel? Remember your original idea of being a seat for those girls? Look how far we have come. I still can’t believe it worked so well” she said pressing up and down on his face cushion examining it for bumps. “They won’t know any difference Mark, if I can’t feel anything and I’m looking, then how are they going to. All they will see is a nice new couch to sit on.”

With a final hard push she stood and looked down ay him continuing. “Well it won’t be long now and you will be back where I wanted you. Out of sight and out of mind, permanently.” Vikki turned and walked towards the door as she finished up her narration and Mark was left to contemplate what was in store for him. Mark alone with his thoughts once again.

* * *

Mark awoke to the sounds of girls around him. His eyes slowly adjusted as he realised where he was. His body lay immobile with his mind racing with thoughts of being discarded. The girls around him heaved his prison out into the sunlight.

“Didn’t think she would get a replacement so soon”

“Nor me”

“Why did she want this one now?”

“Perhaps it’s a like for like thing”


“Lets just get it there is it?”

“My heads sore”

Mark heard limited comments about what was going on, but felt relieved he would soon be in Vikki’s company again. She’s bound to let me out now he thought as he was bumped upwards onto the lorry, the girls completely ignoring him in his confines. He looked up at the struggling faces and breasts of Amy and a girl he didn’t recognise as they shoved him into place. Their beautiful legs and bums were displayed above him as they moved around him. With a little effort he was soon on the lorry, this time without the rain and a plastic cover. The engine started and the world above whizzed by once more. Mark recognised the trees lining the garage forecourt as they pulled to a stop. Great I’ll be out soon he thought as the lorry bounced as the girls climbed on. He looked up through his cushion gap to see the girls gathering to lift the couch off. There was a slide, Bump and a shove as he was quickly abandoned in the garage where it all started. Mark couldn’t wait to get out, to move again. To be seen as a person. He lay there looking up at the ceiling waiting for the minutes to pass. Where is she? He thought.

It wasn’t long until Mark heard a car pull up to the drive and he recognised the sound of Vikki’s hatchback. The garage door slid up to reveal Vikki carrying something as she entered. Mark watched her turn, and then shut the garage door. He tried to call out to her to plead for his release but to no avail. He hated his current state. He felt reduced to nothing. Mark looked up through the cushion gap as he heard “Long time no see” as she bent down by him. She is finally letting me out he thought. His heart lifted and then he heard the word “REPAIR” and a cold shiver ran through him. She can’t be serious he thought, after what I have been through.

He quickly found out that she was serious as she laid out her cruel plan. The top section was released and his vision widened. He looked up from his cocoon to her busy form as she revealed some pieces of timber with some saggy material around it. What the hell is going on? Mark thought, as his catatonic form gave in to her every whim. He was pushed and prodded lifted then dropped. She lowered her face to his in conversation to drive home the power she held over him. The foam around him loosened then tightened as adjustments were made to his confines. For what seemed an eternity, his mind raced with fury and anger and he didn’t pay attention to what was going on above him. He caught glimpses of a silver barrel and some framework approaching but was too concerned with not being freed.

He gathered his senses long enough to hear her say, “If you want out then just say so.” Mark darted his eyes around in a feeble communication, as she matter of fact like, pushed the top over him concealing him inside and then fixed it into place. Marks view was different to before. He felt higher up in the couch. What had she done? In his dazed anger he tried to get a grip on the situation. There was no foam around him and the material above him drooped onto his foam cocoon and upper torso as he lay beneath the cloth. The cushions were was gone and Mark was a little confused as to what she was doing. He felt the material lift a little. Light then pierced the material as little holes were punched from above. The material dropped and his vision was now much clearer as he gazed up through little holes in the fabric. Mark watched Vikki drag something towards him from his knee height position, and then she disappeared from view.

He heard her mutter “Need to know when its full” as his vision was cut out by a finger and thumb pressing over his eyes. Full? What is she doing? Mark thought as he heard a low humming sound beneath him.

“Can you feel it yet?” Asked Vikki as Mark felt a cold wet liquid seeping into his foam cocoon underneath him and started to rise around him. Mark felt a blind panic as a cold fluid climbed and bubbled up to the sides of his body. He could hear the low hiss of the bubbling liquid as it filled in around him. He wondered what was planned for him as he noticed the fluid filling up around his body. Vikki’s fingers blocked his vision as he was consumed in a soft gooey liquid and he started to wonder if he would suffocate in this predicament. Dampness seeped around his face and over his body as the liquid flowed until he was soaked in the thick cool substance. The fingers released and Mark shut his eyes as the liquid filled in his eye space. Fear was keeping him alert at this point as he waited for what was next. His breathing has stopped for a while but had now returned.

What the hell is this stuff thought Mark as he felt its temperature rise and then a slow increase in pressure from around. He felt himself being slowly pressed from all around and lifted up as the material around him solidified concealing all sound. Every inch of his body became more and more compacted as the liquid sensation around him turned into a vice like grip. His foam cocoon merged with the compressing liquid leaving him moulded into position. He forced his eyes open to reveal Vikki standing directly above him looking down at him. The compression had stopped and he lay there in silence watching her mouth words that he failed to hear. His current position drove new fear into him as he realised what she had done. She had packed him inside the couch with a sort of foam and was intending to put him back into the girl’s house.

His new position is what scared him the most. He lay barley beneath the surface of the seat material packed tightly from all directions. How the hell is she going to get me out of this? He thought. Will she let me out? Fear rose again as he watched Vikki in silence. She stood above him in tight jeans and t-shirt with her hair tied back in a ponytail. Her business type glasses on the edge of her nose as she concentrated. She was mouthing something as Mark watched as she turned and dropped onto his stomach. The feeling for Mark was much different to before. He could feel the contours of her thighs and ass more as she bounced lightly above him. His surrounding foam compressed and squashed letting him give way with the pressure. Her ass was practically touching his body and Mark wondered if she felt him beneath her.

If she can then she will have to free me he thought as she bounced up to his face. His body was pinned and released over and over as she bounced up to his head. Mark looked at the underside of her left thigh as it crashed down onto him. His vision was so clear he assumed she could see him as her bulging upper leg smashed his face deep underneath her. He looked up her side as he folded underneath her with the rest of the foam. He could see the roundness of her thigh as it spread up to his eyes, but the rest of his features were hopelessly crushed under the pressing force. She was so close he could feel the warmth from her as she sat. His head was forced into a tilt as her weight caused a large depression in the cushions that rose out from under her, as the foam reacted to the compression. His chest, neck and mouth were crushed directly under her ass, but his eyes and forehead rose in the bulge around her thighs. The pressure was immense. Completely crushed as she continued to bounce further up his concealed form until covering his face completely.

This is when Mark realised the enormity of what she had done and planned and started to panic. His face was quickly smashed into the foam around him as he watched in detail, the jean material above him drop. His vision was blacked out and all that could be heard was the straining, rasping material around him. His nose was completely flat, his eyes forced shut and his chest slowly rose up from under her squashing pressure as she shifted. The unforgiving force from above pushed painfully down onto him in a more specific fashion to before. Mark wondered if she felt him as he bounced upwards when she lifted. He watched the tight material around her ass crease up as she stood above him then she turned. The crazy bitch was leaning over him smiling. Shit! Mark thought. She’s going through with it. She can’t be serious. She pressed his face down slightly with her hands as she mouthed something to him and then turned and left him alone once more.

Vikki was walking into the kitchen when the phone rang, her mind awash with thoughts of revenge. She was also thinking up a plan on how to get Mark out of the sofa in a week or so. The effects of his condition became permanent after around two weeks and she didn’t want to run the risk. What she had just done had given her a sense of power and victory, and also an evil sort of pleasure. He had wondered what it would be like to be used as a seat. How ironic he was now trapped in that position and was probably scared shitless.

“Hello?” answered Vikki grabbing the handset

“Vikki? its Shelley, can I ask you a favour?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“The sofa we’re having off you today can we have it in the common room instead?”

“Common room? Wh, Who, why?” Vikki swallowed nervously at this request then listed to the explanation.

“Yeah. It would be of more use in there. All the girls can use it then and not just us in the house. What do you think? We’ll front the repair costs if it gets damaged.”

“Well the thing is it’s only a temporary thing really.” Vikki blurted searching for an excuse. Shelly was talking about the common room in the college. Around 150 – 200 girls studied there and the common room is the gathering place at break times and study periods.

“Temporary? Go on we need the seating space. We already have one loaned from Sarah’s father and yours would be perfect for the study area. It would slot straight in.”

“Let me think about it. Come and pick it up and take it down the house and we’ll discuss it later.”

“Ok then, see you in 5, bye.”


Vikki put the handset down thinking hard. She wasn’t going to let that happen. “Way too risky” she muttered to herself. If Mark were found out then she would be in real trouble. They would pin it on her straight away. She went into the garage to arrange Mark for his little trip. The girls arrived on cue and the sofa pick up, as before was carried out smoothly. Watching her ex boyfriend disappear on the back of the lorry with the girls in tow gave Vikki a sort of satisfaction she hadn’t anticipated. “There he goes again. I wonder if he thought I would let him out this time?” she muttered as a small smile spread over her face.

The unknowing girls bumped Mark once again onto the flatbed. He watched the fleeting glimpses of thighs and, knees and asses above him as he was secured in position. The world above flew by as they approached, what Mark thought was his final resting place. The scenery looked different to Mark this time but he thought it was down to his new position higher in the couch. The flatbed stopped at an unfamiliar place as Marks eyes darted about at the approaching girls. He could see their mouths moving but couldn’t hear any sound. He slowly recognised where he was as they carried him into a large gardened area. What the hell am I doing here? Thought Mark as they approached the main entrance to the college. His heart hammered as they disappeared into the hallway. Mark watched loads of different girls in different dress sauntering around as he was shunted through corridors. His only audible pick up was from the clunk of the framework as they bumped him around corners.

No, please not in here thought Mark as he realised he was being condemned to the rest of his days in a girls college however many that may be. They’ll kill me for sure he thought, terrified about suffocation under the unknowing students. His fantasy of being a seat horribly realised as the girls around him transported him hidden inside the sofa unknowingly. His view of the passing corridors stopped outside a doorway, the girls bustling around above him ignoring his inanimate pleas for release. To them he was an additional seat for there use and that was all. There was a little hesitation then a few more girls he didn’t recognise grabbed hold of his frame. He was quickly escorted into a large room with lots of bodies moving around above him. There was a little commotion as he was dropped. Numerous legs and bums above him busied themselves as some of the girls cleared a space.

Hey, there’s a person in here, help, let me out urged Mark willing his still mouth to move as the girls slowly spun him around and started pushing him backwards against the wall. He looked up at the girls merely inches above him and also at the numerous girls watching on as he was positioned in amongst the rest of the seats. Mark was more scared now than he ever thought possible. There were at least 10 girls in the room paying an interest into his positioning as he bumped against the wall behind him. They stood there watching in their various states of dress, tight trousers, short skirts, shorts and tracksuits. From his viewpoint he could see the girls glancing at him without seeing the concealed body within, only seeing the couch and its intended purpose. A seat.

As he came to rest he saw a small table being pushed up to his side. It was level with his body and head and around 10 inches from him. He looked up at a group of students, who started placing books and things onto it and glanced around to see he had been positioned in a corner area with 2 other sofas, all together forming corner seating and he was in the middle. High up inside the cushion space, the back of the couch rose to his side of him and he lay perfectly still waiting for the inevitable. He willed his body to move as some of the girls turned away and a few walked around the table towards him and darted his eyes at the uncaring forms above him. He recognised Sarah but not the other 2 girls as they approached and turned above him. He looked worryingly at the shorted ass of an unknown girl and the trouser legs of Sarah and another other girl as they positioned briefly above him. The speed at which they dropped took Mark by surprise.

The short material of the girls above him stretched and tightened as she bent displaying an enveloping mass that was lowering over him. He had seen all this before knew that they would sit with no hesitation. The straining material accentuated the girl’s crotch and a small indent highlighted her ass cheeks and vagina and she bent quickly. All at once he was smashed deep into the couch as the girls weight pushed down onto him. The smooth thighs of the girls above parted as she sat and Mark looked up between her legs as she shifted backwards getting comfortable. His face was at the mercy of her every movement as she settled on him without giving a second thought.

No, please, his mind begged as the other girls took their seat crushing him beneath them unknowingly. He was now wedged deep beneath them within the foam, gripping him from all angles. His only view was from between the smooth legs of the girl over his face, the underside of her face and breasts leaning over him as she grabbed at something on the table and the flesh of her legs bulged over his sight line briefly. Mark was painfully forced into a contorted position as they jiggled slightly above him and the legs of the girl above provided just enough sightline to see the rest of the room as he lay there pinned. Her crotch was to the side of his face and his head was slightly turned as the unmoving mass pressed relentlessly. The legs and ass on his face was virtually touching him yet, the girl had no idea. Mark worried about his breathing as she sat uncaring for the human cushion moulded beneath her.

How long can I live like this he thought with his eyes staring up between her legs to the underside of a file she was flicking through. He could just make out the other 2 girls pinning his torso and the rasping of the foam around him that was encasing him tightly. His mind was awash with thoughts of dying in this position and wondered how Vikki could let this happen to him.

Vikki went about her day to day routine as normal. Often she thought about her prisoner in their rented accommodation and how scared he must be feeling. Serves his right she thought getting ready to leave work for home. Now he will realise his dream fantasy has turned into a nightmare. She planned to get the couch back in her possession at the weekend since the serum became permanent at the 3rd week Mark. She didn’t want to run the risk of a permanently inanimate Mark to care for. She swished her access card at the exit gate and walked out to her car. She planned on paying Mark another visit tonight to see how things are going for him and to also make sure no-one was aware of his position. Might take a seat myself she thought pulling out of the car park.

“Aware but unknown” she muttered, grinning to herself as she pulled away. Out of the corner of eye she caught a rapid movement then a screech, and then all was quiet. Rachel got a phone call on her mobile as she sat in the common room.

“Rachel? It’s Sarah. You’ve got to come to the hospital right away. Vikki’s been in an accident.

“Is she alright?” asked Rachel standing bolting upright.

“What’s the matter?” asked a chorus of girls as they gathered around curiously

“In a comma, doctors are waiting for results”

“I’ll be right there.”

“You’re not going on your own”

“I’m coming too” came a unison response.

Rachel and a few of the other girls hurriedly left for the hospital, as several other girls gathered at the study area to discuss events.

It wasn’t until 4 weeks later that news passed to the girl’s college of Vikki’s full recovery. There were heated discussions about Marks whereabouts during this, but it was rumoured he ran off with a girl and details were sketchy. Rachel, Sarah and the rest of the girls paid regular visits to Vikki, and were more than a little concerned at her fascination with the replacement couch. Time and time again they told her not to worry and that it’s only furniture but she kept on and on. They eventually gave in and put it back in her house to the other student’s dismay. Life went on as normal during her recovery, student parties, girly nights in until, one night; Vikki signed herself out of hospital and rushed home.

Mark lay under the crushing weight of yet more students. A flared skirt, opened over his face around 20 minutes ago and descended, blotted all light and a pair of knickers smashed his face and chest deep into his confines. His position was all too familiar. Girl after girl approached, gave a quick glance as they sometimes do before they sit on something then wham. Sometimes sitting slowly and sometimes dropping heavily. Some would sit completely over him blocking all light and others would perch on the edge. The perchers as he now named them were the worst. He would start off looking up their backs with his face twisted into the recess caused by their weight. They would slip back and forth as they talked, dragging the cushion and his face into uncomfortable positions. They would nearly always skip backwards onto him at the most uncomfortable time covering and sealing him underneath them without a second thought.

Mark lost all concept of time and his sense of consciousness started to fade as he was used over and over without regard. Same time everyday was the relentless crushing and squashing then the absolute silence of ignorance. His thoughts wandered into a separate life. One he led before. His conscious thoughts made less sense and dreams turned into reality and reality turned into dream. He could feel his mind fading and he gave in to the eventual sleep far too often. He remembered some sort of movement and a world outside but was it a dream, he couldn’t tell. He was only conscious for an hour or two at a time and it was all too confusing.

Vikki awoke and was utterly confused. The accident was explained and her recovery laid out to her. Shit she thought

“How long Have I?”

“27 days but your fine now”

“Where’s that sofa I lent you” she asked Rachel straining to focus

Shelley frowned and said “Oh, its er, in the house”.

“Can I have it back now?”

The girls looked at each other confused and Shelley said “its only furniture, you concentrate on getting better “

“But what if”

“No buts, we’ll take care of it”

Over the next 2 days Vikki thought constantly of what she had done. Maybe there’s still time she thought but she already knew the answer. I’ve got to get him out.

She signed out late at night against the advice of doctors and caught a taxi home. She didn’t feel too bad physically but was a little sleepy; still she rushed into her garage to the familiar sight of the couch she made for him. It lay there as silent as a regular couch. She looked at it nervously. It was undamaged and been well looked after but she knew what was concealed inside and she immediately commenced work. Taking little breaks between working she removed the seat covers to reveal a tightly packed foam block with a nose and eyes peaking from its surface. Looking closely her fears was realised. He wasn’t dead but permanently catatonic. His glazed eyes gave it away, she had seen it before. She rummaged through her medical supplies from work and freed an arm from the foam. The injection she was about to administer would permanently revive him consciously but not his motor movements. She jabbed his arm and pumped in the liquid. His eyes blinked into life and his gaze darted around. She knelt next to him and uttered “Now what do I do?”

Mark’s sleep was interrupted by a massive adrenaline rush. His mind was instantly alert to the fact Vikki was next to him. What the hell thought, and then it came to him. She put me in here, I remember now. Why can’t I move, let me out. She stood up and left the room leaving Mark with his new found alertness but still without movement. His fear had returned.

With a business-like manner it was decided. She was going to get rid of his body. There was no other choice. She couldn’t kill him, no way, not an option. Using the couch experience gave her an idea. Out of sight and out of mind. Just hide him she thought. Somewhere you can check on him. It was all she could do. She sat at the kitchen table thinking of a solution.

It wasn’t until a few days later Vikki caught wind of building maintenance being carried out at the college dorm. This would normally be of no interest but something stirred an idea. The common room that Shelley wanted the sofa for is having new seating fitted by the practical studies students. She heard a couple of girls at work talking about the foam blocks on order for the seats and this is where she listened in. Her company worked closely with the college and supplying various materials and equipment was quite common. Mark in the meantime lay in the remains of the sofa Vikki’s garage. She tried not to think of him too much because the guilt would rise and distract her from what needed to be done. She hadn’t acknowledged him for 2 days now and thought it was best not too. She subconsciously knew there was s chance of this but never thought it would come to it.

When the foam seating blocks arrived at her work, she quickly ran to the delivery goods store and examined them for shape and size. They seemed too good to be true. 5ft lengths of 3ft square block foam. Underside of the foam was an 8 inch rigid plastic block giving it strength and no doubt extra weight. In the warehouse Vikki approached one of the blocks during her lunch break for a closer examination. She had no doubt about her plan once having a close look. The foam could be pulled off its plastic base; she could then insert Mark into a cut out in the foam then sealed him up. They were heavy enough on their own not to raise any suspicion of Mark being inside. That way she thought, at least I can pay little visits to the girls in the common room and check on him when left alone. He’ll probably enjoy it knowing him, best way for him to go, living out his fantasy she thought trying to justify her plan.

Vikki busied herself in work with the foam block modification working out of hours. It was completed in one night and all that was left was for the insertion of Mark. She had seen the seating area in the common room. The prac girls had built low wooden trays ready to accept the foam blocks. Vikki also found out the method of securing the foam into the framework. Sarah, one of the practical studies girls explained. The sides of the tray were squeezed together to cause the foam to bulge out the top of the trays. Extra foam cut-outs were than physically forced into the sides to mould the seating foam into its final position. It was then all sealed off with a layer of thin rubber which was pulled tight and pinned around the frame.

I won’t be here for that thought Vikki. Don’t know if I can watch him permanently entombed. Be ok once it’s all done, out of sight… She dragged Mark out of the boot of her car and into the warehouse checking no-one seen. She ignored him completely as she bundled his body onto the plastic base. He simply wasn’t there, she kept telling herself as she glued the foam back into position. She still had to check for any tell tale signs though. She quickly sat on the block and watched how the sides bulged out under her weight. Although he was very close to the surface she couldn’t feel him under her as she bounced up and down the foam. She stood and heaved it back with the other blocks ready for pick up in a few hours. The girls were working nights to finish before classes tomorrow. She would pay a visit tomorrow evening if she could once all was done. Giving a quick glance back to the foam blocks sitting there in utter silence a wave of relief washed over her. All done she thought, no more worrying. If he is discovered, then it would look like suicide and if not, it’s not only me involved now. She turned the store lights off and headed home.

* * *

Mark lay in the remains of the sofa completely ignored. The sagging material above him his only company as his mind raced with thoughts of dying and total neglect. Time held no meaning and days slipped by and still he remained. Vikki bumped passes him a few times collecting cleaning things continuing her day to day routine. It wasn’t until one night; his sleep was disturbed by a large creaking sound. He was jerked from his slumber and dragged free from the sofa. At last he thought she is going to free me. He was being pulled across the garage door by his arm and he could see her track suited ass wiggling above him as she quite easily pulled his withered frame. He caught sight of the boot lid of her car and fell limply against her warm body as she stood him upright. What the hell is she doing he thought as he was shoved roughly into the confined space. Lastly his legs were forced inside the small space then slam, total darkness. Mark was now terrified. She is getting rid of me he thought as they headed towards Vikki’s work.

Sarah waited in the flat bed as the other girls loaded the blocks. It was all they needed to finish the job. The base trays were finished, the rubber covers cut and foam wedges ready. It didn’t take long to get the four foam blocks back to the common room but it took a bit of lifting to get the blocks in place. Once they were in the room, one by one they started sealing the blocks into trays. The girls stood back and admired their work. “Not before time I may add” announced Amy as she flopped onto one of the seats. The other girls took seats as they discussed the work carried out then left to get changed and showered. Shelly stood by the door looking at the new look common room. The other girls won’t recognise the place tomorrow she thought turning the light out and closing the door behind her.

Mark was dragged out of the boot as unceremoniously as he had been shoved in. His limp body dragged across the floor as Vikki pulled him without giving him a second glance. Vicki! Mark willed as he came to a stop next to a plastic box. Vicki don’t do this, just look at me will you? His pleas fell on deaf years as she pulled him, very business like, up onto the plastic block. He lay there looking up at the dark warehouse above him with Vikki to her back to him struggling with something. In a swift movement a large foam surface appeared above him and Vikki gave him a passive look as she positioned it over his body. Christ, not again please thought Mark as the foam dropped all around him. It pressed him from all angles as it was pushed harder and harder onto him. He could feel Vikki’s hands on the foam above him as she was forcing it onto him. What the hell is she doing? What is this? Thought Mark as the pressure lifted a little. In an all too familiar movement he was then smashed from above by a pressing weight. It was like before but this time his vision was a bit obscured. He could just about make out her face as she sat on him bouncing up and down obviously checking for him beneath her. Mark realised in horror that she was concealing him into something to be used. Oh god, come on let me out pleaded Mark, suddenly realising she was going through with this and leaving him in this store room probably to be picked up. The whole affair took no longer than 15 minutes and Mark now found himself trapped once again but with no knowledge of what was coming. Vikki was gone in a hurry without a second look and Mark was left in darkness with the hugging foam holding him tight.

For what seemed like ages, Mark lay there as inanimate as the other blocks of foam and just as discrete. There was a large rattling of a roller door opening and an engine revving that got closer and closer. He heard the faint chatter of girls as the engine died and realised he recognised the voices. It was Sarah and the girls, what are they doing here. His blood ran cold when he realised the coincidence. I bet they are he wondered, I bet they are picking me up. Shit he thought as he strained to make out the moving forms around him.

“Look kinda heavy don’t they”?

“We’ll manage, come on”

You 2 take that one and me and Amy will have this one.”

“Ok, alright”

“We’ll pick the others up once these are on.”

“Think they will fit?”

We’ll make em fit”

The conversation was about his foam prison and the others like it. He was suddenly lifted into the air as the conversation continued. Hey! Mark urged, hey it’s me, let me out. Christ what’s going on? He wondered. He lay stone still and just as quiet as he was loaded unknowingly onto the flatbed. He could feel the foam around him give a little as they shoved him around and then the chatter stopped. The engine fired and he was on his way. There was the same sort of commotion as he was unloaded. In the darkness he couldn’t make out where he was when he heard something that chilled him to the bone.

“Once these are blocks are in the seats are we done?”

“Yep, just need to cover em”

“Are they available for tomorrows revision class there’s shit loads of girls cramming?”

“Should be”

“Don’t see why not”


Mark realised he was at the college again. The memories of the last experience came flooding back and his mind froze. He was repeatedly crushed and smothered unknowingly and sometimes for hours at a time. No way of communicating and no release. He darted his eyes about as he was bumped into a light filled room. He recognised the layout alright and realised with horror he was in the common room. The girls around him dressed in their old jeans and ripped t-shirts began lifting one of the blocks and dropping it into a kind of base. Mark figured out quickly what was in store for him. These were new seats being made for the common room and he was in the seating foam. Oh no he thought as he watched another being lifted into position. The girls laughed and joked amongst themselves as they awkwardly bundled the foam blocks into position. Mark watched their thighs and asses bend and bulge as they moved around above him. Their pretty faces glancing at him now and again but not seeing him. It was soul destroying for Mark watching them go about their business not knowing or caring about his predicament.

“Put these 2 in then cover them all together is it?”

“Grab hold then”

Mark was approached by 3 girls. He could see ok through the thin foam and made out Sarah, Shelly and an unknown girl bending to grab hold of his block. He scraped along the floor to the side of a wooden box then was up ended and balanced on the edge.

“As we are then, ready?”

“In it goes”

“Give it a shove it’s stuck”

Mark shifted a little then dropped into a frame. The girls above him all looking at his concealed form and pressing on his body with their hands to force him into the framework. No, no don’t do it. It’s me Mark pleaded and his mind grew frantic with worry. Oh god what’s going on, let me out he silently pleaded as the girls turned and grabbed various other implements. Mark’s hearing was slightly impaired now as the foam around him held him a little tighter due to the frame. He could only watch in fear as shelly approached and started turning something. She held up a tape measure to the edge of the wood and Marks foam prison and started turning. Mark was suddenly pressed in from both sides and his body was getting crushed out of the framework in a bulge.

Stop please Mark pleaded as she continued turning compressing him into a vice like bulge of foam and forcing him to the surface of the material. Shelly looked at the tape measure as she continued turning unaware that she was forcing Mark into the seating cushion. Mark thought he would be crushed to death in this maddening prison when suddenly she stopped turning and turned away. He now lay completely compressed and around 8 inches out of the frame. His body moulded into the foam as it crushed him in its grip as Shelly returned with more items. She called one of the other girls over before handed out large pieces of rubber band. Shelly leaned right over Marks face and attached one end of the band to the frame and secured it with a tack. The other girl did the same over his lower half.

“Ready?” they said both pulling there bands tight over his body. Mark felt his chest being pushed down and also his knees.

“Quick tack em down Sarah” was the request request, as Sarah approached and secured the other ends. Mark now found his body rising up in three sections, his head, mid-riff and feet. His eyes were forced half shut and nose squashed and his body hugged every millimetre of the foam. The sheer compression of the foam and rubber bands had him completely moulded within the seat and the girls carried on cocooning him oblivious to what was really going on. They attached wedges, and more rubber bands forcing him into a seating position without a care in the world for their hidden victim.

Mark resigned to the fact this was well thought out and planned. They had no idea he wondered; they thought they were making seats. Vikki had done this to him on purpose; but why? What had he done that was so bad. Will I ever get out? Please someone let me out, all the while Mark was prodded and poked and eventually moulded into the seat the girls were soon to cover. He looked up defeated as the blue rubber sheet was placed over him. Just when he thought the pressure couldn’t get worse the whole foam, and him with it, was squashed downwards into the seat. There were light taps from a hammer then all was still. He lay there adjusting his eyes to the blue tint from the cover and looked up at the girls around him as they stared back. His vision was surprisingly good now his face was smashed into the underside of the cover. He could see the other seats around the edge of the room and knew now what he had become. They were very well built and looked quite nice. Before he had chance to contemplate his new position, 2 asses twirled quickly above him crushed into the framework he was now part of. Lying there in blackness and warmth of the girls sitting above him he realised the irony of the situation. He had become what he fantasised about but would never contemplate in reality, an unknowing seat for women.



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