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Sarah's Friend

by Andrea Jordan

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© Copyright 2018 - Andrea Jordan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; gym; tease; torment; encase; thighs; trap; locker; apartment; bdsm; bond; cuffs; chastity; facesit; femdom; bi-curious; lesbian; oral; denial; climax; cons; X

Chapter One

Amy had the perfect figure for a model, her slim shoulders curved into a tiny waist and then out over the cutest of hips and down into long slim legs. Yet she looked on jealously at the only other person in the gym.

Sarah was sitting on the leg press where her strong athletic legs were moving almost half the stack of weights. Like Amy, the woman was in her early thirties and like Amy the woman had long brown hair in a ponytail. Amy observed the woman discretely, her white trainers with hidden socks leading up to muscular legs and on to an athlete's butt. Her thighs in particular were from a Greek goddess, tanned and chiselled and flexing effortlessly with the weight.

Amy was lost in thought as her eyes worked their way up the woman's body. Short pink gym short and a fitted white gym top, with every muscle on the way toned to perfection. The woman finished her set, towelled down the machine and walked out of the gym. 

The gym was in the basement of their apartment block. It was only small, but was free to use and usually empty. Those who did use it were often corporate types, like Amy, who just dabbled with a few machines. Sarah was different, she was a dancer, she had the body Amy had always wanted, the natural team captain, the mesomorph, the sexy strong female form. 

Sexy? Surely Amy didn't really think that, she was straight. Maybe she could just appreciate the athletic female form. She stood there trying to reassure herself that she didn't fancy girls.

But with Sarah gone, Amy was alone in the gym. She walked slowly over to the leg press and touched the padded seat that Sarah had used. It was still warm, not surprising given those thighs Amy thought. With no one in sight, she knelt down and touched her cheek against the warm black padded seat. This was crazy, she didn't go with girls, but still it felt nice. She closed her eyes and breathed in for just a moment. 

When Sarah returned a few minutes later Amy was lying on her back with her arms stretched up and over her head. She sneaked another glimpse of the Greek goddess and then, with the picture of the woman in her mind, closed her eyes and stretched.

"What?" Amy cried as she opened her eyes in an attempt to keep up with reality. 

Sarah was kneeling down so that she was sitting on top of Amy's outstretched arms, with her thighs running down either side of Amy's bewildered face. The top of Amy's head was pushed up against the crotch of Sarah's gym shorts. Amy's legs thrashed around with little effect, as her arms were completely immobilise under Sarah butt. 

"What did it smell like?" Sarah asked.

"What?" Amy cried.

"The leg press seat?"

Shit! The woman must have seen her, Amy was completely embarrassed. Too embarrassed to look straight up into the woman's eyes, Amy had to look sideways at the woman's thighs which towered up above her head. They looked enormous and incredibly strong. Amy's slim body struggled pathetically beneath her. 

Sarah stated to bring her thighs together, moving closer to Amy's head. The smaller woman started to panic as the thighs closed in on her. Amy's heart was close to exploding as she turned her head so that her lips were touching Sarah's inner thigh. She was about to kiss it, but stopped at the last moment. What was happening? Surely she wasn't interested in women?

At that moment someone walked down the corridor and past the open gym door. Sarah jumped up, releasing Amy who took the opportunity to jump up and run for the open door. She ran back to her apartment in a state of aroused terror and collapsed on the bed.

Amy couldn't sleep that night as fantasies ran wild through her mind. She had received a call from her new boyfriend, but had not even bothered to reply, she just wasn't interested. She couldn't decide whether it had been the sexy woman or the fact that she had been restrained that had turned her on so wildly. She hadn't thought of herself as either bi or into bondage, obviously she was into at least one of them. 'I was completely helpless' she kept saying to herself, the words rebuilding her excitement. 

She put her head between her own thighs and squeezed. It wasn't the same, but it did help her relive some of the earlier excitement. With her head still in place, she tightened a belt around her thighs and closed her eyes. 

At the same time the next day, Amy returned to the gym, lay down on the mat and waited until for the woman to return. This time Sarah was wearing small orange gym shorts and fitted white gym top.

"Stretching again?" Sarah asked, as she walked over to Amy.

"Hi again." Amy stuttered.

Sarah looked down at the slim brunette who was wearing the sexiest of gym kit and who was lying in exactly the same place as the previous day. 

Yesterday Sarah had been genuinely annoyed when she saw the woman put her face where her own butt had been just seconds earlier. She'd decided to sit on her, pin her to the floor to humiliate her, to confront the kinky woman with no chance of her escaping. She'd sat on boyfriends before and even they had been hard pressed to escape her.

But strangely that simple act had turned her on. Unlike most women, Sarah liked her own body and it felt sexy to use it against another woman. The fact that the other woman had felt the same had only doubled the effect. 

"You liked what I did to you yesterday, didn't you?"

"Why do you say that?" Amy replied as she blushed.

"Because if you hadn't you wouldn't be lying on the floor where I could so easily sit on you again."

Amy's facial expressions and deep breathing were giving away her feelings.

"I just want to stretch." Amy replied nervously.

"Fine, I just want to work out on this bench." 

Amy didn't answer, but swallowed with nervous excitement twitching through her face as Sarah pulled the gym bench across the floor and positioned it so that the legs were either side of Amy neck, with the support bar connecting the two legs resting above her throat. With Amy head directly underneath the end of the bench, Sarah sat down on top. 

"Now you can stretch and I can work out." Sarah said as she sat there and looked down at her prey.

Amy tried to wriggle free and then when she couldn't, used all of her limited strength to push up against the weight of Sarah and the bench. She then smiled when she realised she was trapped.

Sarah watched the scene in the reflection from the large mirror, admiring both her own body and the attractive woman struggling beneath.

"You're kind of kinky." Sarah concluded as she sat completely motionless on the bench. 

"And you aren't?" Amy replied, a slight smile on her face.

"I didn't say that." Sarah purred.

They talked for a few minutes sharing names and other pleasantries. As they spoke Sarah opened her legs wider as she watched Amy's body move beneath her. Amy had the slim lithe body that Sarah had wanted as a teenager, although the limited strength of such a physique was now evident, Amy had no hope of getting out from underneath the bench. 

Sarah didn't like being out of control, although judging by the slow rhythmic movements beneath her, it wasn't a trait shared by Amy. With Amy's head out of sight, Sarah placed her hands on the front of her own shorts and gently massaged. Fuck, this was the sexiest she'd felt for a long time.

"Come with me." Sarah said, finally standing up and lifting the bench.

She helped Amy to her feet and positioned her hands behind her back and used one hand to grips both of Amy's thumbs, creating an effective handcuff. She then grabbed her bag and led Amy out of the gym and into the women's showers where there was a small bank of lockers.

While still restraining Amy's hands, Sarah dug her spare hand into her bag looking for money for the coin operated locker.

"Oh, I need two hands for this," Sarah complained as she pushed Amy down on to her knees, "so you can go in here." she continued as she pushed Amy's head between her legs.

Sarah closed her thighs and then released Amy's thumbs. Amy immediately reached for the thighs that wrapped around her head and tried to pull them apart. When that failed, she simply caressed them and then reached up to the orange shorts just above her and felt the shape of the woman's butt

"Think you can escape?" Sarah purred as the situation only added to her arousal.

"Do you think I want to? 

"I don't think you do." Sarah replied, her pleasure building by the moment. 

Sarah had now found a coin for the locker and not being able to wait a moment longer, opened her legs and pushed Amy backwards into the waiting steel box.

"Just for a moment, I promise."

Amy was smiling with excitement as Sarah closed the locker and turned the key. Inside all went dark and silent, other than the sound of the coin dropping into the locking mechanism. Amy listened to the clicks as the key was removed. 

Sarah dropped the key into her pocket and then ran to the shower. She turned on the water and stripped off her gym kit. She stepped into the hot water and touched herself, finishing off what Amy had so effectively started, the sound of the water hopefully covering any inadvertent moans.

With wet hair and only a towel wrapped around her, Sarah fished through her discarded gym kit for the key, although having found it she put it down on the bench and started to dry her hair. Why should she rush, there was no way Amy was getting out. 

"Was that fun?" Sarah asked when she eventually opened the locker.

"I guess." Amy was embarrassed to admit what a rush it had been to be locked up.

"Really fun?" Sarah asked looking down at Amy's crotch.

"Maybe if you gave me more time." she smiled coyly.

Sarah smiled suggestively as she picked up the coin that had dropped out of the lock and into the tray below. "Another ride?" she asked as she slotted the coin back into the lock. Amy nodded.

"Enjoy then." Sarah purred as she slowly closed the door, turned the key and continued to dry her naked body.


The next evening they met at the gym and were pleased to see that they were again alone. Sarah walked in wearing a red fitted shoulderless gym top and white cotton shorts that only just covered her butt. Her long dark hair was in a pony tail and Amy noticed a trace of makeup. The tight clothing only emphasised her athletic physique. 

Amy, who was already sitting on the mat, lay down with her arms above her head as Sarah walked over.

"Good evening." Sarah smiled.


Both women checked out each other's outfits, both of which had been purchased that day. After a couple of more moments of looking and giggling, Sarah sat down on Amy's outstretched arms as she had done on the first day, with Amy's head between her thighs. Amy giggled and as before tried to wriggle free.

"You'd better escape before you get crushed in the vice." Sarah said.

"Mmm," Amy giggled as she ran her hands over Sarah's legs.

"I'm not sure you're taking your fate seriously."

"Well everyone has to die sometime... and what better way?" Amy had goose bumps on her skin and was starting to tremble.

Sarah reached forward, lifted Amy's t-shirt and ran her fingers around her slim waist. Amy's legs flailed wildly, although everything from her chest upwards remained pinned in place. She cried out in pleasure and Sarah had to hold a finger to her lips. 

Sarah's eyes explored Amy's gym outfit, obviously newly bought. Tiny purple gym shorts that showed off her cute butt and slim legs, and tight shoulderless blue top. She made sure that Amy was completely trapped beneath her before she spoke.

"You like this, don't you," Sarah checked, "having me pin you down."

"It is kind of nice."

"Good, I'm happy to sit on you all you want." Sarah continued, squeezing gently with her thighs.

"Mmm, I could stay here all day."

Sarah looked down at her sexy captive. Other than the occasion kiss with a girlfriend after too much wine, Sarah had never considered herself a lesbian, but now she was really starting to wonder. She moved closer so that Amy head was pushed tightly into her crotch and tickled her again so that she could enjoy the resulting movement.

In one smooth movement, Sarah rolled on to her side and positioned Amy head between her thighs. It was all so fast that Amy had no time to react before Sarah's thighs tightened around her neck. Sarah watched the look of surprise and pleasure in the slim girl's eyes. Amy was face to face with the front of Sarah's shorts and had to resist the temptation to kiss. 

When she was younger, Sarah had often placed her soft toys between her legs, sometimes pretending that it was a jail where the unfortunate teddy was serving out his sentence. It had turned her on then and right now it felt sexy to have this girl caught between her thighs. She had the power to let her go or hold her prisoner. She also had the power to strangle her, quite possibly to death. Not that she would, as she felt an overwhelming desire to both hold and protect her. 

"It looks as though I'll be working exclusively on my inner thigh muscles today." Sarah smiled.

"I'm not sure they need much work." Amy replied, focusing on the smooth tanned muscles that remained comfortably tensed around her neck. She tried to surprise Sarah with a sudden bid for freedom, but it wasn't even close to successful. So she had to pass the time by running her fingers around the edge of the Sarah's cotton shorts, waiting for their owner to decide to return her freedom.

Later that evening, Amy took the lift up to Sarah flat. She admired herself in the lift's reflective doors, short pink dress which covered pink silk underwear, an outfit that she'd once worn for a photo shoot back in her amateur modelling days. Her brown hair was in pony tail and she wore black heels.

Sarah was wearing a short black dress and high heels as she opened the door and led Amy inside. She already had two inches of height on Amy and with the heels she had four, yet still carried herself with the grace of a dancer

The floaty music, the subdued lightning and scented candles gave the flat a mysterious feel and the way that Sarah dead locked the door behind her only added to Amy's excitement. 

"Security conscious?" Amy remarked.

"Mmm, I like to stop people breaking in...or out."

Amy's heart was beating in overdrive again, her cool professional persona long gone. She was in another woman's flat, overcome with crazy sexual desires. What was happening? Would she stay the night? Did she want to? 

Sarah's mind was also racing with ideas for her guest, a guest who seemed willingly to totally submit to her. How far could she take it? Could Amy become her slave? She'd always fantasised about keeping someone prisoner, completely helpless. She'd tried it with guys, with limited success, she'd never had clear physically dominance with them that she had with Amy. Wow, that pink dress was cute. Another woman's dress 'cute', what was she thinking?

"Have you seen a pair of these before?" Sarah asked.


"Aha, for prisoners. Once they're on there is no escape without the key."

Sarah's words were already having an effect on Amy and she was already in a state of arousal as Sarah gently took her hand and very slowly closed the first cuff around Amy's slim wrist. Sarah then inserted the key into the cuff.

"You're unlocking it?" Amy asked.

Sarah smiled at her innocence. "Not unlocking, double-locking."

"Oh good." Amy replied.

With silent excitement in the air, Sarah gently locked the cuffs around Amy's second wrist. Amy looked earnestly into Sarah's eyes, it was as if she was owned and therefore had to be ready to obey the next command. 

Sarah then padlocked the cuffs to a shelf bracket high on the wall. Amy stood there, hands chained above her head, her eyes now fixed on her host's legs as she thought back to their session in the gym. She was chained up in a woman's flat for erotic purposes, completely helpless and yet she didn't even try to escape.

"Do you know what a chastity belt is?" Sarah asked.

Amy let out a cry of surprise as Sarah walked towards her with the heavy steel belt. Now she did try to escape, pulling against the cuffs and trying to squeeze free of the tight steel bracelets.

"I've locked them too tightly for that." Sarah said as she ran one finger up the inside of Amy's inner thigh. 

Amy jumped and cried out breathlessly.

"It is real?" Amy asked, "I mean will I be able to get out or... or touch myself?"

"It's real and no out and no touching, not without the key."

Amy struggled again against the cuffs.

"The same goes for the cuffs, sweetie."

Sarah lifted Amy's dress, but left her panties on, and positioned the heavy steel belt around her waist to check for size. She then removed it and started to adjust the metal. 

"You are OK with me locking away your womanhood?" Sarah asked as she pulled up her own dress and then wrapped one strong leg around Amy's waist.

Having seen Amy nod, Sarah returned with the adjusted belt and wrapped it around her slim waist and this time clipped it together at the front. The remainder of the belt comprised two steel chains that ran down her butt and joined in her crotch where they connected to a curved steel plate that completely covered everything around Amy's clit and vagina. Sarah pulled it tight between Amy's legs and then clipped it back on to the front of the belt. 

"How does it feel?" Sarah asked.

It felt fantastic, tight but not uncomfortable and ironically it was already starting to rub against her clit and arouse her.

"It is locked?" Amy panted.

"Hey, you're keen." Sarah exclaimed, "Do you want me to lock it up?"

Having watched Amy nod again, Sarah inserted a round key into the lock that was built into the front of the belt. Sarah waited for the song to finish before she turned the key, keen that Amy would hear the lock engage.

"That's it, you've lost access to your clit, no more sex for you." Sarah whispered into Amy's ear. "And these are the only keys." She swung two keys on a small key ring in front of Amy's face.

Seeing that Amy was already ready to collapse from nervous excitement, Sarah unlocked the padlock that held the cuffs to the shelf and helped Amy sit down on the two facing sofas.

"It's tight!" Amy exclaimed as her cuffed hands explored her new chastity belt. She could barely slip a single fingertip underneath the steel plate.

"It's like being neutered." Sarah said, "It's now impossible for you to have any sort of sexual pleasure without me."

The words hung in the air for a moment as both woman considered what they meant. No sexual pleasure without Sarah, did that mean there would be sexual pleasure with Sarah?

Sarah finally placed the keys to the chastity belt on the black leather sofa opposite where Amy was sitting while she went to pour the wine. Amy looked at the keys, they were easily within reach. Why had Sarah left them there, was it a safety thing, giving her the opportunity to release herself if she wanted?

Either way she didn't want out and so her attention returned to her host. Sarah's black dress was looking increasingly sexy, even though it seemed to hide the power of her body. The way it hugged and flowed over her curves made her look almost waif like, hiding the secret of the amazing body beneath

Sarah returned with the wine and handed a glass to Amy. She smiled as she saw that Amy hadn't touched the keys and that they were still lying tantalisingly close on the sofa. That quickly changed as Sarah turned around and sat down directly on top of the keys and crossed her legs. The two women looked at each other for a few moments listening to the music and drinking.

"Were those the keys..."

"For your clit? Yes." Sarah finished the question for her.

"I assume I can't have them?" Amy checked.

"No, anything I sit on is mine." Sarah purred.

"In the gym you were sitting on me."

"Yes and look where you are now, do you think you're free?" Sarah had to lick her lips to counter her dry mouth.

Amy finished her glass and knelt down in front of Sarah. After a momentary glance at her legs, she ran her hands around where Sarah was sitting to see if she could reach the keys.

"They're deeper than that." Sarah replied, "But don't stop, it feels nice."

"I'm sure the keys aren't complaining." Amy purred, "I'm sure I wouldn't."

"Really, I'll remember that." Sarah smiled as she uncrossed her legs, opened them and pulled up her dress to reveal black silk underwear.

"Kiss me there." Sarah whispered as she pointed to the front of her panties, "and I might give you the keys".

Amy knelt on the floor, her head safely clear of Sarah's open thighs, her fingers exploring the woman's toned legs.

"It looks like a trap?" Amy smiled, "Do you promise I won't get trapped."

"You know I can't promise that."

The women smiled at each other as Amy kissed Sarah's knees and then slowly moved her head deeper, working her way up the woman's inner thighs. The soft, warm, tanned and fragrance skin belying the potential risk, but still Amy continued. 

She reached Sarah's crotch, the dead end, and pushed her lips into the soft black silk of her panties. It was like a booby trap from an Indiana Jones film, it was the trigger that Sarah had waited for to close her thighs. With her face pushed hard against Sarah's panties and Sarah's thighs tightly gripping the sides of her head, Amy was trapped. Sarah lay her skirt back down over Amy's head, her clit would tell her what was happening down there, as she moved her hips back and forth.

story continued in part 2


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