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Sara the Reluctant Rubberdoll

by Sarablade

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© Copyright 2003 - Sarablade - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; bond; gag; kidnap; crate; cons/nc; X

One day I was chatting on the internet, I have to tell you a woman that is into bondage gets a lot of attention, all of a sudden I got a message from a guy called rubber man. The story went like this...
        Rubberman: Hello how are you?
        Sara: I am fine you?
        Rubberman: I am good. I am looking to make a human rubber doll.
        Sara: Wow, I don't know much about rubber.
        Rubberman: Would you like to try it?
        Sara: Sure it sounds exciting give me your number.

I have to tell you I do not normally agree to meet someone that easy but the thought of rubber got me really hot. I had never tried it but I have been into bondage for many years now. So I figured "Why not take a chance".

He planned on me meeting him at a warehouse he owned, I thought how scary but sexy all the same. I drove out there all alone; I was dressed in a short skirt and a tight blouse. As I got out of my car I noticed that there was only one other car there in the lot, I locked the car and walked into the warehouse, as I entered I saw him standing over in one corner of the large area. Standing in the middle of the warehouse was a crate that looked like a coffin and lying on top was a bundle of rubber gear. He said, “Hello are you Sara?” I said, “Yes that’s me.” He said, “strip please we need to get you into this rubber.”

I began to take off my clothes slowly whilst watching him stare at me, when I had removed my underwear I stood in front of him nude. He gave me a black rubber catsuit and said, “Get this on.” I slipped my legs into the waiting holes, the smooth texture of the latex sending pleasant sensations through my body, I pulled the catsuit further up my body luxuriating in its feel as my naked body was covered by the suits ebony embrace. I eased my arms into the sleeves, I now had the catsuit covering my body, the earlier chill of the smooth covering giving way to the heat from my body, I present myself to him, his hands touched the small of my back sending shivers down my spine and zipped it up, closing me inside. 

Wow this was so sexy I could feel myself getting wet, the tight rubber gripping my breasts and my pussy. He looked at me and said, “You look yummy!” I looked down at my tightly enclosed body, he was right I did look good, the latex smoothed the sleek lines of my body, tightening and toning my flesh. He then grabbed a black rubber hood that had a built in pear shaped gag, he slipped the gag into my mouth, pulled the hood over my head and zipped it up tight. There were holes for my nose so I could breath and holes for my eyes so I could see, but besides that my head was covered in rubber. 

Then I saw him grab a bunch of rubber straps, he also had a device in his hand that I had no idea what it was but I soon saw what it would do. He began by putting one of the strips around my ankles and attached the device. Before I knew it the strap melted almost sealing my ankles together. Next he did the same below my knees and then above my knees, both times he used the device to melt the rubber to bind me tightly. My wrists were held at my sides and more straps held them in place, another one around my elbows and again at the top of my arms made sure that I was held very securely, again each strap was melted sealing my arms to the sides of my now tightly bound body.

Now that I was totally helpless and silent, he then stepped back and said, “My dear I have sold you and you have brought me a pretty penny. See that crate that is what I am going to ship you in. I have sold you to a very rich man in the Middle East.”

At that point I began to panic and started to struggle but I was held very tightly by the straps, my limbs were useless to me, in my struggle to get free I fell to the floor. He said, “No luck there was not a chance of me escaping the straps and that I was totally helpless!” He said that he’d used these straps several times and no one had escaped. Then he put a couple more strips above and below my breasts, around my hips and another smaller strap over the gag to hold it in place. Then he picked me up and placed me in the box, he smiled at me as I lay there and thanked me for making it all so easy for him to kidnap me.

The last image I saw was his face as he placed the lid of the crate overhead, pushing it closed and sealing the lid. I laid there bound in my tight rubber catsuit and wondered what lay ahead for me and to my surprise I had a orgasm thinking of all the things he may do to me. Then I felt the crate move I was being loaded onto a truck, the truck then drove off with me inside as the cargo, my fate was sealed but what would happen next...


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