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The Sand Trap

by Spandex Knave

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© Copyright 2009 - Spandex Knave - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; spandex; outdoors; buried; beach; cons; X

I awoke to a back-rub and her voice in a whisper, "It's time to wake up, my boy."

I rolled over in half-consciousness on the bed and cracked an eye open. It was dark. If it weren't for the table lamp on her side of the bed, the only light that would've entered the bedroom would be star-light and a couple of house lights across the street. Even then, the dimmer on the lamp was set to 'low'.

She was dressed. From what my myopic eye could make out, it looked like Abbey was wearing her bikini. Whether it was the black one or the electric blue one was a question left for more light to answer. Not that it mattered too much. Her modest breasts and wonderful curves looked excellent in any swimwear. Longish brunette hair shuffled over her shoulders as she leaned forward over me and whispered, "You have a punishment to withstand, my toy. Get up. Get showered. Your suit will be waiting." I nodded.

Already, something of mine had gotten up and was standing. She caressed my crotch through the satin sheet for a moment, walked over to the lamp, turned it up another notch (blue), and walked out of the bedroom. Had I had an alarm clock like this in college, I might have overslept fewer of my classes.

Staring lazily at the walls, I cracked my other eye open. Power. She had it. And I had gladly given it to her. I could never have guessed that she would enjoy playing out her female dominant role so much. In most other decisions, we were on equal footing; but with pleasure....

I re-awoke to her hands pressing down on my chest, her blue eyes boring into mine. "You disobeyed me. That makes for another hour of discipline. I'd recommend getting up. Now." The voice never went above a whisper, but the words were as sharp as knives. Did I just wander back to sleep on my own or had my subconscious knowingly put me there? No use debating it now. I sat up. "Good," she said. "Take your time in the shower." The evil smile that followed sent a shiver down my spine. She got up and left again. I put my glasses on and looked at the clock: 4:00 am! What on Earth does she want me up at four o'clock for?! I guess I'll find out.

I really tried to take my time in the shower; to make her wait for the pleasure of taunting her slave. But anticipation is a two-edged sword.

I couldn't wait.

After doing the normal morning routine, I walked naked out of the bathroom to find my slave suit lying on the bed. I sat down on the bed and picked up the silver-grey spandex suit. It was time to put it on and find out what was on my Captress' mind.

The slave suit was much like a full body spandex suit with two additions. First, not only were my legs each encased in their own skin-tight spandex tube, but the suit also had an ankle-length hobble skirt. The skirt was just wide enough for me to take six inch steps. Second, the arms of the suit were sewn to the body from the armpit to the elbow. From the elbow to the wrist, a small strip of spandex stretched from one arm to the other such that, with the spandex unstretched, the most comfortable position was standing with my arms at my sides and my wrists in front of me, about eight inches apart. Enough to do dishes I found out one evening.

I had just maneuvered my arms into the sleeves when my Captress walked back into the room. "Good. Just in time, it's 4:30." She zipped the suit closed at my back. From neck to toe the skin-tight suit restrained me. It needed no lock. There was no way for me to get at the zipper.

"Why are we up so early, my Captress?"

"We are going for a ride, slave."

Ohmigod. I'm not going *outside* with this thing on, am I?

"I like you in that slave suit. I think you should stay in it until we get there."

Blushes for me come in one shade: Neon Red. "Get where, my Captress?"

"Ahh, yes, the Questions. I expected this..." She reached over to the floor on the other side of the bed and brought up her NBA beach bag. From within she pulled out a spandex gag with a small cotton sack attached to fill my mouth. It was applied firmly and with care. "Let's go."

"Nice beach bag. What else ya got in it?" I thought.

I stood up and began the long walk to the front door. Six inches per step brought the reality of walking outside in my slave suit slowly closer.

The door was opened. My Captress had to push me to start me hobbling out the door onto the deck. It was still dark outside. How many of her neighbors would be up at a quarter to five in the morning on a Saturday... looking out their windows? I became fully aware of the spandex around me, taunting me: letting me stretch it just so much, giving me a small taste of freedom, and then pulling me back in. The gag I wore felt huge. Were someone to see me... I couldn't bear to think it.

I went to the passenger side alone. She opened her door, climbed in and closed it. I watched her as she took an amazingly long time re-arranging her bag and placing it carefully on the seat behind her. I stood there between two locked doors, house and car, wondering who's eyes were open in the houses around me. When was a car going to drive by? I felt my bondage quite acutely. Then she started the car! My door was still locked! Slowly she backed the car away from me, drove off of the driveway and pulled up alongside the curb 50 feet down the lane. I had no choice.

Slowly, I hobbled towards the car. Unsure how far I'd get before she'd drive further away, unsure if there were any witnesses. The soft spandex did its job and aroused me along with impeding my progress. I made it to the grass. I made it to the door. She unlocked it. I got in and put on my seat belt after straining hard to close the opened door.

For all my trouble, she took off my glasses, took another spandex strip out of her beach bag, and blindfolded me. Then she caressed my nervous body. "Relax. You look so cute tied up like that."

Did I mention the color Neon Red?

She drove.

I usually have a good sense of direction, but she drove around her subdivision long enough that I had no idea which twisty road we were on when she turned onto one of the major roads. I tried to listen for traffic, tried to determine our destination. I couldn't believe I was out of doors wearing a spandex hobble-suit, gag, and blindfold. My Captress turned on the radio. The Cars covered up much of the outside noise.

Soon she stopped the car and shut it off. I knew where we were. I knew what she was going to do. I heard the waves crash on the beach. She took off my blindfold and replaced my glasses. "Get out of the car and follow me, boy."

It was getting light outside and there was no one in sight at 5:30 am on a chilly Tuesday morning. From the trunk, she pulled out a deck chair and walked down towards the beach. Slowly, I plodded along behind her. By the time I had made it to the sand, she was already walking back to the car. "Meet me by my chair."

Alone, in my spandex hobble suit, I had to sludge through the sand. My Captress passed me by and sat on the chair, by the pit. She waited. She watched. I knew she was loving every minute of it.

When I got to her, she pointed at the pit. "It's six feet, six inches deep. I am going to release you from your suit. You will be naked, and I have the car keys. You will climb into the pit. Are you ready?"

All I had to do was shake my head 'no'. She'd be disappointed, but she'd understand and we'd discuss it later. I was nervous, I was scared. We'd never actually done this, but I wanted to try. I nodded.

She came up to me and unzipped my hobble suit. I peeled it off and enjoyed a brief moment of freedom. I looked around me at the sky, the waves, and the sand. I went to untie the gag, but she grabbed my hands and shook her head. She removed my glasses and led me to the pit. "Get in, boy." I jumped down into the awaiting maw.

Indeed, it was eight inches taller than I was, and my Captress started filling the pit with sand. It was cool and soft just like the last few times she'd buried me chin deep, and it now covered my ankles.

From five feet and eight inches above, my Captress stated, "Hmmmm.... I never did tell you why you were being punished, did I?"

"Mmm-Mmm," I tried to say as I shook my head. I was watching the sand as it climbed up my calves.

"Well, I recall telling you quite some time ago that I was not happy with you spending extra time at work when you should be busy attending to me. I wanted you with me at 5:25pm. Just enough time to drive to my place from work."

My knees were disappearing under more sand.

"In the past three weeks you have accumulated four hours of lateness. Add to that your sleeping late this morning and that makes five hours. I want those hours back. You will now be *here*, with me, where you belong for five hours."

The sand was climbing up my thighs and began swallowing my hips. On either side of those, my hands began to disappear under the fine, greyish brown sand.

As the sand kept pouring into the pit, I tried to move my legs. No use. They were packed in too deeply. Soon the sand was up to my chest and elbows. Every few shovel-fulls she'd stop and gaze into my eyes. Taking in my helplessness. Drinking it like ambrosia. The sand slowly rose to my armpits. I tried pulling my arms out. The sand was too heavy about them. I was stuck. The sand continued to pour in. When it had reached my neck, she stopped. This is as far as we had gone before. Twenty inches of pit remained to be filled.

My Captress reached down and un-did my gag. Without another word she climbed down atop the sand that held me captive and we kissed. I wanted to hold her so desperately, but the sand held me firm. When we finished, she whispered in my ear, "Looks like you're getting in over your head."

She disappeared out of my sight and brought over the snorkel. I had practiced with this a few times and was able to breathe through it for hours at a time while bound in various positions. She placed it in my mouth. It would reach two precious inches above the sand.

Into the top of the snorkel was placed a small cylinder which contained a tiny ball of aluminum and two contacts. When I exhaled through the snorkel, the ball would lift out from between the two contacts and break a simple circuit containing a tone generator. Upon inhaling, the ball would return and the tone would reappear. This tone could be heard on a pair of connected portable-radio headphones. A circuit was included which added a shriller tone should the contact *not* be broken for 10 seconds. My safe-word was to hold my breath for ten seconds. Thirty seconds later, my head would be free of the sand. We had tested the apparatus and my Captress' ability to uncover a foam head buried eight inches under the sand. Now I was staking my life on it. My Captress gazed back into my eyes. As best I could, I nodded. Ever so slowly, I watched as the sand crept up my head. Abbey watching me intently.

The sand rose above my lips and crept up the short distance to my nose. Then it began rising above my nose. I tried so hard to struggle. To free myself from my imminent incarceration, but the sand held firm.

When my Captress had buried me to the bridge of my nose, she stopped. "I wouldn't want to scratch those beautiful, blue eyes of yours." She reached down and placed a cotton ball over each eye secured by an eye-patch taped to my face. Blind, I felt the sand climb up my face. I knew the futility of it, but I struggled anyway, as violently as I could. Nary a grain of sand moved. I felt my forehead become enswathed in yet more sand. Only the top of my head remained. She patted it twice. I held my breath.

I counted ten seconds.

I felt her tousle my hair. The test worked. She heard the tones. I was going under. I felt the sand finish engulfing me. I was trapped. I was where my Captress wanted me; held rigid at every point on my body by sand. I was part of the beach. I was floating in sand. Above me, my Captress would sunbathe and read while chatting with passers-by. I wonder if I'll be able to hear them....



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